Sponsor Giveaway: Christmas Kits from Scotty Girl Design

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win her choice of any of Shannon’s holiday kits.

ABOUT SCOTTY GIRL DESIGN: Shannon, the designer behind SGD, is a designer with a passion for typography, geometric prints, and lots of color. Although a perfectionist at heart, Shannon’s scrapbook mantra is “A beautiful thing is never perfect”, and that includes her scrapbook pages. She loves sharing helpful scrapbooking tips, DIY projects, and yummy recipes on her blog, as well as her own scrapbook layouts.

BLACK FRIDAY SALE: The Digital Press is having it’s grand opening and the entire store is 60% off, and that includes everything in Scotty Girl Design’s store (http://www.thedigitalpress.co/product-category/designers/scotty-girl-design-designer/) too!

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GIVEAWAY CLOSED: This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you’re a winner.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Christmas Kits from Scotty Girl Design

65 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Christmas Kits from Scotty Girl Design”

  1. #1
    Amy D

    Spending time with my family…especially my 2 year old grandson! He is going to love all the sights and sounds of Christmas this year!

  2. #2

    It’s a toss up with our house closing on 12-12 and my 50th birthday on 12-22! Planning a move, putting up the tree immediately afterwards and then celebrating this milestone means a lot is going on as you can see! I’m trying to not hyperventilate thinking about all of that AND Christmas shopping later than usual.

  3. #4
    Theresa E.

    Gosh, I’m not sure I could narrow it down to 1 thing. I just love all the ‘wonder’ that is Christmas

  4. #6
    Raegan L

    Getting the house ready for the Christmas Holiday is always so much work, but well worth the effort. My kids are getting older and “magic” is about gone, but we still do our best to add a little “magic” into the season.

  5. #13

    Time off during the holidays to spend with my kid and my husband who works in a position that actually has holidays off now!

  6. #14

    I have loved SGD since she was just an Etsy shop by herself. I am most looking forward to all the fun things leading up to the big day!

  7. #20

    Tis the season….love it all….decorating, baking, cooking, shopping, friends , family….especially looking forward to out of town family flying in to visit!

  8. #22
    Tammy Davis

    I love taking pictures around the Christmas tree! Also unpacking the ornaments. Most of mine are handmade. Thank you so much for the chance to win one of these beautiful kits!

  9. #24

    I’m looking forward to having my daughter and her new husband stay with us during the Christmas holidays.

  10. #26

    looking forward to spending time with my kids and hubby and fun and laughter through the holiday season!

  11. #27

    Spending time with my family. Our community lost three young people in two separate incidents this week. 🙁 I am thankful to have my family with me. I could not imagine burying my only children, which is what two moms had to do this week.

  12. #30

    I’m looking forward to decorating the house and tree. My girls are getting older and I won’t have them home much longer to enjoy the togetherness while we decorate.

  13. #32

    This sounds odd, but I look forward to a funeral for my FIL. He has suffered from Alzheimer’s for many years and in recent months has deteriorated physically. He will likely die in the next few days. I look forward to an end to his suffering and an end to the exhausting work it had been for my MIL. And I look forward to celebrating his truly amazing 86 year life. There will be much joy as we celebrate into the afterlife!

  14. #35

    My grandson’s first Christmas, my niece is getting married and I don’t have to cook the turkey this year.

  15. #36
    Sheena Mawson

    I’m looking forward to getting to spend lots of time with family and my husband having time off and getting to spend time with with him and the kids!

  16. #42

    It’s my favorite month of the year and I’m looking forward to reliving all te holiday traditions our family has! I’m looking forward to decorating, cookie baking, Christmas movie watching, all the Advent preparations, and of course the twinkle lights.

  17. #43
    Amanda B

    I’m looking forward to the music, movies, and fun. Most importantly, the Magic of it through my son’s eyes!

  18. #44

    I am looking forward to December 21st because after that the days will be longer. I am also looking forward to giving gifts.

  19. #46
    Jane G.

    Looking forward to that peaceful interlude on Christmas Eve after everyone else is in bed and it is just the tree and me!

  20. #50

    I’m most looking forward to spending Christmas Eve at my grandparents’, like I’ve been doing since the day I was born. 🙂 They won’t be here forever so every new Christmas counts.

  21. #51
    Ellie Augustin

    Getting to see our youngest (who is 17 mths) interact with her sibling as last year she wasn’t mobile and naps were her main thing. This year will that much sweeter watching her for sure!

  22. #53

    Time with my sister – my first Christmas with her in FIVE years!! We’ve already planned snacks for the first week . . .

  23. #54
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    To me, December is a package, one that I unwrap bit by bit: decorating, being with family, shopping, wrapping gifts, shopping for Adopt-a-Child, special FOODS (!) and music, catching up with old friends and family via Christmas cards and letters, documenting all of this through scrapbooking and photography, and last—but not least—celebrating the birth of Jesus.

  24. #55

    Two things… annual NH visit to see the grandkids (pre-xmas celebration) ~ REALLY hoping I see some snow but not on any of my travel days…
    Secondly, a huge family get-together at Christmas including my daughter’s South African ‘in-laws’ and my other daughter’s new fiance. Happy Houseful. 🙂

  25. #57

    Looking forward to being together with my husband’s family for the first time in 27 years. The distance between us was too great before now.

  26. #58
    Pam K

    Looking forward to all the joy & wonder of the season; it’s my favorite time of year. I especially enjoy being able to spend time with extended family & the kids who’ve grown & moved away.

  27. #59
    Brenda Stryjewski

    I am so looking forward to the week of Christmas when the kids are out of school and we can sleep in and just be in the moment. I really want to enjoy them & not the rush of shopping. Want to enjoy looking at Xmas lights, making cookies & messes, playing games, watching movies & lounging in pjs!

  28. #60
    Jamie Barba

    I’m having a baby tomorrow, so I’m most looking forward to not being pregnant & to doing our December Daily!

  29. #61
    Dawn F.

    I have most enjoyed reading through the responses and counting my blessings. It’s a good thing you use a random generator for picking the winner, I’d have a hard time!

  30. #62
    Marcie L

    Really looking forward to a ski trip that my family is taking over Christmas. My 2 sons have never skiied outside of PA/OH/NY and I can’t wait to show them Deer Valley and Park City!

  31. #63

    Celebrating is a choice, yes? So this year, I look forward to consciously injecting the holiday spirit into our home, choosing to close out the year focusing on all the good that has come, connecting with family and friends in a positive way, and having our home look as welcoming as possible. Choosing to focus on the joys the season can bring, rather than the reasons to be sad/frustrated. The effort involved will pay off I know! ‘Smile’ (Nat King Cole) xx

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