The CZ Value Kit—Now available in digital format!

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The CZ Design Digital Value kit is now available—and on sale—from I had a few emails yesterday from people asking me what the full set looked like, so I plunked every card down into a set of low res images for your viewing pleasure. This set is designed to be simple, clean, bright and easy. (Hey, sounds a lot like me! On my good days.) I hope to put together a video in the next week or two about working with these cards, especially the journaling cards. There are tips for getting  your journaling to fit and there are ways to just delete the lines and do what you want!

Also, I have not heard yet when this set might be available in the app. But I’ll let you know as soon as I do! Note: click on each image below to see it larger!

And of course, if digital is not your thing, you can buy the physical kit instead! | CZ Project Life Value Kit | CZ Project Life Value Kit | CZ Project Life Value Kit | CZ Project Life Value Kit | CZ Project Life Value Kit

The fun thing about the elements? On some of them (the ones with no backgrounds) you can just use them like digital stamps. If you don’t like the wood tone, you can change them to any color you like!

There is still time to take advantage of the promotional price for my new class, Digi Basics with Cathy Zielske! If you’ve been frustrated by that little Photoshop program sitting on your hard drive, let me show you some basics of working with digital templates.

digi basics with Cathy Zielske
Save 15% off the class price through tomorrow at midnight.  This is a self-paced e-course and you can work through it at your own pace. We have a Facebook group for students to share their pages and I’m here to support all of my students for Photoshop success!

I so appreciate the respond thus far! It’s helping me to redesign a new, more functional classroom that I hope to debut in the next month or two!

Thanks everyone!



Cathy ZielskeThe CZ Value Kit—Now available in digital format!

14 Comments on “The CZ Value Kit—Now available in digital format!”

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    Michelle t

    Will you still help us out, and will the Facebook group still be there, and the Designer Digitals coupon, too, if we get the class say, in the summer? And is it for people who seriously can’t do anything? I don’t know how to put pictures on the computer. Oh, I can print out PDF’S. That’s all I can do. And I understand if the coupon would be valid anymore. Thanks. Michelle t

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Michelle, the coupon is part of the class. It expires Dec. 31, 2015. Then I will add a new coupon for 2016. And yes, the Facebook group will remain ongoing for all students, regardless of when they sign up! 🙂

      1. #1.1.1
        Michelle t

        Ok, thanks. Just realized I should’ve asked on the original class post. Not surprised, why should I be paying attention? 🙂

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    Denise S.

    Love the kit Cathy! Is there any way you can make some 6×8 cards? I want to do project life but in a 6×8 format. 12×12 is too big for me. Just a thought…thanks.

    1. #4.1

      Denise S: Check out Cathy’s SixbyEightsNo1 templates at Designer Digitals. I’ve been using them to do my PL (monthly instead of weekly) and they work perfectly! Twelve by twelve is too big for me as too. Just a suggestion.

      1. #4.1.1
        Denise S.

        Thanks you heidig. I have plenty of templates but was hoping for more 6×8 cards in the app for project life. Cathys’ kit is not there yet but I’m hoping that is only a matter of time.

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    Cathy – is it is possible to change the corners of your digital cards from round to square in Photoshop Elements? I

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      Cathy Zielske

      Technically, no. Mostly because many have a pattern that would be hard to clone or copy out. What I do is just drop them in and when I size down, I just don’t size all the way down to fit my square edged layer masks! Unless they have white backgrounds, of course. Then it doesn’t matter! 🙂

  4. #7

    This is so making me want to get back into the PL groove. Love it all. Can’t wait til it comes out in the app!!

  5. #8

    Love this kit! I just downloaded it to my computer and can’t wait to start using it. Will it also be available as a kit in the Project Life App for the iPhone? I really hope so!!!

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