Using my blog for the good of local music

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Remember that time I posted that video showing my kid in the studio rocking out with three other kids and making awesomeness? No? Oh, no worries, let me remind you:

Well another cool thing has happened for them: they made the list of the Top 89 local songs for 2014 on the coolest radio station in the land, 89.3 The Current. And wouldn’t you know it? You can vote on the list. And here’s the crazy thing: Prince is on the list. Multiple times. My son and his bandmates are on a list with a Minnesota—hell, an international—music legend. I’ve been a lot of things in my life but on the same list as Prince? Not on my check list at all.

So here’s where you come in, if you’re so inclined: vote for Sound Morpher.

And while you’re at it, there are two other bands that feature the daughter of two of my dearest friends. The bands are Stereo Confession (who I recently saw at a private house party and they put the punk back into punk rock) and The Bombshells, another very DIY old school punk trio of girls. And as if it could get any more convenient, Stereo Confession has three songs; the Bombshells have one. You have to vote for five.

I know. I’m shameless but I’m really proud of Cole and his band and the music they make.

Honestly? I think just making the list is the shit. In this land of 10,000 lakes there are a a heck of a lot more than 89 local songs being made each year.

Thank you for your consideration.

Vote here.


Cathy ZielskeUsing my blog for the good of local music

51 Comments on “Using my blog for the good of local music”

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    Yeah…. I voted for him! I can imagine why you, as a parent, are so proud of him! Isn’t it great as we see our children follow their passion? I always tell my sons to stay true to themselves and to follow their heart.

  2. #7

    How awesome is that. I know that you are one proud mama. I voted for him. Is this a one vote only or do you have to vote every day type of thing?

  3. #10

    So cool Cathy! Totally voted for Sound Morpher, but had to give my remaining votes to the Turtles! Yay Cole!

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    Ms K.

    I love that Cole and his band made the list! I voted. Cole has been a rocker for a long time. When he was in my class Green Day was his favorite. Sometimes he would play air guitar me. What memories!

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    Wow! Just listened to them are they are FANTASTIC! Congratulations to Sound Morpher on your wonderful accomplishment making that list! My vote is in! 🙂

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    I am totally all about music and have done the voting thing before. Happy to vote. Hope it helps!

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    Melanie A.

    umm WOW. I somehow missed this when you posted it the first time. These guys are seriously good. Would it be okay to send some people this way to listen to them? or post a link of the youtube video on Facebook?

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    Hi Cathy, I just voted for Cole’s band, they have such a cool sound. I hope Aussie votes count!

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    Michelle t

    Me too! Seriously how cool is this?! You must be so proud. I’m sure there isn’t words for it. Michelle t

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    This is so very cool! Voted. He will be so glad you document life when he’s old and famous.

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    I don’t know how I missed this video the first time thru…those kids are AWESOME! My 16 year old agrees and was impressed that they were younger than him 😉 I would be proud right outta my socks!

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    No wonder …..every time my son visits from Idaho, when I get in my car after he leaves, the radio has always been changed to 89.3. In the past, I have turned it back . Not any more……took a listen to the songs and they have my votes and I changed radio stations!

  13. #40

    Done x 5! 😀 Just for you, CZ, ’cause you’re the cat’s pajamas. (Ok, that’s not a punk rock reference but it just came to mind!)

  14. #41

    Voted! This is so cool. Now I imagine the station seeing this strange German phone number and wondering what the heck … I just hope they don’t call 😉

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