Adding text to a Project Life card

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Earlier this week my CZ Value Kit for Project Life digital kit was released and I told my Facebook community that I would record a tutorial showing how to add custom text boxes to the cards. Because I am a woman of my word, I am sharing that tutorial with you today. I won’t lie: after seeing the digital kit, I’m pining a little to go back to the weekly Project Life format. And honestly? There’s no reason I couldn’t change my mind midyear, because I’m making a digital book and the core design will still be the same. The wheels may or may not be turning. Without further ado, if you’d like to see how to drop a custom text box onto a blank Project Life card, this video is for you.

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Note: I will update you when I have intel on when my Value Kit will be coming to the Project Life app! Stay tuned.

Cathy ZielskeAdding text to a Project Life card

9 Comments on “Adding text to a Project Life card”

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    The “goodness” just keeps coming. So thrilled with your designs. Clean and Simple story telling starters and shopping fun too! So off to create more pages…

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    Thanks for another great tutorial. You’ve answered the exact question in my mind when I purchased the digital kit. You must have ESP!

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    Michelle t

    Thanks for making a tutorial. You’re seriously the best. I love that card with the who, what, where etc…clever responses, too. Made me laugh, and it’s a cool photo. Thanks for the DD head’s up, too. Have a great weekend. Michelle t

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    Thank you for the video. Somehow you always seem to include a tip that I either did not know or had totally forgotten.

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    Katie Jones

    Fab tutorial, Cathy! Just got around to watching it, and it is *great*!
    I will start watching my DigiBasics videos when I get a chance, and after that little gem, I’m even more psyched to start learning *properly* 🙂
    Thanks for doing these, you’re a star!

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