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I know, I know… a glass of wine to kick off the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart? Maybe not the best of ideas. Any nutrition expert will tell you that a glass of wine is no different than a glass of full-sugared Coca Cola.  But this shot is from Christmas Eve and I was in celebratory mode. I know a little something about said celebratory mode. From a culinary standpoint, that was pretty much my entire 2014.

I started last year with all my fitness guns a blazin’. I did the jumpstart last year and after those 31 days I was back in the health and fitness saddle. (Herein ends the old Western metaphors.) And then by about the end of February, I wasn’t.

I’m going to spare you the drama here, because I continue to learn that drama and feeling sorry for myself do nothing but create more drama and self-pity. I know, shocker. I did not throw away my year because I didn’t lose weight. My year wasn’t a total bust just because I actually gained weight. I continued to keep my health as part of my daily To Do list, but I was not as consistent as I wanted to be. That’s it.

It’s not about anything else other than me and my choices. I don’t get to blame this on my feelings, or other people, or the position of the sun in relation to the Earth. I just made choices that gave me certain results.

And the beautiful part? I’m not a bad person because of it.

Look, I’m not as fit as I would like to be. Lack of fitness, as we get older, is going to translate to a less robust overall health. I want as much robust health as I can muster. What about you?

The Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart is about connecting to facts. It’s about to doing what is needed. It’s about forgiving yourself if you don’t, but instead of feeling sorry for yourself, it’s about understanding why you are making the choices you are making.

Here are a few things that I understand:

1. When I drink red wine, I make poor nutritional choices.

2. When I get on the treadmill, I feel better mentally, even if I don’t always physically. (Sore knees, etc.)

3. My body is an amazing vessel that lets me experience my life.

4. I am my choices, for both positive and negative consequences.

5. Being skinny doesn’t equal happiness but fewer pounds will make bending over to tie my shoes easier.

6. People don’t dislike me because I’m overweight.

7. I am fully responsible for taking care of me.


So that’s it.

It’s funny, but over the weekend, I wasn’t feeling very inspired. I was scared of this class. I was afraid to be a leader. I mean, how can I lead and inspire when 2014 has seen my scale climb to previously unheard of numbers?

And the answer: I can lead this because I keep showing up and I keep trying and I’m not going to feel sorry for myself.

I liken it to quitting smoking. It took me several tries to get ahold of that addiction. It took years for me to finally say, “I’m done.” Giving up is the crime. Showing up, every day, for better or worse… that’s the victory in this. Connecting to reality and working hard to do what is needed on any given day.

That’s who I want to be.

It’s another year. It’s another month. It’s another day.

It’s just one big glorious opportunity to do a little better.

I will always raise a glass to that.

To learn more or to join me, click here.

I’m printing out my cards and getting ready to do this. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to email me or leave a comment.

I appreciate those of you who choose to spend your money on classes with me. Income from this class supports development of future classes. Thank you.


Cathy ZielskeJoin me in the Jumpstart

58 Comments on “Join me in the Jumpstart”

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    I actually took your Jump Start in January and I enjoyed it a lot. It made me think and reflect at the very early stages of my weight loss journey. I didn’t get through all the assignments but what I did achieve in 2014 was a weight loss of 100 lbs! Just saying that it is indeed possible to stay the course even if it is hard work every single day.
    Here’s to you finding your way in 2015. Happy new year.

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    Musings, Rants & Scribbles

    You’re right, its all about the journey although it does feel better a few pounds lighter.
    I tried everything (and I mean everything) and here’s what worked for me — low-sugar and low-impact rather than high impact exercise.

    I used to do three Zumba classes a week and actually gained weight. Cardio revs the appetite for sweets and carbs because it wants to replace all the energy lost. Now I do a few minutes of yoga each day (Sun Salutation if you know yoga, if not, just you-tube it), watch the sugar (especially cakes, candy and cookies!) and lost 10 pounds. Go figure. Have a great New Year. I enjoy your blog.

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    Heather D

    I’m in this year! And you are totally inspiring. Not because you succeed or fail, but because you keep trying. Becoming healthy is all about mindset. It’s not about giving up everything, or spending all your time working at it. It’s about paying attention to what you do, and how what you do affects how you feel, both mentally and physically.
    I feel ready for this, this coming year, since I didn’t give up this almost finished year. I’ve only lost 5 pounds since last January, but I’m still working on making it work, and finding my own inner groove. Between this class, and some of the other tools I’m finding and using, I am making better choices, and hopefully will make even more in 2015.
    We’ve got this CZ! We can make healthy choices. And we will!

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    Glenda Thorne

    Great minds think alike, they state. I’m enjoying a lovely glass of Apothic Red and catching up on Downton Abbey when I decided to check your blog today and low and behold, there you are enjoying your red wine. Enjoy.

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    You are absolutely right. . .people don’t dislike us because we are overweight. That’s our inside voices telling us that!

    The hardest thing to get past is the inside voice. . .

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    Okay so, yes.

    (1) I think we were separated at my birth because I’m pretty sure we’re cut from exactly the same infused-with-wit-and-raw-truth-line-of-thinking-slash-blogging cloth. Hi, long lost Internet Mom. I’m Kelsey and I’ve been waiting for you my whole life.

    (2) That photo of wine is absolutely a-okay.

    (3) Without spewing my whole diatribe on the subject, I really love your list item #5. SO EFFING TRUE. I have had a post that talks about this same subject ready to go for MONTHS now, but have been so afraid to hit “publish” because who wants to read about skinny people whining about being skinny? But let me just say: being skinny is its own mental mind-f*ck. Being naturally skinny on top of being a super picky eater and on top of being really into working out for working out’s sake (no diet or weight-loss motivation fueling it) is a breeding ground for accusations of an eating disorder or an exercise obsessions or a lifestyle of hyperhealthiness-to-the-point-that-it-stops-being-healthy, none of which are true and become exhausting to refute. Also, it makes it damn near impossible to find professional attire for the workplace when you’re almost 30 years old and left shopping in the juniors section. There’s also the ALWAYS being cold thing, which lends its hand to a host of physiological…nuisances. Anyway, I’m not meaning to sound pretentious or make it out like skinny people suffer from the same amount and same seriousness of adverse health effects from which overweight people suffer…I just think you hit a really important point with your #5 and I love that you did so.

    (4) I think I’m finally going to publish that post I’ve been saving for the last few months…

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes, Kelsey, hit publish by all means. I would love to read from that perspective. I think there are aspects of being chubby that we think are magically solved by being thinner. Well, I’ve been on both sides. I was thinner than I’d been in years at 140 pounds and me and the hubby were kind of miserable. So shoots down that theory.

      I think you’re cool. Plus, we do both swear like sailors. 😉

        1. #

          Can you give us a link now to your blog? Would be interested to read. I come from some of the same perspective, although I am a 59 yr old who’s still dragging her sorry ass around a track with hopes of setting 60 yr age group records in track. I constantly fight the eating crap issue but not so much the extra pounds. Can’t even begin to have conversations re-food… I get the eye roll and “you’re too skinny” comment.

          1. #…

            Hey Rita, sure! You can click on my name at the top of these comments or go here:

            My blog is an assortment of…well…everything. But if you’re looking for fitness-y stuff, start here 🙂 –

    2. #7.2

      I too would be interested in your post. All we know is our own side of the story and we can never know someone else’s whole story. I’m very sure you will get some negative feedback but that’s no reason to not speak your truth. As a wise young woman once sang, haters gonna hate. Shake it off.

      1. #7.2.1

        Christine, I’m totally going to publish it…not this week, but soon. I promise! And I’ll come back here and let you know once I do!

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    Abby K

    I am 7 1/2 months pregnant now and cannot commit to a rigorous exercise program, but am very intrigued with your class and the focus on choices and overall health. I’m wondering if you think this is something I could do even though I’m pregnant?

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Absolutely! This class does not dish up workouts and diet plans. It’s just about working on what will work for you. Such as: walking would be a great thing to do for a pregnant woman. And not power walking, either! 🙂

      1. #8.1.1

        Prenatal yoga, too! I’m not really into yoga…except when I’m pregnant. I did the same DVD yoga practice through all three of my pregnancies, not even beginning a yoga practice until halfway through my first pregnancy. I have a lot of back issues, so it was really, really great. Here’s the DVD I followed (if you’re interested):

        Also, there’s three variations for each pose. One for super noobs, then the “RX” or “as prescribed”/standard variation of the post, and an “advanced” post for those experienced with yoga. Obvs talk to your doctor first, but I found this to be a great practice for a total beginner more than halfway through my pregnancy.

  8. #9
    Debra Parker

    I can’t wait to get started. Your transparency and raw candor inspires me beyond words. Your honesty gives me someone to respect and look up to on my weight loss journey. It is so refreshing to find another person who has the same challenges, obstacles and disappointments as I do. What makes you so tremendously awesome is that you own your victories and valleys. You are so real and I love it!

    1. #9.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Debra. I definitely have peaks and valleys, and they are all of my own creation. That’s a fact! But I want to live a longer life and so, I forge ahead!

  9. #10

    I signed up for the jumpstart last week, and I am ready to get started! I actually signed up for the self-paced version last July, but I guess I wasn’t quite ready.

    I am totally with you about 2014 being celebratory mode (and the scale seeing the biggest number it ever has). Now I’m thinking 2015 will be the year of doing what needs to be done to feel awesome.

  10. #11

    Once again, I’m looking forward to joining you, Cathy. It’s been a while, and it’s long overdue. If you’re not quitting, I’m not either. :0

  11. #12
    Melinda A

    Ok, you got me. Your post and list really resonated with me today. I’m in.

    I need the jumpstart and the inspiration. And like you and Kelsey, I’m a lady with the vocabulary of a well educated sailor.

    1. #12.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Sailors unite. Believe me, one day I may just let it all fly on this blog. Need a bit more courage yet. 😉

  12. #13

    As I have said before weight loss is 90% mental. Diane Sanfilippo, of the 21 Sugar Detox, had a great tip on staying on track with “healthy” changes (NOT DIET) in the New Year. She said to begin with “Why”. It has to be deeper than ‘I want to be a certain size’, ‘lose a certain amount of weight’ or you want to look like …. insert model or actress name here. Do you want to loose weight because you value your health? You want to feel better? You want to see you Cole and Aiden graduate High School? College? Yes, that is not to far from know but you never know what is brewing inside of you. As an ICU nurse I see day in and day out ‘shit’ happen to everyone. Most people say, but he/she was fine! Some people are motivated by wanting live long enough to see weddings or grandchildren? Get greedy and say I want to be able PLAY with my grandchildren. You have done the weight lose and the more difficult quit smoking. Find your WHY and it will help you maintain. Four years ago I found my ‘why’ I was sick and tired of feeling sick and tired. I was sad to see my diabetic mom poke herself 3 times a day and shoot herself with insulin 3-5 times a day. I did not want that. A cardiologist interviewed by the ‘DishingUp Nutrition’ women said: “You are born with a deck of cards (your genes). Just because you were dealt those cards doesn’t mean you have to turn them all. Wanting to not turn the ‘diabetic’ card has been my motivator to keep the weight off. I am turning 50 next year and feel better than when I was 30. Good Luck in finding your why.

    1. #13.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Good words, Gela! My why is because I want to be around and I want to respect my body. Period.

  13. #14

    You are fabulous at any weight, with wine or a green smoothie, in person or online!! Here is to a happy and positive 2015!

  14. #16

    Raise a glass to 2015 and keep showing up, because saying I want to lose weight or exercise more is easy, making it happen- every day – not so easy. MMEW is a great kick off to the year, It really helps me focus on my goals and myself. I’ll keep showing up, I’m worth it.

  15. #17

    “I just made choices that gave me certain results.

    And the beautiful part? I’m not a bad person because of it. ”

    Thank you, Cathy, for these empowering words!! Just what I needed!! I’m including your words as a quote in the front of my album as inspiration, motivation, and empowerment!! Love your blog…your products…Love YOU!!!

  16. #18

    I just wanted to pop in and tell you that you are a beautiful woman with a beautiful family! So many of us struggle and we definitely get it. Thank you for your honesty and openness and to help us realize we are not alone! 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  17. #19

    I’ve had the tab for your class open since it was announced. I missed the discounted price. I keep debating; “Yes, I should do it.” “No, why bother? I’ll never do it, anyway.” “Come on, this could be the boost I need.” “Nah, I *know* what to do, I don’t need a class.” “Just do it – it could be a lot of fun with Cathy at the helm.” “Nope, it’ll just be one more guilt-inducing things I’m not doing.” Who needs friends when one can have her own dialogue all by herself? Well, I do, because I’m not a very good conversationalist with myself. All I can manage is to talk myself in and out of things and in the end, never do a darned thing about it (yeah, I’m not part of the Sailor Speak Club these days, but y’all carry on). I’m also notorious for joining WAY too many things – Project 365, Project 52, 31 Days of Hustle, email lists to encourage and help me, and so on…and then I’m severely overwhelmed. But it’s 31 days. One month. 4 1/2 weeks (almost). Could I, just this once, give some level of commitment to 31 days? I don’t know, but I’m going to jump in and give it my best. I know you’ll be across the country kicking me in the pants, along with the other participants. Perhaps this really will be the time that I choose to do something different. So I’m off to sign up. Thanks for doing this. Thank you for your transparency, honesty, and humor. Love it! 🙂

    1. #19.1
      Cathy Zielske

      31 days is do-able. The part that gets harder is every day after that. But we all have the ability to make choices and that’s what this class is supposed to be about. Choices. Why and how. Welcome aboard. I do struggle with this stuff. I’m trying to end that struggle.

  18. #20


    Three years ago I lost 70lbs…and I’ve been back-sliding ever since. Last year I tried one of the expensive diet plans. I spend nearly $3000 and only lost 10lbs (which came back with all the Christmas Cookies).

    I need accountability and focus…

  19. #21
    Joni M

    Hi Cathy,
    I wanted to look up some info on your class, but none of the links to the class work (or at least they are not working on my computer). Can you give us the URL to the class info?
    Thanks! The class sounds FABULOUS!

  20. #22

    I’ve signed up! After gaining 10lbs a year each year for the past few years, it’s time I do something before it’s too late. I decided to do OLW this year as well and my word is “change” so getting fit and losing weight (goal is 35lbs) is part of the plan for 2015 and hopefully the rest of my life. I’m turning 44 next year and finding the old metabolism is slowing WAY down so I’m guessing it’s going to be harder work than in the past. I’m ready for it!

    My first goal to motivate me: ski trip in Switzerland in February. Need to be able to at least go down the piste a few times a day!

  21. #23
    Lori Hudson

    I haven’t spoken much about it on FB, but I have been through 2 years of hell. I am at rock bottom and finally feel ready to start climbing out. One thing that happened is that I have been diagnosed with a genetic disease called Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. My symptoms will get worse with age. The only way I can help myself is to finally get down to a good weight for my body (no more yo-yo dieting) and strengthening my core as much as possible, keeping it that way forever. No more dieting to look hot (ha!). I’m fighting for my life, or at least quality of life now. Don’t worry, I’m doctor monitored and not looking to you to save my life! I just thought it would be more fun with you around. Let’s do this shit!

    1. #23.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Let’s do this shit, indeed! 🙂 I need to look at this as life saving, too! I lived an awful lot of years not taking care of myself—smoking, not exercising, etc. Glad to have you doing it!

  22. #24
    caroll B

    I lost 33 lbs in 2014 but a Thanksgiving trip to Hawaii began my decline. I know it, I own it, and the 10 lbs I’ve regained are the consequences of my own bad choices. The martini and 1.5 glasses of red wine are today’s homage to the reflection of sins past and optimism of tomorrow. Good luck, Cathy. You are not alone!

  23. #25
    Anne B

    I’m in! I’m scared shitless, but I’m in.

    I’ve been watching my mother’s slide into increasing health problems: weight, high blood pressure, more weight, pulmonary hypertension, more weight, Type II diabetes, more weight — and now she can’t even walk down the hall without gasping for breath. That’s not the path I want to take. I want to be healthy, to have fun and energy for all the living I have still to do! I had surgery this past year to remove problematic lady parts and fix the parts that had been leaking ever since the births of my two children, which had kept me much more static and immobile than I want be (sorry if that’s a bit TMI…) and now I’m ready to MOVE into a new state of being! Let my last years in my forties be my best!

    And by the way, you’ve been my hero, scrapbook and otherwise, for years now. Thank you for all the inspiration you’ve shared along the way.

    1. #25.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Being a little scared is good, I think. It connects you to the reality of need. The need to take care of yourself. I am scared of getting older and not being able to do the stuff I want to do. I’m wasting valuable time and I want to make the most of it. Welcome. We can be scared and motivated together. 🙂

  24. #26
    Abby K

    I hope this isn’t a silly question, but is there some sort of supply list for the class? I know you use PL mini albums and that cards for into PL sleeves, but I’m really a newb and am wondering if there’s anything else I need? Do you print the cards on card stock with your home color printer? Can you give me a recommendation on printer-card stock (never printed on it before, lol)? Thank you!

    1. #26.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Abby! I print everything at home with my printer. I just use basic white card stock. Do you have an ink jet printer or a laser printer? If you have a laser printer, you can go to Staples or Office Max and just get some cover weight laser paper. Super easy.

      If you have an ink jet printer, just go to Michaels and get plain white card stock for scrapbooking!

  25. #27
    Melanie A.

    I’ve got a million reasons not to do this and a million reasons more to do it. I have no control over the reasons not to do it and will just have to have faith they will work out. Sooo I’ve signed up…now I just need to get over the flu LOL

    Have you tried making your cards into print and cut on the cameo?

  26. #28

    I’m back for round 2! I took the class last year, and am glad to do it again. I so enjoy any class that you do, Cathy! It is so much fun and I truly enjoy your honesty and humor. Let’s do this!

  27. #29
    Anna Aspnes

    I prefer:

    1. When I drink red wine, I am just living a little.

    2. When I get on the treadmill, I feel good because I made the effort.

    3. My body is an amazing vessel that lets me experience my life. YES.

    4. I am my choices, which need no justification.

    5. The numbers on the scale hold no measurable value.

    6. People love you because you are normal.

    7. I am fully capable of taking care of me.

  28. #30

    OMG, I know this is random, but please design a digital paper similar to your throw pillows on the gray couch! Those are awesome!

    1. #31.1

      This is so fascinating! But maybe I’m just biased because I’m a psych major who dreams of getting into Stanford’s PhD program 😉

      Thank you for sharing. I’m absolutely tucking this away for a future post of my own!

  29. #32

    So, I don’t scrap book… and I want to do this, but I don’t want to scrap book.

    I just like you and how you continue to battle and your musical taste….

    1. #32.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Jill, honestly? The scrapbook angle of this class, well, it’s for scrapbookers. You could just as easily grab a cute little notebook and work through the Daily Tasks there. It really is designed to get you thinking about how you do and don’t take care of yourself.

      You don’t have to make the scrapbook. 🙂

  30. #33

    I know I’m very late to the game, but is there any way to access this class now? It sounds like exactly what I need.

    1. #33.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Laura, yes, but just not quite yet. It’s going to be part of the new Big Picture Classes which is launching very soon. Keep an eye on my blog for more info, okay?

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