Making my 30 Days of Thankful book

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30 Days of Thankful, the project, is now complete. While I started out with the best of intentions to create a traditional album, I ended up doing the entire project digitally and have ordered a 5.5-inch square softcover book from Artifact Uprising. Today, I want to show you how I set up my book files and used the Artifact Uprising interface. I have a short video that walks you through it. I also have the second half of my pages to share. I should note, there are a few pages missing and that is at the request of my children. I’m honoring their requests for keeping some stories private.

Here’s the video overview:

Making a Book with Artifact Uprising from Cathy Zielske on Vimeo.

Here are the pages in the second half of the book (if you click on the images, they will display larger in a viewer): | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful | 30 Days of Thankful

I’m so looking forward to having this all collected into one little book.

Thanks to everyone who played along online with this project. It’ll be back next year for sure.

To create your own book, visit Artifact Uprising today.

Cathy ZielskeMaking my 30 Days of Thankful book

10 Comments on “Making my 30 Days of Thankful book”

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    Kris Beauregard

    i intended to do the gratitude thing but did not, for a myriad of reasons. but today, i can say that i am thankful for you, CZ, for sharing your awesomeness with others. “who knew the internet could be the catalyst for something so good?”

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    Michelle t

    Thanks so much for sharing. I, too, aspire to be worthy of being my kid’s mom, I so get it. It’s a beautiful book, too. It was an awesome project, and though it won’t be an album for me, I did some awesome journaling, and feel inspired. Michelle t

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    Thanks so much for posting this video. I plan to do my Week in the Life in a 6×8 album and hadn’t worked out the process yet.
    Did you notice that day 16 the writing was smaller??

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    Love the book! Could you give guidelines on margins? Perhaps Artifact Uprising provides this information. Just let me know if the do and I’ll look it up. I am interested in making a book documenting my twin Grandbabies first year, but want to be sure I don’t lose text in the binding edge.

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    This came out awesome, I definitely love the idea of having a tangible book you can flip through. I’ve used artifact uprising before, but I’ve never added my own text to the book, what a great idea!

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