30 Days of Thankful is Underway

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30 Days of Thankful is underway. I realize I should have posted some kind of kick-off post on the 1st, but I was in full-on Bee/Halloween Hangover mode. But here it is already November 4 and I’m settling in the groove of documenting something every day that I am thankful for. (To get caught up on the details of this project read this post, and this post.)

When I started to plan this project, I was super geeked to make it in a mini album and while I am still committed to my approach, part of me also misses the idea of doing a little book from Artifact Uprising. I realize it’s only the 4th day in, but so far I’m going to do it both ways.

Here’s the deal: I have no problem with my handwriting. It’s not that. I just don’t always write what I really want to say when I have a pen in hand. Still, kicking off Day 1 with a surprise visit from Aidan was ridiculously awesome. You couldn’t have scripted a better thing to document in a month of gratitudes.  And yes, I did answer the door in my bee costume. Classic.

But here’s the digital version of the page, using the free templates (available in our closed 30 Days Facebook group, which is free to join!)

Note: I used the 30 Days of Thankful Album Set and the 30 Days of Thankful digital stamp set to fill in the blank free templates.

So you see, I’m torn. I like them both. So I think I’ll just continue doing both.

Wine is optional.

And so it will continue in dual mode. I’ll make a stamper of myself yet.

30 DAYS PRODUCTS UPDATE: Although the 30 Days stamp set has sold out (you can still purchase the 2 x 3 logo stamp), you can always use the digital products and printables to jump in and get started. I’ll be sharing my pages in the Facebook group as well as on Instagram. To see what other are sharing, look for #CZ30DaysOfThankful on social media.

Cathy Zielske30 Days of Thankful is Underway

16 Comments on “30 Days of Thankful is Underway”

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    Cathy, I’m not on Facebook – is there any way to get the templates that you refer to? I would love to do this project digitally and the templates would certainly help. Thanks a bunch Ms. Awesome Queen Bee!

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    Michelle t

    Thanks for sharing your inspirational project. I’ve always been mindful of my blessings, but after a few good hard knocks the past several weeks I need to step back and get myself grounded and this is perfect. It will be a good while before I put my project together, but the journaling and photos will be there for me when I can. I joined the Facebook group but don’t know how to post or do anything with photos so I will just hang around and admire all the great work. Thanks again for sharing your inspiration. Michelle t

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    Jenny B.

    Love it! I was so excited when my 4th grader came home last week with an assignment to write a daily gratitude journal through the month of November! I showed him all your past albums and talked him into doing it CZ style. 🙂 He’s using the We R 4×4 album. I’m hoping to get him to include both photographs and drawings. We’ll see. Either way, I think his teacher will be impressed. 😉

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    I love the look of typed journaling but I also love seeing the handwriting of my relatives. Especially those who are gone. It triggers memories. If my mom said to me now, I made these two books thirty years ago. Want one? I’d take the handwritten one. That said, my mom has horrible handwriting so I might need both to translate!

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    Christine K.

    I fell in love with your digital 30 days of Thankful templates from last year. I also love Artifact Uprising. The templates make it so easy to complete this project. I understand where you are coming from about being torn between paper and digital.

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    This is a really interesting comparison–cool post. Both of the entries are heartfelt, but your typed journaling is much more powerful–at least for me, it brought a surge of emotion. We talk about writing as a craft, and that is some well-crafted writing! When the words are important, and when typing has become a more unimpeded path for our words to flow than handwriting (as it has for me and I’m guessing you too), it’s really hard to argue for hand writing. (Bonus is how thin that little book would be vs. a cute-but-chunky 4×4.) One idea: you could inscribe the book by hand or use a tablet to create some handwritten word art as a graphic (maybe ghosted).

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    Krista D

    Cathy- I just became hooked on the little 4×4 WRMK albums, thanks for sharing! Do you print any photos at home? I ask b/c it looks like the picture taken on Halloween (the Bee costume gave you away!) with your daughter surprising you was already printed in your post above- from yesterday! I’m really interested in printing at home, but haven’t committed to a product yet… thanks for any advice you can offer!

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    I love it. I’m playing along this month by at least jotting down something for which I’m grateful each day. We’ll see if it turns into an album or not. But either way, it’s a great thing to be grateful. Thanks for the motivation, CZ!

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    Libby Gordon

    Thank you so much for doing this project…..this was the first time I attempted this…..and here it is November 9th and everything is laying on my scrap table because I totally forgot about it!
    For me, this project has taken an unpredictable turn because my 84 year-old father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer. My entire family is now realizing how lucky we have been to have two elderly parents that have been fiercely independent and relatively healthy (my mother is 88) up into their 80’s. There is nothing that will make you realize how much you have to be thankful for when you see what could be taken way from you in a short amount of time.
    So….this project will really be significant for me this year and I thank you.

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