The Present Participle List for December

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Making December Daily album pages every day and really loving the process. I am in love with the 6 x 8 album size. It’s making me think very heavily about switching over to that format for my Project Life album in 2015.

Planning healthier meals and making time for exercise. December is no excuse for me to slack off completely. I’m getting a jump on January.

Binge-watching Parenthood. I never knew I liked this show. I remember watching the first season and thinking, “Yeah, okay.” And then just stopped watching it. But I was looking for a new Netflix show to keep me company on the treadmill and this one is totally filling the bill. Plus, I’m crying regularly at every viewing. I’m on Season 3, halfway through.

Counting down the days until I head over to Wisconsin to pick up our girl for the Christmas holidays. I’ll be staying one night in the Mad Town and we’ll be doing fun, mama-daughter stuff. So excited to see her.

Crossing my fingers no major winter storms hit next week when I’m slated to go.

Working on my Christmas cards. I like to knock out a handful every night, even though they’ve been printed and ready to go now for a few weeks.

Loving this song by Father John Misty. I had heard of him, but was mostly unfamiliar with his work. This song is in heavy rotation on 89.3 The Current, Minnesota’s truly singular alternative public radio station. I hear a little Elton John in the first notes. There’s a tone in his voice. So cool.

Appreciating all of you who voted for Sound Morpher, my son’s band who made the top 89 local songs on the aforementioned radio station’s year-end list. (Read more about this story here.)

Getting a lot of use out of my favorite washi tape holder from All Ready Memories. I bought this a few years back and Christmas is really my go-to washi time. This dispenser has shown up in my Instagram feed a few times and every time I get comments asking, “Hey, where’d you get that?”

Trying to finish up my Christmas shopping. I do pretty much all of it online these days. What can I say? I’m a modern girl. And an introvert. Crowds and shopping malls? Hard pass.

Reflecting on the comments from my latest Women in Business post. I appreciate the conversations you bring to the comments section and they remind me to push for real life in this business, and let the chips fall where they will. Or the mini-brads.

What about you? What are you doing now in December?



Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for December

25 Comments on “The Present Participle List for December”

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    Ari C.

    If you’re enjoying Parenthood, check out Brothers & Sisters next… It’ll totally keep you on the treadmill! I believe it’s still on netflix too 🙂

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    My December sounds a little like yours. I’m wondering though how you can hear the TV while on the treadmill. You must have some connection – ear buds??? I’m loving my DD album. It’s a nice combo of the AE kit and Merry Hipmas digital cards. In my opinion, the best of both worlds. I’m with you on the crowds/mall – pass!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Heidi, I watch on my iPad and use these cheap wireless bluetooth headphones. Works great!

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    Michelle t

    We are shopping online too. Oh that reminds me, I so love that little reindeer in the photo. Saw that yesterday and meant to mention it then. Just a cute little thing that made me giggle. That’s just me. I’m doing a very abbreviated December Daily, kind of calling it December Stories. I have 4, 3 with photos. I was hesitant, I don’t have a huge stash of stuff, and still need an album. But, hey, I’ll get some stuff after Christmas. This was important to me. Besides, it will give me a chance to use those awesome reindeer of yours I picked up a few weeks ago. Love the journal cards too. Anyway, right now I’m working on Week In The Life, slowly, and even slower, housework and Christmas stuff. Boy, I can go on. Have a great day. Michelle t

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    dawny dee

    i love love love that reindeer. did you make it? buy it? i need one for sure. would you be kind enough to share? thanks.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I bought them two years ago at a local shop in St. Paul and have not been able to find them online. Sorry! 🙂 The shop is no longer carrying them.

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    Kelsey, Especially

    I started watching Parenthood when the show was brand new and never really got into it. Caught a few episodes recently and found out that I actually kind of like it. Guess this confirms I need to add it in my Netflix queue…

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      Cathy Zielske

      That was me too! I watched the first season and thought, “Well they’re all pretty thinly drawn characters,” and the one mom bugged the shit out of me. Then I started season 2 and kept making myself watch (i know, weird) and now I cry my frickin’ eyes out. Frequently.

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    I’m seriously considering the 6 x 8 format for Project Life 2015 too. I was “window shopping” at the Designer Digitals store yesterday to start the planning for products and papers to use. I would be thrilled to have more CZ Design items to work with the 6×8 templates.

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    I like the idea of a 6×8 Project Life, too. Studio Calico never seems to have that size album or its matching page protectors in stock. Do you recommend any other source?

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    I LOVE “Parenthood”!! Following the actors and the show on Twitter is fun too. Welcome to Team Braverman!

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    Loving all the Christmas lights. Especially since it gets dark so darn early.
    Traveling for work. Which is always a crap shoot this time of year.
    Praising my son for stepping up for his freshman first semester of college.
    Praying for two friends. Job and health.
    Wondering. Where the hell did 2014 go? Damn. Time. It flies.

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    I don’t do project life because those books are just too big. However, I’m loving these 6×8 books and am seriously thinking of joining in. I just bought one for my version of December Daily. I have no idea what I’m doing but I’m okay with that. Will enjoy the process. My problem is I have no children and I live alone. I think the dog is tired of his picture being taken. He turns his head away now…lol. I’m also hoping Cathy comes up with some 6×8 goodies related to project life. I promise to be a customer! hint, hint…

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    This month: Dancing daily still, while reading email & blogs. Waiting impatiently for my new “innards” to the used Macbook Pro I bought. Reading a very fun book (Big Little Lies). Staffing the gallery downtown four shifts and enjoying the artwork here. Planning gifts, and actually purchasing a few. Making our Christmas cards and getting them out this week – early for us! Dodging the rain…(I’m in Oregon…). Thinking of new paintings I wish I had time to work on. Looking forward to upcoming get-togethers with friends, family and my grown daughters! Happy Holidays!

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    Cathy, I used your holiday card templates, I also copied your “peeking around the corner of your house” idea with my husband and I, and our cats for our cards. I also ordered them from overnight prints – I am totally in love with them, great quality, easy to use site. Definitely a keeper…annnnnnnd mine are still sitting in the box waiting to get out in the mail, too! C’mon! Let’s get our cards out in the mail already!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yay! So happy to hear that. And yes, I didn’t work on any cards yesterday. About halfway through my list and my list isn’t all that big. 🙂

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    my girl comes home from university tomorrow and I can. not. wait. 🙂 and I’m so glad to hear you mention the 6×8 album size…I’ve been pondering switching over to that size for PL as well. right now just trying to keep my Christmas tree watered and keep my cat from barfing up curly ribbon all over my house. 😉 happy December to you Cathy!

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    Kirsten J

    I do love me some Parenthood. I think last season was most excellent….Jasmine used to really bug me, but not so much the last few seasons. And Cathy, I’m such a baby about my kid leaving home – he went to the UDub and we live in Issaquah. Ummmmm….yeah. Now he got a job offer which would mean moving to Olympia, and I told him to turn it down. I gotta let go.

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    Stacey Harrington

    I had planned on doing DD this year and then participated with Ali’s WITL at the tail end of October and just got burnt out. I’m happy to say I finally finished my WITL album and clicked submit to order my 46 8.5 x 11 pages on Persnickety (Yes, 46 pages for a week!). I think I may do an abbreviated version like the 12 Days of Christmas or something along those lines closer to the holiday to give myself a little breather.
    I’m still loving the 12×12 format of Project Life. I’m a digi scrapper and super excited about Becky’s PL App. Most weeks I still have enough to fill up a two page spread with a husband, two kids and a dog at home but I do have the occasional one page week or a two page spread that covers several weeks and I’m totally ok with that.
    Thanks for keeping it real Cathy! You are always a source of inspiration!

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    Seriously considering the 6 x 8 size for 2015 PL too. I think it might move me to go hybrid instead of all digital. I don’t have a daughter (and grandsons!!!) visit planned until January – counting the days…

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    Speaking of your Christmas cards, please remind me where you had them printed. I remember liking them, but am spacing on the source. Thanks!

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