Happy birthday to him. And to me.

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That fine young cowboy you see above? Today he turns 50. And that girl who could have been Lori Patridge’s kid sister? She turns 49 on Sunday. (Yes, from now on I will only speak of myself in the third person.)

You know I’m not shy about my birthday, right? I feel like every year I’m here is just about the greatest thing ever, regardless of what joy or pain or mediocrity finds it’s way in on any given day.

Getting to live this life is pretty much the ultimate shit.

Dan was in first grade. I was in Kindergarten. What a pair we make indeed.

Happy birthday, baby. It’s a lot of work, but I like work. My therapist says it’s actually one of my strengths.



Cathy ZielskeHappy birthday to him. And to me.

35 Comments on “Happy birthday to him. And to me.”

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    Kerri Bradford

    Happy birthday to you, my sweet friend! And to Dan too! I think it’s so funny that we both have Dan’s, with b-days just 2 and 3 days apart from us, we’re the same age, and we both used to roller skate to music and could do an ‘axel’ (okay, so mine was really just a 360). 😉

    Have a wonderful birthday weekend to you both!

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    Marilyn T

    Hope you both have a wonderful weekend full of birthday celebrations. Pisces are the nicest people!

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    Mary J

    Ah…love the young pics!! My hubby and I have back to back birthdays. Makes for fun celebrations!! Have fun, you two crazy kids!! Happy Birthday to you both!!

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    I’ve always thought Cole took after you, but there Dan is. Looking so much like Cole at that age! Best wishes to you both.

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    Happy birthday you crazy kids! I’d say go kick up your heels and enjoy it like you were half that age, but I think you already got that out of the way. 😉 So instead, have the kids make dinner, eat a piece of cake, drink a glass of wine, relax, and enjoy the weekend!

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    Happy Birthday guys!
    You are so right….it’s the number one Grateful to be alive and kicking and healthy!


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    Maggie Zygo

    Gorgeous post. Celebrating you as you approach your life anniversary, Cathy! And how awesome to always get to celebrate the occasion as your spouse does the same!!

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    Happy Birthday! Shamelessly plug your own birthday. Once your parents stop throwing your parties, they’re a lot less fun!

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    Christine K.

    Happy Birthday! It’s a Zielske celebration weekend. Have a glass of red wine for me. I’m your biggest fan way out here in the great PNW.

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    No gems of wisdom just sincere warm wishes for a fab birthday celebration. Hope it’s a day filled with pampering.

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    I’m totally on-board with gratitude for another year on this spinning globe. I’ve never understood those who piss and moan about their birthdays – seriously, would you prefer the alternative?

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    Katie Jones

    Happy birthday, CZ! Sorry I missed it, just catching up on the awesome stories on your blog after being away for a few days and then immersed in family life! I hope you had a fab day, and DZ did, too. With a little craziness but not as much as the “interesting” story you shared the other week 😉
    Love and hugs from the UK! xxx

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