Present Participle List for March

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Pulling my hair out because my HP LaserJet will not stay on my network of available printers. I realize that not being able to print stuff out is pretty low on the pole of life problems, but, damn.

Loving that we put out our new doormat. It’s surely a sign of Spring.

Sending my daughter off to New Orleans today for a Spring break adventure she’s taking with her boyfriend and his whole family. #alittlejealous

Finishing the last episode of Togetherness on HBO. Anyone else loving this series as much as me? There was a scene in one of the early episodes where the two lead men are in their car and start air drumming to Tom Sawyer. That pretty much sealed the deal for me.

Preparing to launch a whole new venture. It’s called CZ Classes and by typing this, I just made it hella real. Keep your eye here for more details.

Freaking out just a little. See previous sentence.

Anticipating the arrival of the Spring issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today magazine. This represents the first big print design job I’ve worked on since the demise of Simple Scrapbooks back in early 2009. I’m not gonna lie: doing print design makes me feel so alive. And competent. It reminds me of things that I’m really good at, and sometimes those things are things I need. The issue drops on March 20. You can view it online for free, or if you want to touch and feel the most luscious paper ever, you can subscribe here.

Eating like ka-ka because I’m not handling my life as well as I know how to. I plan to turn this around. Today.

Becoming a foster dog family in the new few weeks for Good Karma Animal Rescue of Minnesota. This is something our family has been wanting to do for a while, and we’re going to take the plunge. We’re excited and a little nervous, too. They are a small but mighty organization and I’m honored to be a part of it.

What are you doing? By all means, do share.


Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for March

36 Comments on “Present Participle List for March”

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    Whoop! Whoop! Been waiting for that section of your site to see a little more action. I’m not very patient, so could you go ahead and get on that? Like, today?

  2. #2

    CZ classes! Nothing else has to happen today because my day is complete just reading this post. 🙂

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    Ronnie Crowley

    Yeh — a dog….hope that means some doggie words……we adopted a dog nearly a year ago and was our best decision of 2014. If we had fostered I’m not sure we’d of ever been able to give her back. We will celebrate her adoption at the end of month – feels like she’s been with us for ever. When she first arrived she slept in the laundry room, then she moved to a basket in our room, then she would join us in the middle of night like a child without you realising. Now well she just jumps in and snuggles in at the start of the night…….we said this would never happen when we first got her but guess the lesson is never say never. The power of puppies eyes and soft begging woofs….

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    Watching the rain come down here in the New Orleans area…. But after today, Aiden should much better weather! Hope she has a grand time.

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    So thrilled you are doing your own classes, can’t wait! Now if I could just get you to start making some clean and simple stamps…you know….great typography, minimal embellishment. You could really build a lovely brand of stamping goodness for all that love your style! Pretty please?

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    I did have plans for the day but now I’m going to have to sit here waiting patiently (not!) for more word on your classes. Every class I have taken from you has definitely been worth my time and my money.

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    Stacy A.

    I’m so excited to hear about your venture into classes! And we adopted two dogs almost two years ago after being a dogless household for six years, and despite a lot of anxiety about it, it was one of the best decisions we’ve made in a long time.

  8. #13

    I clicked on the link to your classes and busted out laughing. LOVE the photo! Since I’ve already taken almost everything you taught at BPC, can’t wait to see what new content ends up at CZ classes! 🙂

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    you never cease to make me laugh and make me accidentally snort my dr. pepper due to laughing. that video clip was awesome. Congrats on classes – I seriously need to learn PSE.

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    Michelle t

    I second stamps. Please, please…please? I love your Christmas one from Studio Calico. And I mean…Love. Congrats to you, Cathy, just by your words I feel your excitement over both your classes and the new issue of SCT. It’s a gift, that feeling. So well deserved. Good luck with everything.

    Here? Wishing you could take me by the hand and show me exactly how to do this computer stuff.

    Oh, sweet, a dog. Awesome.

    Michelle t

  11. #16

    Love that your family is going to be fostering….rescue dogs are so rewarding. Warning…fostering does lead to “foster failure” at some point! 🙂
    Also, excited about your new classes page….can’t wait to see what’s there!

  12. #23

    Been holding off on committing to BPC new membership site ‘patiently’ waiting for you to get your sh*t together for class offerings. So happy it’s finally happening.

  13. #25

    Woo Hoo for your girl child visiting NOLA…if she gets a chance to visit Royal Street tell her to look for Tonya and Dorise, they play guitar and electric violin to current/classic rock music and are amazing! There are so many great street performers, jazz bands, jitterbug dancing and the great architecture in the French Quarter…amazing!

  14. #28

    Door mats? Lots of puddles? I’ll take any sign of spring.

    And in a thinly-disguised act of self-promotion, I happen to be blogging today about my very old dog Simon we adopted ten years ago from the local pound. Maybe you’ll get a feel for the sometimes-bumpy, but always-worth-it road up ahead.

  15. #29
    Christine K.

    Togetherness looks like my kind of show. I have always admired Melanie Lynskey. My only problem is I don’t have HBO.

    My daughter is also going to NOLA for Spring Break with a school sponsored group that is helping to re-build Katrina damaged houses. This will be her second year working there during her break. There is a large contingent of PNW kids heading down there in April.

    I am beyond exited about you running classes. You are the best above all the rest in terms of teaching and content. You have helped me learn all kinds of PSE skills and I can’t thank you enough.

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    Melanie A.

    Love animals, love dogs. I have two myself. I can’t wait to hear about your foster adventures…I hope you will share. I was excited to see your Facebook post about the rescue.

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    Katie Jones

    Okay, you got me. I subscribed to SCT – and as an international subscriber that is not the cheapest option! But as the magical CZ is involved, I went with it. (Plus, with only 4 issues a year, hubby can’t complain too much about me subscribing to a magazine!) I also ordered the “catch up” option for 2014, with the involvement of you *plus* Ali Edwards and pocket scrapbooking being a focus, I figured I couldn’t go far wrong 🙂
    Thanks for “enabling” me, Cathy!! Have a fab day.

      1. #31.1.1
        Katie Jones

        Thanks! We love you, too!
        And as well as signing up for access to the Me TAV class on the site, I also snaffled the concept of this post last night to add a couple of cute cards for my PL album for what we’re up to right now. So thanks, I’m having a much more fun week due to hanging out here 🙂

  18. #32

    I just subscribed too. Thanks for enabling – I think it was your comment about the “luscious paper” that got me 🙂

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