Sponsor Giveaway: calendars from Lisa Russo Fine Art

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win two calendars from Lisa Russo Fine Art shop. You can keep one for yourself and give one as a gift. Lisa takes gorgeous photos and these calendars would make a lovely addition to your office or home.

ABOUT LISA RUSSO FINE ART: Lisa is a photographer, wife, mom and blogger. If her name sounds familiar, she enjoyed a lively scrapbooking career in the ’00s before returning to her photography roots. Currently one of the 20 top-selling fine art photographers on Etsy, Lisa’s images lean to soft pastels, warm neutrals and rustic antiques. From beaches to decaying barns, flowers to urban landscapes; if it catches her eye, she captures it with her camera. On Lisa’s blog, you’ll find recent images, family stories and favorite recipes and products.

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Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: calendars from Lisa Russo Fine Art

62 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: calendars from Lisa Russo Fine Art”

  1. #1

    July is my favourite month. Love the sun and heat and watching my garden grow. Thank you for the chance to win these beautiful calendars from Lisa Russo.

  2. #2

    I love September/October. The cooling temperature and changing leaves. The promise of lots of family togetherness, and in our family, lots of birthday celebrations.

  3. #5
    Amber M.

    My favorite month would have to be December- two weeks off of school (I drive bus) and getting all ready for the holidays!! Love it 😀

  4. #6

    November. When there is still some color but the air is ripe with the smell of decaying leaves and chimney smoke; when the dark starts creeping in early and drives me into the arms of books and blankets.

  5. #7
    Valerie W

    Simply gorgeous, thank you so much for the chance to own such beauty and have it displayed on a daily basis 🙂

  6. #8
    Leslie Solomon

    October without a doubt. Cooler temperatures, pumpkin treats, plans for all of the holidays ahead, the colors outside, books, blankets, and warm drinks. Love it!

  7. #9
    Valerie W

    Forgot my month comment! October is hands down my favorite month, the beauty of the leaves, the cool and crisp air arriving, gorgeous sunset skies, and winesap apples, the best!

  8. #11

    My favorite month would have to be October. Not too hot and not too cold. I love the beautiful colors of fall.

  9. #13
    Steph H.

    My favorite month is June! It signifies the beginning of Summer, which is my favorite season. 🙂

  10. #14
    Jean Schmuker

    October–although here in Michigan right now we are way too cold and wet for it to be very nice:(

  11. #15
    Jaime Benavides

    My favorite month is May because my kids are out at the end of the month for summer break, and we can take off on our road trip.

  12. #18
    Barbara Rokke

    April is my favorite month – Spring time (or should be but MN weather isn’t cooperating). I love to see the new flowers and the sunshine after the long winter.

  13. #19

    It’s a tie for me between September and October (Septober??? Octember???). Anyhow, I love these months because of the cooler weather, the changing leaves, pumpkins, apples, all the sights and flavors of autumn. The calendar is lovely – thank you for the chance to win!

  14. #20

    My favourite month of the year is April, (or could be March depending on the year) because the trees have new tiny green leaves and the cherry trees are in bloom and I run around wanting to soak this new life all in, and the weather’s still cool but sunny. I love spring : the end of this awfully long winter sleep.

  15. #22
    Laura BC

    September / October. I like the cooler temperatures, the color, the smells, the sounds of leaves crunching, eating chili…

  16. #23

    My favorite month of the year is November. It signals the start of the season that includes my two favorite holidays. It reminds me of coming family gatherings, baking and eating, festivals and football, decorating and feeling cozy at home!

  17. #24
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Oh my! Beautiful work! My favorite month is May! My birthday is in May but it is much more than that…the weather really turning nicer, cook outs on the horizon, summer just around the corner and the end of another school year! (When I was in school and even when my kids were in school – l longed for the carefree days of summer! May was the beginning of all that! Thanks!

  18. #25

    I really love May… it’s the first month that you can go outside without a jacket or sweater on (at least in New England!) and it’s such a breath of fresh air after staying inside as much as possible all winter long. Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. #27

    October-my twins were born in October and I love the crisp mornings and warm days, falling leaves and football.

  20. #29
    Nicole Hankosky

    Since I got married on a gorgeous October day three years ago, I have to say that my favorite fall month beats out September by a slim margin. The cool mornings, warm days and brisk evenings are the best! Who can resist a good bonfire and the smell of leaves burning?

  21. #30
    Liz Toms

    My favourite has to be October. Gorgeous, warm, earthy colours, falling leaves, crisp mornings, pumkins and cinnamon coffee 🙂

  22. #31
    Steph Bell

    I think May would be my favourite. It is my birthday month but that’s not the reason. May usually means the move from grey sky days to blue skies. I love it when the sky feels high and clear and the prospect of summer lies ahead.

  23. #32

    Gorgeous photography! My favorite season is Autumn. I always look forward to September because the weather is cooler and our schedule slows down a bit. 🙂

  24. #33
    Liz Lumsden

    I love November, not to hot not too cold and it is during Fall, my favorite season. Plus there is turkey in there.

  25. #34
    Bev Goodrich

    June – since it is both my birthday month and my wedding anniversary month. But I really like all the months.

  26. #35
    Melanie G

    My favourite month is December with the holidays, spending time with family and the traditions that happen.

  27. #38

    Like you, Cathy, I’m living in it right now! The warm autumn light and cool days and golden leaves make me happy. Not a summer person at all.

  28. #40

    I love December. There is something so magical about the month. From day one to the 31st, December thrills me!

  29. #42

    September – it’s my favourite month for travelling. Children are back at school so if I indulge in my guilty pleasure of going to Walt Disney World there are little or no queues (if you do right). It’s also the start of Spring or Autumn depending on your hemisphere, so the temperatures are either cooling down or warming up. It feels like everything is in balance, neither too much of one thing or the other. Yes, September is my favourite month and now I’ve another 11 months to wait for the next one.

  30. #45

    Definitely October! I love the cool crisp weather and being able to finally wear boots and scarves again.

  31. #46

    May. May holds anticipation for warmer days, longer nights, sleep ins, the ending of one year of school and the reckless abandon of children being released from the routine of school. And pretty flowers 🙂

  32. #47
    Christina Forte

    Well that’s easy. My favourite month of the year is September as that’s when the warm weather starts here in Australia. Love it!!!

  33. #48

    For me, it’s a toss up between September because the days start warming up here in Australia, and December, because I love everything about Christmas!

  34. #49

    It’s so hard to chose one…. I know the ones I don’t like! But, I’d have to say May is my favorite… for all the tender newbie plants are coming up…. and the threat is snow is mostly gone. For me, May = Hope.

  35. #50
    Kim L.

    May is my favorite month of the year. My oldest child was born in early May. Usually about a week after her birthday, we celebrate Mother’s Day, and usually about a week after that is my birthday. It’s a month long celebration, plus the weather is usually warming up as well. Great month all around!

  36. #51
    Helen High

    My favorite month of the year is November. It includes my birthday and Thanksgiving which this year are on the same day!

  37. #52
    Melinda M.

    Definitely October–cooler weather, enjoying the outdoors, cozy, yet not the intense busy-ness of November and December!

  38. #53
    Michelle AdamsAdams

    I love Oct., but for reason’s we don’t have in AZ. So, I’ll pick Dec., ’cause it’s cool here then & a few trees do change color! Thanks for the chance!

  39. #54

    What beautiful photographs! My favorite month is quickly becoming September. Iowa flirts with the coolness of autumn and gets right back into the warmth of summer, plus, it marks the month in which my husband and I married… we just celebrated our first anniversary! Thanks for the giveaway!

  40. #56
    annie samuels

    October! Not only is it my birthday month, but it’s autumn and one of the prettiest times of year!

  41. #57
    Elaine millar

    Summer and especially july as summer always shows up,in Portland then.
    I,love warm, bug free Portland oregon in july

  42. #58

    Am I too late? (it’s still Sunday night…) October or December. Picking one would be like picking a favorite child.

  43. #59
    Lynn J

    May is my favorite month….combination of Spring & Summer….warm…not humid! Not many bugs…green bursting out all over!

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