December Daily® Installment No. 02

Cathy ZielskeScrapbooking24 Comments | my december daily pages | my december daily pages
In lieu of Make a Page Monday this month, I’ll be sharing installments of my December Daily album. I have been loving the process of putting together these pages. I love the smaller 6 x 8 album size, with its various pockets. Plus, I love having a daughter in college who is joining in the merry making from her dorm some 228 miles away. Here’s a peek at my pages. | my december daily pages | my december daily pages
I made a joke on Instagram that I will never not love a big HO, and it’s true. The giant gold letters from the December Daily kit are pretty cool. I used a simple photo template for the right facing page and included a screen grab of the Elf Yourself video that Aidan created and posted on my Facebook page. I added a text box to one of the photo spaces to complete the digital file and just printed it out on photo paper.

The next spread looks like this: | my december daily pages | my december daily pages
Aidan designed a set of 3 x 4 cards and sent them to me via DropBox. She has really been sending so much cheer from her little dorm room in Madison. It has really touched me so deeply. As did her tree-shaped snack on Day 6. | my december daily pages
And so the project continues on. I’ll be sharing my pages a few times a week.

December Daily is a registered trademark of Ali Edwards. Ali makes amazing products to help people document their December memories plus she is an amazing woman running her small but mighty business. I encourage you to check out all of her products for December Daily here.


Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily® Installment No. 02

24 Comments on “December Daily® Installment No. 02”

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    Clean and simple – gotta love that! AND gotta love that Aidan is in on the process as well. I think I see a future scrapbooker in the family and from the looks of those cards, Mama has been teaching her little one a little bit about design. Go Aidan!

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    I love your pages!!! You are making me wish I had done this. I just couldn’t figure out how to do December Daily and Project Life without being redundant. In other news – my husband loves “Friday Night Lights” he has watched the entire series at least 2 times via Netflix.

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      I was thinking the same thing, Shirley. But then I was thinking about how I probably have a story/picture every day that’s just about Christmas (decor, food, activities, etc.) and I also have the stuff of everyday life (dr. appts., cleaning, laundry, food, etc.) So that’s how I’m approaching it.

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        Cathy Zielske

        You know what I might do? I might just combine the month of December into one spread for Project Life. I mean, why not? I’m going to be making a book from my digital files and I think that’s my plan. In fact, I think I just talked myself into it!

        I’m also thinking of going smaller for Project Life next year. I’ve got some brainstorming to do this week!

        1. #

          My project life is 6×8 and I document months instead of weeks. I actually really love it this size and it has made it a lot easier to keep up with.

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      @Shirley – I am doing what Britney is doing, my December mini-album just focuses on holiday stuff and traditions. I follow Shimelle’s Journal Your Christmas and that gives me a good framework for the album. My December PL monthly spread will focus on everything else going on in December – and truth be told during the first half of the month there is more non-holiday stuff than holiday stuff going on. Since I do it monthly I usually have more than enough content for a spread. If I was doing it weekly it might be harder to do both.

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      I wish I was even CLOSE enough with Project Life to worry about this (I’m still stuck back in April). But what I’m doing is I’m using a little 4×4 album, like we used for 30 Days of Thankful. I actually (almost…got a couple days of journaling left) FINISHED that album and I never finish projects. Ever. (See above) It makes me feel like I can do this. Cathy has a set of 4×4 cards in the Merry Hipmas that is working perfectly and I’m mostly caught up through yesterday…kinda. The point is, it’s doable, and being so small, it’s not really redundant. It’s just a taste, so to speak. I can put a lot more in my PL if I ever make it to December.

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    Do you ever use drop shadows? Or do you think it’s not necessary if you are printing out the book and planning to add other embellishments? I’m using your templates for my book and I love them! I might actually finish the book by the end of the current year.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Not very often, if ever. I did do some drop shadows on my digital project life in 2013, but this year, none. 🙂

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    My favorite was Cole’s little lesson in back-upsville. Been there, done that. Now I back-up. More than is strictly necessary. I feel your pain, Coleman…

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, it sucks. The worst part? I thought I had a complete back up of his data, but when I went to restore, his user profile was missing, which is where all the data is.

      I back up my machine daily, both locally and to an offsite service. I need to figure out how do get a regular back up of everyone else’s data. 🙂

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    Amanda B

    Crap. Thanks for the reminder to back up my Mac. It’s been awhile.

    These are great pages! Great idea to do a screen grab of the elf yourself video! My SIL makes one every year and that’d be a great way to include it!

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    I love how your album is coming together, Cathy! I am doing a digital album this year, using your Merry Hipmas cards and papers and Katie Pertiet templates.

    As for combining December Daily and Project Life, here’s what I do: I document more in detail in the December Daily, and then I pick my favourite pic (or on rare occasions, two if I REALLY can’t choose) from each day and add those to the Project Life album.

    I also love the Elf Yourself screen grab! What I a great idea that I WILL be “borrowing”!

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    Michelle t

    Cool elf photo! Awesome album, so cheerful, and I like Aidan’s journal cards too. All just awesome. Michelle t

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    Friday Night Lights! Gotta love it and I don’t even like football! Can I just say… Tim Riggins;)

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    I’m thrilled that I now get to follow 2 blogs that are doing December Daily! And both so different!

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    I love the clean and simple design you made your December Daily. I opted out this year – partially because I have been sick and partially because I’m overloaded with other projects. I love your design – I will keep it in mind for other projects I need to get done.

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    Where did you purchase the 6×8 page protectors from? Looks like you are using 2 different sizes, correct? I am really thinking about using this size for project life. My daughter left for college this fall too and I don’t have as near as much content as I use to when she was around.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Kelly, the page protectors all came as part of the December Daily kit from Ali Edwards, the kit with the album. : )

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    Hi Cathy! I’m new to your site/blog and it is SO FUN to read your entries?! Is that the right word I am looking for? Anyway….I have a “bit” in common with you….my son graduated from Madison!! I couldn’t believe what I was reading about your daughter staying at the hotel. We stayed there too when we would go down to visit our son Scott! CRAZY!! Oh and State Street…yes….pounded down many miles on State Street. Have you attended a football game yet? GOOD FUN TIMES!! Have a GREAT Christmas with your daughter at HOME!!! Can’t wait to get your newsletter….just signed up!!

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    Oh….and by the way……LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your DD album!!! I NEED to take some of your classes I can see that already! bye now!

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    Last year I saw a sign that said “Ho ho, ho.” Makes me smile every time I see that written now. 🙂 I think I need to make one.

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