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STORY OF THE PAGE: Dan is a t-shirt guy. If I were to guess at the number of t-shirts he owns I’d say MANY. I know there are large quantities as I am the Doer of the Laundry. Last week he came home from work wearing a Back to the Future t-shirt. Apparently he pulled it out of one our Good Will bags that hadn’t quite made its way out of the house. Dan is 50 and still pulls of t-shirts with style. I had a brief argument with my therapist last week when I tried to tell her that no, I didn’t think it was unfair that Dan was so fit and trim. (Sidebar: I actually do think it’s slightly unfair and am occasionally jealous of the fact that he can eat what he wants to and still looks this good. I’m working on my attitude on this one.) I guess what made me smile though was this: who wears a Back to the Future t-shirt in the modern era? Who? I’ll tell you who. My husband. That’s who. And yes, a discussion of flux capacitors ensued over a glass of red wine.

Baby, the sit ups are paying off. Maybe you could show me what they’re all about some day? | make a page monday digital
DESIGN STUFF: I was craving a big photo design, so I made one. I’ve never been shy about my love of single photo pages. This shot is from Instagram. Dan thinks its a goofy shot of him. I think it’s kind of adorable. I was also craving a hybrid layout, but once I dropped in the image and the text, I thought: Why? Why go to the extra effort? This story is saved and I’m golden. My whole thing with digital scrapbooking is I am mostly a fan of flat design. No shadows. No extra stuff. White backgrounds welcome. (Okay, I put a tiny shadow on the little heart embellishment.) This design has some very simple repetition in font use, style and color. And that’s it. There is a part of me that wants to make a family book of 8.5 x 11 digital pages with super minimal embellishing. It could happen.

TECHNICAL SHIT: There is so little going on here, I’m not even sure what to tell you. I sampled the blue in the who, what, when, where from his jeans using the Color Picker tool. And that’s pretty much it. This page, which built from a template, took me 10 minutes and I like it just as much as if I’d spent more time turning it into a hybrid page.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: I don’t do enough pages about Dan. He has one paltry album. This should change. Starting now.

MORE TAKES ON THIS DESIGN: It’s always fun to see what the Designer Digitals’ design team does with my templates, like this one by Jenelle.

Wood Veneer Circle (part of the full kit)
Archer Font

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Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—Digital

13 Comments on “Make a Page Monday—Digital”

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    This is so like my husband.

    I have enough hanging space for 7 of my work blazers & 6 dresses as the double wardrobe is all of his tshirts.

    His collection of suits are kept in a spare bedroom walk in robe where also stores his special tshirts some from childhood.

  2. #3

    Fabulous! I got the template on the weekend and already have plans 🙂 Thanks for always encouraging me to record my stories! xoL

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    I laughed when I read this because my late husband was a t-shirt collector, especially of college shirts. Every road trip we took included side trips to random colleges and universities to add to the collection. They all hold very specific memories. My daughter and I recently went through the collection to select favorites for a t-shirt quilt. The centerpiece is the last addition to his collection, “St. Kate’s Dad.” Sometimes these silly things come to mean much more. Treasure these items and memories. It’s true the little ones mean the most.

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    Melissa O.

    This is a great layout. I love how you sampled the house paint for your text & embellishment. It’s a great shade of green. I also really like the script font you used. What font is that, BTW?

  5. #6

    This is so my husband, except he pulls them off at 62! Plus just like Dan, mine is in great shape, eats healthier than me, and never misses a day of exercise. I’ve been struggling with this as it really is not fair and makes me feel so inferior. (Although apparently not enough to do something about it!).

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    Jen H

    Hi Cathy,

    I love this page! So much fun. What is that gorgeous font that you use for the “classically you”? It’s beautiful.


  7. #10

    Another great page idea for my “pages I wAnt to make” list!!! And I’ve bought several movie-themed t shirts for my hubby throughout the years…they are a great conversation piece at parties. Plus, he can recite every line from these movies! My favorite is still the one I bought him that reads, “have fun storming the castle!!”

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