Sponsor Giveaway: gorgeous new stamps from Kerri Bradford Studio!

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THE GIVEAWAY: 1 set of your choice of stamps from Kerri Bradford Studio. (US residents only)

ABOUT THE STAMPS: My good friend and amazing designer (and instructor) Kerri Bradford has taken a leap into the world of stamp design and all I have to say is, “Holy awesome!” I have known Kerri and her work for years and have always respected her love and command of beautiful typography. She speaks to my designer gut on so many levels and her new stamps are a true reflection of her personal aesthetic.  Kerri will be releasing new stamps each month so be sure to check back to see what’s coming down the pike.

CONNNECT WITH KERRI BRADFORD STUDIO: stamps | website | facebook | instagram

TO ENTER: Leave me a comment and tell me of all your stamps, and I do mean all, which one has been the one (or set) you have used the most. I’ll pick a winner on Sunday night.


Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway: gorgeous new stamps from Kerri Bradford Studio!

154 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway: gorgeous new stamps from Kerri Bradford Studio!”

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    Patricia Ames

    I have 6 stamps, all seasonal. Stamping has always facinated me — would really like to start using more of them on my pages.

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    I have many stamps, but I would have to say the one I have used the most is an old wooden calendar set. I made many, many baby albums with it for family and friends. I love using stamps in my scrapbooking. Clear ones are so much nicer! Would love to win these! Thanks for the opportunity!

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    Laura Turcotte

    This is a tricky question. I have many stamps, unfortunately, though. I don’t have a set, like above, that I use often. I might one one stamp from 1 set, a couple from another. I have been looking for a stamp set with words, sayings, ones that I know I would use frequently. Like these!

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    Amy B

    I started out with ink-a-dink-doo stamps as a youngster (had a sea creature stamp that was three parts!). As an adult scrapbooker, I avoided stamps thinking I was already spending enough money on scrapbooking that stamps could do me in! I bought lots of alphabet sets, justifying them because I could use them in my scrapbooks. Then, I finally bought sentiment stamps and have loved making cards!! Nowadays, I tend to buy the kind (like these, I think) that I can use with Project Life. But I still have that old sea creature stamp! Thanks for the giveaway!

  5. #6

    It is funny, but the one set I’ve used most is a calendar set – couldn’t even tell you the designer as I got it used, not in original packaging. But it would be AWESOME to have some different choices to use in my weekly planner/art journaling!

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    I am more of a collector than user 🙂 I like pretty stamps, but get stumped on how to use them. My fave set would have to be the ones Ali is creating for her Story Kits. I get them and use them because they are story based. I get stories and the stamps fit perfectly.

  7. #8

    It’s a toss up between “thinking of you” used on lots of cards and my date stamp. I think the date stamp wins.

  8. #9

    A stamp set with various “Happy Birthday” sentiments done in subway style art. So fun! Love Kerri’s versatile new stamps and would LOVE to add them to my growing collection!

  9. #10

    It’s so hard to choose just one, but the one I have been using the most lately is the one from the Ali Edward’s December Daily kit from last year. And not even using it for my December Daily, but more using the stars on just about everything!

  10. #13

    Wow this is a hard question. I have a set with different sentiments that I use all the time. If you are talking about an image set it would have to be the “boyish” birthday set I have. Sorry I don’t remember the names of the sets. 🙂 Thanks for the chance to win.

  11. #14

    I’ve got a lot of stamps and Ii’d say the most used are Christmas sentiments from CTMH but I love and own a bunch of Ali’s, would love to add Kerri’s too. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    Lara read

    i have some cloud stamps that work with fiskars punches and love it. Also my date stamps. I heart Kerri and everything she designs. I’m so glad her stamps are selling so well. You both make a great team! Thanks for sharing!!

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    Sara Kiiru

    My favorite-to-use stamps (they’re versatile and feel great in the hand) are Kelly Purkey’s “la vie est belle” & “Happiness Right Here” wooden stamps and Amy Tangerine’s Document alphas. I also like a small crosshatch background stamp, but I don’t remember the manufacturer of that one.

  14. #17
    Amanda B

    I’m pretty new to stamping, so my stamp stash is pretty small. But, the one I have used the hell out of is a Lizzie M one that I got in a Studio Calico add-on kit. It has the waving bear and owl and I love it.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  15. #18

    How exciting! Love these new stamps!!! Of the best new in my stash, the ones I use most are the day of the week stamps for my Project Life cards. Thanks for the chance to win!

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    As soon as I saw this giveaway, I had to click through from my blog reader because I have been coveting Kerri’s new stamps. I am brand new to stamping… but heaven knows I’ve tried everything else in the crafting world. I am using a lot of planner stamps right now. I love Studio L2e.

  17. #21
    The Morning Dew

    I am a new stamper just recently started collecting stamps (and ink!). Mostly I have Ali Edwards and Studio Calico stamps. I love Kelly’s design. Thank you for the opportunity.

  18. #22

    Most used are the new Ali Edwards Craft the Story stamps. Every month that comes out, I’m using them right away. Love them.

  19. #24

    I bought a set of alphabet stamps for my kids to make words. And I started a subscription to the studio calico project life kit so I have a little fox and a little heart, but I would love more and would love to win these stamps!

  20. #25

    I’m just starting to build up my stamp collection. I think the one I have used most right now is a date stamp. I use it on (almost) every layout. 🙂

  21. #26

    I have a travel set from Hero Arts + Studio Calico that I use a lot in layouts and mini albums. Thanks for the chance to win those beautiful stamps, they look great!

  22. #27

    wow! I have a large collection of wooden stamps and a growing collection of acrylic stamps now, too. The ones I used most are the birthday stamps…and also an old faithful footprint wooden stamp from long ago.

    Thanks for the chance to win. Good luck to all!


  23. #29

    I LOVE stamps! The ones I use the most are Studio G Mini Alphas that come in the little box set. My best scrappy friend gifted them to me! They show up on every page!

  24. #30

    I have a couple of stamps I just started pl about 6 months ago. My favorite stamp is a sentiment banner stamp set I love it

  25. #31

    My favorites come and go. Into yours from 30 days and the Christmas set. Plus, planning pages for the Ali Edwards sets. My cards are made using mostly Hero Art stamps.

  26. #32

    I have a lot of stamps, but honestly the one that has had the most use recently is a planner set I bought a few months ago. Love.

  27. #34
    Mary J

    I’m pretty new to stamping so probably the one that I have used the most is the December Daily one that came from Ali just because that is the most recent album I have finished. I am loving all her story stamps too. I never thought I would like stamping, but I was wrong. I love stamping!!

  28. #35
    Stacy Buller

    I have more stamp sets than I care to admit….but the ones I use the most…are my sentiment stamps… I can use them for card making, on my layouts, making my own embellishments. So I know that I could give Kerri’s sets a great home and lots of love.

  29. #36

    I have a bunch of stamps that sit in a craft drawer. From time to time I’ll use one on a card or layout. However, since starting PL I’ve been using the date stamps and using them to enhance my homemade journal cards. Kerri’s stamps are amazing and I would love to have a set.

  30. #38
    Melissa Morrelli

    I’ve recently started back up scrap booking after a 5 year break. I’m slowly trying to build a classic stamp collection. I have 3 stamp sets, 2 from Elle’s Studio, and 1 from Ali Edwards. Which I love them all. When I saw Kerri’s stamps I fell in love!

  31. #39

    I do have a lot of stamps, collected over the tears…The one I use ALL the time is my date stamp…!!

  32. #40

    oh, yeah, I am so wanting Kerri’s sets!!!…I’ve recently started using stamps more. I do have this habit of not saving the packaging, so not sure which set this is from…but CIRCLE stamps, can’t get enough of circles with text words…looking for more circles 🙂
    thanks for the giveaway!

  33. #41

    I am a long time stamp devotee – some would say hoarder. Asking me to pick a favorite is like asking which kid is my favorite! I do have a couple of background script stamps that probably get more use than the others…

  34. #42

    Tell you if all my stamps? The realy ones? Digital doesn’t count right?
    Well this will be a short story. I have none. None at all,
    I don’t know how to use them even though I love hybrid scrapping. And looking at the price I always found them insanely expensive. I could not justify that purchase. But I saw Kerri’s and they looked crap-less stamps, ones that I would actually adore using.

    So yes, pick me, pick me, pick me! 😉

  35. #43

    I’m a bit of a collector too, but I most often use an older sentiments set from Paper Smooches. LOVE Kerri’s new line.

  36. #44
    Mary R

    tough question. I love all stamps, including the digital, but my favorite and most used set has to be a simple date/calendar set from Technique Tuesday.

  37. #45
    judy in huntsville al

    I have lots of stamps that I use for backgrounds in mixed media – my favorite is probably the map one… I also have new [to me] alice in wonderland ones that I’m actually using on scrapbook pages – lol. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  38. #46
    Joanna Johnson

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    My most used stamp is the one that looks like a page of old-timey sheet music. I use it to stamp all over everything for background and texture. I love it. (I think my newest stamp, however, will be in the running for “most used.” A talented friend carved a stamp upon request–The Who’s target. Love it.

  39. #47

    We don’t have a ton, but my most used stamps have to be a valentines set I got last year for my daughters homemade valentine’s day cards for her school, we have used them 2 years in a row. Plus some projects in between. These Kerri Bradford stamps look absolutely amazing and would be great to incorporate into my project life scrapbooking, love them.

  40. #48
    Melissa McClary

    I use my Project Life date stamp the most. Just the plain one. I buy the ones with phrases are rarely use them.

  41. #50
    Steph Herbert

    Congrats Kerri! What a beautiful stamp collection. My most used stamp set is a tough one. I’d have to say Technique Tuesday Alphabet stamps by Ali Edwards. I think they are in her handwriting. 🙂

  42. #51

    I have a random stamp that says “happy everything” that I use a lot 🙂 and my date stamp, of course!

  43. #52
    Mary Kay

    How awesome are these? Thank you for the chance to win! I use stamps with greetings like Hello, Hi, Happy Birthday, Just a Note more often than all my others. I make cards for Operation Write Home so greetings work well.

  44. #53

    Love clean and simple. These stamp sets are perfect for any use. To be honest in answering your question the two stamps that I use most; 1) A small heart on the end of a long wooden dowel, made by “StampsbyJudith”. I stamp on the back of envelopes, in planner, cards, scrapbooking pages, you name it, all over the place, 2) a “Made By” stamp that someone gifted to me, which I use on the back of all the cards I make.

  45. #54

    Hello Cathy! These stamps look awesome. I don’t really have a lot of stamps myself, wasn’t really into them until this past December thanks to December Daily. The ones I use the post were the December Daily ones from Ali Edwards and my Hello friend stamp I got from Hobby Lobby.

  46. #55

    too many stamps to list but my favorite is the old fashioned date stamp (like the ones they use on library cards)

  47. #56

    I squealed when I saw Kerri’s new stamps! I have a lot of stamps and the ones that I use the most are words or sentiments. I use a lot of Ali Edwards’ stamps in my PL.

  48. #57
    Cathy A.

    These stamps look so nice! Thanks for the chance to win a set. I have to say the stamp I use most is a simple date stamp. I have many Studio AE sets that I love as well.

  49. #58
    Kimberly Ann

    I stamp more on cards than scrapbook pages, and there is a Christmas wreath that made 100 identical cards one year.

  50. #61

    My most used stamp is a super simple “thanks” in a nice font. I use it on cards and notes regularly! I’d love to have the new travel stamps that Kerri is putting out, and seriously hope they come out in a digital format too! Would be so perfect for our travel scrapbooks (digital)!

  51. #63

    My go-to stamp set is the Antique alphabets – upper and lower case from eons ago! They’re pretty tiny, but useful for so many things – like our Christmas tags this year (my crafty holiday thing this year…) Thanks for this opportunity!

  52. #64

    i think the ones I’ve used the most are the Christmas ones because you need to create so many cards. I love Kerri and her new stamps are amazing!

  53. #65
    Kimberly Goon

    I used to be a Close to My Heart consultant, so I have a TON of stamps. The one I use the most however is a little daisy with two leaves coming out of it. It is a perfect touch to any themed card.

  54. #67

    hmmm very tricky question. it depends what i am working on, what i go towards. currently my most used stamps would tim holtz blueprints, and an ali edwards set from way back. i love them but totally forget to pull them out for my project of the moment! these are awesome stamps.

  55. #68

    as a scrapbooker – I have only recently discovered stamping and how great it is- before that I would buy countless stickers. So my stamp collection is not that large.. But my favorite stamps would be my Heidi swap words.

  56. #69

    I use Stampin Ups Gorgeous Grudge on a ton of scrapbooking pages and cards. They’re abstract grungy feeling stamps. So even if I’m being clean and simple sometimes you just need a splatter of paint or random dots on the page

  57. #70
    Michelle Bazeley

    That’s a tough one- I have some fun snarky stamps from Studio Le that I love, a couple of project life ones from Studio Calico I use a bunch! I’m so excited to try Kerri’s!

  58. #71
    Laura T.

    I can’t count all my stamps right now because most are in boxes from moving, but I have A LOT. I have rubber stamps, foam stamps, acrylic stamps, clear stamps, date stamps, roller stamps, etc. Right now, my favorite stamps are the new Ali Edwards stamps. LOVE THEM.

  59. #72
    Melanie A.

    Most of my stamps have been for card making so I think the most used is an old SU tulip one. I really want to start using more stamps in my scrapbooking/PL. I’ve got some sets, now if i could just get this bathroom remodel over and get back to my stuff!! I am LOVING Kerri’s new stamps!

  60. #73
    Jacenda G.

    These sets look so fun and inspire me to want to create! I use mostly an alphabet set from many moons ago and Creating Keepsakes and the all-wonderful date stamp. Would love to try Kerri’s

  61. #75

    I have a bunch of stamps that I have now given to my daughter because they’re all sort of childish. I do have a couple sets of alphabets that I’ll use occasionally, but I mostly don’t stamp much because stamps are usually expensive & tend to be sort of a “one trick pony” so you don’t get as much bang for your buck. However, I don’t have any “grown up” stamps that are well designed & speak to my designer soul 😉 I bet if I did, I’d use them a lot!! 🙂 thanks for the chance to win!!

  62. #76
    Michelle t

    It’s a tie between Ali Edwards Fun Flair, Ali Edwards Today Circles, and a Lawn Fawn alphabet set. Thanks very much for a chance to win. Michelle t

    Ps…I have to add…your Christmas stamp set from Studio Calico is all over my December Stories album that I’m slowly working on. Love!!!!

  63. #77
    Carole J

    I saw these stamps a few days ago on Kerri’s blog & fell in love!! I have a ton of stamps but right now I’m constantly reaching for a set that has lots of great icons that I use in my planner. Thanks for the chance to win!!

  64. #78
    Tonya NC

    I have quite the collection of stamps; most are generic rubber stamps mounted on wood. These include letters, sentiments, animals, holidays, shapes. I have a good collection of clear acrylic stamps. These include the same, in addition to journaling blocks, borders, and flowers. I also have the rollers and some other stamps from Stampin’ Up. I have probably used Rhonna Farrer’s acrylic stamps or just cute animal rubber stamps the most. I have no idea which set. Honestly I am more of a collector of scrapping materials than a user. We moved and I never really got my scrapbooking room the way I wanted it. My kids decided they wanted separate bedrooms and then my stepdaughter moved back in. My craft room became the junk room. I always wanted Claudine Hellmuth’s Poppits stamps. If I win this set, I will clear out a space and get to scrapping again!!

  65. #79

    the stamp i use the most would have to be the “Happy Birthday” that goes inside my cards. these stamps from Kerri are exactly my style and i can see myself using them in many ways (scrapbook pages, cards, my planner), they’re perfect!

  66. #80

    Love stamps especially to use in journaling , story telling and everyday life. My favorite one is still…from a clearance bin way back when…think I paid 79 cents….stamp just says…WHAT I LOVE TODAY……..

  67. #81
    Tiffany H.

    I don’t use or have a lot of stamps but I use a ‘Happy Birthday’ stamp the most. After that I use two everyday-type stamps the most (‘currently this is life right now’ & ‘the important stuff’) by Evalicious.

  68. #82

    The set I’ve used the most over the years is a set of distressed background splotches and dots.

  69. #83

    I don’t have too many stamps bit the one I’ve used the most is a love set from Ali Edwards. I’m looking for a travel set and these are beautiful! Thanks for the chance to win!

  70. #84
    Marcie L.

    I have some words from Ali Edwards and Heidi Swapp that I find I use most often. Thanks for the chance to win these from Kerri!

  71. #85
    Kim W.

    I have lots and lots and lots…of stamps! I am addicted to stamps and use them all the time for all of my paper crafting projects. I would have to say that my favorite sets to use are the greeting and word sets. I would love to add some new stamps to my collection…love, love love the new ones from Kerri. Thanks for the chance to win!

  72. #86

    I have a lot of stamp sets but am not that great at stamping. 🙁 The set I have probably used the most is one by Ali Edwards that went along with her Week in the Life kit.

  73. #88

    I am enjoying my Tim Holtz and Ali Edwards stamps the most right now. I bet I could have some fun with these too!

  74. #89
    Haven K

    I love stamping in my scrapbook, by far my most loves/used stamps are a small alphabet set from Hero Arts, it is the perfect addition to all my journaling. Thanks for the chance to win I have been insta-stalking Kerri’s new stamps they are gorgeous!

  75. #90
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Oh my goodness! They are all so fabulous! One fine day is probably my favorite but each set is on my wish list!

  76. #92
    Carla Hundley

    I have a special made
    stamp with my own saying
    that I use on the back of
    all my cards. Have used it for
    more than 25 years!
    Carla from Utah

  77. #94

    Love all my stamps – but use my stampin up stamps the most. The set I use the most has phrases for for celebrations such as Father’s Day, Mother’s Day & Happy Birthday! 🙂

  78. #95

    i have a few older stamp sets that I use occasionally, but I love the look of stamps and would love to have one of Kerri Bradford stamp sets! Thanks for the chance to win!

  79. #96

    I don’t have many stamps ( a few Christmas stamps) and I’d love to have a set of Kerri’s stamps to try out.

  80. #98

    I have studio calico stamps that come with the PL monthly kit, and a new set from Kelly Purkey. These are right up my alley 🙂
    Love the ‘ate this’ and the daily, monthly typography ones and the travel stamps – really I like them all!
    Got to be in it to win it 🙂

  81. #99
    Mel H

    My elegant swirls set from Papertrey is my most used set. I seem to find a use for it all the time. It’s rarely off my desk.

  82. #100

    Boy, hard to say which set gets the most use. But since starting pocket scrapbooking, I’d have to say the different “roller” type sets get the most use.

  83. #101

    My favorite and most used set of stamps is a calendar set that has various fonts on it for the months and dates. Love the new Kerri Bradford stamps.

  84. #102

    I love all my stamps! However, my making memories alpha stamps are the workhorse I turn to while scrapbooking…dates, names, captions, short journaling…those tiny, little jewels help make my pages sparkle! 🙂

  85. #103

    For years I was a loyal Stampin’ Up! Stamp user. These days my favorites are digital stamps from Ali Edwards and yours through Designer Digitals!

  86. #104
    Melanie L.

    I have so many stamps I don’t use, but there is one stamp that I got probably 10 years ago that I use all the time. It’s a stamp of my name in a scripty font. I use it on the backs of cards along with a stamp that says “Handmade by”. The place I got it from isn’t around anymore, and I’ll be so sad if it ever wears down. I saw Kerri’s stamps and I love them, but I couldn’t decide and now she’s sold out. That is for the chance to win a set!

  87. #105
    Amy D

    I too have lots of stamps however the one I currently use the most is an arrow stamp I use on my PL journaling cards.

  88. #106

    I have a nautical set that I really love with a ship and an anchor, etc. it’s pretty masculine. I have made a lot of cards with it.

  89. #107

    I have a Heidi Swap journaling set I use all the time. My Martha Steward journaling box set comes in a close second.

  90. #108
    Laura A in Oregon

    I have and upper and lower case small alpha set that I have used for years. Also my date stamp for Project Life. These look great!

  91. #110

    One of my favorite stamp sets is an old phrases sets that I have had for over a decade. I use it all the time. I am in love with all of Kerri’s stamps. And the way they all work together- it’s just so lovely. Thanks.

  92. #111
    Cynthia B.

    I’ve used my Technique Tuesday Simply Sentiments stamp set over and over for card-making. Great little set with a bunch of different phrases – I think it might have been one of the first acrylic sets I got…and now that’s all I buy. Kerri’s new stamps look awesome!

  93. #112

    I’m forever changing my favorite set. The one I personally have used frequently was your Christmas set from studio calico. The ones I end up using the most though are the cast offs of old wooden stamps that I gave to my toddler boys. They love to stamp!

  94. #113

    My husband is in the military and we move every 3-4 years. Each new location brings lots of adventures and travels. My travel themed stamps definitely get the most use!

  95. #115

    Technically, I have an old magnetic Making Memories date stamp set which is the most used because I’ve used it on ‘regular pages’ plus used it on every page of a themed album (part of the flow and consistency). Other than that, I have a medium sized flourish stamp that is my go-to stamp when an area needs just a little interest or texture, usually with a tone-on-tone effect.

    I’ve been a fan of Kerri’s work for years and these stamps are awesome :).

  96. #116

    I’m new to scrapboooking and stamping so the one I’ve used most is my date stamp. Outside of scrapbooking, I stamp coloring pages for my kids and the one we use most is a mermaid kiddo stamp from Stampendous.

  97. #117
    Priya Mohan

    I have been eyeing these stamps and would love to win them! My most used stamps are from my studio calico project life kits! Thanks for the chance to win!

  98. #119

    How exciting, I love Kerri Bradford! That is a hard question. I have lots of different butterflies that I love. I love all my alpha stamps too.

  99. #120

    We are in the middle of a move, so I’ve pared my craft supplies to just the essentials. For scrapbook stamping that is primarily Ali Edwards Story and OLW stamps, Kelly Purkey travel stamps, your CZ HoHoHo set (my go to stamp for DD), an SC pet faces set and a coffee stamp set. These and some Dew Drop ink pads fit in one small basket and will get me through the next 3-6 months.

  100. #121

    I don’t have many stamps but I have a fun set of bicycle stamps that I love! and basic sentiments that I use for cards.

  101. #122
    Deb C

    Not too exciting or surprising, but my Project Life date roller stamp gets the most use. After that, it would be a toss up between several of Ali Edwards sets. Absolutely love these newly released sets of Kerri’s. Thanks for the chance to win.

  102. #123

    I have this set of mini letter stamps I picked up at Target! (in their dollar spot of all places)

  103. #124

    I love these! Thanks for the giveaway! My favorite stamp is probably the one I use the most often – my simple, but wonderful date roller stamp

  104. #125
    Tiffany M.

    These stamps are gorgeous! I didn’t even know she designed stamps! I have always loved her digital photo collage templates and cut files! Thanks for the chance to win! My most used stamp that I have is a birthday stamp in Ali Edwards handwriting.

  105. #126

    Love these new stamps! I have an assortment, and use them mostly for PL or making thank you and happy birthday cards. My favorite set at the moment is from Avery Elle – Cake & Candles set.

  106. #127

    I have stamps for Project Life, some for my planner and others for card making. It is so hard to pick a favorite. I do adore the Artistic Impressions Girlfriends series. Seems perfect for this part of my life as I turn 50! 🙂

  107. #130

    My recent favs are the my favorite things stamps, though I have to admit I have quite a collection through the years.

  108. #131

    I used to sell stamps as a hobby in order to buy more stamps! At some point, all the options got overwhelming and stifIing to my creativity. I gave them all away recently (gasp)! However I couldn’t part with a large alphabet set and a date roller stamp. Practical. Simple. Versatile.
    I love Kerri’s style & am glad to see these beauties. 🙂

  109. #132
    MD Designs

    Stampin Up scrolls and date stamp set (to circle the date of the month). So universal, easy and versatile!

  110. #133

    I’m with a bunch of the previous commenters. I use sentiment stamps on cards. I envy those that use stamps on scrapbook layouts. I’m working up the courage! These are lovely and I covet them!

  111. #134

    I have a lot of Ali Edwards stamps, but the set I use the most is an old alphabet set I bought ages ago. They are great for PL pages.

  112. #135

    I’m not even sure who makes it! But it has “like”, “love this”, “this moment”, arrows, geotags…just really universal, easy to use phrases. Kerri’s stamps look great and super versatile!

  113. #138

    These are great stamps!
    My most used stamp is definitely one of my Merry Christmas stamps. It’s a simple handwritten look font or whatever it’s called on a stamp and I used to use it when I made paper Christmas cards…I’ve switched to digital cards now that I have kids and want a family picture every year.

  114. #139
    Laura G.

    I love my Ali Edwards stamps and it would be hard to pick one favorite, and I do love her Christmas stamps…looking at Kerri’s stamps I can see I am going to love them!! 🙂 Good job Kerri!

  115. #140

    I have a LOT of stamps but the one I use the most says “Wahooo!” in big letters. How can you not find every excuse for a Whaooo?

  116. #141

    Over the years, I have used my Stampin’ Up stamps called “Bold Favorites”. They are event themed so they cover lots of holidays and major events. Small in size and simple design so they are my ‘go-to’ favs. Kerri’s stamps look great! Thanks for the giveaway!

  117. #143

    Just saw Kerri’s stamps a few days ago and ordered two sets…one is travel and the other is the fine day set. I’m looking forward to seeing her next set for next month. My favorite most used stamp set is an old set with smiley faces and happy sentiments…I use these on the envelopes.

  118. #144

    I only have one, but I use it often: it’s my address stamp. XD But my mom has shelves upon shelves and she graciously uses them to create fabulous things for me and my family. I’d love to gift these to her!

  119. #145

    I started collecting stamps as a card maker, but I recently keep focusing on memory keeping more. So the most used stamp set is “Just Awesome Tabs” by Ali Edwards. Thank you!

  120. #146

    I probably use a flourish the most….but I love one that says “happyness ahead” too…love so many stamps.

  121. #148
    Priya Venkat

    My most used stamps would have to be my flower stamps. Closely followed by my leaf stamps……..all. Y different manufacturers! Thanks for this amazing giveaway!

  122. #149

    I own digital and rubber stamps but lately have been mostly using only the digital ones, I love playing with the opacity of them. My favs are your stamps and the ali edwards ones.

  123. #151

    ok.. my favorite stamps are the old 7 gypsy stamps.. i do love the studio calico, ali edwards, kelly purkey, my minds eye, american craft and tim holtz stamps as well.. so picking a favorite is hard..

    looking at the other responses just make me want to add to my list.. but i love that kerri bradford has stamps too..

    thanks for sharing and for the chance to win one 🙂

  124. #152

    Do not have any and just starting. Would love this set, think it’s great for the novice to advanced.

  125. #153

    I use “Happy Birthday” and “Thinking of You” stamps the most. I have many stamp sets from Fiskars, Stampin Up, Close to my Heart”, etc. Your designs look fabulous and I would love to win and make some beautiful cards for all occasions!

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