December Daily®—The Final Installment

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My December Daily album is complete.

And now it will sit for the last few days of the month along side Volumes 1 and 2. Oh for cute.

It’s funny, but the closer I get to December 25 in this process, I’m always ready to be done. Not that I don’t love the project—because I really do—but I’m just ready to wrap it all up and move onto other memory keeping projects.

Here’s a look at my final pages.

The page on the left is one of my favorite pages. I put my coffee and my cookie (and yes, that is a home made masterpiece!) on a piece of mat board and shot down. I plunked my painted gold number in the coffee, added some word art, and voila! A fun page for the album. The rest of the album are Christmas Eve and Christmas Day photos. | December Daily | December Daily

spread3 | December Daily
I decided to include a closing page. I used the same design approach for my opening page and pulled some of Ali’s word art from this template set to add to the page. And for my last page, I just created one big image. Note: my HP ink ran out just as I printed the page, but I feel like the striations look kind of cool, so I think I’ll just keep it. | December Daily
And that my friends, is all I wrote for December Daily 2014. Even in a year where things did feel different it turned out to be a wonderful, grounding exercise in telling stories from my life. I feel inspired for 2015 and definitely plan to explore this album size for future projects.

Thanks, Ali! Can’t wait to see the kit for next year.


Cathy ZielskeDecember Daily®—The Final Installment

12 Comments on “December Daily®—The Final Installment”

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    What an awesome little album. And I get you on that thing that happens at the end of longer projects like these. The finish is worth it, but the last mile is a mental beast.

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    Beautiful. Also loved the part about having a 15 year old. I have one and a 17 year old, too. Love them, but wonder if I’ll survive the next few years! Teens are tough…

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    Amanda B

    Gorgeous! Thanks for sharing your process with us! I enjoyed every post you wrote about it…your sense of humor stayed constant and I love it.

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    Kim Smith

    Love seeing your album come together! Beautiful photos, words and most of all memories! I am wishing the Zielske’s a Wonderous, Happy, Healthy and Prosperous New Year!

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    Very, very nice. I’m taking my album through the end of the year because we are just getting to my mother-in-law’s house today. But I agree I’m ready to move on to new projects in 2015 – beginning with your class on January 1. Happy New Year

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    I love it. And your sugar cookies look amazing! I keep wanting to try a DD album but I’m not great about printing my photos on a regular basis and my printer is an ink hog. I do wish I had done something like this when my 21 year old was younger, I could then pass them on to her. Perhaps I can go back and make a compilation of all her Christmases to date, that would be nice! Happy New Year!!

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