Get a dose of holiday inspiration with the new issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today

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It’s a good day for memory keeping inspiration, people. Why? The winter issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today is out! You can view the entire issue online today and it’s filled with tons of ideas for holiday scrapbooking and more. This is my second issue as part of the Scrapbook & Cards Today team and my column is all about stress-free holiday scrapbooking.

The other fun thing is that I’ve got three free downloads that correspond to my article. You can find them all here, plus download and read my Clean & Simple column right on your computer. I also have a video tutorial walking you through how to use my layered 12 x 12 template. It’s very much designed with beginner digital scrapbookers in mind, so if you want to learn how it all works, download the free template and check out the video. Find that video by clicking here.

I would also recommend subscribing! Why? Because holding a magazine in hand is a good thing. Plus, the magazine is really gorgeous. The paper, the ink, the smell… let’s hear it for print! You can learn more about subscribing here.

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And speaking of some excellent giveaways, be sure to check out the SCT blog beginning Monday for some seriously great giveaways. | the new issue of scrapbook & cards today

Scrapbook & Cards Today have partnered with some amazing crafty sponsors and there is going to be some really great stuff up for grabs. Check their blog daily and throw your name into the blog hat. You have as good a chance as the next guy, er, gal, right?

Have a great weekend and enjoy the new issue of the magazine.

Cathy ZielskeGet a dose of holiday inspiration with the new issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today

10 Comments on “Get a dose of holiday inspiration with the new issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today”

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    You are blowing my mind with all this generosity! These are fantastic freebies. Thank you, so very much! I feel like I’ve been saying this to you every single day this week…but I really mean it.

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    Love it. Got my homework for tonight. In the meantime, I’ve downloaded the app and am taking selfies while my husband drives us home 🙂

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    Thank you! It’s funny that my husband keeps asking me what l would like for Christmas, and honestly, it has all been stuff from you this week! From Designer Digitals and your freebies! I plan on spending most of my December happily scrapping on my laptop since l got the tree and everything up so early this year. Yay! Happy happy happy!

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    Great stuff. Especially the video for using the template. I love that it contains a lot of the basics needed!! I will be referring to it a lot!

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