Sponsor Giveaway: From Pixels to Paper, Hybrid Basics from Scrapaneers

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a complimentary pass to From Pixels to Paper: Hybrid Basics with Nicole Seitler.

ABOUT THE CLASS: From Pixels to Paper: Hybrid Basics is designed to show you just how easy it is to make your own hybrid creations. Instructor Nicole takes the mystery out of hybrid paper crafting with fun digital projects turned into beautiful paper creations.

ABOUT SCRAPANEERS: Scrapaneers provides original and inspiring classes for digital scrapbookers tailored to your digi-crafting level. Featuring fun, easy-to-print projects via professional video lessons in interactive classrooms, they offer everything you’ll need to digital scrapbook like a pro!

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TO ENTER: (This giveaway is now closed.) Class registration is now open! But you can win a spot by leaving me a comment and telling me what you’d love to learn about using your computer to make more traditional pages. I’ll choose a winner on Sunday night.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: From Pixels to Paper, Hybrid Basics from Scrapaneers

35 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: From Pixels to Paper, Hybrid Basics from Scrapaneers”

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    I am totally new to digital scrapbooking. I have used the Project Life app, but that is it. I love paper crafting, but I never have the time to do it. A combination sounds perfect!

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    Carrie Stevens

    I would love to learn how to better incorporate all the digi stuff I have accumulated – but at the same time still use all the physical product I have!

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    this is my third year to do project life and my first year to go hybrid. My first two years were all digital. I would love to take this class to learn more about hybrid scrapping!

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    I have never mixed my types of scrapping. i am either all paper or all digital. A class would give me some confidence to mix the two!

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    I would like to be better able to incorporate what I have in my paper stash with what I have learned about digital scrapping and improve my skills in the process.

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    I have made a few digital pages just for fun but have done nothing hybrid. I would love to learn how to combine traditional with digital.

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    I would love to learn hybrid scrapping so that I might downsize my stash and move to more digital products.

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    I’ve been toying with moving to digital scrapbooking and can’t seem to completely give up all my physical products so this would be a perfect way to start doing more digital and still using up all the things I have.

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    Bec Kilgore

    I have printed out digital elements for paper layouts and pocket pages but nothing more. It would be great to learn more. Thanks!

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    Karen Peterson

    Would love to learn more about incorporating the hybrid aspect to scrapbooking; I either do digital or traditional and would love to learn to mix the two more effectively.

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    Debra Parker

    I’ve always been a paper and glue scrapper. I’ve always wanted to learn about hybrid scrapbooking, but didn’t know where to start. This would be an excellent place to jump in.

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    I am totally a traditional scrapper
    with the exception of a few printables that I have used on occasion.
    Would love to “get my feet in the water” with digital!
    Thanks for the chance!

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    beth s.

    I sooooo need help with printing my projects and learning some shortcuts and fresh ideas. Love that this class goes beyond a scrapbook page but covers other uses as well!

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    Karyn Allen

    When I print…it doesn’t look the same as it did on the computer so it is sometimes a bust….how do I make the hybrid look like I want it to look?

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    I LOVE hybrid and always have good intentions of making my pages “hybrid”, but am stuck in a digital rut, just because it’s so quick and easy. I have tons of “real” scrapbooking supplies — winning this class would be great for me.
    Thanks for the opportunity.

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    Cynthia burgess

    I have been dabbling in hybrid scrap booking for a while, recently started project life in a hybrid fashion but after seeing your digital project life book, I am hooked on digital scrap booking!!! Would love to learn new techniques to make my digital pages as beautiful as yours..looking forward to the class

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    Karen Freeman

    I have supplies, I got confidence in doing digital scrapbooking, I want to use some digital skills to use up my supplies and get stories told. Love the hybrid pages you do and love playing with paper and glue so keen to get back into it. Thanks for the chance.

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    I would love to work with the 3 projects this course is covering to ‘force’ me to try using the computer and photoshop. Great intentions just having done anything about them! Thanks for the chance.

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    Debbie D

    I would love to win this class. I really need help with how to use digital elements that I have to make hybrid pages!

  20. #25

    I got Photoshop last Christmas and am now learning how to make a digital layout. I would like to learn how to use those digital elements. Thanks for the chance!

  21. #26

    Would LOVE to win this workshop; I’ve been doing hybrid for a number of years but I bet I can learn something new just the same ♥ Thank you for this opportunity to win a spot in the class.

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    Lori B

    I enjoy using my digi stash to create pages, but I miss the hands-on process of making my scrapbook pages. It would be great to learn how to incorporate the two and make more hybrid projects.

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    I’ve been a digi scrapper for years and am very comfortable in PSE. I love to use my digi skills and stash to make hybrid projects, but I’m just kind of making it up as I go. I’d love this class to learn all the tips and tricks for a variety of hybrid projects.

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    This kit looks great! I, too, have started scrapping digitally, but have boxes (yeah! boxes full) of old photos & memorabilia that i would dearly love to use for hybrid scrap pages . . . thanks for the opportunity . . .

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    Erin O'

    Hi Cathy! We moved into our new home EIGHT months ago and it is finally time to get my crafting space set up. With two small kiddos and a full time job I haven’t been great at carving out scrapbooking time. But the photos are mounting, the washi tape is calling and I need a violent shove into learning more about digital to make projects easier, and therefore accomplishable! Thanks for the opportunity…the class is so reasonably priced I may just sign up regardless!

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    You have me at hybrid scrapbooking! I want to learn all I can to use my items in many ways as to best get the use out of them :)Thank you for the oppertunity!

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    Hi Cathy! I just LOVE your style and sure would LOVE to have the opportunity to learn more aspects of just how you accomplish such beautiful and AWE inspiring scrapbook pages using the hybrid approach. Thank you for this giveaway!! Hope I am not to late!

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