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Welcome to the first Make a Page Monday post for 2015. Now you may be noticing something a little different, and if so, your powers of observation should be commended! Yes, I’m taking a new twist for a handful of columns in the new year. The twist? Make a Page Monday, the Classic Edition.

You probably can guess what that means, right? Classic means I’m going to go back through my stash of scrapbook pages that date all the way back to 2002 and will feature some of them here on the blog as part of my classic editions. Part of my reason is that I’m working on new pages for new classes and there are only so many fresh ideas floating around in this little crafty head of mine. Therefore I will dip back into the rich, Hermafix-laden waters of classic pages and give them the same Make a Page Monday TLC that we’ve all come to know and love. Or something like that. I have a hella lot of pages, people, and while they may be advanced in their age they still have lessons to share on good design and solid storytelling.

Let’s dive in, shall we?

STORY OF THE PAGE: I got married back in 1991. I realize that it’s hard to think that far back in time but it’s a fact. It happened. And at the time, we didn’t have a huge budget for wedding photography so we hired this dude who’d shot a friend’s wedding on the cheap. And the results? Let’s just say we got what we paid for. When I started scrapbooking in 2002, I figured I might as well tackle at least a few pages devoted to that fateful day where I become one with Daniel Ezekiel Zielske Jr. To date, I have made just two pages about my wedding. The idea of doing an album? I’ll admit that it’s still floating around this old noggin of mine and one day, it just might happen. But for now, I have this and one other page. I decided to save little favorite memories in a grid-like approach. And yes, I rocked tiny paper flowers. But admit it: we ALL did in the early 2000s. | Make a Page Monday, Classic Edition
As I was looking at this page a few things stood out. First, I used to be obsessed with celadon cardstock. Anyone? Do you remember this paper? It was the single most coveted sheet in my stash. And second, these tiny little text snippets are still the very things that I remember most about that day. The other thing I remember was that I had my first ever hemorrhoid, but some things are best left off a scrapbook page. Maybe that’s why I look so sad in the photo of me and my maid of honor, Molly. Who can say, really?

Moving right along.

DESIGN STUFF: I love little squares of content. Right from the start when I first got my hands on the square punch that punched these photos, I was smitten. The core balance of this page is symmetry. All of the squares that contain content are equal. What you have on the right, you have on the left. True, some squares are blank. Some have photos. Some contain text. But all create one big block of squares in a very linear, solid format. The thing that makes symmetry so appealing to me is that is communicates so clearly. There’s nothing confusing about this page. You have little snippets of content and a simple title that spells it out. Another thing I love to do on any layout is to use just a single font for all of the text. It’s been a long time but I think this is probably just a basic font like Times. When you use a single typeface and just vary the size, you create a visual unity that ties the design together. No need for flashy, mixed up font craziness! Classic never goes out of style.

Finally, I have some simple repetition. From the photo sizes, to the journal blocks, to the celadon yardstick to the little paper flowers (and yes, three create a visual triangle!), the simple repetition creates purpose and rhythm and says, “These things all go together.”

Our brains are always looking for connections, both literal and figurative. In design, repetition makes our brains process information in a more sensible way.

And yes, you might be wondering, “But why did you leave some of the squares empty?” to which I reply: a little mystery can be a woman’s best friend.

TECHNICAL SHIT: Back in the day, I was probably still using Quark Xpress to create the text for my pages. I didn’t start using Photoshop to make scrapbook pages until I launched my own digital product line in 2009. Nope. I was an old school desktop publishing gal all the way. But lucky for you, today I’m going to share my hybrid expertise in the form of a free template that will let you combine little squares and little stories about an event from your life. | free hybrid template
Free Make a Page Monday Template (click to download the layered PSD file)

I’ve recorded a short video tutorial to show you how to use this template to create a hybrid page like mine. Note: this is not a typical digital scrapbooking tutorial, as there is not images clipping into masks. It’s all about the hybrid page.

Questions? Comments? Let ’em rip. And enjoy the new Make a Page Monday Classic Edition series. We got pages for days, y’all.

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday | Classic Edition

48 Comments on “Make a Page Monday | Classic Edition”

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    New pages for new classes… woohoo! Any hints? Content? Time frame? Curious/stalkerish minds would like to know.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ha! I promise when I have more info I will share. I need to complete much work and don’t want to overhype. 🙂 My target is March–April for a time frame.

  2. #2

    I needed something almost exactly like this for a super special top secret project that I’m working on, but I have been too busy being lazy to create one myself so this fell into my lap at exactly the right time. YAAAASSSSSS!!!

    PS: thanks!

  3. #6

    Ahh…paper flowers! I worked in my LSS around the time Prima came out with them…and of COURSE I had every single milk bottle of flowers that they put out! (And I am guessing they are all still in my craft closet that I never use anymore.) 🙂 Thanks for the memory!

  4. #7

    Sign me up! I’m looking forward to a new class with you! Is the template an existing one from Designer Digitals or a different one?
    Thanks, Cathy!

  5. #8

    So fun! I also adored celadon a wee bit too much! LOL

    I only wish that my wedding layouts were this classic…or classy! My sister and I did my album together in 2004 and it is nothing if not laughable! And let me tell you, every single times my sisters visits, we flip through those pages of oval-cut pictures of floating heads and titles spread across entire pages with enough trapped white space to contain a small elephant, and we laugh. Really really hard. And I frequently contemplate re-doing the whole thing, but honestly. I think we would lose a little of the joy if I did that, so for now, I stick with my album as is in all it’s early 2000’s, beginner-scrapbooker glory!

    I will however definitely use this template for something else! Thanks 🙂

  6. #9

    Love this layout, and always scrap in 8.5 x 11 so I’m doubly thrilled! Thanks for the freebie.

  7. #10
    Kris Beauregard

    We have the same Anniversary (5 years apart)! Thank you so much for the template – I look forward to using it!

  8. #12

    Eeee gads – I have celedon wedding layouts too! Thanks for bringing my age to my attention. 🙂 Thank you for the freebie!

  9. #13
    Holly Corbett

    I remember taking your classes at CKU and you introducing us to “Mr. Square Punch”! At the time, I adored my square punch too. I still use my square punch to this day with other templates you have created. Thanks so much for the freebie! I already have an idea on what I would like to use this template for!

  10. #15

    This template came at THE perfect time. Was sent some 72 dpi photos of an event my son attended and I was thinking “uh, lots of photos, but oh so small.” Squares – yes, perfect. Thx much for the template download – saved me some math (or grid lining up).

  11. #18

    Thanks for the template Cathy. Just back from a weekend at the beach with friends. It will be perfect. Can’t wait for the class.

  12. #22

    Thank you so much for sharing your template with us! I got married in 1995 and I have never scrapbooked one page from my wedding! I have a very nice album of 8×10 photos, but I just may use this template to make a few pages of the candids from our wedding. Thank you for the inspiration and clean designs!

  13. #23
    Michelle t

    I love the squares! This layout is so awesome. I really like the template too, I really have to learn that. Sigh… Anyway, I can see how Aidan resembles you. Sweet pics, and journaling. Michelle t

  14. #26
    Pam K

    As I was looking at your LO; I thought I would “lift” it & create a template … & as I scrolled down, lo & behold — you shared it with us — THANK YOU! that will save me a lot of time! (I’m a slow scrapper)

  15. #30

    Now I have that song stuck in my head…how do I remember it after all of these years! And where is my lighter so I can pretend to be at my very own concert??

  16. #31
    Kay Gregory-Clark

    Cathy, this layout is exactly the kind of thing that so spoke to me when I discovered you. I’ve always loved squares and grids. And 8.5×11. Maybe it’s all those newsletters I did so long ago—that style is so ingrained in my psyche. Thanks a bundle for the template!

  17. #33

    I love the words about what you wanted to remember! This is awesome because what I remember about the early 2000s was that in scrapbooking honesty so absent — and I just could not bring myself to do it. I tried. I bought stuff. I tore my hair out to make one book but it was SO HARD. I could not process life through rose-colored glasses like that. I could not even rock the little paper flowers. 2015, going on ten years with no wedding album and and not even one picture ordered from our expensive (but apparently not expensive enough to take awesome photos) photog. Love this template with its specific candor (which *you* had going on back then but I did not discover that until 2009) + all those sweet, clean spaces for small pictures and words. Maybe by our tenth I will have documented something!

  18. #34
    Gypsy Chaos

    I love simple layouts. Always have, always will. I have pages from the mid-90s with snazzy scissor edges. I didn’t like them then, I don’t like them now! Seeing your style was when I knew I liked this hobby – and when I remembered that I LOVE ‘breaking the rules’ by doing my own thing.

    My twin sons were born on your first anniversary! Excellent day.

  19. #36

    Yours is the only blog I read where a hemorrhoid comment in the middle of a wedding post seems just fine…..oh so normal. Thanks for the chuckle.

  20. #37
    Honore Francois

    I love your wedding album, oops, page! Thx for sharing it and for the free template and the video…and the inspiration. One of my goals this year is to make a hybrid layout; this looks like just the ticket and that it’s 8.5 x 11 is a double bonus!


  21. #39

    Cathy, you are so generous to give us so many (fab!) free templates. I don’t say thank you every single time (sorry) but want you to know how much I appreciate it. Thank you!!

  22. #41

    YESSSS!! Love the Classic Cathy. It totally reminds me of Clean & Simple (the book). Which reminds me… I was reading through the message boards for Clean & Simple (the class) the other day, taking screenshots of the gems you’d shared there. THANK YOU for everything you share and offer! Can’t wait for the upcoming class 🙂

  23. #42

    This is the 1st reason I come to your site….to learn something. ANd THEN to laugh! ha!
    But this is a beautiful page and timeless… are so right.
    Great explanations.
    Thanks for the template.
    And is it old/scary/funny/delightful? to see yourself in your daughters face? Amazing likeness.


  24. #43
    Libby Wiers

    This is a wonderful gift! Love your templates with the nice, clean lines. Hybrid has been on my to-do list and with the great tutorial, I think I might be able to do this. Thank you.

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