Sponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Christmas Workshop

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THE GIVEAWAY: One person will win a seat in Capture Your Holidays | On-line Photography Class With Katrina Kennedy For People Who Like December.

ABOUT THE WORKSHOP: You’ve got your elf ready for the shelf. The advent boxes are filled with goodies for the arrival of the jolly holiday. Presents are wrapped and your grocery list is made.
Who am I kidding? If your life is like mine, you are still looking at the calendar wondering how it’s NOVEMBER! Taking a class in December is insane, right?! Maybe not!

If THIS is they year you want to capture awesome photos of your holiday, join me! Class begins December 1st. You’ll get step by step details on how to shoot your tree, your food, light displays, and the big day too. I can’t wrap your presents for you but I can save you the guessing, wondering, and time searching for that blog post about creating bokeh, non-gray snow, and Christmas tree photos. Join me for class and you WILL create the classic photos of your holiday without pain or frustration!

Get more details and see what others are saying about class right here.

CLASS BEGINS: December 1st.
COST: $37 (You deserve a gift this year!)

Still wondering about bokeh? Go here. You’ll find the steps you need!

THIS GIVEAWAY…is now closed. Check back to see if you’re a winner.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Christmas Workshop

106 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Capture Your Christmas Workshop”

  1. #1

    As a school teacher, this is the first year I’ve done a class scrapbook, capturing all of our memories from the year. It would be great to include some good quality Christmas photos in there and print them for the class to mark the holidays!

  2. #2
    Elise Fleming

    I’m planning on taking lots of photos of my daughters first xmas which I will then be adding to her 1st year scrapbook. Some help with different shots to take would be wonderful.

  3. #3

    I’m going to document the holidays with a mini, a december daily.
    Thanks for the chance to win, this class seams great!

  4. #6
    Wendy Reale

    Last year I did December daily and I don’t think I can keep up with an elaborate album again, so I’m going to try to simplify. I currently use weekly project life, so I’m going to use a design F to take a daily pic, size it to 3×4, add some cute filler cards, then get back to my spiked hot chocolate and call it good.

  5. #7
    Nicky H

    I don’t do a daily project. I do pay for classes and use the journaling and “what to take pictures of” ideas for my normal scrapbooks. And after Christmas I add a 2 page layout to my 9×9 Christmas album that I’ve been doing since 2000. This class sounds awesome!

  6. #8
    Brittany Howell

    I was just planning on including it in my project life album but after seeing so many people decide to do a December daily album, I’m seriously considering doing that.

  7. #9

    I am going to do a December Daily type album for Christmas this year, but it won’t be daily. I am just going to document the things as they come up and include some thoughts on the past and the holiday in general. I found I can’t keep up with a daily picture.

  8. #10
    Theresa Grdina

    I have several plans for preparing for December this year. First of all, I am AGAIN going to do December Daily. Then I am going to do a mini book when my 3 daughters and I head into Chicago and have dinner under the HUGE tree at Macy’s (formerly known as Marshall Field’s). This is an ongoing tradition in our house! Finally I will be doing both a project life of December as well as traditional scrapbooking. I. LOVE. DECEMBER.

  9. #12

    I will be adding extra pages to my Prject Life. I am also determined to catch up on my Christmas album. The best part will be taking pictures of my grandson’s first Christmas!

  10. #15

    this year i’m just going to include it in my project life album, and do a “photo a day” and make a ring-album from that.

  11. #16
    Heather B.

    Well… considering I haven’t scrapbooked last years holidays – I plan to print out a bunch of pictures and let them sit for a year or more!! *sigh*

  12. #18

    Love the little 4×4 album size (thanks to Cathy’s current 30 Days of Thankful project). So, am hoping to adapt this format for a digi December Daily.

  13. #19

    I’m doing December Daily from Ali Edwards kit from last year. Wasn’t able to use the kit last year because my dad passed away but am excited to use it this year. Would love to win this class.

  14. #22

    I need to improve my picture taking skills .I really want to capture awesome photos of our holiday.I would love to win this class !!!

  15. #25

    I plan to add December Daily photos to my PL album, but I’m thinking of making one big Christmas Album from Christmases throughout the year and add to it every year.

  16. #26

    I would so love to win this class! This is my 7th year making a mini album to document December. I am document each day, but generally do the creating in batches every week or so.

  17. #27
    Cheryl Barbrey

    I’m scrapbooking 25 days of Christmas. Somewhat daunting of a task. I believe I will get it done. I need some great photos for the project!

  18. #28

    I’m planning to start my first December Daily with Ali Edwards and I used your Cool Yule digital packs from last year to design my cards! Very excited!

  19. #29

    I will document December in my Digital Project life album, but I might also do a digital Daily December album to capture the details more fully.

  20. #30

    I’m planning to complete my first December Daily with Ali Edwards and I used your Cool Yule digital packs to create my own cards! Very excited!

  21. #32
    Angie Kyle

    I am taking a break from December Daily this year since I am still working on my Week in the Life album and hosting Thanksgiving this year. But I do plan to make a digital Christmas album after it is over of all the festivities of the season.

  22. #34
    Carol F.

    I’m considering doing December daily but haven’t decided for sure. I’d love some pointers on how to take some great Christmas photos!

  23. #35

    I plan to add pictures to my Project Life album and make layouts for big events. I was considering a December Daily album for the first time, but since we’ve already put up the tree and had a visit with Santa I can’t see the need for a special album for December. I love the idea of this class. I’ve now bookmarked this website. Thank you!

  24. #36
    Michelle t

    I’m just going to do individual 12×12 layouts of the stories of the holidays. I’m intrigued by December Daily but cannot do it this year. Thanks very much for a chance to win this great class, I appreciate it. Michelle t

  25. #37

    I include a section of Christmas pages at the end our annual family scrapbook. I do it digitally in a slightly different style than the rest of the book so it stands out.

  26. #39
    Laura A in Oregon

    I will be completing my 6th or 7th December Daily. My kids aren’t little anymore (15 & 20) so I have been looking through past year’s books and thinking about how to capture different aspects of our Christmas story as a family. Hoping to be more prepared and less stressed out. I guess it’s a sign of maturity?

  27. #41
    Kimberly Goon

    I will capture them calmly, one day at a time. Lingering long enough to enjoy the moments while they are happening…that is what will instill the memory and then I can translate it to a scrapbook page.

  28. #43

    December is not my favorite month and I have never managed to finish a DD. But this year I have decided that things would be different and that I would try to capture special moments…so, here we go!!!!

  29. #44
    Marilyn Bronson

    I plan on including a December Daily mini version in my Project Life for this year. Wish me luck and this class looks amazing. Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  30. #45
    Leslie B

    I do project life & will no doubt use some shots for that; but, I’m really trying to make an effort to be better about making actual layouts so I will take more pictures.

  31. #47

    I’ll definitely be going the pocket pages route. I’m just not sure if I want to do a December Daily type album or whether I just want to include those in some spreads for Christmas in the regular family scrapbooks.

  32. #48

    as new 6+ adoptee this class would be great to keep me taking pictures so that I can improve my skills.
    I gotta have skills 🙂

  33. #49

    We do a advent bucket list sort of holiday countdown so I’ll scrapbook pictures of each day’s treat or activity….. I hope. 🙂

  34. #50
    Sue W

    Our Christmas is spent on the other side of the world from family, it’s HOT here so we enjoy a mix of traditional European as well as an Australian style summer Christmas.
    My journal, hopefully will record a bit of everything and I’m thinking digital to make it easy to share. Thanks for the chance!

  35. #51
    Nicole M.

    I’m going to do a 6×8 December Daily, pocket style. I bought Ali’s kit last year…and didn’t do anything with it, so am planning on using that this year, with a few other things I’ve picked up this year. Katrina’s class looks awesome! I would love to learn how to take better holiday photos. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  36. #52

    My plan is to sign up for as many classes and handbooks and daily prompts as possible and maybe i will complete something ( :

  37. #55
    Susan Piepol

    The holidays are the hardest layouts to make because they are the same year after year. I have 3-4 years of Christmas photos waiting to be scrapped. How many times can you scrap pajamas opened Christmas Eve, sitting on Santa’s lap or opening presents Christmas morning. Need an infusion of creativity!

  38. #57

    Whilst we won’t have any snow (expecting temps into the 40deg celsius mark!) I would love to do this workshop

  39. #58
    Mel h

    I’m going to again attempt a December Daily. For like the fifth time. And I have yet to finish one. Maybe this will be the year.

  40. #60
    Julia C

    Thanks for the giveaway! I’m still trying to make up my mind how (and indeed, if) I want to record this Christmas period. I’m an empty nester now, and although my son will be at home from university, my daughter is in Belgium, so she won’t be coming back 🙁 I REALLY miss the days of younger kids when excitement filled the house! On the other hand I have nine Christmas Journals, and the accountant in me would like to round that up to ten, haha!

  41. #62
    Sarah W

    I plan on keeping up on Project Life. I also add a 12×12 page to my family’s Christmas album that comes out during the holidays for everyone to look back at all the 14 Christmases that my husband and I have been married.

  42. #63

    December Daily gal here! Which will most likely end up to be more like one photo a day because I know I can keep up with that!

  43. #66
    Kari M

    I plan on doing a simplified version of December Daily. I think I could learn a lot from this class! Thanks for the chance to win a seat!

  44. #67
    Jane G.

    This year throughout the holidays, I plan to document the quiet moments of the season.
    I may even do it all in black and white.

  45. #68
    Bonnie Potter

    I don’t know. The thought of December Daily stresses me out. Last year I just added the holiday stuff to my project life. I need better holiday photos though. Mine tend to be awful.

  46. #69

    I have been thinking about doing a December Daily for years, but trying to start now would be more stressful than fun. So….I am going to try and get organized and do a page a day to ‘catch-up’ or really to ‘have fun scrapping again’ throughout December. I plan to do Christmas layouts each day…but if something else catches my creative eye then that is what I will do. I am looking forward to December scrapping fun! 🙂

    Rhonda 🙂

  47. #70
    Sandra L.

    I am once again going to attempt to do a Dec Daily album…maybe this will be the year I actually finish one!

  48. #71
    Jamie Barba

    I’m doing a Dec Daily…..I hope! I’ve started in the past & planned to do it a couple of times, but never finished. I’m planning on doing it this year, even though I’m having a baby Dec 1!!

  49. #72

    Wrapping up my 30 days of gratitude album and feeling the excitement building toward December Daily! Thanks for all of your enthusiasm and inspiration this November.

  50. #73

    Every year I start to document the holidays but never finish. Mostly it is because I don’t like how my photos turn out. I have taken classes with Katrina. My skills have improved so I know taking this class would make holiday photos much better and less stressful. Thanks for chance to win.

  51. #74

    I want to keep up on my Project Life and also create a traditional page for me Christmas album. Would love to win this class so I can learn to take better pictures using my new 50mm lens.

  52. #75

    Blowed if I know how it will all come together but I do know it will certainly need to be recorded! We have international and interstate visitors arriving and I’m the person who brings all the stories together. Any help is gratefully received. Please!

  53. #76

    Thinking about trying December Daily for the first time, probably as part of Project Life. Most likely will put it together in January hahaha!

  54. #78
    Ruth Tacoma

    I will probably do a December album, but not til January. I’ll also scrap the photos for our family Christmas album in January.

  55. #79
    Celia Yarwood

    I’m travelling to Canada to visit some family and wasn’t sure if I was going to participate in December Daily because I will be travelling several places and it won’t be a traditional ‘Christmas’. But I realised that is my life and I should record it, irrespective of where I am going. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  56. #81
    Ellie Augustin

    This will be my 4th year doing December Daily. Just received the album and can’t wait to start being able to document this year for my family. This class would SO be the “star” on top. Thanks for the chance.

  57. #82
    Karen T

    So excited to have this opportunity! Our family will miraculously all be here together this year. I. Want. To. Document. It. All!

  58. #84

    I’m planning to do a December Daily album. On the days I don’t get a photo (I’m sure there will be a few!) I’m going to add photos from Christmas past. Kind of like a then and now. 🙂
    I’m excited, and I’d love to take this class! Thank you. 🙂

  59. #88
    Jenny B.

    I’m planning to do December Daily again. I like to keep it super simple. One 4×6 photo and one 4×6 notecard for journaling each day. Print them out, pop them in a 2-up photo album, and done. 🙂

  60. #89
    Holly Corbett

    I plan to try out the December Daily album this year. However, I won’t be using the kit. I will be making my own album in a very simple format. Wish me luck!!

  61. #90
    Jennie D

    This will be my 6th year doing December Daily. It’s a ton of work but I love being able to look back. This would be awesome to win!

  62. #91

    I’m going from 30 Days of Thankful and continuing my daily documenting right through December. It’s all going to live in my annual project life album. I love the intentionality that writing and taking photos daily in November and December brings to my album.

  63. #92

    I recently jumped on the Project Life (digital) bandwagon, so I’ll be doing the holiday that way. A few extra pages perhaps.

  64. #93

    I plan to do the December Daily album this year. I did it last year for the first time and I love it! I was actually wishing to take the Capture Your Holidays class with Katrina, but I already shelled out the money for Ali Edwards DD kit, so I held off. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to take this class so that I can improve my photography skills and capture some wonderful photos this Christmas season! Thanks so much for the chance! 🙂

  65. #94
    Heather H.

    I’d really like to do a December Daily this year. But I’ve tried in years past and I never make it past the first 10 days!

  66. #95
    Andrea Mears

    I love snapping pictures of the action & activity of my 2 kids with their cousins opening presents and playing together. I take a lot of pictures hoping to end up with several special non-blurry shots!

  67. #97
    Karen P

    I am using a 6×8 album and a variety of pocket pages to record our Christmas holiday this year. I love this size and how quickly I can have a cute album put together!

  68. #98

    last year was my first year…I do PL in 8×6 and so add DD to the back of the same album. I finished my DD 2013 a couple months ago, so really determined to be more on top of things this year. Love this project! 🙂 thanks for the giveaway!

  69. #99
    Lynn M

    I’ll continue to use Project Life for my own version of December Daily using a lot of your digital files from DD especially the new Merry Hipmas files. So fun!

  70. #100

    Project Life will hold many of my Christmas pics. Of course, I am considering a photo book as a gift to myself. But only if I’m good ….

  71. #102

    i am keeping it super simple this year. My plan is to use the Collect app to format and journal as I go along. Then upload to Instagram. This will all be easy for me to do from my iPhone or iPad. Then I will print when I am ready and slip into an album that has 4×4 pockets. We’ll see how it goes. Trying a new format excites me.

  72. #103
    donna c

    I am really struggling this year with a bunch of things, sooo I have been working on extending the 30 days of gratitude. I am doing 90 days, which will get me past the holiday season and make me more aware of the great things, and thankful things and bring joy and cheer to my life. This year will be awesome, and taking katrina’s class would just be spectacular!!!!

  73. #104

    I do the December Daily and I am seriously hoping that you are going to be doing it too using your new templates that I just bought at DD. 🙂

  74. #105
    Tina J.

    I was just thinking of laying low this year and recording everything with Project Life but I’d love this photography class!

  75. #106

    I’ll be trying December Daily for the first time ever this year (along with Project Life). I’ve got a bit behind with my 30 days of Thankful (first time for that, too!) I’ve been incorporating it into my 12×12 digital PL (using 4×4 grids on a 12×12 page) as I can’t seem to get the lovely kits and albums in the UK without paying lots of shipping & taxes . . . love taking photos – would love this on-line course to help me capture my 2 boys before they get too big!
    Thanks for the opportunity . . .

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