Let’s get batty together (a free Halloween cut file + printable bats for you)

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I make no secret of my love of all things Halloween. I guess you might say I’m Halloween out and proud. And while I’ve been filling up my Instagram feed with pumpkins, wreaths and skulls, I wanted to share some of that love with you, my fellow Children of Darkness. Because the other thing that I love this time of year? BATS!

Last year I bought a Silhouette Cameo right before Halloween. I’m not sure what my final push was but I’m fairly certain it had something to do with seeing this image on Pinterest.

The first thing I ever cut was a bat. It was without a doubt my finest moment in paper crafting. I used a bone folder to score my bat wings to give them a little dimension as they trailed up my wall.

Here’s what that wall looked like last year.

I would’ve shown you a current photo, but I’ll be damned if it wasn’t so gloomy yesterday I couldn’t take a well lit shot to save my life.

But what I would love to do today is to share my Gone Batty cut files package with you. It includes one glorious bat outline in SVG, DXF and PNG formats. I even tossed in a sheet of solid black bats in a printable PDF so if you don’t own a fancy die cutting machine, you could still print out some bats and go old school on their asses… with scissors.

I know. I’ve gone batty and I don’t care who knows it!


Halloween? It’s kind of my jam. Thank you for indulging me in the silliness spookiness.

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Note: I recently joined the Amazon Affiliate Program because Minnesota decided to let its residents play with Amazon again. I will only promote products that I personally use and love. I have no tie-in with Silhouette. Trust me. I tried to get one for free. It didn’t quite work out. If you purchase an item through my links, I earn a tiny percentage, or so the Amazon Affiliate Program says.

Cathy ZielskeLet’s get batty together (a free Halloween cut file + printable bats for you)

34 Comments on “Let’s get batty together (a free Halloween cut file + printable bats for you)”

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    Thanks for the freebie! I will try to go ‘batty’ too. Also, I love your gallery wall…very nice. 🙂
    Patti 🙂

  2. #7

    Thanks so much! I’m gonna go old school on their asses! (Best line ever!) happy October! 🙂

  3. #11

    I love your blog! Love following you. 😉 (I’ll try to warn you first before I randomly show up on your doorstep to meet you in person …) :-p

  4. #12

    You CRACK ME UP. I literally laughed out loud here at work. Now I’m getting those funny looks, but i don’t care. I am a super huge fan of October and love going batty, too. Thanks for your posts, Cathy! 🙂

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    Tiffany Hayden

    You are so awesome, Cathy! Thanks for sharing!
    My tween daughter wants to have a Halloween party this year so I think I must make a bat wall similar to yours!

  6. #19
    Sue Kimmet

    I love your batty wall! Think I’ll do the same today. Thanks for the file and the idea…

  7. #24

    Thanks for the bats! I just cut them on my Silhouette – made them little, sprayed with Heidi Swapp Tinsel color shine spray and put them on the front of my Halloween cards. Love them! Am I dreaming or did you have some adorable ghosts somewhere? I’m thinking that I need to cut some of those – they can float around somewhere in my house!

    1. #24.2

      Thanks Cathy! I’m a subscriber so I found the adorbs ghosts in my email. I knew I had seen them – just couldn’t remember where. I blame it on old tired brain! 🙂

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    Just found your blog while looking for bat svg files. Thank you so much. I have to say, that antique radio you have in your photo made me smile. We have the same one! It was my husband’s grandmother’s. Nice to see how you incorporated it into your decor. Off to subscribe.

  9. #28
    Teresa Rawnick

    I seriously love that whole room. The wall color is gorgeous. You photo arrangement & the black frames with the black & white photos, superb. And then the Halloween decorations tie right in. Thanks so much for the free “Gone Batty Cut Files”. So sweet of you.

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