A blast from the distant past (plus an invite to pick up a modern version of the template)

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Back in, oh probably 2003, I was knee deep in this newish hobby we call scrapbooking. Aidan was roughly 7 years old and I was making pages like a banshee. (Okay, not literally like a banshee. What IS a banshee anyway?) I made the layout I’m sharing today and it went into my first book, Clean & Simple Scrapbooking. (Yes, you can apparently buy a copy for the whopping price of .01 cents!)

And yes, since the start my true love has always been clean and simple and hybrid.

Back then, it was a little bit of text (set in Futura Heavy), a window I cut out by hand with an X-acto knife (I know, calm down!), a piece of vellum (my creativity knew no paper boundaries), and a simple embellishment more than likely from KI Memories (#swoon).

The idea behind it, of course, was to make journaling simple. How hard is it to start a sentence with “Every day you”? Granted, I feel like at the end, though I meant every word, I was milking the sentimentality for all it was worth. I used to read this aloud back when I taught classes at Creating Keepsakes University events and always choked up. Part it was always from the stress and exhaustion of doing those events. Part of it was theater. But the layout idea has always been and always will be golden.

And so easy to do.

Today, over at Designer Digitals, I’m giving a new version of this away for free.

All you have to do is visit my forum thread here. You can download the template for free and after Sunday, it’s going into my shop.

And speaking of my shop, everything in it is on sale for 40% off through February 19th.

So come on over to Designer Digitals, get the template, tell a story.

This type of page is perfect if you want to dabble in the hybrid side of things. In fact, I’ve got a video to show you how.

Cathy ZielskeA blast from the distant past (plus an invite to pick up a modern version of the template)

8 Comments on “A blast from the distant past (plus an invite to pick up a modern version of the template)”

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    Thank you! I’m sure I attended one of your CKU classes. At that time, I wasn’t sure clean and simple was for me. I loved adding all the crafty things to my page. Now, I’m all about the clean and simple pages. Less is more! I’m still working on the journaling – not as good as you.

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    Michelle t

    Awesome layout. The photos and journaling are so sweet. Thanks for the video, it’s still over my head but I’ll get it (eventually). Michelle t

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    Love your simple style. I also love typing over handwriting….ahhhh, clean and simple. 🙂 Thanks for the template!

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    I recently gave away all my scrapbook magazines and idea books that I have been stockpiling and “collecting” for years. However, I did NOT give away my Clean and Simple books. They are by far my favorite. And I still, to this day, refer to them frequently. The design principles taught in those books are timeless. Whenever I need some scrapping guidance, I refer to them!

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    I missed out on the opportunity to download the everyday you template on DD. I am looking for it on DD to buy it since I missed out and can’t find it. Was it an only one day thing?

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    Terri Torrez

    I love that you’re sharing all these classic layouts. Even before your template days, I scraplifted your layouts more than any others. I definitely have this one. So of course, when I cleared out my old books for our upcoming move, your books were among the handful I kept.

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