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Last year when I decided to do a fully digital approach to Project Life, I had no idea where I would get my book printed when the year was over. I asked many of you for input and decided to take the plunge with And holy photo book awesomeness, I am so glad that I did. Today I wanted to share a video walk through of my book, plus my relatively unscripted thoughts about the book.

I ended up with 72 pages* at year’s end and saved each one as a high quality JPEG. I named each file with its proper week and if it was a left or right page. This created a properly ordered list of images to upload.  I found the software at AdoramaPix to be pretty intuitive and it didn’t take but a half an hour or so to get my pages uploaded and into preview mode. I created a simple image for the front and back covers, and used a quote for the inside back cover, which you’ll see in the video. (*The maximum book size at AdoramaPix is 76 pages. They have had requests for larger books, but with their thick, high quality paper, at this time, that is their max page count.)

The only thing that surprised me was the price: $212 for a book my size. If you break it down and think, “Well that’s an entire year of memories in one book, that so far has cost me next to nothing,” then it’s not so bad. Still, I went in search of (and found!) a coupon thanks to my Facebook page, thereby bringing the cost down to around $157. Mama liked that price better.

That said, after getting the book in my hands, I’m not gonna lie people: it is worth the original price and then some. It is friggin’ gorgeous.

Two things stood out: 1) A year of Project Life in one book makes for a seriously hefty book. It was much thicker than I expected, with a spine depth of about 1 inch, and 2) The cover I designed had a slight color problem.

I emailed them to inquire about what might have happened to my simple cover design and after reviewing my file and realizing I’d sent the proper format, they simply said, “Let us take care of it,” and printed me another book free of charge.

My impression of this company? They are passionate about quality and service. They are passionate about images and the stories they tell. We as memory keepers have a lot of choices in where we go to get stuff printed and made. They have just made a life-long customer of me. I also became an affiliate of AdoramaPix last week. I have a strict personal and business policy of only promoting companies whose products and service I believe in. This place? Fills the bill.

Here is my video overview of my album. I’m really excited to be making another year long digital book project with my new monthly approach. Plus, I’ll be incorporating some of my new Project Life value kit files as soon as the digital version is released. (Note: the physical products are slated to hit stores some time this Spring, probably in March and the digital release will follow.)

To learn more about making photo books with, click here.

To purchase the template I used to create my album, click here.

To watch a video of a ridiculously cute rescue puppy having a bath in a sink, click here.

WANT TO WIN A FREE BOOK FROM ADORAMAPIX.COM? (This giveaway is now closed.) Then all you need to do it tell me what your book’s subject would be. One blog reader will receive a coupon good for one 12 x 12, 26-page book from (Note: you can add more pages to your book if you want to pay the additional price!) Leave me a comment and I’ll choose a winner on Sunday night.

SPECIAL COUPON FOR MY READERS: is also offering a special coupon for my readers. Use the code pxczd25 to save 25 percent on all photo books through February 15.

Cathy ZielskeMy Project Life printed book from + a photo book giveaway

275 Comments on “My Project Life printed book from + a photo book giveaway”

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    Amanda @ Click. The Good News

    I wanted so badly to order from them, but they don’t have enough pages if you did a 2-page spread per week. My PL album for last year ended up being 106 pages (an extra spread for baby girl’s newborn photos). I ended up going with Shutterfly & I love the book, but wish the pages weren’t glued together. Will Adorama be working on expanding their book size so more PL people can print with them?

    1. #2.2
      Cathy Zielske

      Amanda, just heard back. At present, their max page count is 76. Because of the weight of that premium paper they use, they cannot go higher than that at this time. They may be examining this option in the future, but for now, They do not.

      I suppose you could break a 106 page book into Volume One and Volume Two. I just lucked out coming in at 72 pages. But if I have more next year, I will consider breaking it down into two volumes. 🙂

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    Kathy Jo Camacho

    My book would be about our up coming trip to St. George Granada. It would be totally beach-y!

  3. #5

    Absolutely beautiful book, Cathy! I would make a “Day in the Life” book for my daughter’s family.

  4. #6
    Kim L.

    My book would be about my 2013 trip to Kenya. I managed to put together a physical scrapbook of my 2011 trip, but have simply not been motivated to get my photos from the 2013 trip printed and added to that album. I think a photo book is just what I need to get that trip documented.

  5. #7

    I would do a travel book of my trip to Cuba last year. would love to try AdoramaPix – the prices put me off, but your book does look stunning. Thanks for the video.

  6. #8

    SO happy that you loved AdoramaPix! Was a little nervous that I had oversold them as a printing suggestion. 🙂 I have loved all my photo books printed with them. I’m in the middle of creating a photobook for my daughter… we did a girls Birthday celebration trip to Nashville last March. Hoping to have it ready for her birthday this year!

  7. #12

    I would love to surprise my husband with a professional-looking book of photos from my first-born sons life. Love the look of these books!

  8. #14

    Cathy, I’m a big fan of your clean, simple design and this book really showcases that. I have been recording all of my work trips for 10 years in digital layouts. I have a pretty amazing job that took me from the Arctic to Bali and a lot of great places in between. I’d like to bring that together in a digital book. Thank you.

  9. #16
    Sarah H.

    I would love to do a book of our annual trips to the mountains of western North Carolina.
    Thanks for all you do, Cathy! 🙂

  10. #17

    Beautiful book! My book would be the first year of my great grandson Elliot’s life (he resides with me, so I have lots of pics!).

  11. #18
    Holly Corbett

    I would love to do a book about for son who will be a senior next year. A compilation of pictures from Kindergarten to his graduation!

  12. #19
    The Morning Dew

    I need to print my book for a great class I took called Me: The Abridged Version with a fabulous instructor called Cathy Zielske!

  13. #20

    What a great opportunity to win a book, printed!
    My book would document my journey to go full time RV living and travel and see North America.
    I have this Chronic illness and am not getting better. Ever since we moved from Europe to Oregon it has been my greatest wish to see this beautiful continent. Since I’m not getting better we decided why wait? We have our RV all we need to do is start organizing and make a timeline of how and when, what to do with the house? Our furniture, stuff? We definetly want to downsize, after all we already furnished the RV so we just need to get rid of the ‘stuff’. Make some adjustments for my wheelchair, build a desk for my iMac, I’m not leaving that behind:-) and than we, his hubness, me, the 2 dogs and 2 kitties will be off.

    You know, all these years we have been here(since 2005) we have said ‘someday’ we will travel full time, but you know what? We do not have ‘someday’ all we have is now, today. Do not put off things for ‘someday’ because ‘someday’ might never come.
    That is what my book would be about. The amazing adventures that are waiting for us, things that I thought would never be possible for me, ever. Being disabled and all. But it will be and I will be documenting it.

    1. #20.1
      Karen Peterson

      That sounds like an amazing journey, best wishes for you on your travels and may good fortune meet you along the way!

  14. #22
    Jenny A

    Oh Cathy – first of all, I love your book. It is beautiful. But I keep replaying the beginning of the video where you try to use the tongs to turn the pictures (insert emoji laughing with tears streaming down face). That made my day. You are fricken awesome.

  15. #24
    Kris Beauregard

    I am so inspired to do my album digitally now! I would love to scrapbook last year’s vacation too.

  16. #25

    Love, love, love your book! I would do one of our family for the last year. I am trying to simplify my scrapping and this is just the ticket. Thanks for sharing. 🙂
    Patti 🙂

  17. #26

    Ah, good customer service makes me so happy! I would love to print our 2014 photos with a simple template like this.

  18. #27
    Jeannie Lim

    Really love the photo book and I just like that it lays flat. Definitely gonna give them a try.

    My sisters & I just brought my mum on a trip to Japan. This trip was a long time coming and it was one of the wishes of my youngest sister… for her to bring my mum there. But she’s passed away 4 years ago at age 20 and we fulfilled that wish on her behalf. My book’s subject will be on this trip and in memory of my little sister.

    P.S Your hands / fingers are alright 🙂 Mine’s worse from nail biting.

  19. #28
    Stacy Trimble

    Gorgeous book! If I won I would have my 2014 digital project life printed just as you did.

  20. #29
    Ellie A

    Oh your book is amazing! I would finally put together all the pictures of my youngest of her time in the NICU. She was born at 27 weeks and I have 59 days worth of pictures I want to journal and document for her.

  21. #32
    Maribel Rivas

    Thank you for putting this together. I think if I won it would get me motivated to finish my son’s first year project life book (almost there) and get it printed! Thank you for the chance!

  22. #33
    Vanessa L.

    Awesome book! I use shutterfly currently but recently having some issues with the lay flat binding so looking to switch! I would get a baby book of one of my three printed if I won this book!

  23. #35
    Janet S

    Beautiful book. I have a 2014 book to print and a vacation book for my daughter and her husband.

  24. #36

    I’d love to print my year in review book- so bummed that they can’t print books for 100+ pages for double spread weekly pages since their quality and customer service sound amazing!!

  25. #37

    I would use this for our once in a lifetime trip to Germany in 2013…sad that I haven’t done it yet, but this is the type of book I’ve been waiting to find for this project!

  26. #39
    Melissa Crosby

    I would print a book for my son, who graduates high school this spring. Love all your files, and have been working at digital pl for last year.

  27. #40

    This is awesome, I just love your clean approach and minimal use of color. My book would be about my daughters Freshman year of college ( she graduated High School last year) she sends me pics every so often. Thanks for sharing your album.

  28. #42
    Laura A in Oregon

    i have photos and stories from a recent trip to Disney World.
    I have not done a digital photo book and am nervous to try, but want a copy for each of my two children as well as my husband and I….it was a great trip!

  29. #43

    I have been looking for somewhere to print my Project Life 2014. I do believe I have found it. Thanks once again, Cathy!

  30. #44

    This is my first year doing digital Project Life and I am also doing last year’s in a digital format as well. I’d love to get a free book for my 2014 album! 🙂

  31. #45

    Your book was georgous. I love your style. I have been doing a monthly approach for the last two years and am anxious to use your templates. Will you be coming out with more? My husband and I are going to Oregon in March for our 39th Wedding Anniversary. I have rented a little awesome cabin by the river that we are staying in. That would be the book I would print.

  32. #46

    I love your videos (and blog)! You always make me laugh and it’s a great start to my day. And, yes, I looked at your hands. lol

    I love the Project Life idea, but being a single adult I don’t think I think I would have enough content to do a Project Life book. However, last year I took one of your “Thankful” projects and modified the digital files to use it for a similar, but different project for myself. I made a 52 week project (a page each week) that consisted of a self-portrait and some journaling about what was going on in my life that week. I placed the SP and journaling into the “Thankful” template and now have 52 digital layouts of what 2014 was like for me. Already, I enjoy looking back over the year and decided to do it again for 2015. I was thinking about putting this little project in a book format, so if I was your winner that’s what kind of book I would make. 🙂

  33. #49
    Paula C

    Glad you are so happy with yours, I love mine (And loved the MTAV class too). I think I would do a heritage family book for my daughter if I won since she us into geneology and photos!

  34. #50

    I need to create an album book for our 2012 Yellowstone/Mt.Rushmore/Grand Teton trip. Still haven’t printed the pictures.

  35. #51

    Your book is wonderful. I love how you think about the price…it is an entire year….and we can fritter away that amount at the grocery store in a couple of trips…and this book is forever priceless. Love how “perspective” changes every thing. Maybe the title of my book would be just that…perspective, 2015….a reflection of my life right now. Thanks for sharing your dedication and hard work.

  36. #52
    Joan Fowler

    We are planning a trip to Costa Rica to celebrate my granddaughter’s graduation. A photobook would be a wonderful memento of this very special time in her life.

  37. #54
    Sherry G

    I’m not sure what I would print as a book. I have many photos and many possibilities. I do love saving memories in photo books but have not tried this company.

  38. #55

    That is freaking Awesome – I have ordered two books from them for our Vegas trips and love them. For a trip album, it was the easiest thing ever and they connect with Dropbox which makes it even better. I am looking forward to your monthly approach. I go back and forth with paper and digital. It should not be this stressful. Happy Friday!

  39. #56
    Leslie McLaughlin

    I would do a book about my upcoming summer vacation. Would love to try a digital version. Thanks!

  40. #58

    I would use it for 2105 album. My children moved into a new house, are expecting our 1st grandchild in July, we r moving closer to them so 2015 will be busy!

  41. #59

    Thanks for the viewing. I showed it to hubby and he thought it was cool. And I promise he did not look at your hands!

    Like I mentioned on Instagram, I will be making my MTAV album.


  42. #60

    That looks gorgeous and this is coming from a professional photographer who is SUPER picky about albums!! I would use a book to print photos from out 2014 vacation at the Outer Banks.

  43. #61

    We took a cross-croubtry road trip this Christmas. I’m working on the layouts in the Project Life App and would love to get it printed in a book like this!

  44. #62
    Kelley Sweitzer

    My book could be several different things. It could be Project Life for 2014. It could be our trip to Disney we took in 2013. It could be the trip to Alaska we took in 2014. I have many projects on my plate.

  45. #63

    Great video showcasing the finished product. Love the album.
    I’d love to print my 2014 December Daily album.

    Thanks again for sharing your album. O and yeah I looked at your hands…At least you get a them done. I don’t. Mine are winter dry. =)

  46. #64

    I love this! I appreciate seeing it in video also. I would have love to do a photo a day album. I’ve gotten away from taking pictures of our daily life.

  47. #65
    Karen Peterson

    I would love to do a book of my kids years playing hockey; so many photos and different teams.

  48. #66

    Looks great, Cathy! Love when a year is completely documented..still working on 2014 so I would love to try them out with that album. Thanks for sharing!!

  49. #67

    Your book turned out wonderfully! I would print my 2014 365 project. It’s 83 pages so the coupon would really help.

  50. #68

    I would totally print the book for our girls JrHi Softball coach.
    The first softball team at our school and most girls had never played before.
    He taught them skills, how to laugh at their mistakes and have fun, he inspired them to be their best, most importantly he instilled confidence in them.
    The team played The Best team in the league last night. They held their own at bat, on the field, they encouraged each other, and they laughed a lot. Did they win? NO, but they scored the most points than in any other game and lost by 3, just three runs to the best team in the league.
    They were STOKED!!!
    All because one man volunteered to coach 14 girls who had little to no experience playing softball.
    He deserves a book capturing the laughter, the plays and the confidence that he inspired in these JrHi Girls

  51. #70
    Kimberly Goon

    It looks beautiful! I would make a book of my upcoming 30th anniversary trip my hubby and I are taking this summer.

  52. #71
    Mary Hancock

    Oh Cathy, your book is stunning.

    I’ve been planning to do a photo book of a trip my daughter & I took to British Columbia & Alberta in 2012.

  53. #74

    it looks amazing! I would print my Week in the Life 2013 (yep…a project that I never get myself to wrap up)

  54. #75

    The album would be for a wedding; a friend of mine has been married a year and hasn’t been able to put an album together. Too overwhelmed:]]

  55. #78

    I would use it to make a Project Life book most likely. Your book is amazing. Thanks for sharing.

  56. #79

    Your book looks amazing! I’ve been struggling with the physical vs digital decision for awhile, but this completely won me over for digital.

    I would make my 2014 (or maybe wait for 2015?) PL album. I would love to have a beautiful album that my kids will have to look at when they’re older. Not like the shoe box of disorganized photos that I have 🙂 Thanks for the great giveaway!

  57. #80

    OOOoooOOOooooOOOooo…I may have to check them out. My AU idea didn’t go over as planned so I’m on the hunt for a different photo book maker. This one looks real good.

  58. #82

    What a fabulous book! I am definitely going to use them at the end of the year when I order my book for 2015 (first year doing it all digital). I would love to create a book documenting my life with Todd, the 4 short years we spent together, while my memories are still fresh…

  59. #83
    Jenny B.

    Awesome! I’m so glad you love your book! I’ve printed only one through AdoramaPix, and it looks nice, but it’s not amazing. I think that’s because I was just doing a collage album and didn’t bother to edit all the photos. So, it’s only as good as the photos that went into it! 😉 I would love to do another one of digital scrapbook pages. I’m working on a Disney book right now, so that would be what I would do. If you sign up for AdoramaPix’s newsletter, you’ll get notifications about when they have sales on photo books, which is usually at least a couple of times a year. They have a 40% off 8×8 books sale going on right now (ends 2/8).

  60. #84

    That is just gorgeous! My book would be a short a vacation my husband and I took last year. I took lots and lots of photos.

  61. #86

    Absolutely wonderful!!! I am so thrilled you went with AdoramaPix, despite it being more expensive. I have two of their books (admittedly from 2010 and 2011) and I couldn’t agree more with your review of the quality!!! So why haven’t I made once since? Well, because they’re expensive!!! If I won I would use it to print my 2014 Project Life book. I have about half of it uploaded…

    My questions: 1) Is it 12×12? 2) Where you happen with the font sizes? Are they readable? 3) Is the white border about an inch when it’s printed? (I used your templates.) 4) What did you put on the spine? 5) I noticed you had a few pages that didn’t have the Week circle on the left. Did you have a single page followed by a double and the circle feel on the opposite side or your week was split from and back rather than side by side?

    Thank you again for the great review and sharing your album!!!

  62. #87
    Debbie K.

    thanks for the video! For 2014 I’m probably going to use blurb but maybe this year I’ll look into adoramapix. I started 2013 using your template but got sidetracked by a pregnancy :). It’s always good to see actual products.

  63. #88

    My fourth son just turned 10… He is asking me if he will ever get a scrapbook, so I’m going to have to go with a book showcasing my Tin Man (Quinton…names evolve around here)

  64. #89
    Tammy R.

    Love your book! My book would be our recent trip to Universal & Disney World. Or maybe my MeTAV album that I still haven’t finished…

  65. #91
    Sandra B

    My book would be pics of my grandpa, whose memorial I am attending next week.
    Thanks for sharing your album and layouts and life.

  66. #92
    Debby D

    I am so, so, SO glad you did this! I have been eyeing AdoramaPix for awhile but was unsure of taking the plunge at the price, and have been awaiting your review. I see positive reviews of every photo book place out there, and let’s face it, I am a bit neurotic about stuff like this.

    A couple of questions for you:

    1. Now that you know about the lay flat pages and the fact that photos can run right up to the edge of the gutter or even cross it for one big 12×24 page, is there anything you would change about your basic layout? Maybe take advantage of it for a special page? or two It really is a different look and feel from a standard book with a deep gutter. Those two pages could really become a much more unified whole, if desired. I am having trouble wrapping my brain around this using project life style templates.

    2. Do the actual margins of the white space on your printed page match what you sent to AdoramaPix? I know most photo book printers enlarge your image and then trim it. Or even worse, enlarge it and trim it more on one side than the other, so your nice, even border is all off. I’m looking at a project I am setting up now, and wondering if I bring text or images to (or close to) the edge, whether or not I have to plan for some loss.

    As for the subject of my book, it would be my son’s first year/baby book. I’ve been putting it together using your Life Basics templates. He just turned a year!


    1. #92.1
      Al E

      Hi Debby. There is always the potential for a slight amount of shifting during print, its a limitation of modern printing presses, but the amount at pix is minor – potentially up to an 1/8 of an inch. With margins as large as the ones used in this book, you wouldn’t even notice it. If you make the margins very thin however, you would potentially see it. I recommend thick margins, or going full bleed with the pictures right to the edge and nothing critical outside the safe area.

      At least with the gutterless lay-flat spreads you don’t have to worry about that in the center. It actually looks really nice if you run content across the center seam. There’s a faint crease where the paper is folded, but no cut, and no lost content. I always get a chuckle when I see a wedding book made with a guttered book and they put a group shot across a two page spread. The bride and groom are usually at the center, and the most important people in the picture are lost in the gutter! I imagine the brides were NOT impressed when they saw that…

      With an AdoramaPix book you could potentially modify the layout design so that each spread is a single wide rectangular collage of images with the margin around the spread instead of per page. I bet that would look sharp.


      1. #92.1.1
        Debby D

        Thanks for your response, Al!

        Your answers brought up a couple of questions for me:

        1. As you suggested, I am thinking of setting up a collage layout with the wide margin around the full 12×24 layout, with thinner bands of white space between the photos. You mentioned a potential for shifting during print – is this in the left/right direction as well? I would like to have one of those thinner bands run down the middle of the spread, and it would look odd if it wasn’t fairly dead on center.

        2. How big is the “safe area” on your 12″ x 12″ books?

        3. Do you enlarge the image and then trim for printing? The reason I ask, is that I would rather send a slightly larger layout, so I can control what could potentially get trimmed away.


  67. #93

    we have been stationed in El Paso TX for the past three years. I would love to make a book about all the vacations we have taken during that time. It would be great to have a book of those memories when we move back to germany this summer.

  68. #94

    What an awesome book!! I would love to take my Capture Your 365 photos for last year or for this year and make a book. Thanks!

  69. #95
    Debby D

    Forgot to mention: The salad tongs were awesome. Reminded me of some sort of crazy robot claw. 😀

  70. #96

    Wow your book is amazing! I just printed my Project Life digital book from Shutterfly, and have been happy with their quality, but I would love to try AdoramaPix! Thanks!

  71. #97

    combined with some project life digital pages – when we travelled interstate and holidayed at Ninna and Poppys house.

  72. #98

    I so love your clean and simple style. Every year I do a “Blackinese Travels” photobook. I love doing it in this format because it is where I add all my favorite pictures and lots of words. Thanks for sharing!

  73. #99

    Your book is lovely! I would probably do another vacation book. I am a hybrid Project Lifer, but have created books through Shutterfly to highlight our vacations for the last two years. I really love those books, so would like to continue to do that. 🙂

  74. #100
    Amanda Villagomez

    Love the way your book looks from the first glimpse. Decisions, decisions… If I won the 12×12, I would have different options for what I might use. I might use it for Project Life, for our family vacation coming up, for a book focusing on me (already printed MeTAV or else that would have been perfect).

  75. #101
    Amanda B

    You are hilarious!

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! My book would most likely be for my 2014. Which is, for the most part, non existent.

    Thanks again for the laughs and the chance to win an amazing book!

  76. #102
    Debbi G.

    Love your book Cathy…love the out takes! Ha!

    My book would be from our 2013 trip to Italy 🙂

  77. #104

    Beautiful layout & balance of color vs b&w, thank you for sharing.
    Number 1 scrapbookimg goal of 2015 is to complete my son’s (now 6-1/2 years old..eek) baby book.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  78. #105
    Ruth Tacoma

    Love hearing an honest review! Love that their customer service is amazing too.

    I would either make an album of our trip to Montana last year, or try (ha!) to capture our years together in a a 30th anniversary book (I am so stumped on know where to start on that one…oy vey…1985 wedding styles were so…interesting!).

  79. #106
    Patti T

    Glad you enjoyed Adorama’s product Cathy. I have used Adorama for years for prints and have always had superb results. Best of any I have tried. I was a little apprehensive to try their books because everyone raves about other printers online an no one has ever mentioned Adorama before.

    Thanks for the little push to try their books. Only negative is that my little secret favorite printer is becoming more well known nationwide.

  80. #107

    FYI – I just got an email that their 8×8 photo books are 40% off through 2/8/15 with code: PX88PB (hardcover only)

  81. #109

    This is beautiful! I have a 12×12 album of a trip to Israel made and ready to print, I’ve just been waffling about where to do that. This would be perfect! Thanks for sharing!

  82. #110

    Love your generosity in sharing your talent and wit with us all out here in internet land. I would print a tribute/ life sketch book of my Mom. She rocked, and she deserves a book all about her.

  83. #111
    Karen P

    As soon as I finish up my Project Life 2014, it will be the next book I need printed. This company sounds amazing!

  84. #113

    I would print my son’s baby scrapbook! I just finished creating it… right after his 6th birthday. Better late than never! Your book looks gorgeous, I love all the white space.

  85. #114

    We’ve had a rough year; it would make a poignant book, where we could revisit and remember our shared lives and love.

  86. #115

    I would document all of our family trips to a Lodge we go to every few years as guests of my in-laws, and give the book to my mother-in-law.

  87. #116

    Two of my 3 daughters are graduating this May; one from college and one from high school. I would do 2 books (purchasing the second one). I would use the books to summarize their 4 years in college and high school. Great graduation gift!
    Thanks for the opportunity.

  88. #117

    I’m not sure! I’d love to do something with our family photos, either just this last year’s photos or all the photos we’ve had done over the years. Also, I want to do something for my son who’s 11. He’s my oldest and since he’s getting so responsible, my younger 2 get more daily ‘help’ from Mom. I want to do something to remind him how much I love him.

  89. #118

    Oh I LOVE making photo books now that I have a wee babby and don’t have enough time for my slooow, perfectionistic scrapbooking!

    I would make a book filled with photos and stories from all my favorite hiking and backpacking trips. (Next volume? Favorite trips with baby!)

  90. #120
    Audrey V

    Love your book Cathy, it is so clean and the focus is on the photos. I would love an Adorama book, I would use it for our upcoming extended family vacation. Thanks!

  91. #121

    Love your book! I use Adorama for all my books. I just moved from S Florida to Vermont and am doing books of the seasons. First time in my life that I have seen actual changes throughout the year.

  92. #122

    What are your thoughts on the difference between AdormaPix and other photobook companies (e.g. Artifact Uprising or Blurb) for a PL album?

  93. #123

    I did a print book last year instead of a traditional scrapbook last year and loved it. Plan on doing the same again this year.

  94. #124
    Maria H

    Thanks for your review – I’ve been looking for a good photobook provider! A few I’ve used in the past haven’t particularly impressed me. I am a Disney fanatic and have several Disney trips worth of photos to document. The title of my photobook would be Disney Dreams.

  95. #125
    Kim L

    Thank you for showing how your book turned out! Love it!
    I would love to print a book with our family memories this year!!

  96. #126

    haha, had to laugh out loud when I read about that third video 🙂

    Thanks for the chance to win.
    One of the ideas I have for a book would be for me and my boyfriend’s seven years anniversary in September to highlight some things from the past seven years.

  97. #127

    I went on a family vacation a couple years ago – would love to put all the photos together for my Grandma.

  98. #129

    I LOVE your book! The photos are gorgeous, and the minimal approach fabulous! I would make a photobook of my son’s high school graduation (he actually requested one so I really need to do that for him right???)

  99. #131

    I would upload the pages I’m doing for my sister’s children – I want them to see, when they are over 18, how their Mom rose above the domestic violence/verbal abuse their father dished out and keeps them the main prioroty.

  100. #133

    I love your book! I will definitely be using them to print out my PL 2015!! I want make a book of my years with Todd. We only had 4 short but sweet ones and I want to get those moments documented before the memories fade…

  101. #134

    I would print the photos from my sons wedding.

    P.S. The way you turn the pages triggers ASMR for me. I ended up taking a nap after watching it because it was so relaxing. LOL

  102. #136

    I would love to do a book of our family cabin to show the years of evolution that it has gone through since we got it as a one-room structure!

  103. #137

    The book is stunning! can’t wait until I have one done. I have a question, you mentioned you sent them your files in RGB – I never know if I should use srgb or Adobe RGB. Can you address what you used and why? I have looked in many forums and can’t find a good answer. Most things I read say go ahead and send in srgb, most printers will handle that well??Just curious to your though process. Thanks from Shakopee, you’re a rock star in my book!

    1. #137.1
      Al E

      For AdoramaPix books srgb is the way to go. If you use Adobe RGB when the printer is expecting srgb your colors will come out out muddy and dull looking.

  104. #138
    Melissa DL

    Hi, will do a yearbook for my daughter and her class. I think the quality of your book will be awesome for this yearbook!

  105. #139

    What a beautiful book! Wow! I’m impressed!! I’d love to make a book about our trip to Kauai with our adult daughters in 2008… I’ve been wanting to make that for ages, but keep putting it off…! Thanks for this opportunity Cathy & Adoramapix. Oh, P.S. your hands look great – – They’re REAL, don’t be shy 🙂 !

  106. #140

    5 month old kitty. Need I say more???

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your album! Can you come over and teach me how to digitally scrapbook?

    Thanks for the opportunity Cathy!

  107. #141
    Lisa Cole

    Wow, that’s so beautiful – the quality is amazing! I have a 16yo daughter who will be leaving for college in a year and a half, and I want to create a project life book for her with pictures and instructions of her favorite meals – so that she can recreate them for herself away from home 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win, Cathy.

  108. #142

    One of our travel trips that I keep intending to make into a book but never seem to get around to. (Disney most likely…)

  109. #143

    I love adoramapix! I would like to do a quick book about our home remodel project last summer. Their 10×10 size is perfection!

  110. #144
    Jennifer H

    Your album is amazing and inspires me to get all my pictures put in pages to print our 2014 year. And that 2014 album for our family is what I would get printed if I won this giveaway. Thanks!

  111. #145

    I would do a book of my grandson’s first year. He had some complications when he was born and almost didnt make it. I think a book would be great to show what a turn around he has made!

  112. #146

    Your photo book is lovely. If I were to win a book, I would use your Life Basics templates to make a PL style book of my 2014 family pics. Speaking of your templates, I am wondering if you think the Life Basics templates would look great downsized to 10×10 for a photo book. I’m just not sure if the text will be readable.

  113. #147
    Julie S

    Just beautiful! I’m wondering if prints from the PL app would work as well since they don’t have as much white space? That’s what I would want to print!

  114. #148
    Tiffany M.

    I love how your book turned out. I would definitely have to break mine into two albums if I used this company though. I was hoping to keep it small–I did go digital for one of my main reasons, and only have one book, but we shall see. Thanks for the chance to win to try them out!

  115. #150

    Love your book! It makes me consider going digital for Project Life?! I’ve purchased all of my camera equipment from Adorama but didn’t realize they have a whole printing company too. I would love to do my 10 year anniversary trip to Hawaii from 2013.

  116. #151

    Planning to participate in Kerry Bradford’s Project History and I to create a book from this awesome project would be so wonderful to share with my family.

  117. #153

    Disney … I loved to fill a book with photos from our various trips to see the “Big Cheese.”

  118. #155

    I am currently working on a book to capture memories from the city lived in for 9 years and just moved from. It is a bit daunting right now, but I think it will be worth it.

  119. #156

    I would do a book on the Disneyland trip we took. It was my granddaughter’s first time there, and it was magical. Nothing like seeing it through their eyes.

  120. #157

    Your book is an absolute treasure! I would print our 2014 family book…the good, the bad and the ugly.

  121. #158

    My Project Life 2014 actually became 126 pages… (yes, too much happend this first year in US for my Norwegian family:) So I guess I need to order two books, Part 1 and Part 2!!:) For a new book I would do all our adventures of fall 2013. Thanks for all the inspiration!!!

  122. #162

    I think I’d definitely do what you did. Print a year of my project life pages. I think this would be a good way to do back-years of pictures. Maybe digital makes more sense to me for those. Hmmm. *taps forehead*

  123. #163

    Thanks for showing us your beautiful book! We just went on a family cruise celebrating my parents’ 50th anniversary. I think I would create a book for that.

  124. #164
    Melanie L.

    LOL when you tried to use the tongs to open the book! Your “non-manicured” fingernails look fine. 🙂 If I won the free book, that would totally put me over the edge into doing PL this year digitally. I already have your templates, but I haven’t done anything about it yet. LOVE your book!

  125. #165

    Love your book!

    I would either do my February Love Month Challenge book (since I am optimistic that I will finish it, although I have yet to *start* it yet) or our “Ohio for a funeral” book.

  126. #166

    Wow! Beautiful book! I will check them out for sure!

    I would do a photo book of our family Disney trip from 2012!

  127. #167

    I went digital for Project Life in 2014. I am not done yet, and I suppose I may never finish. It wouldn’t all fit into on of theses albums anyway, but the first half of the year would, and I could get that much done! I would so love to win this, and use it for Volume One of PL 2014. It would light a fire under me to finish that, and I bet a beautiful finished book would inspire me to finish Volume Two. Your album is absolutely gorgeous! Thanks for the chance to win!

  128. #169

    Your book is beautiful! Has anyone had pictures printed? thinking I might try having some printed with them. If I won I would make up a book of my seven grandchildren. They grow so fast. I want to remember moments with them.

  129. #170

    You are a scrapbooking goddess! The book is fantastic! I need to get off my tush and start documenting, darn it!

  130. #171

    I would love to have Me:Abridged book printed through this company. I have read nothing but positives but ouch that price tag keeps me from submitting my order. Thanks for your review!

  131. #172

    I have wanted to complete a two page per vacation book that comprehensively covers the highlights of our twenty five year marriage – this would include honeymoon through our family vacations with our daughter who is now 21. I have individual 4 x 6 albums but want to narrow these trips to a two page layout of just the essence of the vacation. Thanks for your generosity in both giveaways, but in your humor and honesty! You are a gift!

  132. #173
    Christine K.

    Love your review video. I would use this give away to make a book about my visit to Morocco to see my daughter who was serving in the Peace Corps there.
    Good luck everyone.

  133. #174

    Making the decision about what kind of book is the hardest and it might start me off with a few stalled projects … You know how you can never keep up right!

  134. #176

    So glad you love Adoramapix! I am a customer for life as well. If you try a full spread panoramic photo you will REALLY be stunned. One of my fave features of theirs! If I won I would print a book I made my preemie son (born at 2 lbs 1 oz) titled ‘God has a Special Plan For You’. I handmade them for his 7 “preemie pals” that all survived the NICU together, but would love to have a professional printed one for him.

  135. #177
    Terri R

    I loved your book, and really liked the clean & simple outside cover. I often struggle with that part of the design. My book would be about my mom with photos of her through the years. She will be 93 in May and I’ve never made anything about her. It would be a special book to have and I could get extra copies printed for my sisters.

  136. #178
    Stacy R.

    I adore your new book! I hope I am the lucky winner of the printed book. My son is getting married in 21 days and I woukd love to print a book about their engagement (in a deer stand at dawn!) and all the fun times we have had celebrating and preparing for their wedding!

  137. #179

    I would adore doing my project 365 pages from 2011. yup, I’m behind lol. I really wanted to try their quality before deciding to split my books up due to their page limit. thanks for the chance and glad you loved the book!

  138. #180

    I would print out my 2014 Week in the Life album that I did along with Ali Edwards prompts:) love the look of your book!

  139. #182

    Holy comments, Batman! That’s a lot of folks turning out there. Ok, so I would print a book for my 2nd son’s 21st birthday, a story of his growing up. Coming up in March! 🙂

  140. #183
    Valerie W

    I knew you would love it, I used Adoramapix for your/my ‘Me: The Abridged Version’, and I love it! I so want to use Adorama for my 2014 project life album, going to do this! Thx for sharing yours Cathy, it looks great!

  141. #184
    Heather W

    Thank you for making the video!! I’ve been debating about spending the money on a book from Adoramapix and have hesitated pulling the trigger because I just couldn’t get a clear idea of how it looked ‘in real life’ (their site makes the pages almost look as thick as cardboard and made me think a 75 page book would be a foot thick!) Your blog post has solidified my opinion that I’ll do my next book with them.
    I’m a total photobook geek that sent identical books to various companies to be able to do a side by side comparison to a make an informed decision on which company to use for a big project. Ok, all that aside, the first Adoramapix book I’d love to make is our Cannon Beach vacation (because my former favorite company just couldn’t get the colors right in the sunset pictures) and then I’d start saving up to make my Project Life book which just sits in digital files on the laptop right now. sigh. THANK YOU again for the great info and awesome video, tongs and all!

  142. #185
    Teri F.

    Beautiful book! I have been wanting to try Adoramapix for awhile. I would love to make a book for Thanksgiving 2014. Most all of our kids were able to join us for a great long weekend together this past year.

  143. #186

    The book looks awesome! I’ve gotten a few books done through Blurb but haven’t been completely satisfied with them and would like to try another photo-book service.

    My mom and I took a fun mother-daughter road trip to a few national parks in Arizona and Utah, and I’d like to do a book for her with those pictures since she never takes photos and always leaves the documenting to me!

    Thanks for the great giveaway 🙂

  144. #187

    I would make a wedding photo book. I have 1000’s of pictures from our Savannah wedding on flash drives and nothing in an album.

  145. #190
    Tonya NC

    My new niece! Her mom had complications and nearly died three times. She was in icu and did nothing to get to see her baby till she was three days old. Tonight is their first night at home and I get to sleep over! I would love to do something to make this trial into something beautiful! To God be the glory for giving this sweet lady the chance to be a mom to thus sweet baby!

  146. #191
    Lori P.

    I would do a Project Life book. Probably a little here n there like your with no stress.
    Thanks Cathy!

  147. #192
    Tina h.

    Love your video, thanks for sharing the inspiration! My book would be my 2014 digital project life book – my first fully digital one after 4 other years of “regular!”

  148. #194

    Your book looks amazing, Cathy! And, yes… Adorama books are gorgeous! So far, I’ve only printed one book there, but was oh-so-very impressed –wowee– the quality is awesome!

    My next book will be a recap of my daughter’s winter break these past 6-weeks! (I’m blessed w/a kid who actually sends me photos of her and her friends so I can scrap! Yay!)

  149. #195

    I love your book – it looks so “clean”. my book would be on the transition that I am making into retirement

  150. #196

    I would do our recent trip from Australia to Disneyland. It has been a lifelong dream of mine to go. I really want to record it for my kids – especially my 2 and 1/2 year old. He LOVED Disney, he had an absolute ball and the characters were so completely adorable with him, getting down on their knees and giving him high fives and knuckles and hugs. I know he won’t remember long term and would love to show him the photos for years to come.

  151. #197
    Lynn L.

    Love the book! Thanks for sharing your experience. I would make a book of my four boys football season. I make one every year for my husband.

  152. #199

    Thanks so much for your review, Cathy! I’ve been wondering about them but didn’t want to take the $$ plunge until I heard a review I trusted. I’ll be ordering soon! I’d love to make a book of Nora’s first year, before I have #2 in July. 🙂

  153. #200
    Amy C

    I would love to try this company for our upcoming Spring Break trip. I used another company in the past, and I thought my pages came out very dark.

  154. #202

    My book would tell my mother’s life story. She just celebrated her 101st birthday earlier this month!

  155. #203

    Each year I create a book of my kids out of all of the pictures I have taken of them together. I would love to try out Adoramapix to print my book this year!

  156. #204

    Love your book Cathy! I had done alot of work last year just using my iPhone for scrapbooking, but I upgraded my phone and did not download my Collect App photos before giving it to my daughter. I figured that it was backed up in iTunes. Stupid me! So, I’m sad but wiser! 😉 I’m doing another PL book on my iPhone again using the PL App and Collect among others. If I won, it would be for my 2015 book or just a book on our upcoming Turks & Caicos vacation.

    Wanted to ask you – I’ve been waiting for your PL kit for the PL App. Is it going to be part of the app? Waiting patiently to buy it…..

  157. #205

    I would make a book of my trip to Italy last summer. Lots of pictures and memories – it would be a great way to relive them.

  158. #206

    I love your work. My daughter is an April baby, which makes her roughly one year younger than Aiden – which means I watch your mother-daughter story unroll with interest. Since my daughter is graduating high school this year and heading off to university in September, we are planning a big vacation trip this summer and I would love to make a photo book of memories about out travels.

  159. #207
    Jessica A.

    What a gorgeous album! Love the white space. I’d love to win one of these albums to print out my 2014 Project Life album as well.

  160. #208

    Love your book. We scrapers are always doing books for others. I would love to do one about me– for my son and his 3 sons.

  161. #209

    I love your simple, yet stunning, approach! My book would be for our senior in high school son that is graduating this year. A compilation of his growing up years all in one book.

  162. #210
    Kathryn Benfiet

    Gorgeous book. I would do a photo book of our daughters adventures and life as a female Marine.

  163. #212
    Jodie B.

    This is a beautiful book and I LOVE the clean, uncluttered look of it. Reviews like this *almost* convince me to switch completely to digital.

    I am working on our life (my daughter is a senior!) in 2015. My goal is to stay current. Our 2014 album is almost done and it wouldn’t be anything but a good intention if you hadn’t inspired me this past year, Cathy. Thank you. 🙂

  164. #213
    Lynn M

    My book would be about my daughter’s 3 year working experience in Dallas, TX. Her first transfer with her job and she loved every minute. She made wonderful friends and she’s home now! Love your book.

  165. #214

    Peace. I would fill it up with pictures that represented peace to me. Sunsets, waterfalls, a cup of tea.

  166. #215

    I would love to make a book of our family’s first cruise! And there are some big milestone anniversaries coming up in the family so would love to use digital Project Life templates to create a memory book.
    So cool to see your finished book after seeing your individual pages over the past year.

  167. #218

    This post convinced me to give digital PL a go. I do albums for my sisters so I’ll be trying out the 6×8 version.
    But if I got a free book I would use it for our camper van trip through New Zealand in April.

  168. #219
    Kim W.

    The book I would print would be my awesome journey to Germany to see my daughter compete in the culinary Olympics. I ended up with way too many awesome photos for a traditional scrapbook, so I decided to go digital, so I could showcase more photos.

  169. #220

    My phonebook subject would be my son’s first year. I would like to keep documenting our new life! Thanks for the chance!

  170. #224
    Jessica S

    Your book looks amazing! I’d love to make a book of the trip to Europe I took with my boyfriend earlier this month to London, Paris, & Dublin. It was our first time overseas & it was incredible. Can’t wait to get those memories preserved on paper.

  171. #225
    Kelly Koesters

    I would probably make a book of some part of my daughter’s senior year, she graduates in less than 4 months!! BooHoo!!

    Love your book Cathy!!


    Pickerington, Ohio

  172. #226

    Lovely book!! A friend turned me onto Adorama for prints quite a few years ago and I have been very pleased with the quality. It’s exciting to see that quality extended to their photo books as well!

    If I won… perhaps I would print my annual photo book for 2012, or 2013, or 2014? Eek! Yeah, there are a few unfinished projects on my desktop. It would be great motivation though! 🙂

  173. #228

    To date I’ve ordered about thirty 10 x 10 books from Adoramapix, so I’m already a ‘sold’ customer. Love them. I have seven more books almost ready for printing, and who wouldn’t like to win a book and have one less to pay for?

    However! Since I’m already a loyal customer, I hope someone who has never tried Adoramapix wins. Thanks for offering the chance.

    P.S. Your book is beautiful.

  174. #229

    I would make a book for my young niece and nephew about their late mother.
    Your book is so cool Cathy. Thanks for the inspiration.

  175. #230

    Wow! All those memories in one place . . . I think it’s amazing. I love your minimalist style & your clever use of mixing up the colour with black & white photos. You & the book are an inspiration.

    I’d love to be able to have a photo book like this printed for my PL 2014. Sadly, budgets won’t allow for it at this time, though 🙁

  176. #231

    Wow! All those memories in one place . . . I think it’s amazing. I love your minimalist style & your clever use of mixing up the colour with black & white photos. You & the book are an inspiration.

    I’d love to be able to have a photo book like this printed for my PL 2014. Sadly, budgets won’t allow for it at this time, though, so winning one would be magical . . .

  177. #232
    price halford

    i have never made a big family album. you have inspired me so. I plan on making one of the past year using project life style. YaY!

  178. #233
    Theresa Grdina

    WOW. Your book is amazing! I think I would do a book about our family trip to Washington DC!!! Holy cow! So beautiful!!!

  179. #234

    oh boy, now that I’ve seen your awesome book I’m restarting my 2014 PL book using your 12×12 templates so I can print a book like this! Last year was my first attempt at PL, I made it to July and then quit. My room is full of all this PL stuff that I purchased but I’m just not feeling it anymore. I’ve decided to give all that stuff away and move to digital this year. And instead of daily photos I’ve moved to monthly layouts. I’ve been torn as to what size to make. I started 2015 with 8.5×11 templates and was printing at home and loving it until I saw your book! Yours is so clean and I love the white space!!! This morning I started my 2014 PL over and can’t wait to get all the photos dropped in the templates, journal my stories and get a book or two printed!! I know the books are expensive to print, but when I calculate out the cost of two WRMK 12×12 albums, the page protectors, all the kits etc., printing photos at home (ink and paper) or at the store, embellishments etc., I’m going to bet it’s cheaper for me to order these books and let’s be honest, a whole lot less mess and physical storage of Scrapbooking stuff!!! Thank you for sharing your awesomeness with us!!!

  180. #235

    I am working on a You, the abridged version for my daughter’s 18th birthday. So far I haven’t found an album I really like. This would be perfect. Thanks for the chance for winning it!

  181. #238

    I would make a book of my childhood. My Mom recently gave me a shoebox of photos that I never knew existed. I thought I only had a handful of photos, but with these newly discovered ones, I could make a whole album!

  182. #239

    Beautiful book Cathy! Love your clean and simple approach! The last few years, my husband and I have been taking a week in the summer to do stretches of Route 66 until we have it totally completed. I’d love to make a Route66 photo book!

  183. #241

    Love your book. Wish they made more pages! I would love to do an album of our trip to Disney last year. I want to make my daughter a book with her princess autographs and photos of her with the princesses.

  184. #242
    Sarah w

    I would be inspired to do my next project life album (my year follows the school year as I started when my oldest started kindergarten.)

  185. #243
    Kim Norment

    I love your blog and website! You are great fun! I would use the book to document our everyday lives in 2015.

  186. #244
    Susan M.

    I’d love to make an album an upcoming Disney cruise we’re surprising our daughters with! Thanks for the chance 🙂

  187. #247

    I am rarely in my books and am working to get brave enough to do a book about me. What a novel concept! And I love your clean and simple style. Stunning!

  188. #248

    I’m finishing an overview book of 2006-2013 for me and my husband. Sort of an “The early years” album. Still haven’t decided where to print it. So far I’ve been thinking of getting it printed in my own country (easier for customer relations in case something goes wrong). But this would be a safe way to try a printer abroad. Would love to win!!

  189. #251

    Cathy I would love for you to print up an instruction sheet on how to upload digital files like this for printing professionally. When you were talking about perhaps you had sent them the wrong file type, I had never heard of the first type of file. I am very unsure when it comes to the uploading of files and I am always afraid I will do it wrong and pay this kind of money and get it wrong. Perhaps it could be included with your digital templates or heck I would even pay for it separate. An easy to understand step by step guide. Thanks for your inspiration.

    1. #251.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Clare, the file format you need to say any image you are uploading to a book printer is the JPEG format.

      I am thinking about putting together a class about this entire process. I’ve had many requests. 🙂 If I do that, I’ll be posting here to let people know!

  190. #252

    Cathy! Love it! You have held my hand throughout the whole Project Life project!

    Question: How did you get your title page on the first page? Was that considered page 1? I called customer service to ask them and they said there was no way to print an image for page one? Clearly I’m missing something. 🙂

    Thank you!

    1. #252.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Sara, yes. I made it my page 1. Maybe they aren’t used to us scrapbookers. 😉 but yes, I just had that be the Page 1, right facing. 🙂

      1. #252.1.1

        Awesome, thanks! I knew it had to be me but this is my first book and I didn’t want to mess it up. 😉

  191. #253

    You are so awesome Cathy! I just love you 🙂 Thanks for doing a free give away. I just booked a vacay for my daughter & I to go visit my snowbird parents in Florida. I think that’s what my album would be if I were to win!

  192. #254

    I love your book CZ! It is amazing. This is my 3rd year of doing PL digitally. I have heard over and over from many sources that Adorama Pix is the way to go. I’m even willing to pay the higher cost because this project is my baby every year. However, I do double spreads each week and need a 106 page book. For some reason, I do not like the idea of splitting the year into two volumes. Years down the road I want my kids to be able to pick up the book for the year and read through it. My quest to find a 106 page lay flat 12×12 digital book has been challenging. Please pass on to Adorama Pix that there is a market for this! I know I’m not the only digital scrapper in this position. Thank you!

  193. #255
    Natalie Turetsky

    I love how it turned out. I am going to print my book with them as well. Did you print anything on the spine of the book? And do you sell the elements you used to create your cover design?

    1. #255.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Natalie, I don’t, but all I did was use a free font called Bariol and make a circle. I did put the words ZIELSKE PROJECT LIFE 2014 on the spine in the same font!

  194. #256

    Hi Cathy-
    I’m a copycatter! If I wanted to pretty much copycat what you did for your album, which of your templates would I need to duplicate? Also, do you have an idiot’s guide as to how to use the templates?

  195. #258

    Would I also need the pocket page digital kits to imitate your album? I think there are four kits that show up – do I need all four kits to do it same way as you did?

    1. #258.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Faye, I basically used on main template and a handful of different products. I have been documenting my digital project life for the past year and a half. On every post, I list complete supplies on the bottom of each post (just not on this big overview).

      If you look on the right of the blog, you’ll see the categories. Click on Project Life and it will bring up all of my digital page posts with supplies. : ) Hope this helps!

  196. #259

    Hi Cathy!

    Based on your recommendation (I accessed the site through your website – I hope that is beneficial to you), I have started building my first Adoramapix album. I am taking pics that I took of my son and fiancée and am making it into a guest book. I have a few questions for you:

    1. What size is your book (I am working with a 10 x 10)?
    2. Is the first and last “page” glued to the cover?
    3. Any thoughts on where to hunt down a coupon?

    Thanks for sharing your awesome album!


    1. #259.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Karen,

      My book was 12 x 12. The first page of the book was NOT glued to the inside cover. I put it on the right facing page 1 slot. I did, however, have the inside back cover as a page and it was glued down. The page had a quote on it.

      I would google “AdoramaPix coupon”. That is how I found a code online! 🙂

  197. #260

    Love everything about your book. Going digital this year so this was very helpful.

    You had me at the quote at the end of your book. My reason why I document.

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