No shame in my game

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So I’m back in the saddle, people. I have re-boarded the Health & Fitness express for the—oh, I forget what number it is—let’s just say a lot. So what does it mean to be back? Good question.

First things first, and my friend Tim is going to hate me for saying this, but I’m eating real food. Food that I make. Food that doesn’t come from a box. Food that is minimally processed. This does not mean I’m hitting my local Whole Foods and dropping $100 on seven to nine items. It just means I’m eating meals made of real ingredients.

Second things second, I’m avoiding sugar. And yes, this means things that contain sugar or things that turn into sugar. So bread and wine are on the “use sparingly” list. It’s not like I down wine like water to begin with, but I have been known to take the edge off of a day with my beloved Apothic Red. And that means cutting out the Goldfish, too. Why? Processed carbs turn into sugar in the blood stream. Potato chips? Sugar in disguise. It’s all about how the body breaks it down and translates it. I didn’t just make this shit up. It’s for reals.

Third things third, I’m moving again. It’s a fact that as my girth increases, it’s harder for me to move. Have you heard about the Stand to Sit to Stand Test? It’s kind of making the rounds in my friend circles and so I gave it a shot and let’s just say it didn’t go so well. Oh hell, let me show you. I want you to know I believe we are in the Circle of Trust here. Judgment-free zones. Right? Right? Also, Dan decided to join in the fun. You know, for fun.

So yeah, I’m a little Spongebob-esque right now. And I’m out of shape, which is more the point here. Regardless of my size, I should be more agile that I am.

So I’m going to do what is needed.

I can do better.

PS. Recipe for the photo above? Slow Cooker Tacos al Pastor from Gimme Some Oven. You will never need another taco recipe again. Plus, pretty dang healthy!


Cathy ZielskeNo shame in my game

61 Comments on “No shame in my game”

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    The tacos look delicious! I hate being a grown up and up doing the right things with food, but my body definitely feels and looks better when I do. But I really miss the metabolism I had in my 20s. I hope you find some foods you love and some substitutes for your favorites that work with your plan.

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    I love that you shared this..good on you for getting back on the wagon!
    I’m right there with you. I’ve even thought seriously about using the HCG diet for
    some quick weight loss. I feel like it’s way tougher to lose the older I get. I used to be able to put start a work out eat pretty well and drop pounds pretty fast. Now it drops so slowly and I get discouraged. But I know it’s all about what I put in my pie hole way
    more than anything else. Keep truckin sister!

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    OK, I did it. Honestly, it wasn’t terribly difficult for me, but man does it hurt the knees! Dang!

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    hoo boy. I had not heard of that stand-sit-stand test. HILARIOUS video! I would not pass it. If I tried it, I’d hope for no recording devices in the area.

    When I sit on the floor and need to stand, I feel like a toddler who pushes up with their butt with their hands on the floor just to get up again. I’m old. But it’s never too late to become more flexible 🙂 (or so I tell myself).

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    Deborah P

    Kudos for even trying the Stand-Sit-Stand test! I haven’t had the nerve because I don’t want to bruise my behind as I fall down the last foot or so and getting up?? Forget it. I know from getting on the floor to play with great-nephews that I can’t get up without a lot of hand support. That would be a great goal to work toward, however, to be able to do that. Hmm….

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    Hey lady, I’m rooting for you! I am on day 6 of a sugar detox and it’s a lot of work without all that processed food. But eye-opening as to how good real food can be. I am really really in love with roasted carrots. And toasted pecans if you need something crunchy. Go Cathy!

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    I *love* that you shared that video! Keep it real! I am in the same place – but feeling inspired to make some changes!

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    I’m with Dan. I need a beer to do that. lol

    Actually I tried it last week and I was pretty good, but I did it on hard wood floors. I think I need carpet. 😉

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    CHEERING LOUDLY from here! We are in the same boat, it seems, and you are SO inspiring me to finally do something about it. Thank you for helping all of us who are in this boat feel less alone.

    Go Cathy!!!

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    Robyn C.

    You are my superhero. Thank you for this! I just got back on the healthy wagon this morning! Yay workout #1 done! I will have to add the the Stand-Sit-Stand test to my regimen! Thank you for letting us see the real stuff – you inspire me!

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    So proud of you Cathy! We all get to “that” point before we really make that decision to loose the weight. I’ve been at it about 10 days now. Can’t say I have felt this huge…I’m better moment but I know it will come! You can and will do it!

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    i think you just might be giving me the kick in the pants that I need. I get that’s not your point… But geez some resolve is starting to stir!!

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    O. M. G. I can’t even get down to the ground let alone back up again!!!!!!! So can I just say you are AWESOME … for showing the video and for being able to do it!!! 🙂

    Also, check out this website … Looks like it has some great recipes!!

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    I took a class from you at CKU in San Jose. You were AWESOME!!! You are a positive force in the world.

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    Kirsten J

    Have I told you lately that I love you? Dude. I gotta try that. Except I’m scared it’ll hurt my knees. And thanks for the reminder about my chips and fishys being hidden sugar. Dang. First it’s the Easter candy and now the flavor blast goldfish.

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    Tonja Trump

    Dan did that like a true Morristownian. Such showmanship in your family. Love that you keep it real Cathy. Thanks for sharing your story. 🙂 I’m pretty sure I’d fail that test so thanks for the motivation for me to move more as well. 🙂

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    Madeline St Onge

    WOW I like to think I am fit but I couldn’t get back up either. As far as eating healthy, hubby and I both are seeing he is on a renal diet now and doing dialysis, no processed food of any kind. all fresh, homemade food. Didn’t know that about potato chips 🙁
    Good luck Kathy, you can do this I know you can

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    Audrey V

    Ok … you told us before that you think your husband is hot, and based on the photos that you share, I think we all agree! But his voice … you never shared his voice before. He has risen to a new level. Ok I’m starting to sound like a creeper, ’nuff said.

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      Another creeper here…loving Dan’s voice. And what a guy for joining you in the fun. But he does suck for doing that test perfectly.

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    Thanks so much for posting this! Seems to be that time of year for re-evaluating our health and fitness. This is where one of my best buddies/coworkers and I are right now. When I fall off the wagon, I always seem to get run over by it! Hard process to train the taste buds to like (and prefer!) “real” foods over the processed/easily-accessible variety. So, yeah, every little bit of encouragement and motivation is welcome right about now.
    We can do this!

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    Joni M

    Cathy, I really enjoy reading your blog. I don’t leave comments, but I had to chime in today and mention a site that I thought you might like called “” And the recipes are great. My daughter and I bought their cookbook too from Amazon. There isn’t anything that we made yet that we haven’t liked. They also have a FB page… Funny, raw humor, good food… sounds like something right up your alley ;oD

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Joni! Thanks for the comment! I have heard of this Thug Kitchen! Might have to look closer!

      1. #27.1.1

        I totally 2nd the Thug Kitchen cookbook!! He had a website for a long time and posted the best and funniest recipes ever. He drops quite a few f-bombs but I personally don’t mind. I think you would appreciate his humor and writing style!!

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    I give you credit for doing all three. I find the low-sugar thing made the most difference. To that end I have given up (drumroll please)…chocolate! I now put cocoa powder on a little whipped cream and I get the chocolate fix without all the sugar. Haven’t weighed myself yet but clothes feel looser. Its all about substitutes. Keep going!

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    frick’n DAN!!! did he have invisible rope pulling him up? LOL 🙂 I need to use a little hand action to get up too 🙂 you guys are FUN!

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    You freaking rock. Thank you for keepin it real. If it makes you feel better, I fell over trying to sit down and yes, I wet my pants because I was laughing so hard. I love being almost 50. Almost.

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    I love you, Cathy. If we ever come visit my sister in law in Minneapolis, I’m looking you up sister.


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    Dan! Thanks for being such a good sport! You rock! Yeah. I am so trying that stand-sit-stand thing tonight with my kids and hubby. 😉 On video sounds BRILLIANT. (My kids are currently obsessed with taking videos on my phone.)

    I need a come to Jesus moment. And yet, even though I seem to think I’ve had it…I still have a prime rib sandwich and french fries for lunch. /facepalm. I’m thinking maybe I’ll commit to some daily FB postings over on the MMEW group… Gotta keep it real if I truly want to drop 10 before my dance recital in mid-May. (Side-note: Favorite Michael Jackson move that is not the moonwalk?)

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    Also: I’m glad to see I’m not the only one who features an over the door Nerf hoop in their decor. Hoop class. We gots it. 😉

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    This, and a million other reason, is why we love you!
    Let’s just say my sit isn’t so bad, but my stand . . . well, it’s not so good.

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    Cathy….I so get it! I was doing so well with a healthy lifestyle from February of last year until, well, Thanksgiving. I had lost 48 lbs. Then it was Christmas, and I let everything go. Now, I am having such a hard time getting back up on that horse. Seems it gets harder and harder every time I fall off. So I am glad to see this post. I think you may inspire me to try again! Thanks for your transparency!

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    Yes, Yes, Yes…..Sugar is the devil.
    I know right?…i’m being alittle dramatic but I thought you, of all people would get that. sugar is the devil I tell myself all the time.
    It doesn’t even need a little blue dress.

    Keep going Cathy….the other option is paying super high deductibles at all your doctor visits and pharmacies.

    Keep going, keep trying…do your best…you got this.

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    My 8 year old daughter was watching this video with me and she asked, “is that the lady who did the bumble bee dance?” Thanks for making us smile again today and keeping things real.
    Love it!!

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    Kimberly O.

    OMG… I’m not sure I can even SIT from that standing position. I might have to wait until the hubs gets home from work, just in case… although at least I know my dogs won’t eat me. I was running down our hallway a few weeks ago. (I just do that to keep ahead of the dogs because otherwise they walk in front of me r-reee–eea-lll-y slowly.) Anyhow, my slipper caught on a rug and I flew head first down the hall. I laid there a few minutes, trying to determine if I had broken anything. Meanwhile, my little Shihtzu/Bichon Oscar went and got his stuffed frog and set it down in front of my head. Then he just sat there staring at me. Yeah. My chiropractor said running is a GOOD thing. Falling not so much. But he did say to keep running down the hallway. Thanks for a GREAT video! Seriously.

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    I swear, sometimes I read your blog and I wonder if you’re psychic and have the ability to write my thoughts for me.

    Do you have a FitBit? I caved and bought one recently and the challenges where my friends get to see how much I move has really motivated me. Apparently, I’m fear of everyone knowing that I sit ALL DAY LONG and exactly what that means translates well for my well being.

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    I’m impressed! I couldn’t even get down let alone get up and I’ve been taking a yoga class once a week for the last 4 months. I’m pathetic.

  34. #43

    Well, for goodness sake. Dad makes it look so easy. And you make the getting down part look so easy. I’m going to get myself up out of this bed and do one of those hummers. Just so I can say I did it.

    Well, then. Couldn’t even get halfway down and I don’t know what kind of training I need to do in order to accomplish it. Guess I’ll just go back to bed and worry about it tomorrow. Nite.

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    Jenny B.

    Oh, my! There’s no way I could do that! Of course, I’m 8 months pregnant, and I can barely get off the couch without help, but still… I don’t think I could have done it 8 months ago either! Apparently, Dan is the man. I bet my husband could do it too. In fact, I’m pretty sure he could. I don’t think it’s a fair test. Men totally have a center of gravity advantage. Yeah, for sure. That’s it.

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    Check the link, you start with a score of 10 and subtract points, using a hand takes away one point and a balance loss 0.5 point so at worse you have an 7.5

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    Katie Jones

    Fantastic! Thanks for sharing the vid. And I agree with the girls above, Dan has a great voice!
    I put on 3lb last week, and only sort-of know where it came from – I was mortified. This week I am fighting the “eat everything in sight” urge and man is it tough! I am usin a food diary in the hope that if I don’t want to have to write it down, I won’t eat it. And it’s definitely helping most of the time. Just picked up some frozen cherries at lunchtime because they are so much cheaper than fresh ones. Ate some of those with a nice fat-free yogurt and it was good. Looking forward to eating more once they have thawed a bit.
    I’m really hoping that upping my fruit and water intake has the desired effect this week – I *need* that weight loss for my self-esteem as much as anything else!
    Go, Cathy, we can do this, all of us together xxx

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    You are hysterical, Cathy. I love that you shared that video in all its honesty. I wish you success in your renewed passion. As for me, I am in such a bad place right now that I am living through you….hence, the enjoyment. My pain level is off the Richter scale, my fatigue is overwhelming (fibromyalgia major flare) and it is wearing me down emotionally. So..”keep up the great motivation tinged with just the right amount of humour….it’s keeping me sane.

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    Your food looks delicious.

    I just tried it — I could get down fine, but had to use one hand to propel myself up again. Dan definitely makes it look easy. You are both good sports to do it on video. 🙂

    Tonight I’ll “make” my family do it, too.

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    Dan definitely should have done it with the beer! And thanks for always being so honest and upfront with us. You are truly an inspiration, Cathy.

    I had just read about the stand to sit to stand test earlier today and wondered what it was and then…voila…there you were talking about it and demonstrating it. First I had my daughter do it. At 13, it was a breeze, and it should be at 13. For me, at 53, not so much. And I thought I was fairly fit. I didn’t use a hand but did have to push off with my leg/knee. So, let’s all be in this together, because honestly, who couldn’t afford to eat cleaner and more healthfully?

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    You. are. completely. awesome. and I wish you were my bestie. You did much better than I’d do at that test. My knees suck and I’m quite bottom-heavy so I’d be stuck on the floor. Us gals who are nearing the Age of O’Malley, know that the only true test of agility is if we can kick, stretch, and KICK! ;D Dan was a swell sport to play along. Show off. hee hee

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    Btw…I’ve been on a doctor-“prescribed” DASH diet. It limits sodium as well as carbs/sugars. I’ve gone from an 18 to a 10, almost an 8! adhering to the DASH Diet guidelines and doing 150 min of brisk exercise each week. 🙂 My blood pressure was once terrifyingly high but is now in the 100-teens/70’s. You’ve reached goals before and you’ll do it again. It’s gonna be alright. 🙂 It seems like sometimes for sanity’s-sake we need to just BE and not think about all those dietary numbers and weight numbers and miles walked/ran and time spent exercising. My Fitness Pal has been a huge help though. Go Cathy go!

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    Great post – way to put yourself out there! I’m going to try to cut my sugar intake too – thanks for the inspiration!

  44. #54

    The video is priceless! Of course, I had to try it right away, and I cannot get up without using hands. Then I had my husband try it, and he, who is not in the best shape at all, did it no problem. So now I believe it’s a male conspiracy…

    Thanks for the wake-up call 🙂

  45. #56

    Not giving up the Apothic Red?! Just kidding, more power to you. It’s just that I choked on my Apothic Red while I was reading that….

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