‘Tis the season (I can’t help it)

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Last week it was bats. This week, ghosts. But not just any ghosts. No. These? They are adorable ghosts. I mean, seriously. Oh for Halloween cuteness. This is what I do instead of working sometimes. Well, this and click on links I see in my Facebook feed. But that’s not nearly as adorable.

You can cut them using your fancy die cutters. You can print them out on a sheet of white card stock and cut them old school. You can use them on photos or other digital projects. The choice, which is so not spooky, is yours.


You know how some people feel more in the giving spirit in November, or maybe December? I think October is my giving time.

And speaking of giving, you know that whole pressure to come up with a great Halloween bee dance? Let’s just say: I’m feeling it, bay-bee.

Enjoy the ghosts.






Cathy Zielske‘Tis the season (I can’t help it)

12 Comments on “‘Tis the season (I can’t help it)”

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    Thanks for the freebie – those ghosts are adorable! As are the bats! And I just can’t wait to see what the bee is buzzing about this year!!!

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    Thank you for the ghosts!! The bats got me to bust out my silhouette, finally, and I am totally hooked. You are BEE-yond awesome!

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    Are you going to do a “fall back” set of cards? I really need something that captures the angst of this least favorite American creation…..

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      Cathy Zielske

      I kind of forgot about this. If i have time, yes! But OH NO!!! I’m LOSING another hour???

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