The Present Participle List for January

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Settling back into the groove of having four Zielskes altogether under one room again. I won’t lie. I love having Aidan home. I love every single bonus minute I’m getting with this young woman.

Watching Aidan find her new footing and processing all the emotions she’s going through having her Madison experience behind her and her Minnesota experience before and all around her.

Savoring the experience of having just watched Boyhood. It was tender, beautiful, sad and singular. For me, it was not overhyped. I also just downloaded the soundtrack. I figure, why not?

Breaking multiple teeth. I know. That’s a weird one. But I’ve broken two teeth in the past week doing ordinary things, such as eating. It’s a good thing I adore my dentist, right?

Making copy cat Cafe Rio recipes and basically knocking them out of the park. I made this version of their pork barbacoa and this version of their creamy tomatillo dressing. Then I made a salad that went like this: toast a big tortilla to line the bowl. Add greens of your choice (I used romaine). Dress the greens. Add 1/3 cup black beans and a few scoops of fresh guacamole. Put a generous helping of the pork on the salad, along with the juice it cooks in. Sprinkle some queso fresco on top and add crunchy tortilla strips. Then prepare to eat the greatest salad you’ve ever made. Ever. I’m serious. For reals. | present participle list for January
Listening to The Eventually Home by Right Away, Great Captain. I kept hearing a song on one of Dan’s Pandora stations and finally checked it out. The singer’s sound reminds me of Conor Oberst, but I have no problem with that. To get an idea of his flavor, listen to this song. There’s a touch of Eliott Smith in his arranging. So in my wheelhouse right now.

Loving my new white bulletin board. What? You don’t know the story? Oh, then you must go here.

Moving more and eating well. I’ve had a great physical and mental re-set this month. While I am dealing with a pesky foot injury, I’m looking at this year as a way to do a little better by my health and fitness. And sure, being down 8 pounds since the first does not suck. (Yes, the Move More, Eat Well Jumpstart is winding down. You have until the 31st to sign on for this last live version of the class. It will be part of the new Big Picture Classes starting sometime in February as a self-paced workshop.)

Looking forward to cheering my forever hometown team, the Seattle Seahawks, next weekend in the Super Bowl. In all the years I lived in Washington (19 formative years) they were never any good. Once a Seahawks fan, always a Seahawks fan.


What are you doing this month?

Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for January

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    That salad looks yum! Going to have to try it.

    That orange sweater looks good on Aidan.

    Don’t know what I am going to do this month, better get my planner out and start working! My olw is complete. I better start completing something!

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    Michelle t

    Congrats and good luck to the Seahawks. I recently finished my first big scrapbooking project, over the moon, and now pulling supplies together for another mini album project, and getting back to regular layouts. Looking for some new recipes for my arsenal, my family informed me they are bored with the same old. I get it, but since I can’t eat and still cook for them I’m a little pissy. I will check out this salad recipe, thanks. Enjoy your blog, thank you. Michelle t

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    Pam Abbott

    Awesome list Cathy! I especially liked the last one! #GoHawks!

    I am always a sucker for soundtracks. And most of the time they are a great mix.

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    Sue Treiber

    With the orange sweater on, A looks even more like you, if that’s possible!
    I have to make this salad now. It looks divine.

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    Is the boy’s name in the movie Mason? Because I think they said that and I somehow got punched in the gut because I have a 12-year old Mason and I think I might not be able to see this movie until maybe never.

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yep. And yes to getting punched in the gut. It’s going to hit most parents that way. But especially ones who’ve been through the ride of those first 18 years.

      1. #5.1.1

        You know that thing they say about how having a child is like having your heart walking around outside your body? That. It’s a wonder we survive. My oldest is the same age as Cole and the thought of him going away to college . . . well . . . I can’t even. Thanks for being a step ahead and giving other moms hope that the world won’t end.

      2. #5.1.2

        Agreed. I saw it at the True/False film festival in March of last year. My friend and I both had high school seniors two months from graduation. We both looked at each at the end and got all teary eyed. Great movie.

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    Cathy, both of our daughters transferred to different colleges…one came home from Boston College and went to the University of Washington, and the other daughter left NYU in the middle of her Sophomore year and went to Rice University.

    I just figured I owed it to them to listen, and then to trust in their decision. They know if it’s a good fit or not. It’s just unfortunate that they have no way of figuring that out before heading off to college…it would’ve saved the rest of us a lot of pain and tears, but they do get it figured out. So pat yourself on the back for listening to your daughter, and allowing her to make the decision to take responsibility for her own happiness!!!

    We now have one daughter in grad school and the other applying to go to school for her PhD in end of life care, policy etc. Her dad and I see that as money (spent on education) coming right back to us as we near the end of our own lives!! HA…we’re still trying to get that one in writing though!!! We’ll see!! 🙂 GO SEAHAWKS!!!!!

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    Kim Woods

    I think I missed a post about Aidan coming home. I have to tell you I’m watching your story and watched Boyhood with a white knuckle grip on my own teenagers and heart!! I cried the ugly cry during that movie as I sat next to my 15 year old son. I cried and said “That is so going to be me so you better be nice to me.” I get a giant lump thinking about it. I will say though, and maybe this is a boy thing…a dance mom friend whose son came home for the first time over Christmas said she would be glad when he went back. She said she was heartbroken when he left but now that he was back she wasn’t thrilled with his comfortable-ness at home. He turned back into the kid that expects mom to feed and clean up after him again. She said she just wanted to come home to a clean sink at the end of the day during Christmas break. I totally get that so maybe the heartache gets easier? Well I’m very glad you all have worked through this. She’s a brave girl to make that kind of decision. Congrats on the 8 pounds! I stare at a very stubborn scale every morning. boo…

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    Hi Cathy! Congrats on the 8lb loss! I just used your Minimal 01 templates for a layout of the Seahawks vs Packer game- which was crazy! #GOHAWKS.

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