Make a Page Monday—er—Wednesday (Trust me, it’s all gonna work out)

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STORY OF THE PAGE: I made this page for the most recent issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine as part of my Clean & Simple column. The focus of the column was my favorite scrapbooking subject: me. Now I say that with a little cheekiness implied, but what I really mean is this: women need to tell their own stories. That’s it. We do. You do. I do. What better way to reflect and think about this life than to write about it and then toss in some cute product and a photo of yourself. Now if this doesn’t sound like something that appeals to you at all, I’m just going to ask you to rethink it. Imagine if you could sit down and pore over pages of stories about your mother. Or your grandmother. I don’t know. I think that would be pretty dang cool. The great thing about this page I’m sharing? You can download a free template and make one yourself. No excuses, ladies! Right? Right! | make a page monday
DESIGN STUFF: You guys know me, right? You know I like generous margins framing the core content. This open space—or white space—is calm and inviting. It brings you in to focus on what’s going on in the middle. Namely, a photo, a cool chipboard title, and the journaling which simply follows a repetitive structure. This approach is such an easy way to write about yourself. Truly. We also have repetition here, with the black chipboard accent at the top, the title and the matching strip of patterned paper at the bottom.  (Chipboard elements and paper are from the new I Am collection from Simple Stories.) Also, the photo of me? No makeup and essentially in pajamas. And guess what? I kind of love it. It’s me. It’s now. Why not?

TECHNICAL SHIT: I started this page with the product, specifically, those big chipboard letters. I measured them and then designed everything else around them. I do this a lot with physical products I want to use. I figure out the space, the pop some kind of placeholder into a Photoshop doc and design around it. Today, you can download this template and make your own version of this page.


Go here, scroll down and find the link for digital layout template. Then, go make a nice page. I, and your future generations, thank you.

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—er—Wednesday (Trust me, it’s all gonna work out)

24 Comments on “Make a Page Monday—er—Wednesday (Trust me, it’s all gonna work out)”

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    Good Morning Cathy! I love this! I am…a work in progress, too!

    Thanks for sharing and have an awesome day!

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    Downloaded this template a few days ago because who doesn’t love the simplicity of it?! Thanks Cathy.

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    Love it. Love scrapping about myself, for all the reasons mentioned. Love your devil may care attitude about being in pjs and not wearing make-up… life. Love your witty repartee. Love this collection…just cut apart all the cards and I AM ready to get started!!

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    There will be no future generations of me, but I think I might do this anyway for my own edification. Thank you for the template and the encouragement 🙂

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      Not to intrude Rebecca, but I really love some of my father’s cousins and my mother’s aunts who don’t have children. I love to hold their stories too.

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        Sarah, you make a fine point. I’m counting on my brothers to provide me lots of niblings 😀 (3 so far!)

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    Love it, well I need a little less white space. BUT the repetition is awesome, I love the real photo and the title is striking.

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    Love the layout. Love your devil may care attitude about being in pjs and no make-up….my life. Love your sassy attitude. Love your offer of a free template. I AM a huge fan.

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    This is great and although I don’t have children I try to tell my story because, I might not remember me in say 30 years? haha
    Or might not remember what a freaking awesome life I have. truth.

    I would ask for a video of your process of building a page in Photoshop and making place holders etc. Sounds interesting to me…if you’re looking for content….

    Otherwise, Pj’s rule

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Julie,

      I’m working on a bevy of new classes, one of them is all about this very process of hybrid scrapbooking! Stay tuned!

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    Kim L

    Oh how I would love a page like this from my grandma or my mom. thank you for the template – off to download and make a page of . . . myself!

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    while i have read your blog for a long time, i love that you are back in print. i love your style and your page ideas

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    I would give just about anything to find a page like this my Mom made at any point in her life. Thank you for letting people know how important that would be to find one day…..
    Always have.
    Always will.
    Kristi (from Cropper Hopper)

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      Cathy Zielske

      I love that you always sign “Kristi (from Cropper Hopper)” I will ALWAYS know that name!

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