Make a Page Monday: All About That Bee

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STORY OF THE PAGE: I love being a bee for Halloween. In case that might have slipped by anyone who has ever read my blog. Ever. I decided to pull bee images from the past several years and make a digital page. Something simple. Something clean. Something crap free. I was going to print out a bunch of photos, glue ’em all down, yada yada yada, but instead I used a really old template as my base and just said, “Simplicity NOW!”
DESIGN BREAKDOWN: Black and white and yellow. And white space. This, my blog reading friends, is a quintessential page. Story. Images. Design. It just makes me go, “YESSSSSSS!” You have simple repetition with the yellow in the title and the images. The black. The white. And a nice framing space around all of the visual content. The other thing that is my most favorite thing to do on a layout? One font. Archer. Used in two weights: book and bold. When you use one font on a design, varying only its size and weight, you create a unity to the design. Your fonts aren’t screaming for attention. They’re merely serving the story at hand. Try this on your next page that incorporates type and see if it makes you sit back and go, “YESSSSSS!”

TECHNICAL SHIT: I made this using Adobe Photoshop with my computer using my hands and a Magic Mouse. I will print this page onto photo paper, tuck it into my All About Cathy album and high five myself when it’s all over. (Okay, I can get more technical if you like.) Sometimes, I will look through my collection of templates just to find a design with a solid photo collage. That’s what I did here and then just deleted elements from the template until I got what I wanted to play with.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: Thanks for all the feedback and general pollenated love on the 2014 Bee Dance. I had a blast doing it. What? You missed it? Don’t worry! I got your back.

2014 Bee Dance from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

And yes, I’m already thinking of what I can do in 2015.


Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday: All About That Bee

23 Comments on “Make a Page Monday: All About That Bee”

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    Cathy, love the bee dance this year. I was laughing so hard, my 16 yr old son asked what was so funny and I showed him. Then he proceeded to laugh hilariously! You are so much fun, so honest, and so beautiful. I just love coming on here and reading your thoughts. Go Cathy!

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      Cathy Zielske

      That was last year. I had just left my physical therapy appointment. Also in the costume.

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        Kim Smith

        I love you woman!! You really make my day, pretty much every day, but today’s post is the icing! All About That Bee, indeed!

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    I have that template and, co-incidentally, was using it a few days ago. It’s so Clean & Simple!

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    Can I say that I just LOVE your bee costume! You crack me up every year when you bring it out! And this year…..the dance video…..epic. My six year old likes to watch it over and over. Thanks for bringing a smile to my face. Go Bee!

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    That bee dance….what can I say? It had me laughing hysterically! And I all I could tell my husband, who couldn’t see it, but just hear the music, was “don’t ask!” Love, love, love it!

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    Wouldn’t it “bee” great if there were pictures from age 14. It could be an entire mini album! Thanks for bringing happiness!

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    I think we should make the leap and book you to do the Bee Dance with Jimmy Fallon next year. Yep, that’s the ticket!!!!! It would be perfect, right? …..all smiles in Savannah!

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    OMG! I had to watch that twice. I am dying. Girl, you got some moves! – My daughter heard me laughing from the other side of the house and I had to share it with her. I told her how I hoped we could arrange a marriage between her and Cole, but she has a boyfriend now. Don’t worry though, I haven’t let the dream die!

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