Sponsor Giveaway: Tell Your Childhood Story with The History Project

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THE GIVEAWAY: One person will win a set in The History Project 2015 from Kerri Bradford Studio.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Preserve your personal childhood history in this unique 12-week class with Kerri Bradford. Go beyond the ordinary questions about your youth, dig into some really fun memories, and write them on paper for your family. This class isn’t about scrapbooking, it’s about writing your memories and getting them into a journal. Photos and ‘foo foo’ are optional.

DETAILS: Class starts February 9. Fun stuff going in the classroom now to get you ready. Cost is $45, but you can save $5 if purchased by January 24. (This is the same class as taught the past two years.)

TO ENTER: This giveaway is now closed.



Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: Tell Your Childhood Story with The History Project

161 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: Tell Your Childhood Story with The History Project”

  1. #2
    Lynn M

    I’ve finishing up my first week of 2015 Project Life. Would love to win a spot in Kerri’s class.

  2. #5
    Linda Matthews

    Of my only two photos of myself pregnant with our son …. Note: 1997!!!…. I did a mini page. It is only the 2 scrapbook page that I have done for our son’s baby book.

    Can u tell I am behind?!

    Linda Matthews
    Willow Spring, NC

  3. #6
    Jane C

    Sounds fascinating! I am totally blocked when it comes to writing about my own story and this might set me free.

  4. #10

    My last scrapbook page was a goodbye to my beloved hedgehog. And before that was a goodbye to my husband’s grandfather. Seriously depressing over here…

  5. #11
    Leslie McLaughlin

    I’m working on a scrapbook page today – it’s my son’s 30th birthday and it’s about having my first child and what an amazing person he’s grown into.

  6. #12

    My last page was a spread on the day after Thanksgiving when we went on a family hike in the redwoods.

  7. #13

    My last page was about a visit to the Isle of Skye last summer. Beautiful place. Happy weekend everyone!!

  8. #15
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Happy! …………my OLW for 2015. Striving to be content in any and all circumstances.

  9. #17
    Charlotte Brochu

    My last page was for my grandsons album and now it’s got me thinking that getting down some of my own childhood memories may be fun for him to read one day!

  10. #18

    Last thing was a page about my son who “met a pair of eyes walking on the grass” he was out after fetching some Wood for our fireplace. Turned out the eyes belonged to a cat 🙂

  11. #19

    i have been working on project life/photo a day project! I now have all of the 365 photos in place. now to finish the journaling ..this project would be an awesome class!

  12. #21

    The last page I made was about a taekwondo tournament my sons competed in.
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  13. #22

    I’ve been finishing up my 2014 project life book. I need to journal the last 5 weeks (from notes) then I’ll be done. My last traditional page was about how much I love being a stay-at-home mom, something that completely surprised me!

  14. #23

    This afternoon, I completed a 4×6″ mini-album for my nephew with photos we took of my kids and “Flat Ian”. It was for a school project, similar to Flat Stanley story, where we had to take photos of our town with a cut-out of Ian. It turned out really cute and I hope he loves it! 🙂

  15. #24
    Samantha Chapman

    My last scrapbook page was about my son’s first day of pre-school. It was just done last weekend but it took me a few months to put the words together for what I wanted to write him.

  16. #25

    Gosh, would I even remember stuff from my childhood at my age? LOL
    My last scrapbook pages were of cherry picking this past summer with my sister and niece.

  17. #27
    Angie Kyle

    My last page was actually copying you, Cathy. I was documenting my son’s first semester of college. Your page gave me the courage to tell our story.

  18. #28

    I’m journaling and making a page on how sad I feel that my new grandson was born on Boxing Day and how sad I feel that I can’t hold him and inhale that new baby smell from those first few weeks of life.

    I had no idea of the impact that having a new grandchild born over the other side of the world would have on me.

  19. #29

    Thanks for the chance.
    I’m actually working on pages for my Me Album from your class! I want to ensure my story gets told too – and this class seems right up my alley!

  20. #30

    My last journal entry was about a celebration dinner with an old friend…he is taking an exciting new position in Paris and I start a new job next week.

  21. #31

    My last scrapbook page was part of my December Daily. Still trying to finish it up so I can get started with Project Life 2015! Thank you for the chance to win…

  22. #32

    I am finishing up my daily “I Am Thankful” album from November (did the actual journaling in November, just pulling the photos and embellishments together).

  23. #34
    Tonja Trump

    My last scrapbook page was done in December. I did an album of my father for my sister in Texas. She loved it. 🙂

  24. #35
    Amber McCuaig

    Kerri’s class sounds very intriguing and for me, the timing is uncanny … 2015 is the year of preserving my family history. I have started with a mini album of my childhood pictures, but I am struggling with the journaling. It sounds as though I was meant to take Kerri’s class! Thank you very much for the chance to win. And oh yeah, you ROCK!

  25. #38
    Amanda B.

    So cool! I love this!

    My last scrapbook page was a PL layout of my honeymoon. You know, the honeymoon I went on in 2001. Better late than never, right?

  26. #40
    Barb in AK

    LOL! Cathy, funny you should ask! I just completed a page about my 64th birthday. I insisted my dh take me to supper at Texas Roadhouse, because I wanted to sit on the sawhorse saddle 🙂 Sure enough, when I told the waitress I was there because I was having a birthday, out came the sawhorse. Only I couldn’t get into the saddle. Being too short, I couldn’t swing my leg up over it. So I had to sit side-saddle while everyone gave me a big Texas “YEEEE-HAAAAWW!! 🙂
    I would love to take this class. Hopefully, it would spur me –oh, excuse that Texas Roadhouse pun– into writing down my childhood memories (before I completely forget them all). 😉

  27. #41

    My Honeymoon! Finally finished that album, ahem two and a half years after we went on our Honeymoon. Next project, the wedding album!

  28. #43
    Karen P

    The last series of scrapbook pages I made documented my trip to see some family across the country that I hadn’t seen in years. My next project will be my son’s wedding!

  29. #44

    My last page was about taking my grandson for a walk and being told by his Mummy (my DIL) that we were walking on the same path that she had walked on as a little girl. My grandson was following in his Mummy’s footsteps…

  30. #45

    Last scrapbook page was the last page in my December Daily album. This year is the first time in 6 years that I’ve actually completed the project!

  31. #46

    I just completed a page today about my kids’ first day back to school. Okay, so I am a little behind….

  32. #50
    Deb @ PaperTurtle

    I can’t even remember my last scrapbook page – it’s been so long! My last journal entry was about yoga teacher training. :o) I’d love to win a spot in this class! Thanks, Cathy!

  33. #51

    My last journal entry was about my goals for 2015 (hopefully this year I’ll meet some of them). Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!

  34. #52

    The subject of my last scrapbook page was day 5 of my December Daily! Getting it completed this weekend! Would love a spot in this class! Thanks!

  35. #53

    my last time scrapbooking in true scrapbook form was 6 years ago and it was about my boys. Now if you count school yearbooks I’m working on that now so yesterday would be the answer….but it doesn’t feel the same as working on my family’s story.

  36. #54
    Stephanie Evans

    My last layout was CZ Design’s “this boy” template with journaling about my son. I would love to win this class to help me work on my journaling!

  37. #55
    Sandy Davis

    My last journal entry was about noticing how I stack paper towels up at work after making my lunch and it reminded me about how my Grandma used to hoard napkins and she would always keep them in her bra until she got home and could put them in the cupboard. So I had to take a picture of my little stack so that I could scrapbook the memory.

  38. #56
    Sara Belgrove

    My last page was about my daughter starting to write her letters last July and then just this week making a pretty good effort at writing her whole name. Thanks for the giveaway. 🙂

  39. #57

    I’ve been eyeing this class for a while now! I’m still working on project life, so I was just journaling about Christmas morning! 🙂

  40. #58

    Sounds like a great class.

    Last weekend I was creating pages for our 12 day Baltic vacation last summer. Glad I kept a detailed journal — it makes creating the pages easy now that I am finally getting around to this project.

  41. #59

    The subject of my last legacy (my legacy) layout was a weeklong trip my singing group took to the southwest when I was in high school. In current life, it is the start of my One Little word project.

  42. #60
    The Morning Dew

    Last journal entry about recieving my one little word 2015 “believe” from Colleen Attara. So beautiful….

  43. #62
    Paula C

    my last page (I am still working on it) is 2015 week 1. Kinda looks like my life is more exciting over a month than s week, LOL!

  44. #64

    hmm last pocket scrapping page was just week 2 of 2015, last “real” page with journaling was a photoless “therapy” page working out my feelings with my dad’s passing. Felt good to get it in writing. I would love the chance for this class, thank you!

  45. #65
    Amy W

    My most recent journal entry was in my Gratitude journal (in which my son told me I was a great parent because I’m “reliable”).

  46. #67

    I just finished a page about my grandson Henry’s first steps. He started walking (no, running!) on New Years Day….

  47. #69
    Sharon Fletcher

    It’s been too long! I think it was about my niece finding her wings to Fly! That was a year ago. Interestingly, she just signed up for the Air Force. I had no ideaxwhen i made the page. Now I will tell this new chapter.
    I would love to win this as i have hadxa hard time figuring out how to tell my childhood stories! Thanks Keri and Cathy!

  48. #70

    I want to win the prize!
    Last journal entry:
    “I dropped a french fry on the floorboard of my car and found the credit card I lost last week. I wish that sentence didn’t sum up my life as accurately as it does.”

  49. #71
    Tonya NC

    My last page was 2014 in review. Headlines, prices, family highlights. Thanks for the chance to win!

  50. #75
    Michelle Luck

    My last page was the ‘bits and pieces’ page from my surprise 30th birthday – gift tags, menu and invitation made on the sly by my husband. I had my second baby a week after I turned 30 (She’s now 2 1/2) so I’m ‘behind’ on the family and non-baby stuff from that time.

  51. #76

    I just finished a page about the 4th of July from last year. I’ve really been eying this class. it looks really interesting!

  52. #77

    It was something in my December Daily album. Probably baking or decorating. Thanks for a chance to win, Cathy!

  53. #78

    The last page I did was about 18 months ago when I scrapped about my sister who had just died. I haven’t written anything since then either which is unusual for me because I used to write most days. Maybe this course would be the kickstart I need.
    Thanks for the opportunity to win.

  54. #79

    This class sounds fascinating – and a good complement to your “Me: the Abridged Version”.
    My last layout was a thank you to the staff at the NICU where my grandniece spent her first months.

  55. #82
    Kim W

    the last scrapbook page I completed featured a photo of my daughter & I together in Germany after she had just won a silver and a gold medal at the culinary Olympics.

  56. #87

    my last page was december 24 of my december daily album for 2014…. Up next? The remaining pages of 2012 and 2013… Sad…

  57. #88

    Haven’t made a non-PL layout in YEARS (raising two young boys). Finding more time now that one is in kindergarten all day and the other started preschool two mornings per week. Last journal/blog entry: Highs and Lows of JAN 13
    *thanks for the opportunity to win a spot; sounds fun!
    Right now, reading Amy Poehler’s “YES, PLEASE” and admiring her story-telling and childhood memories.

  58. #89

    It’s been so long since I did a scrapbook page I can’t remember!!! (I’ve switched to doing cards, and home décor and gifts with my scrapping) It would definitely have to be about my Grandson. I think I might need help with the memory thing in doing this class about my childhood….it’s been so long ago!

  59. #91
    Emily Creteau

    I would love to win a spot in this class! My last “scrapbook” page was project life for last week and my most recent journal entry was based on the prompt “Are you a leader or a follower?” Thanks for this opportunity!

  60. #93

    My last scrapbook page was about my son’s high school years. He’s almost out of college – I guess it is time to catch up! THANKS!

  61. #94

    The last scrapbook journaling I did was how sad my little 2 year old grandson has been since his mommy had to return to work and he is transitioning back to the sitter

  62. #96
    Laura BC

    It wasn’t even one of mine – I supported my sister making a mini book for Christmas for our dad (of a vacation my sister and her kids took with our parents last summer).

  63. #98

    I last scrapbooked my Christmas photos. I mad a mini album on my phone with the Project Life app! I have this Kerri Bradford class bookmarked- but haven’t been able to justify the expense. I would love to win this!

  64. #99
    Claudia B

    Sounds priceless! My last scrapbooking was in 1998 when my daughter graduated from HS…lots of cutting, pasting, taping! It too was priceless.

  65. #100

    Awesome! My last project was a Thanksgiving mini album I made for my mom for a Christmas gift and a heritage digi book for my dad made of old photos I found in his mother’s basement. I had not scrapped in awhile and really got my creative juices flowing…ready to create and document some more!

  66. #102
    Kathryn Benfiet

    My last page was about my GrandPuppy and how, even though I’m not a dog person, I have somehow fallen in love with Samantha, my daughters German shepherd puppy.

    Kerri Bradford is awesome and I would love the opportunity to take this class.


  67. #103

    I just finished my second week of PL 2015. After years of enjoying Cathy’s process, I am finally giving it a go.

  68. #104

    love this idea! My last pages were from our family vacation in 2010 at a crop in november!

  69. #106

    Last LO was a 2014 Year Reflection. Thought it was kind of a wasted year until I wrote down all that happened, so I plan to do the same each year from now on. Would LOVE to take this class because I already have planned to document these stories. Would be great to have some guidance. Thanks for the chance!

  70. #108

    Thanks for chance to win, sounds like a great class! My last page was about my niece spending the night last weekend…and NO I’m not caught up on 2014.

  71. #109

    Sounds like an interesting class. I’d love to win a seat in it.

    My last scrapbook page was an opening page for a yearly album called “Faith, Family & Friends”. I like to create all my pages throughout the year and then look them over before determining exactly what I want on my introductory page.

  72. #110

    Sounds like a fun class!

    My last scrapbook project was December Daily. (and Move More, Eat Well, Jumpstart).

  73. #114
    Michelle t

    My last scrapbooking was last night, putting finishing touches on my Week In The Life album and my last journal entry was a few days ago. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

  74. #116

    subject of last journal entry – dad stuff… subject of last scrapbook page – my boys!!
    thanks for the opportunity!

  75. #118
    Donelle Macey

    This has my attention, class looks great. I am actually working on Me the abridged version yesterday I completed journaling cards through J which was “Just Sayin.” Today K

  76. #123

    The subject of my last scrapbooking page was one of the treasures for my “for the love of things” course ……. a watercolour of our home of 42 years, which we moved from in August of last year.

  77. #124

    My last page was last week’s PL spread… I’d like to start doing more pages outside of that, though. I have lists upon lists of things from childhood and more current bigger stories that fall outside the scope my my project life that I’d love to get down on paper!

  78. #126

    My last page was a layout of one of my treasures for the “for the love of things” course…..a watercolour of our home of 42 years, which we moved from last August.

  79. #127
    Nicole Hankosky

    My last scrapbook page was about feeding my six month old daughter baby food for the first time. I’ve been wanting to write my story for a long time, even have books on my shelf to write my own autobiography, list myself, and journal it.

  80. #128

    My last page was week 1 for PL. I’m trying very hard to keep up this year. I’m doing an 8 1/2 x 11 album, one page per week. If I need a little more room, I’m adding a 6×8 page in. Our first week included stories about the cold, the Bachelor, and playing Dictionary.

  81. #129
    Lauren Elliott

    My last scrapbook page was about my daughter entering her Freshman year of high school, and all that lies head of her.

    This class looks wonderful, thanks for the opportunity to win.

  82. #130

    I don’t lead a very exciting life, but last week I journaled about the gas prices at Costco. It so exciting to be able to afford to fill up the entire tank again!

  83. #131

    My latest page was about Lego and all the Lego creations (and mess!) my two boys have been making these school holidays.
    I would love to do this class, thanks for the chance to win!

  84. #132

    Most recent page was photos and journaling of my granddaughters 8th birthday. Funny thing…..have been gathering family photos as one of the projects on my LIST is Childhood albums for both my husband and myself. Great timing here ! !

  85. #135

    My last journal entry was about my dad and what I learned from him. I intend to make it as a scrapbook page when I have the time.

  86. #136

    Last page I scrapbooked was about my then 14 year-old daughter’s interest in the Bush-Kerry presidential election (2004). She went with her father to the polls and got her picture in the local newspaper.

    I would LOVE to win a spot in this class. Anytime I tell the story of my crazy messed up childhood people tell me I should write a book… Seriously, you can’t make this stuff up! I haven’t done the writing yet, but should really probably get it all down…

  87. #138

    My last scrapbook was my journey with my son Tristan. Through a miracle infertility treatment, I was blessed with this beautiful boy. He died shortly after birth, giving me 28 glorious minutes to could t his fingers and toes. Scrapbooking and journaling was very healing for med

  88. #139

    My last scrapbook was my journey with my son Tristan. Through a miracle infertility treatment, I was blessed with this beautiful boy. He died shortly after birth, giving me 28 glorious minutes to count his fingers and toes. Scrapbooking and journaling was very healing for me!

  89. #140

    the class subject is great! thanks for the chance to win! my last page was for my son’s album and about how wonderful all the beaches were in Sardegna, where we spent the last fall break.

  90. #142
    Julie Turner

    I would love to win this class. I have spent time researching and recording everyone’s history but my own and this sounds like a perfect way to nudge me along.

  91. #143
    Julie Turner

    Forgot to mention…my last project (still trying to finish) was Week in the Life. First time…loved it.

  92. #144

    My last page was for my MATV album. I’m trying to get that puppy finished so I can get the book off to the printer.

  93. #147

    My most recent scrapbook pages were done in my December Daily 2014 album, but I can’t remember which one I did last! 🙂 This sounds like an intriguing project — will have to take a look. The only pages I have done with photos from my own childhood are a tribute to my late grandmother, a page about re-claiming my childhood nickname (Grublet), and a page with a Christmas poem called “Little Tree” and a photo of me touching a decorated tree on one of my first Christmases. There are a lot of stories undocumented….


  94. #148
    Margie S

    My last scrapbook page was Project Life 2013. I took a break from scrapbooking the last year+ because I went back to school full time. That said, I do jot things down every once in awhile in my Day One app on my phone. Would love this class to kick start me back into the storytelling habit.

  95. #149
    Holly Corbett

    I have been wanting to take this class, but haven’t had the funds to do so! Would love an opportunity to win! WooHooo!

    1. #149.1
      Holly Corbett

      Whooops! got so excited about the chance to win, forgot to answer the question! I worked on the title page of my PL 2015 album just this afternoon!

  96. #150
    Leslie B

    The last thing I worked on was in Evernote. I am compiling stories and pics for a senior album. I loved what you did for Aidan and wanted to do it for my girlie.

  97. #151

    The last “page” I did was actually a digital album of a good friend’s wedding celebration. Mostly pictures, but I figured if I didn’t get it done quickly, it’d be a gift for their 25th anniversary! Delivered it about 6 weeks after their wedding day. A new record for me.

  98. #152

    The last page I did was about my daughters first year playing Polocrosse. This is an Australian sport played on horse back – I think it’s like Rugby combined with Lacrosse while on horse back – very tough but very exciting. I have scrapbooked 3 carnivals out of 12, so many more pages to go yet.

  99. #154

    Unfortunately I’ve got several unfinished projects going on right now- an album from last summer, a 30 Days of Thankful (my first), and an Xmas album. So, it’s not that I need to start another project, but I really like the idea of delving into my history vs. simply trying to document my child’s. Thanks for the opportunity!

  100. #155

    Last page I made was one from last summer when my niece was baptized! It’s been waaayyyy too long since I’ve opened my scrap supplies

  101. #156
    Sharon in TX

    My last page was about youngest son’s messy bedroom … title was Teenage Wasteland. 🙂 Would love to take this class. Have been thinking about the best way to capture these memories for quite a while. Thanks!

  102. #157

    Hope I’m not too late! My last scrapbook page was about a family hike last August and my last journal entry explored my questions on what a mid-life crisis looks like.
    Thanks for chance to win 🙂

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