Fabulous Project Life Grab Bag… up for grabs!

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ABOUT THE GIVEAWAY: This giveaway is now closed! You may not know that Lisa Bearnson and I go back, wayyyy back to the day of both working for the same magazine. Well, check that: I had a job because she started Creating Keepsakes magazine, which spawned Simple Scrapbooks magazine, among others. Talk about an original risk taker in this industry. Of course, many of you may know Lisa from her work on tv and now she’s bringing her skills to the Home Shopping Network. To celebrate, Becky invited me to join in a super awesome Project Life giveaway, and here’s the fun part for me: my new value kit will be in the grab bag!

Also in the grab bag:

PL Dazzle Value kit w/ album
PL Cathy Z Value kit w/ album
PL Mix & Match value kit w/alb
PL Heidi Swapp Dreamy & Album
PL Heidi Swapp  Fav. Things & Album kit
PL Heidi Swapp  2pk value kit #1
PL Heidi Swapp  2pk Value Kit #2
PL Insp. Mega Kit
PL Adventure Mega Kit
PL Desktop Mega Kit
PL Aqua Mega Kit

That oughta keep you scrapbooking for a while, yes?

TO ENTER: This giveaway is now closed. Winners will be chosen and announced later this week!

Cathy ZielskeFabulous Project Life Grab Bag… up for grabs!

437 Comments on “Fabulous Project Life Grab Bag… up for grabs!”

  1. #3

    Project Life is so easy & it’s easy to mix in traditional full pages when ever I feel the need to be more creative in my story presentation.

  2. #5

    I love the simplicity but also like that I can embellish my pages more if I want to. I’m also able catch up on a lot of scrapbooking in a short period of time!

  3. #6

    I love the flexibility. I use it to do a 7 on 7 of the month and have been for years, but I can change it up when I want to add additional layouts in it. I can make it simple or jazz it up. Love my Project Life system.

  4. #8

    I find with doing Project Life, I’m capturing photos of everyday life and I would miss those if I scrapped traditionally. That’s what I love about it.

  5. #9
    Amanda M.

    That it can be anything you want it to be – and for me, that’s simple! Doing my baby’s baby book and I am totally caught up!

  6. #10

    I love that it forces me to journal at least a little. I have tons of photos, but also need to capture the words that go with them.


  7. #13
    Jeanne pellerin

    i love that Project Life allows me to easily create a beautiful time capsule of my family’s daily life!

  8. #16

    love the hybrid format of photo album and scrapbook, allows one to get ‘caught up’ much more quickly!

  9. #17
    Cindy Howard

    I love the ability it gives me to put unrelated pictures on a single page and tell the stories that go with them. Small stories that would never make a ‘real’ scrapbook page. But that need to be told.

  10. #18
    Coby Faber

    WOW, wat an awesome giveaway 🙂 My favorite thing about PL is that it makes it SO EASY & FAST to document EVERYDAY LIFE. Something I otherwise never would’ve done! I would’ve done just done the holidays, birthdays and major events. But the everyday life is much more meaningful to look back on and reminisce about years from now!

  11. #22
    Amy D

    I love the versatility of the many page styles and ease of compliling albums.
    I also like that it is available in both digital and printed format.

  12. #24
    Shana S.

    The simplicity, hands down!

    What a great grab bag! Thank you for the opportunity to win your kit!

  13. #25

    I love that I still scrapbook….because if it weren’t for such a simple system, I likely would’ve given up on scrapbooking years ago. Now my children have amazing memories documented because of Project Life!

  14. #27

    My favorite thing is how it captures the little details of our daily lives. I’ve been using it for four years now, and it has let me capture so many little things that would have been lost in the day to day crazy of raising two little ones! Thanks for the giveaway!

  15. #29
    laura g.

    I love PL because I can get all my photos into an album quickly. My photos aren’t on my computer or my phone, they are in an album for everyone to look at!

  16. #30
    Sandra Doornbos

    I just LOVE it because it’s the perfect way to combine the creativity of scrapbooking and a quick way of putting your pictures in a photo album.

  17. #31
    Laura A in Oregon

    Quick and easy way to document the large and small events of life. And every thing can fit in there: pics, stubs, certificates. I also love the variety of protectors available.

  18. #34
    The Morning Dew

    The simplicity, of course, and that you can journal a lot, not too much, or none at all. Thank you for this opportunity. Of course your kit will be my very favorite.

  19. #35
    Wendy Reale

    Holy giveaway, Batman! I love Project Life because I can do it and I’m able to keep up with it. I don’t get overwhelmed and never make time, I just do a little here and a little there and roll on with my bad self. Simple and easy and, most importantly, DOCUMENTED.

  20. #37

    LOVE everything about PL! My favorite thing is that I can scrapbook anything and place it anywhere in the album. I don’t have to do things “in any order” and still put it where I want it easily!

  21. #38

    I love how fun the layouts are when they are done and looking back at all of them! And the great designs!

  22. #39

    PL is a huge time saver! You can organize the photos and record the story quickly and easily! And the end product makes you look like a scrapbook genius!

  23. #40

    quick & easy…as a non-traditional scrapper it was a perfect place to begin. thanks for the giveaway!

  24. #41
    Sharon Fletcher

    Love the ease and how the layouts can be simple or embellished to your own style. Live the quote cards that add a little extra to your story.

  25. #42

    I love PL because I can easily and quickly record our families memories! It doesn’t hurt that the kits are cute too!

  26. #43
    Kimberly Ann

    Perfect for traveling! I pack several Journsling cards and my favorite pens, then make everyone I’m traveling with full out a card a day. Album done when pictures are printed.

  27. #45
    Amber McCuaig

    Happy Friday! I love the clean and simple look of Project Life products – and that I can add embellishments, ephemera, and such to dress it up a little more if I want. In short, I just LOVE the PL products and concept! Thanks so much for a chance to win this awesome giveaway 🙂

  28. #46
    Jean Schmuker

    I like Project Life because it is so versatile and adaptable to any style of memory keeping.

  29. #47

    I am new to PL and have been doing it digitally, only. I would love to try some real-life pages too!

  30. #50

    I’m now working on year 6 of Project Life and it’s been a constant through the ebb and flow of full size layout creation for me. I can ALWAYS put together my very simple weekly spreads (with high or low lights) and I feel creative! I checked my Michael’s over the weekend and they didn’t have your new kit yet so I will patiently wait and check back. I would love a few new supplies – thanks for the chance to win!

  31. #52

    I love the feeling of accomplishment from being able to capture the memories so quickly, and the versatility.

  32. #53
    Tammy W.

    My favorite thing about PL is that anyone can do it. Though this is true with traditional scrapbooking, PL is much more user friendly and less indimitating for the everyday picture taker to pair words, memories and photos together with well designed and super cute kits.

  33. #54

    Versatility – I’ve used it for ‘weekly’ spreads, monthly recaps, great for a travel book with all the pockets for tickets, flyers, booklets, etc. Also great to just put in lots of printed photos – working on an ‘early years’ book for my children with just random photos I printed long ago.

    Also great if I make a PL page and then later need a photo for one of those last minute projects….I can just pull it out!

  34. #56

    My favorite thing about Project Life is how quickly I can put it together. I love artsy scrapbooking, but at this stage in my life, I have time for Project Life. I love how the books look with minimal effort on my part.

  35. #59
    Amy Cichran

    Project Life helps me catch up on the mounds of photos I have yet to scrap. I may actually finish albums for my kids!

  36. #60
    Tina LaReaux

    I love that it’s so easy and affordable I can scrapbook for my 15 nieces and nephews…

  37. #62

    My favorite thing about Project Life is that it’s simple-simple to do and simple to keep up with! I’ve been at it since 2009 and I’m still loving it. Thanks so much for the chance to win.

  38. #63
    Nicole Hankosky

    My favorite part of Project Life is that you can embellish as much or as little as you want and it still looks great! In the past it seemed like scrapping my memories required so much pre-planning (what colors, what papers, crop photos, what embellishments, title?, etc.) and with Project Life I can choose how much time I want to spend on those items. To me, it’s more about the photos and the memories than the “artsy-ness” of the layout or trying to outdo my last layout.

  39. #64

    My favourite thing about project Life? The versatility of it ~ the wide choice of pocket pages, the range of editions and the choice of all photos v all journalling v both. No two weeks ever look the same!

  40. #65

    I love having a scrapbook that is current and complete. I have both 2014 and 2013 totally done and am able to look at them whenever I want to.

  41. #67

    I feel that I can “somewhat” keep up with my memory keeping and still have “creative fun”. I love making 12×12 layouts but always feel that I’ll never keep up with all the pictures/stories. With PL I can tell a more complete story in less time than making a bunch of 12×12 layouts. I can still do 12×12 for special pictures or stories, but feel like I have a pretty complete story in my PL albums.

  42. #68
    Tammy R.

    My favorite thing about Project Life? The flexibility and versatility of the system! Some weeks I’m feeling extra crafty and add lots of embellishments. Some weeks I keep it “clean and simple,” CZ-style. And it all works together beautifully! 🙂

  43. #69

    So easy! Pocket scrapbooking in general has saved my life! I was getting discouraged about not getting much done and was ready to give up scrapping. Then I tried pocket pages and love it!!

  44. #70
    Connie Harris

    Project Life is a fabulous way to actually keep up with life. You can keep it “clean & simple” (excuse the reference) or more elaborate. It actually helps me keep current with my scrapbooking, while still including some traditional scrapbooking as the mood hits.

  45. #71

    I love that you only need an album, pages, and a kit to make a simple beautiful album. It can be embellished or very simple.

  46. #73
    Chris Cross

    I love all of the adorable graphics and fonts that are on the cute little cards that come with the kits.

  47. #74
    Kari Bharucha

    I love that it makes it easy to do a little bit at a time, that I can still embellish things or create my own cards if I’m feeling extra creative and BEST of all I love that it makes it easy to catch up.

  48. #76

    I love the simplicity of Project Life!! I am a busy mom, so anything to make scrapbooking easier and simple is A ok in my book!!

  49. #77
    Kimberly Goon

    I love that fact that it was a chore when I first started, remembering to take a photo and write a little bit down each day…and now it’s a habit and is just part of my day. I love recording my family’s life and PL has made it easy.

  50. #78
    Jocelyn Thompson

    Thanks Cathy! I love Project Life because it will leave a record of life lived for kids, grand kids and anyone else that is interested. It is a simple, crap-free way to scrapbook the every day moments!

  51. #79

    I just received the CZ Value kit yesterday. I love the colors, the crisp, clean design and the silver. Since I haven’t started January yet, I think I’ll make this kit the backbone of this years album. Thanks!

  52. #80

    I love the simplicity! I love the fancy pages, but I never get them finished. Project Life takes the stress out of scrapbooking for me.

  53. #81
    Rosa Rivero

    my favorite part: it’s so easy to combine photos, words and memorabilia without having to figure out a layout.

  54. #82

    The best thing about Project Life is that my kids have scrapbooks to enjoy… plain and simple! My husband and four children now join me in “looking” for our daily stories! Thank You All for sharing this amazing system!

  55. #83
    Audrey V

    I document more of the “everyday life” moments with project life, in my regular scrapbooks, I document more of the events and celebrations.
    I’m really looking forward to your new PL kit!

  56. #84

    I love how quickly I can put things together. In about 3-4 sessions, I knocked out my youngest child’s whole first year album (2 sessions during that year, and another 2 after he’d turned one). With my first child, there’s a whole huge scrapbook (actually 1.5 books) dedicated to that first year, and with this second, it takes up less than one, it fits he shelf space I have, and the time I have in my life for these ventures. Project Life just…works!

  57. #86
    Priya Mohan

    It makes documenting life’s moments big or small in the most simple and easy way not to forget the flexibility it offers.

  58. #87
    Nita K.

    what a great giveaway! I love that Project Life simplifies the process. Even I manage to squeeze in scrapbooking time with PL.

  59. #88

    It is quick, easy and flexible. Thanks for the opportunity to win this great giveaway! 🙂
    Patti 🙂

  60. #89

    What I love about Project Life is that I can make a scrapbooking page without angst! I am not the most artistic person and I was intimidated by all the pages my friends were doing. I actually stopped scrapbooking because of it! I picked up a PL kit in December and I have been doing a weekly layout and it’s actually FUN. It restored and rejuvinated my love of scrapbooking, honestly. Thanks so much to everyone involved in Project Life 🙂

  61. #90
    Tiffany M.

    I love Project Life because it is a way to house my everyday photos and stories. Most of my photos don’t need a layout to themselves, but with this system, I have a place for everything. Thanks for the chance to win! You have such cool friends!

  62. #91
    A&M Momma

    I love that you can get your memories recorded quickly and easily with no rules. Which leaves more time to make more memories!

  63. #93

    lovely give away! i am loving my project life a lot! this is my fifth consecutive year of taking a photo a day, 2014 are all printed and in pockets! so awesome to flip thru the entire year at a glance. the journalling is not finished, but that is how i roll! now to go back to the other years and print the photos and pocket file them. awesome, easy, satisifying!

  64. #94

    It is so easy! And I am convinced it is impossible to mess up. Even on my most Uncreative days it turns out great.

  65. #95
    Lynn Q

    I absolutely love the fact I can quickly and beautifully record my photos and stories. I love that there aren’t any rules. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. #96

    What DON’T I love? It’s so simple. And quick. And beautiful. I love looking back to see what was going on in our lives. (Oh, and my PL albums have settled a few family “discussions” as well.) Thanks for the chance!

  67. #97
    Carla Hundley

    I love PL and have been
    using it since 2009! I
    love how simple it is
    and getting a photo
    a day really showcases
    our lives.
    Carla from Utah

  68. #99
    Sue in Grapevine

    I love the simplicity of popping pictures into a pocket, then writing a few lines on a card.

  69. #100
    Kim L

    Wow – what an amazing grab bag! I love how Project Life makes it easy to document our everyday life.

  70. #101
    Paula A.

    I love that I don’t have to spend a lot of time and money on getting my pictures in an album. I can make it fancy or I can simply use some of the packaged cards and let it go…..

  71. #102

    I love the PL system for family history. These albums are never “finished” because new information trickles in over the years: an old photo surfaces or a document is found. Because of the variety of pocket pages it is easy to add each new item, no matter the size. Snap it in; done! Record little snippets of information on the small, colorful cards and the album comes together quickly. Sections emerge for each ancestor when using the dividers. Win!

  72. #104

    Okay….. HELLO to this giveaway!!!!!! could this not be the greatest giveaway in the world!!!!!! 🙂 I love project life because it gets me thinking more and more abut not just our everyday… but everyday moments that would so many times I over looked when I was doing “Traditional Scrapbooking”
    Oh please pick me for this giveaway!!!! please oh please!

  73. #105
    Lynn M

    I love Project Life because I can get it done. Everyday life is documented without any angst. And I can’t wait for your kit.

  74. #106
    Karen P

    I love the simplicity of Project Life to document the everyday and have also started using pocket pages to help me get more scrapbooking done. What a fabulous giveaway! I’d love it if you pick me 🙂

  75. #107

    I love that there are compartments to keep everything neat – if only real life were like that!

  76. #109

    With Project Life I am documenting 100% more of my memories than I was before, and if a system can do that, as far as I’m concerned it’s a winner!

  77. #110

    I love the versatility. The pocket pages give a home for all the little things you save that were previously in a drawer. Then the app allows you to scrapbook on the fly with only your iPhone if you don’t want to haul around supplies. It gives you OPTIONS. Have loved Project Life from the beginning.

  78. #112

    Ooh! What an awesome giveaway! I love Project Life because it is simple no matter how I choose to tell my stories. When I want to play with paper, I can use the physical kits. When I’m in a digi-mood, I can Project Life digital, and when I’m stuck waiting for my kids in the school parking lot, I can Project Life on the app. No matter what, it’s quick, easy, and my stories are getting told! Yay!

  79. #113
    Tiffany B

    I love the simplicity and speed of Project Life. It helps me focus not only on the big events and vacations but on day to day life.

  80. #117
    Michelle t

    I love the cards. And I also love that it can be anything you want it to be. Thanks for a chance to win. Michelle t

  81. #119

    Love that is is so easy and quick and also you can keep it simple or add embellishments to make it as elaborate as you like. The system is very flexible and I love that!

  82. #121

    I love how I can tell the simpler everyday stories that wouldn’t make it into my scrapbooks otherwise. Thanks!

  83. #123

    The thing I love most about project life is the fact that I can capture my family’s memories— and at the same time have a creative outlet.

    Most if the time I have a hard time spending money on being creative–because I can’t see the end benefit for my family. But the benefit from project life is blatantly obvious. Memories. Forever. Plus, it gives me a creative outlet, which I feel is so good for my soul.

    Thank you!!

  84. #124

    Project Life is getting me excited about scrapbooking again after being on a long hiatus. The system seems less time-consuming than making traditional pages and all these fun (and beautiful!) kits make it even more enjoyable! Thanks for the chance to win this FANTASTIC goody bag!!! Will be watching HSN on Tuesday! 🙂

  85. #125
    Heather F.

    I LOVE that it spans and connects generations. It can be as simple or complex as desired and allows me to work with my 9 year old and mother to create beautiful family memories for generations to come!

  86. #127

    i love how quick and easy project life albums are to finish. Even if I choose to embellish the heck out of some of the cards, I can still finish an album in record time.

  87. #130
    Shawna Zervos

    I love the simplicity and the fact that my daughters will have beautiful albums documenting “the everyday.”

  88. #134

    I love how quickly an album comes together…even if I just do pieces here and there once in awhile. I’m taking a blank album on spring break with us to put in “stuff” and write our stories, and then will print photos when we get home!

  89. #135

    I like Project Life because it gives me an outlet for chronological scrapping, which I also like to do.

  90. #136
    Ellie Augustin

    Being able to document the everyday for my family it is he most awesome gift. Just print my pics document a card here there and in a year I have a record of what we did. How more amazing could it get. That’s why this is my 5th year doing so. I LOVE Project Life!

  91. #137

    I love the simplicity! you can do as much or as little as you want and still document your family’s life!! Thank you so much for the chance!

  92. #138
    Jennie M

    I love that it gets done! I found out about PL at the end of 2010, and since then, I have completed 4 albums, 2011 – 2014!!! All the memories and all the every day stuff is documented, and it makes me SO happy. It wouldn’t be possible without PL! Thanks for the chance to win!

  93. #139

    I love the simplicity of Project Life! But if I wish to kick it up a notch with embellishments, I can do that too. Thanks for the chance to win!

  94. #140
    Judy Grubbs

    I like the fact that we get to see our whole life, not just the trips and celebrations. The day to day that is just as important to document.

  95. #142
    Marcie L

    PL has quenched my thirst for chronological scrapbooking while allowing me to still create random pages for my Library of Memories albums. Thanks for the chance to win!

  96. #143
    Mary Holshouser

    I like Project Life because it is easier to embellish small spaces that do a big 12×12 page of empty space. thanks.

  97. #145
    Anita Hiltz

    I love how easy and fast Project Life is! It can be simple and it can be embellished! Just depends on how much time you have…it’s up to you!

  98. #146

    I love how easy it is to put together and that I can just sit down with a bunch of photos and papers and put together a scrapbook!

  99. #149
    Pat Baker

    This is my fourth year of doing Project Life and I think the thing I love about it most is being able to go back and see how things have changed or stayed the same from year to year. I love it!

  100. #150

    Project Life is easy & I can make little “vignettes” about everyday life. And there are no rules on how I want to do it; it’s whatever works for each scrapbooker. I feel less stress with Project Life.

  101. #151
    Sue Alg

    Project Life is so easy. After scrapping for over 10 years, I finally found a “system” that I love. It keeps me up to date and I find I’m scrapping more then ever.

  102. #153

    Love that even though our son is at college, I still want to scrapbook about our everyday lives. I love telling stories about our son, but I also love the creative process. I didn’t think it would be as rewarding once he went to college, but it still is!!!

  103. #154
    Susan M.

    Love that I can scrap so many photos and so many stories in such a short time. And I can easily get the family involved too 🙂

  104. #155

    I appreciate that it’s not a hard and fast system but one that allows flexibility in time, style, mood.

  105. #156

    I love that I can get things I want to remember down in a cute and easy system. It motivates me to get my photos printed and off my computer so we can enjoy them. I would love to win! Thanks for the give away.

  106. #159

    I love that PL is easy but beautiful. It looks crafty but doesn’t require a whole lot of other “stuff” or space to work on…just space to store all my lovely kits!

  107. #161

    I really love how easy it is to do and how fast I can grab it and take with us wherever we go. I took it on every camping trip to Mt. Rainier last summer.

  108. #162

    PL – easy and achievable for a busy working mama! I dare say, it’s easier than creating a photo book, plus you can add the journaling or save bits and bobs.

  109. #164

    I love PL because I can actually keep up and I feel I’m accomplishing something. More time = more stuff in the pockets; less time = simplicity! Either way, I’m keeping up! Thanks for the opportunity to win – your kit looks great – can’t wait to either win it or buy it!

  110. #165
    Jennifer Scales

    I love how easy it is to get my memories perserved with PL! Everything coordinates, so I can concentrate on my pictures and then add a few extras to make an album that my family will love!

    Thanks CZ!

  111. #168

    I love the ease of the products with PL to document the day to day. It’s fun to jazz up my pages with extra pieces from my stash to really make it my own.

  112. #169
    Sandra B.

    PL pages give a home for the hilariosity of the random, every day photos I take. Thanks, BH, CZ & LB!

  113. #170
    Leslie S.

    I love how Project Life has helped me get caught up and current on a very large amount of photos. So easy and now stress!

  114. #172

    Love that it is so simple and easy to document life. Very stress free as mentioned in other posts. I love it. Thank you

  115. #173
    Mary H

    I love that I can be as creative or lazy as I feel like being. I also love that it documents how amazing and even hard the everyday really is.

  116. #176
    Kathryn B

    I love that Project Life is simple and easy to use while still allowing each person to embellish or not. It allows for creativity within an easy to use framework, and because it’s available in paper, digital, and in the app on the iPhone/iPad. It really does fit everyone who wants to preserve memories

  117. #178
    Lisa Cooper

    I adore the fact that Project Life is allowing me to catch up on 20 years of photographs – all the way back to when my children were infants. Pooping the pictures into PL pocket pages, writing my memories, and handing the albums to my children to enjoy.

  118. #179
    Valerie W

    Project Life is THE enabler for me to keep my yearly, 365-day projects updated. Simple and done.

  119. #181
    Lisa Cooper

    I adore the fact that Project Life is allowing me to catch up on 20 years of photographs – all the way back to when my children were infants. Popping the pictures into PL pocket pages, writing my memories, and handing the albums to my children to enjoy.

  120. #182

    I love Project Life because it’s components are so versatile. I can use them for quick scrap booking, for card making, for planner pages, and incorporate them in custom scrap layouts. I love Lisa too.

  121. #183
    Melanie A.

    I love that I can scrap anything and everything and it is easy, fast and doesn’t take up as much space. I can make it as simple or as elaborate as I want with no pressure!

  122. #184
    Julia S

    I love how I can get all of those photos from my phone that are cute and memorable into an album with the little stories that at the moment may not mean much, but in the big picture they do. There also isn’t the pressure to create an “artistic” scrapbook page. It is so easy putting pictures in pockets with a journaled story and you are DONE!

  123. #188
    Deanna M.

    I love that with project life I was able to finish my first scrapbook album after starting with good intentions so many others.

  124. #191

    I know I should say the simplicity of the system but my favorite thing is the product – I’m addicted to the way all the things match and go together and work so well 🙂

  125. #192

    i love Project Life because it’s a system my whole family can use. We all sit around the table and work on our pages, and there’s no more grumbling from anyone! And there’s FINISHED projects, which I love. Can’t wait to play with all of this PL product, most especially your kit, Cathy! Thanks to you and Project Life!!!

  126. #194

    Whoa what a lot of goodies 🙂
    I love that we can access PL supplies even in little ole New Zealand (some other trends never reach us!!) and that I can easily include everyday shots, imperfect shots, detail shots, my kids art, school certificates and toy packaging so easily in one place !!! I’m thinking I’ll enjoy looking back as an old lady and seeing the little things that were important to us each month 🙂

  127. #195

    I love it because I can document my family’s everyday life quickly and simply and not spend so much time faffing around choosing embellishments etc 🙂

  128. #196
    Sheena Mawson

    To be honest I love looking at the supplies. I love the ease of documenting our lives and just how easy it can be! I can’t wait to get my hands on your new kit!

  129. #197

    I love that it takes the “crap” out of scrapbooking! It took sooooo much stress off me. I could enjoy taking photos again. It brought me back to documenting our story.

  130. #199

    i love the the PL system is so simple that a new mom can document the first year of life with a baby. That was 4 yours ago, and I am still lovin’ it!

  131. #200

    The versatility to fit a variety of photos and story bits on one page. It doesn’t require ‘perfect’ show-stopper photographs and it’s easy to write in small doses.

  132. #203

    I love the way my kids can easily look and HELP put together our family memory albums!
    Harrisburg pa.

  133. #206
    Laura T.

    I have been doing Project Life since it started. I love that I am able to capture the everyday NOW and get the pictures into the albums NOW.

  134. #207
    Haven K

    I love the versatility of the Project Life system. I use it in my photo planner, my scrapbook and even mini books always come together quickly and look awesome with Project Life. Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  135. #208
    Nicki M.

    I love how easy it is. Also, since there really isn’t any gluing involved I can switch things around or add to it whenever you want. Thanks for a chance to win!

  136. #210
    Lori M

    Easy peasy. Even if I get interrupted (two little boys in the house and sometimes naptime is just way too short) it is so easy to pick right back up where I left off. I don’t lose my creative mojo because everything just fits together so easily. Thanks for th chance to win!

  137. #211

    I love how quick and easy it seems to be. I have been looking into this system for the last couple months trying to decide what I need to start. It would be a blessing to win!

  138. #214
    Shannon Duffy

    I love how quick & easy the system is and how you don’t have to add embellishments if you don’t want to since the cards are already fabulous! I work FT, volunteer a lot at my daughters school and have little time left to scrapbook, but this allows me to stay caught up! Love it!!

  139. #215
    Leslie B

    I love how it really is stress free and not a lot of creative juices are required. I can make my pages as simple or embellished as I want and both are perfectly fine.

  140. #219
    Susan B

    My favorite part of Project Life is capturing all the little moments that I know I would otherwise forget

  141. #220

    I love how easy it is to preserve my memories! Without PL, I would be totally overwhelmed. I love looking forward to the new editions, too- always something fresh! The app is awesome, too.

  142. #221

    I love that it’s a cute and easy way to document! And I love sharing my kits with my Mum and sisters and seeing them tell their own stories too

  143. #222
    Amanda M.

    My kids get involved in creating their own pages. It’s the best when my 6 year old says. “Hey. I want that picture in MY book!” 🙂 This is an awesome giveaway. Thank you!!

  144. #224
    Janette L

    I love mixing up different page sizes in project life to suit how i want to tell a story with a group of photos. I don’ feel I have to keep to 12×12 any more.

  145. #228
    Lynn L.

    I am getting more of our every day life and little details in our scrapbooks that I just didn’t have time to do when I was devoting so much time and basically one event on a single scrapbook page.

  146. #229
    Kristie McKibben

    Awesome giveaway! I love Project Life as I love everything stationery yet this type of system helps to capture memories!!!

  147. #230

    Wow – what an amazing giveaway.

    My favourite thing about Project Life as it gets the memories recorded – pictures + words and done.

  148. #231

    Lots of options for cards and page protectors. Love the ease of the app. It continues to evolve. Never get bored.

  149. #232

    After four years of doing Project Life, I love how it helps me see that life goes on, and beautifully so, even through heartbreak and loss.

  150. #234

    I love that you can make it what you want it to be. I also love the app!! Thanks for a chance to win some awesome PL stuff!

  151. #236

    With a 2 1/2 yr old it is the ONLY way I get scrapbooking done. So simple and flexible. Love it!

  152. #241

    My favorite thing about PL is that I can make it as simple or as creative as I want and have time for – can even add traditional layout pages in between PL pages!

  153. #243

    i love that it keeps track of our family adventures. I am on my 6th year and everyone enjoys looking at them.

  154. #245

    I love how easy it is, and that means I actually do it. I also love that my daughter looks at my completed pages every week.

  155. #250

    My favorite thing about Project Life is the structure. It encourages me to keep scrapbooking even when “nothing” is going on. 🙂 I love seeing the little details, even from just a few years ago.

  156. #251

    I like the PL format because the pictures and the journaling take center stage. I don’t have to look for “fluff and stuff” to decorate my pages. Project Life takes the pressure off to make the “perfect” page.

  157. #258
    Michelle M

    Project Life has helped me to actually keep up with my scrapbooking. I don’t get overwhelmed anymore with the pressure of a “fabulous layout”.

  158. #260
    Jill Price

    I love Project Life because I can indulge my love for scrapbooking and taking photos and keep up with my busy life at the same time!

  159. #261

    The ease of it, the variety and the ability to get my small but important stories told fast and in a small amount of space- so many things to love.

  160. #262

    I like to incorporate project life with my scrapbook pages when I have a lot of photos – like when I go on a vacation

  161. #264
    Jennifer Carmichael

    i love that I can mix it up…..lots of pictures or just the cards. Great for my niece and nephews baby books.

  162. #265

    i live how much of our daily life winds up in my PL album…things I wouldn’t make a scrapbook page about. It’s all in there, and I love that!

  163. #266
    scrapper al

    I love that everyone can do their own thing with Project Life. Yes, that is also true for “regular” scrapbooking, but I think Project Life gives people “permission” to do it their own way. Also, I think that Project Life has breathed lived into our hobby.

  164. #267
    Lynette Ballard

    My favorite thing about the project life system is that it’s versatile. I am waiting for my first order of PL goodies, but I can’t wait to get my hands on them! I love that the work and cuteness is already done for me, and I can just pop them into a spot and journal away. I am planning to use the cards differently than the whole “week by week,” thing, by just journaling in 4X6 slots with all my kids’ pics, but I am excited to use the cards.

  165. #269
    Kelli Williams

    I love that you can get years of photos scrapped in a short amount of time. And that it’s as easy or hard as you want it to be.

  166. #270
    Cynthia B.

    I love that I can document so many stories using so many different kinds of pockets and designs! One pocket can be a mini page, or it can be much simpler with just a photo or journaling card. There are now such a great range of options to document our special moments!

  167. #271
    Kristie Absher

    Project Life makes it possible to spend a little or a lot of time and still have something memorable and fun to show for it!

  168. #272
    Wendy Orme

    I like that you can make the layouts as simple or as embellished as you want and still get it done quickly.

  169. #276
    Debbie D

    I love that if you change your mind about where you put something you can change it. Just slide it out and move it, be done! Awesome!

  170. #277
    Sara Belgrove

    I love that PL lets me easily capture the day to day life of my family. I know I will be so glad in the future to look back and see what life was like when my kids were little. Thanks for the giveaway.

  171. #281
    Jackie Pocock

    For me, project life means I can capture those precious everyday moments and with a child with learning difficulties I can record those milestones that he hits that otherwise may not have made it to a scrapbook page. It’s something all the family can do too.

  172. #282

    The best thing about Project Life is that my pictures actually end up in albums rather than sitting in boxes or on my computer. I’ve been on board since the beginning and have documented so many more memories, big and small, than in all of my previous years of traditional scrapbooking.

  173. #283
    Celeste B.

    I love collecting all the cards…no, seriously. It’s a great way to get a lot of photos into albums.

  174. #285

    In the word of a great philosopher, I love it because it takes the “crap out of scrap booking”.

  175. #286

    I love that it’s real life – everyday stuff that really tells the story of how we live.

  176. #288

    I love PL and I’ve been doing it sonce 2011. The best thing about Project life are the little details that would get lost otherwise.

  177. #289

    I like project life because it celebrates the ordinary events that would be skipped in traditional scrapbooking. So many of those little moments would be lost without my project life album.

  178. #290

    I love that it is fast & easy. I am in the process of teaching my daughter how to use it so she can create a book of her baby boy’s first year.

  179. #291

    I love Project Life because it never gets boring! Makes be look at life’s little events in an entirely new light.

  180. #293
    Tammy R.

    I like the ease of scrapbooking with Project Life. I can add different layouts and embellishments if I want to, but it also looks great and complete if I don’t.

  181. #294
    Ruth Tacoma

    I love those journaling cards…..both sizes. And not just to use in a project life album. 🙂

  182. #296
    Whitney H

    I love project life because it is simple. I am overwhelmed by traditional scrapbooking and project life is perfect for me.

  183. #297
    Deborah D.

    I love that it doesn’t require a lot of elaborate supplies and yet it still turns out beautiful scrapbook pages. Plus it is easy so I can scrapbook even with three kids and limited time to o it.

  184. #299
    Laura B

    I love how simple it is and the many possibilities. It has made me more aware of the little moments I am missing. I have introduced Project Life to my sister and a friend and it has brought us closer together.

  185. #300
    Wendy C

    I love the versatility and simplicity of Project Life. It is great for beginners and the more advanced. So many possibilities. Thank you for such an amazing product line.

  186. #304
    Jan Simon Clark

    Quick way to tell stories. Working on an album for my Mom with a plan just to give her “more” pages in the future.

  187. #307

    I love how Project Life gives me a place to put all the little bits and things that seem to go along with having a family – it is a meaningful way to store little art projects or ticket stubs along with the photos and memories that are so precious.

  188. #309

    My favorite thing about project life is that it is so easy, my kids can and want to help me do their scrapbooks. 🙂

  189. #310

    My favorite part is the ease in which you can put together a layout. And the fact that you can buy color matched kits is invaluable.

  190. #312

    Love the focus on everyday and the flexibility. Love that there are great products available, and that it can be as simple or as embellished as I want. Thanks!

  191. #314
    Sharon B

    I like how PL corrals everything in a nice and organized manner
    Thanks for the give away
    Here’s to documenting your life

  192. #317

    I like the simplicity and also I like I can add some decorations if I want. It holds people’s personalities.

  193. #318

    I love the simplicity.
    I wasn’t enjoying scrapbooking that much.
    And project life brought back that joy.
    I have the feeling it goes faster and that is a big thing when you have the scrap a lot of years.

  194. #319
    Jennifer M.

    One of my favorite things about Project Life is looking back through it year after year and remembering all the little details about our lives.

  195. #323

    I am pretty new to PL, but I like that it is easy to include everyday photos and thoughts in the system and not feel the pressure to create a whole page for a very simple thing. I know I shouldn’t feel the pressure for a full page, but sometimes I do.

  196. #329

    I absolutely love it because it is so versatile. I can make a simple page or go the extra mile and create one that is visually stunning… so many possibilities!!!

  197. #330

    I love how I don’t have to put much thought into creating a page and it still comes out looking pretty good.

  198. #332
    Sue Johnson

    I love being able to pull together a page in a few minutes with a few photos and Project Life cards.

  199. #334
    Donnelly Webb

    i love everything about project life! My favorite is the PL app. Making pages on my iPad or iPhone is so easy!

  200. #339

    I love Project Life and I’m excited that you have a theme kit! I love that I can accomplish a beautiful, complete scrapbook in little time. I am glad I don’t need a lot of supplies and get so much done!

  201. #343

    WOW! This is a super awesome giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!! I love PL!! I love that I don’t need adhesive…this means more money to spend on all the fantastic different card sets!!!! Plus it’s super easy and quick to complete a large number of pages in a short amount of time.

  202. #345
    Jennifer O

    My favorite thing about the PL system is how flexible it is. You can be as simple or as involved in creating your pages as you want to be/have time to be.

  203. #346
    Kathy D

    Kathy D
    I love PL because it is so easy and can be anything you want it to be. Lots of extras and details or mostly pics and a couple journal cards. Love it.

  204. #348

    I love the simplicity of it and it looks so pretty when you are done. On top of that, you are able to keep up!!!

  205. #349

    I love that I have a place for all of those odds-and-ends stories that don’t make it into my traditional scrapbooks.

  206. #351
    Vicki L Erbes

    I love the beautiful color palettes in each set. Everything is there that you need to make fabulous photo albums.

  207. #352
    Connie Leedy

    The ease of the slip in pocket pages and the beautiful graphic designs and colors of the kits.

  208. #355
    Angel S.

    I love that it makes me purposeful. I stop and notice the things that happen each week that are a blessing to me and what I need to be thankful, whether it is a vacation picture or a pot of soup brought over by a friend!

  209. #356
    Tracey H

    PL means that I get it done because it’s easy & efficient & I don’t feel overwhelmed anymore about memory keeping for my family.

  210. #359
    Debbie S

    What a great giveaway! Thanks for the chance! I love the simplicity and time efficiency of Project Life and the great designs. I use the cards for everything!

  211. #360
    Steph H.

    My favorite thing about Project Life is how quickly I can get pictures put in an album and be done! I used to be the traditional scrapbooker, but I had a lot more time when my daughters were young. Now they are in HS and JH and we are always going places, so I no longer have time to scrapbook traditionally.

    I also love the PL App for iPhone. I take a lot of pics with my phone and have made pages with the app in minutes! 🙂

  212. #364
    Jennifer D

    Project Life is scrapbooking for people who don’t have time to scrapbook. It got me back into scrapbooking during a very busy time in my life. Photos + words was something I could still find time to work on each week. It’s so simple and not time consuming! 🙂

  213. #365

    I am soooo far behind…and LOVE how Project Life is helping me get caught up….and the pages (either physical or digital) look amazing!

  214. #366

    Project Life helped me take 40 years of photos in boxes and finally get them in albums. So easy and fast. I print the text cards on my small printer and just slip in a pocket.

  215. #368

    Simple Simple Simple…I did a PL album for my hubby’s 50th birthday one layout for every year, all with PL. The quickest part of the whole process? putting the actual album together took less than a day! It was his favorite present!

  216. #371

    My favorite thing about PL is the pockets. I was always intimated when it came to the choices about making a traditional layout; now I can scale it down and get creative in a pocket while still organizing my memories.

  217. #374

    Project Life is something on my “to do” list. It’s autumn here in New Zealand and as the days start to close in, it is looking like a good time to start. What appeals to me about it is the use of the little pockets. Having the structure sorted means I can just get on with the fun bit.

  218. #375
    Angela Weinzierl

    I love how easy it can be or how you can add to it if you want. Either way it still looks great!

  219. #377

    I love that the pieces are pre-cut and that I can dress them up if I have the time. Thanks for the chance to win!

  220. #380

    I’m a perfectionist, but PL helps me to crank out those pages to the point where I’m almost caught up!

  221. #382
    Jennifer Gresham

    I love sharing project life with people I meet who are disabled because it doesn’t involve a lot of tools or supplies or cutting and everyone, no matter how much they are hurting, can make a beautiful album!

  222. #386
    Crystal M.

    I love how easy it is and you don’t have to be creative to end up with a beautiful finished scrapbook.

  223. #389
    Laura BC

    I love that it should be easy to catch up. I have pictures and notes – someday I’ll get it all together.

  224. #390

    I love the simplicity and flexibility of Project Life. You can make it as ‘clean’ or as fancy as you like – each week, month etc. No rules!

  225. #391
    Jill Kletzing

    My favorite thing about PL is documenting the little things. I also love seeing my children flip through the albums. They love looking at their pictures.

  226. #392

    Project Life allows us to easily capture our “everyday” which frees up a ton of time that we devote to making bigger books of our travel adventures! And Project Life is simple enough that my husband also takes part in putting together our books!

  227. #393
    Katie Jones

    Hopefully I’m not too late!
    My favourite thing about Project Life is that I am now actually a scrapbooker instead of wishing I was! The ease of the system means that I can create pages without worrying about whether I am “creative” or “artistic” enough to lay out my pages “right” – I just get them done! Plus, I can write my journalling when it happens, and make the page up at a later date when I have time to sort the photos to go with it, but in the meantime the story is captured on the cards and not lost because I didn’t have the time right now to capture it “correctly”!

  228. #395

    I love how the cards make it quick to pop on albums and document my weekly life. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  229. #396

    I love the ease of putting together the pages. I can still be creative but get the pages done much quicker.

  230. #397

    I love that PL gives me a ‘legit’ excuse to bug my adult kids to give me glimpses of their everyday life (since they live far away from me). Ditto to the grandkids thing too. 🙂

  231. #403

    I really love how project life gives me a chance to incorporate a little design exercise into my daily life (in addition to the biggie, inspiring me to memory keep when I hadn’t before). I love that without overwhelming me I can just enjoy putting beautiful photos and beautiful patterns together for a while until it is just right. 🙂

  232. #407

    My favorite thing about Project Life is that everything is inter-changeable! I can mix and match kits, page protectors, etc. it all works and looks great! Easy – Peasy!

  233. #409

    Love the simplicity, and it’s a fairly inexpensive embellishment kit.Thank You Cathy,Heidi,and Becky and Lisa, for inspiration!.

  234. #410
    Gina M

    I like the quick, simple way to get memories in the book. I don’t always have great pictures to work with, so I appreciate the work that goes into designing the PL Kits.
    Thanks to all the sponsors!

  235. #411
    Kelly E

    I love that you can make it anything you want — from simple to complex. Just depends on your mood. And I love that I can whip out pages quickly.

  236. #414

    I love the fact that it actually gets me memory keeping. It is easy to do and I am so happy that I am now journaling to go along with it.

  237. #416

    Love how simple it is to quickly put my memories in an album and share with our family. I can’t wait for your value kit which is what I’m waiting on. 🙂

  238. #417
    Amy S

    Love that you can make it as simple as pictures and the cards from the kit to using embellishments and putting your own personal flair to them 🙂

  239. #420
    Laura Smith

    I like working within parameters. The page protectors give me a structure, but then allow me to play within the structure however I want. A balance of freedom and boundaries. Wish the rest of my life were as easy as that.

  240. #424
    Rachel T

    I love the simplicity and ease of PL and that you can also dress it up as much as you want, but at it’s core it is simple!

  241. #425
    Lisa Jackson

    I love the simplicity. Just slip in phitos and cards and you’re done. It’s that easy.

  242. #426
    Julie Hoeckh

    I love how quick and easy it is to scrapbook with Project Life!! If you take a lot of pictures it is definitely the best was to scrapbook with them!!! 🙂

  243. #428

    I knew when I did Project Life in 2013 (the year my twins were seniors in high school) that I would appreciate it – but I had no idea how much it means to our whole family! Thanks for the chance to win cool stuff!

  244. #429
    Kelly Howard

    My favorite thing is the flexibility of it! Being a college student, it’s so much easier to scrap with Project Life. All I need is my album, some protectors and a kit!

  245. #431

    It’s hard to say what’s my favorite about project life cause it’s just so great. But I love how quick and easy it is. I love how cute it is.

  246. #433
    Kymberly Guidi

    PL makes it so easy for all my photos to have a home instead of just sitting in boxes. I find I take more pictures now and document things I probably wouldn’t have before. Thanks for the giveaway.

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