The Best of 2014 as compiled by me

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It’s been quite a year, people. I wish I had something really eloquent to say that really encapsulated the length and width of the past 12 months. Instead I’m going to share a handful of links to my favorite posts from the past year. Some got crazy amounts of hits. Some just made me smile because I felt like they were exactly what I wanted to say in that particular moment.

Here is a list for you to peruse.

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The most commented on post of the year | Without further ado, I present the 2014 Bee Dance*

My most melancholy post | No one said it would be easy (girl leaves for college)

My favorite post about being middle aged | Middle-aged mama, a story of right now

How I want to write more frequently | How many ways can I make a coffee cup look sexy?

My favorite post about not letting the bastards get you down | I don’t want thicker skin

My favorite blog series of the year | Anatomy of a Rebrand (Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4)

My favorite post about health and fitness | An apology seems in order

My best post about menopause | Filing a missing persons report

My most popular guest post of all time | What it’s like to grow up on a blog

Thank you for reading my blog. I really do feel like I’m at a crossroads in my life, both professionally and personally. I plan to continue to share my stories and my life in this space.

One thing I realized going back through my blog this year is I don’t feel like I’ve been very funny. Maybe it’s a perspective shift. I’ve definitely shot to be more honest and sometimes, honest can be really funny. Sometimes, not so much.

Another thing that I realized is as I was looking for posts to share, I didn’t pick a single scrapbook-based post. That’s not because I don’t love this hobby of mine and realize that it’s the main reason many of you found me in the first place. It just means that the stories I’m telling from my life are the things that truly matter the most to me. My blog, much like my scrapbooking, is simply a vehicle for stories.

I’ve chosen my One Little Word for 2015. That word is Warm. It carries a lot of meaning for me in so many ways, but the leading way is that I want to create warm experiences in my life. Warm connections. I want to offer warmth to those I love, as well as to myself. And yes, this comes directly from therapy. We’ll see how that shakes out in blogging for the next 12 months.

And if all else fails, maybe it’ll just apply to hot flashes.

Thanks for a great year,

Love, Cathy

*Technically, this post was my most commented on. But my new Word Press stats weren’t including it. That, and my therapist read it and told me I was being manipulative. That story for another day.




Cathy ZielskeThe Best of 2014 as compiled by me

28 Comments on “The Best of 2014 as compiled by me”

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    This is fun! YAY for fun!

    And you know what? My blog started out as a way for me to get myself out there in the Project Life community, but I’ve realized over the last couple months that in 2015 I don’t want my blog to be defined by scrapbook-y stuff. I want to write and share real stuff that interests me or is important to me. So I think it’s totally okay that you didn’t include a single scrapbook-y post in this list. If I’d done some sort of 2014 wrap-up post, I likely wouldn’t have either. But then again, I’m just Kelsey. YOU are Cathy Zielske, aka totally royalty in the memorykeeping community (at least in my mind, fo’ sho’).

    Anyway, loved this.

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      Cathy Zielske

      So you’re saying instead of ‘taking the crap out of scrapbooking’ I could go with, “I’m royalty, bitches!” ?

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    Not funny?! You are hilarious! Love your sense of humor, honesty, and design. You, my friend, are a ROCK STAR!

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    Thank you for a wonderful year of reading your blog. I saw Elise Blaha Cripe had a 2014 blog post today “by the numbers”. I can totally see you designing a cool template for this type of thing with your clean lines and use of fonts 🙂 Would buy it for sure!

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    I loved reading this and go back to those posts. I love how honest you are, I love how open you are and yes you are totally funny. I mean, that bee dance!! It is so good and definitely one of the best things I’ve seen this year. (and it made it into my PL and my week in the life album)

    Happy New Years Eve to you and your family.

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    Musings, Rants & Scribbles

    I agree with the other commenters. You are very funny which is what brings me back. Its not always easy to achieve deep and humorous at the same time (which I’m learning on my blog) but you achieve that fine balance many times. Happy New Year.

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    Happy New Year CZ!

    Thank you for your blog, your simple creative self and just bringing it every single day.

    I’ll be doing the One Little Word this year and will take advantage of the 10 classes for $10.00 of your PL Abridged Life class. I’ve tried projects and slacked off and stopped, but I’m working to have fun and manage these 2 this year.

    Here’s to 2015. . .

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      Love your blog Cathy…and we are very much alike. I love to see your photos, read your stories, and travel this journey “with” you. I look forward to more blog posts and BPC classes. I wish you the best in 2015.

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    I love everything about you. You always make me feel warm, connected, and usually you crack me up! You are real and make me feel OK about this odd journey called LIFE. Be well in 2015 my friend!

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    Sue Treiber

    You are funny.
    You are real.
    You make this journey easier for the rest of us.
    In a parallel universe, we are friends. You can’t believe how many times I’ve read a post and said “She did NOT just say that!” It’s like you are living in my head.
    Happy New Year! <3

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    I can’t believe I’d missed Aidan’s guest post! Such beautiful pictures and she is very good with words 🙂 and as a New Zealander I have to say yay for New Zealand jackets!
    I love your blog and your honesty – and your crap-free scrapbooking.
    Happy New Year!

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    Cathy you are totally funny – especially when you may not mean to be. You are real, you are connected to your kids in an amazing way and I love the quirky things you do , like the “Bee Dance” and wearing the same orange sweatshirt. I’ve said it before – I want to be you when I grow up.

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    Happy New Year!!!! Thank you for your wonderful blog and great templates that make my albums look so good. Cheers to 2015.

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    Cathy, what do you mean you are not funny? You ARE funny . . . and real . . . and loveable . . . and human . . . so very human. Your blog is where I kickstart my morning – and you always make me smile (and sometimes cry, which is okay, too). Keep up the great work you do here. I don’t think you realize how you touch people but you really, really do! Looking forward to every single post of 2015 and thereafter! Happy New Year!

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    Love your word – it has many lovely meanings! And please, keep on doing what you do the way that you do it. I love this little spot on the internet and although you don’t feel like you’ve been funny, your posts often make me laugh (seriously…the bee video!) or at least smile a lot. Wishing a wonderful 2015 for you and your family!

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    Just a thought about your most commented on post (afraid to use the word opinion as that would likely come across as talking out my a**) from your favorite Minion…

    Admitting vulnerability, such as using the word “shame” to describe your innermost feelings is not manipulative, it is raw and honest. Ask Brene Brown, she would be proud of you.

    Cathy, you have a way of joining honesty, vulnerability (and things most of us like to sweep under the proverbial rug) with a bit of self-deprecating humor that I find relatable. I don’t see where that is manipulation (if that is what your therapist is referring to) I see that as raw, human honesty. You, Cathy Zielski, have a way of putting yourself out there, sharing yourself hot-flashes and all that create connection. Truly isn’t that what it is all about? I think that you speak in a clear voice that strips the “everything is always sparkly and shiny” off and shows true humanness? I know that is the reason why I show up everyday to your blog and I am guessing that many others feel the same. You say what is on your mind and what is real for you; if there is a scrapbook page or a tutorial involved you hit the Trifecta. The warm connection you are seeking more of? It is already happening over here on Ye Old Blog.

    Thank you for always sharing what is real.

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    This whole thing makes me smile. Also, I LOVE your word. I MIGHT steal it because it goes so well with my words: COMMUNITY & INFLUENCE. You can’t have those without being warm. Love it.

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    Amanda B

    I missed a lot of these posts so thanks for compiling them. Absolutely wonderful year. And, yeah, you’re funny.

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