Make a Page Monday—Digital: Hello Ultimate

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STORY OF THE PAGE: Ultimate season has begun in Minnesota. Not familiar with ultimate? It’s like soccer but with discs. And it’s freaking awesome and so, so much fun to watch. I took some photos at last week’s game and wanted to use a few on a page to plop into Cole’s album. I’m feeling the digital right now and this page is so clean and simple to my eye. Perfect for my teenager, who doesn’t need any crazy embellishing.

DESIGN STUFF: One of the cool things this year is that Cole designed the logo you see on the shirt and the page. Because I had the logo file, I decided to add it to the page and tone the color way down to create a bit of repetition in the design. One big logo. One medium logo and if you count the other logos in the photo, well, you get some serious repetition. When you repeat stuff you create energy and rhythm in the design. The balance to this page is asymmetrical, as the photos shift to the right side of the space. And yes, look at all that glorious white space. I had zero desire to add anything else.

TECHNICAL SHIT: The colors on these photos were less than stellar, so using Rad Lab, I swapped out the color for black and white. The only other technical thing I did here was to color the logo, and then change to opacity to 20% using the Opacity Slider. I love the screened back look. It adds interest to the page without being in your face. Not that a page about a teen can’t be in your face. Hmmm. Maybe it’s time for an in your face pag. There’s always next time.

SENTIMENTAL SHIT: It’s hard to scrapbook about our teen aged boys sometimes. Sports seems to be an acceptable thing to share publicly. Ergo, this page.

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Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—Digital: Hello Ultimate

12 Comments on “Make a Page Monday—Digital: Hello Ultimate”

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    Love, love, love it Cathy. That top shot…wow. I miss the energy of teenage boys at home (uh, they’re now 40 yr olds…) but I sure don’t miss the shoe scent! 🙂

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    Michelle t

    Oh wow. Awesome. Yeah, I’m with you on the teenage boy thing. Living that. Super layout, the design is awesome. So awesome (I’m seeing how many times I can use awesome in a comment, because it’s the truth) that he designed the logo. How cool. Great idea to use it in the layout. You rock. Michelle t

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    Jill B

    Do you have flashbacks of dating Dan? Cole sure looks like his dad. Great page, reminding us less is more. Enjoy the season.

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    I love that you used the logo in the layout! I need the class but will not be able to do anything until after graduation a`n

    1. #8.1

      UGH – my cat pushed the send button – to finish my sentence – I am not able to do anything until after graduation and school is out. I will keep an eye on it for later.

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