Without further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance

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First things first, I’m the realest. Thank you.

Do you know the story behind the bee dance? Would you like to?

It all started back when I was about 14 and my mother made me a bee costume for my job at the RollerFair Skate Deck in Everett, Washington.  She filled the suit with balloons, dropped me off at the rink and thusly a tradition was born. I had long been under the belief that she made me a second one for me when I was in college but she swears, “Nope. It’s the same costume.” Talk about quality craftswomanship!

Save for a few years where I branched out into other looks (one year, I dressed like Dan—and he like me—which resulted in a fight as we impersonated what we felt were each other’s worst traits; another year I busted out my wedding dress), I have been dressing like a bee on Halloween for more than half of my life.

In 2012, I saw this video. I thought it was really funny. Then I thought, I want to make one!

So I did this. You’re welcome.

And then I decided to up the game in 2013, with this. Again, it was the least I could do.

Enter Halloween 2014. The pressure was on. I couldn’t just do the same old, same old. I mean, okay, sure… I probably could have, but I felt it was time to take it up a notch.

The problem? I’m not really a videographer by trade.

So I hatched a plan: I would take my iPhone 5, my tripod (complete with my Joby GripTight, which holds your phone securely onto any tripod), and I would head out into a semi-secluded wooded area to film some clips. It had to be semi-secluded because believe it or not, I’m an introvert and we don’t generally feel super comfortable making asses of ourselves in public dressed as giant bees.

But here’s the deal with something like this: you have to go big or go home. Half measures will not do.

So I filmed some segments in about 15 minutes out in the woods near my house. I only ran across a few people who were walking their dogs. They nodded and smiled at me. I nodded and smiled back. Nothing to see here folks. Just a middle aged bee dancing in the woods.

Then I returned home and filmed the key dance sequences in front of my garage which faces an alley. Yes, one of my neighbors did happen upon my video activities. I smiled at him, shrugged and said, “It’s just this thing…” He nodded approvingly but didn’t seem to need any more information than absolutely necessary.

Then it was time to choose a song and begin the editing process.

Initially, I had the song choices narrowed down to two: All About That Bass by Meghan Trainor, or Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. Both would have been great, but both would have required far more dancing than I was prepared to do.

Because you should know this right now: I have no formal dance training.

I know. Shocking.

Then I saw this sketch on SNL and I thought it was funny, but had no idea it was inspired by this video (because I’m not up on the latest everything, people—I’m middled aged!) And that’s when I knew: I have my song.

The other thing I knew had to be a part of it? All clips in slow motion. The general rule of thumb in all video dance segments: if you can’t dance, it’ll look better slowed wayyy down.

I built the entire video using Screen Flow, the software I used to record all of my class screencasts. It’s not really meant for this sort of thing, but it actually worked just fine.

Lastly, I enlisted some video help from Aidan’s boyfriend Aidan’s Dad (hey, Dave!) who does this sort of thing professionally. (Video, not bee dances.) And I managed to export a nice, HD version of what you are about to see.

So much for without further ado, right?

Happy Halloween.

Love, Cathy

To get the full effect, click on the full page view icon in the lower right side of the Vimeo screen and let’s hear it for having fun in the middle ages.

2014 Bee Dance from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Buy the song on iTunes here.


Cathy ZielskeWithout further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance

247 Comments on “Without further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance”

  1. #3
    Lara Cousins

    Oh Cathy, you are THE best! Love it, love it.
    We just don’t get bees like that here in South Africa!

  2. #6

    Great!!!! And now I want to do a video too! (I couldn’t help laughing at the thought of the people you met in the woods!)

  3. #7

    Woke up this morning and I swear the first thing I thought was “I gotta check out Cathy’s bee video!!” What a great start to my day!! Thanks!!

  4. #11

    You certainly raised the bar this year. If that’s an alcohol pun feel free to make it a red wine! Well done you.

  5. #12
    Theresa Grdina

    Thank you for starting my Halloween off with a smile!!! LOVE the addition of the woods!! Too good for words!!! Well done is right!

  6. #17

    Love the video, but please explain the pun; I’ve been trying to figure it out to no avail!! Adieu, ado? Blargh, I used to be good at puzzles.

  7. #18
    Kelly O

    So much awesomeness in this year’s version. Leaf angels, falling leaves, and jumping bees. Made my day.

  8. #20

    Ok, I just have to say it. This is BEElicious! Wiping away tears from laughing so hard. You rocked it out, bee girl. I love this tradition of yours and that you share it with us.

  9. #21
    Sharon Kosch

    That was great! Really put a smile on my face. I think even this way past middle age woman could dance like that. Now to think of a costume.

  10. #26

    It was great! And those neighbors who were treated to you filming the garage door sequence were probably the ones who whispered to each other that you and Dan were “theatre people” when you moved into the ‘hood, right? 😉

  11. #28

    This is, of course, awesome. But I have to admit I chuckled at the “middle age” phrase. For reasons that only make sense to my brain, that episode of One Day at a Time where the mom, Ann, turned 35 and was crying about being middle aged. Barb (Valerie Bertinelli) went into this long thing about the average life span of 70 and how she wasn’t middle aged. Then the lightbulb came on…..half of 70 is 35…,so middle aged. You and I are the same age. Here’s to living to 98!

  12. #34
    Donna Boucher

    You are one badass bee!
    Love your story and video!!
    Bee pattern available?
    I wanna bee cool too!

  13. #38
    Marcie L

    So living in Cleveland, I’m like…ok, what’s all the hype? But unlike LeBron’s performance last night, this one did.not.disappoint.

  14. #39

    WOW, I have to hand it to you… you certainly ROCK Halloween! I read your whole post and then, cheated and watched YOUR 2014 video first… because I’ve been waiting in anticipation ALL WEEK. Afterwards, I went back to watch your previous year links and inspirational pieces. Well-played, my cyber-friend….
    For the record, it would have been HILARIOUS to see a grown woman in a bee costume running out of (and into) the woods like that. (I’m betting your neighbors think you’re FUN!!!) Find myself wondering, HOW will she up the anté next year?!? HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  15. #41

    Slow-motion dance moves…. BRILLIANT!

    (Personally, I have ZERO dance skills…. I likely look like a frog in a blender, but S-L-O-W M-O-T-I-O-N….. looked FANTASTIC!!!)

  16. #43
    Linda G

    From one introvert (slightly older) to another, that was FABULOUS!!!!! Thank you for the grin, smile and all out laugh this morning. Have a great Halloween!!

  17. #45

    Oh you just get better every year! Have been looking forward to this since you started posting the teasers and I was not disappointed.Thanks for making me smile and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

  18. #46

    You have always been my favorite scraper, graphic designer, and blogger … And now this has taken it to a whole new level for me! I adore you Cathy zelski on so many levels! This just made my Halloween!

  19. #47

    So worth the wait, Cathy! You have outdone yourself. I hope someday your kids appreciate the mom that all their friends recognize as SO COOL!

  20. #49

    Just like wine Cathy, you get better with age! Outstanding performance I suggest we submit it for the Montreux festival! Could be your breakthrough!

    Seriously, adored the video and I started the day with a smile. What’s not to like?!

  21. #52
    Leslie F.

    Oh my god. I love you so much.

    Signed, the girl wearing a red cape to work today (and feeling pretty damn awesome about it!)

  22. #57

    “Nothing to see here folks. Just a middle aged bee dancing in the woods.”


    You’re great, Cathy! Thanks for starting my day off right.

  23. #59
    Cindy McD

    Got my morning jumping! Well Cathy, I’m 67 years old. My brain doesn’t know that. What makes life bearable is to be able to do what makes you laugh…especially at yourself. In case you didn’t notice I was bumpin’ it out right along with you…yep, right behind one of those bushes. I’m still smiling. Ready to start class tomorrow and be “Thankful” to have humor in my life and be able to recognize it!

  24. #68

    Loved the video. You made me laugh out loud and put a smile on my face. Thank you. I wish we had bees like you in Sweden 😉

  25. #70
    Pamela Cherry

    Made my day!
    You now have a trilogy! I had to go back and re-watch 2012 & 2013 and I must say your dance moves have progressed well over the years! Don’t ever stop!!
    Happy Halloween and thank you!

  26. #73

    Happy Halloween, you sweet bee! Thanks for the morning smile and the great tradition. I love the backstory on the costume, btw.

  27. #76

    This was so awesome! I don’t think I will have look at this song the same way again. It has officially been changed forever for me. Love your dance. Love your site. You are an inspiration!

  28. #77
    Mary Kay

    You should be on Dancing with the Stars! (No, really. You should be. Those pros can teach anyone to dance! Well, except Wendy Williams, but you’re already way better than her.) They haven’t tapped the vast Scrapbooker demographic yet; you should have your people reach out to them. 🙂

  29. #81

    That Lil Jon video is the worse mess ever, haha. Love you picked that song and totally rocked it! And you had a little Lebron action with the leaves at the end 🙂 you are all kinds of hip today.

  30. #85

    That just made my day. I admit, I missed the previous years’ dances, but I went back and watched them all in order before watching this year’s dance. I can’t imagine what the other people thought who saw your dance out of context, but way to go! Amazing job! Next year you may have to add some “sprinkler dance” to the mix. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h371_vOJ_tc

  31. #91

    Thanks for kicking off my Halloween. New tradition: Halloween must start with Cathy Z and the Bee Dance!!!

  32. #92

    That was WELL WORTH THE WAIT and anticipation! Best Bee Dance yet – LOVED it! And you’re so HAPPY when you are “the Bee.”

    Happy Halloween, Cathy!

  33. #93
    Lisa R

    Loved your bee video! To me your bee had a Matrix vibe to it 🙂 Love your song choice too! You definitely made me smile this morning.

  34. #103

    You are awesome! I would have loved to see the people’s expressions who were walking by in the woods when you were doing this. LOL

  35. #114

    OMG. The funniest thing ever. I never watch videos posted on FB, but that was one I couldn’t miss. Still laughing. You rock!

  36. #117

    Your blog ALWAYS puts a smile on my face….but this….this was …epic. LIke others, I already wondered how you’d up the ante for next year….but why worry about that yet??? lets revel in the glory of the 2014 (HD no less) Bee Dance. The song was perfect. My son is always saying “get turnt” oh, for awesome. Thanks for a great start to my day, and I hope you enjoy your last bee wearing day of 2014. 🙂

  37. #118

    Ok, Cathy! You have MADE MY DAY! Happy Halloween to you, your family and all your followers! I love the idea of the pattern. I think we should all be BEES next year!!!!

  38. #120

    Hahaha – “Nothing to see here folks. Just a middle aged bee dancing in the woods.” Love it! Thanks for your Halloween enthusiasm. We have a one-size-fits-all pumpkin costume. I just may have to pull it out & dance for the kids.

  39. #123

    You sure brought a smile to my face! Will look forward to next year’s video. Happy Halloweeeeen…………….

  40. #124

    I think it’s completely hysterical that you were worried about what the people in the woods (and the neighbors) might think but asked Dave (someone you KNOW!!) to help put the video together!! LOL!! The only sad thing about this is that it can never be topped. Great work, CZ. Long live the bee!!!

    1. #124.1
      Cathy Zielske

      It’s true, it can never be topped. I feel like this may well be the swan song. Although I have ideas for next year. I do…

      Oh and Dave? He showed me highly entertaining videos that he was part of, so I figured, it was only fair.

  41. #127

    Turn down for THAT! Truly hysterical! I love it! I can’t quit laughing thinking about walking through the woods with my dogs and running across that scene! Bawawahahahahah You are the best! Happiest of Halloweens to you Queen Bee!

  42. #132

    You rock this world !! Was hilarious and you make my day. Love to see your bee every year.
    Thank you! <3

  43. #136
    Kim L.

    So awesome and inspirational for us other mid-to-late 40 year old Moms!!! Since I’m fairly new here, I had to go back and watch the other 2 as well. What a great dose of happiness!
    Thanks Cathy!!!

  44. #139

    You totally rock the Bee costume!

    Thank you for posting this video. It’s a great reminder that we need not be 100% serious 100% of the time. And this was perfect timing for this reminder.

    You. Are. Awesome.

  45. #146

    Laughter is so good for the soul and my soul is feeling fine thanks to you. I’ll be smiling all day long.

  46. #147

    LOVE IT!! Made me laugh to think of your neighbor coming out and seeing you or the dog walkers.. You got guts girl!!

  47. #148

    I’m usually not one to wish for life to fast forward, but I seriously can’t wait for the 2015 Bee Dance!!!! You’re just awesome!

  48. #149

    Jeepers creepers, everyone’s comments are mine as well, so re read all the comments and that’s my opinions as well. Bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

  49. #153
    Barb in AK

    Cathy, I think I found your blog and started following you around the time you had your first bee dance— It’s what convinced me I needed to stay here! 😀
    Thank you for keeping the tradition, no matter the looks you got while filming!
    It wouldn’t be a complete Halloween without this!
    (Have you been to the store today? I remember you said you even wear the outfit there) 😉

    1. #153.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Barb, as it stands currently, I have no plans to leave the house. Now last year, I had a physical therapy appointment in the morning and then went to Target, all with the bee costume on. My PT guy couldn’t believe I’d go out in public that way, but he was sweet about it. And at Target, I noticed some people would giggle but others would not look at me at all.

      So interesting. But now, I’m already dreaming of next year.

  50. #154
    Missus Wookie

    Yeah! Thank you for that smile at the end of a long work day.

    The music made my much-more-badass beloved peer around his monitor to ask me what I was listening to. Explained that it was you and he nodded sagely – he remembered the previous bee video and knows who CZ is. Been hanging around scrapbookers for too long me thinks’.

  51. #160

    you never disappoint!!! this is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!! because of the annual BEE, I’ve decided to be Wonder Woman every year – I am a mom after all so I qualify 😉
    and thanks so much for keepin it real!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. #163
    Nancy G

    What a wonderful way to start my day! This is fabulous and put a huge grin on my face!!
    Thank-you…now I’m off to watch all the links in your post. Have a wonderful day.

  53. #164

    And they say that the bees are disappearing! Now I know what’s happened. They are all off In a secret location practising so as not to be(e) put to shame. I adore the silliness. Keep it up!

  54. #172
    Lisa Lewis

    Oh my goodness that was the best thing I’ve seen in ages. I was laughing the whole time (with you, not at you!) but just loved how professional it looked and loved the way you had all the backgrounds – fav bits were throwing the leaves in front of the garage and on your back making angels in the leaves. Very well done – you rock!

  55. #174

    You are just too darn funny! Can always count on you for a laugh. Thanks for sharing 🙂
    And of course, that will have to go in my WITL album now…

  56. #182
    Abby P

    Wow – you are one incredible woman to go to all that trouble to entertain us!! You’ve set the bar WAAAAY high on this one – it totally lived up to the hype. Love the “bring-it-bitch” attitude! Here’s (and “cheers”) to the queen! Happy Halloween 2014!

  57. #183
    Judi Church

    Oh. My. God. You ROCK!!!!! I wish you lived next door so we could have fun together!! I love this!!!!!!!!

  58. #185
    Jill S.

    You. Crack. Me. Up!!! After attempting to teach 20 super-excited first graders today, this video and your written post are the perfect way to start my weekend! Thanks for the laughs.

  59. #186

    Loved your bee dance Cathy! Also proud to be part of your inaugural bee-ing at the Skate Deck so many years ago 🙂 Maybe next year you’ll bring out the skates!?

    1. #186.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Wait? Is this THE Sheri??? Holy awesome! Do YOU remember me wearing this costume? Because I don’t, but my mom swears by it!

  60. #187

    I love it – I’m never disappointed. Now I’m looking forward to next year! I think the Shake It Off or All About that Bass would have been hilarious!!

  61. #190

    ha, ha…your kids are probably hiding somewhere or left the country?? You’re the “bee’s knees!!”

  62. #192

    I like the bee in the shades! And those bobbly antenae are the bomb. Go middle age bee people!! (I am a middle age orge w/green hair and horns at my hospital job today!)

  63. #193

    Loved your past Bee dances, but you totally rocked it this year. I could just imagine your neighbor strolling by and you stopping, nodding your head, and then going right back to the dance. You rock the Bee Dance Cathy!

  64. #197

    I love Halloween. Watching Scariest Places on Earth used to be one of my favorite things about this holiday. (I once did an overnight ghost hunt at the historical former Mansfield Reformatory- where The Shawshank Redemption was filmed.) Now one of my favorite Halloween traditions is watching your bee video! It’s been a long and fun-filled day, and I finally got the chane to sit down with a couple of fun-sized candy bars and watch your video. You did not disappoint. Rock on, CZ!

  65. #199
    Liz Lumsden

    You are one crazy bee! Very entertaining. I am so glad you didn’t have any of the moves that video you got your inspiration from had.

  66. #200

    You are so amazing, it’s beyond words! You are an inspiration and this was pure bliss! Thank you! This absolutely made my day!

  67. #201
    Cynthia F

    Definitely your best one yet! Great editing. And you really showed that introverts can bee fun, too!

  68. #211

    more fun than us middle-aged women should have. what’s also funny is trying to explain to your family what you’re laughing so hard at on your computer…

  69. #216
    Mom & Dad

    Another great dance. How cool to hear from Sheri from the Skate Deck. You haven’t changed a bit. Love Mom & Dad

    1. #216.1
      Cathy Zielske

      YES! My own PARENTS left me a comment. VICTORY! Love you guys. And Mom, you should be very proud of that costumed masterpiece. It’s the best.

  70. #217

    I just took my boys to Skate Deck in Everett. We live in Bothell, but the school rents out the Skate Deck once a year. I bet it hasn’t changed

  71. #218


    Especially loved the Bee in the woods, seriously, Cathy, that was the best. Thank you!

  72. #223

    FINALLY got a chance to see this year’s version of bee dance. (Road trip transition to warmer climate & no internet service – bah.) Echoing all sentiments above. So much fun happening there. I think a screen shot of all 3 years might find a way into PL pages or maybe MeTAV under C – Crazy fun people I wish I knew in real life ~ see also… CZ

  73. #227

    WICKED AWESOME!!! You and Dave should team up and offer a big picture class on clean and simple bee videos :O)

  74. #228

    this is soooo very cool! I had no sound in my computer so I could not watch it before, ok, I could watch but without sound. so happy that I saw it today 🙂 you rock!

  75. #230
    Marie Bingaman

    Cathy, I have just “found” you today, September 23, 2017. I think you are TOTALLY AWESOME! Your voice overs for your YouTube videos make me chuckle at least once, and this video shows your spirit. You are my new favorite crafter to follow!!

    1. #230.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Well Marie! Welcome to my little internet corner! : ) Be sure to subscribe to my newsletter, too! Just look on the sidebar of my blog for the link to sign up!

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