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I’m going to introduce yet another installment of the Make a Page Monday series: say hello to the digital edition. I am biscrapual—hell, I’m triscrapual—I do traditional,  hybrid and digital pages. I like to hedge my bets on all memory keeping approaches. Ergo, I’ll be mixing in a few digital pages to the series.

STORY OF THE PAGE: This page came at a time when I had been on the fitness journey for well over a year. I had figured out a way to get moving and stay moving. Sure, I still struggled with the food part, but I was moving with consistency. Today I’m sharing this page as a reminder that I just need to keep trying. Maybe it’s not going to be running. But there are just so many ways to move my body and feel as good as I possibly can. I look at the woman in the right hand photo and I see someone who is proud of the fact that she’s showing up and trying. That’s really all I can ask of myself today. Show up. Keep trying. That’s my goal, people. I need to embrace an attitude of wellness. (I heard that term after listening to this podcast from my favorite nutrition radio show. Scroll all the way down to the Jan. 3 show.) | make a page monday—digital
DESIGN STUFF: I love a page that is built around a vertical line. You see it right? There’s a lovely dividing line and everything hangs off that vertical space. Photos to the right. Spaces to the left. So often, when I design a full page like this, I simply fill in the space like a puzzle so that when it’s complete, it’s a whole image that feels like one big piece, even though the pieces are of varying sizes and containing different content. This page has just the right amount of repetition through color (pink and green), pattern style (polka dot), photo style (black and white) and typography (Archer font). While I can admire a very layered and designed digital page, personally, I still stick to clean and simple combinations for my pages in any form. This tells a story simply with good design. That’s all I need to save a story with style.

TECHNICAL SHIT: When I design digital pages, I always use the Grid in Photoshop. The Grid can be customized in the Preferences area and then used to create uniform margins between elements. It’s probably one of my most go-to methods for designing pages. Plus, everything just snaps to the Grid and makes designing fast and precise.

YOU CAN LEARN THIS STUFF! Last week I launched a brand new e-course, Digi Basics with Cathy Zielske. I’m so moved by the response to the class! Seriously you guys. Thank you. I wanted to offer a course that helps people learn just enough to be awesomely dangerous. I am of the belief that you do not need to be a Zen Master of Photoshop to use it for your memory keeping purposes.

digi basics with Cathy Zielske
Save 15% off the class price through April 15 at midnight.  This is a self-paced e-course and you can work through it at your own pace. We have a Facebook group for students to share their pages and I’m here to support all of my students for Photoshop success!

Layered Template No. 82
Archer Font
Digital patterned paper discontinued

Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—Digital

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    Nice page! I’ve never made a fully digital page but that’s gonna change soon with your Digi Basics class. I’m excited to get started!

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    Libby Wiers

    I’ve done some digital pages, but most templates are way too fussy for my taste and style. Love these nice, clean lines!

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    It’s so brave of you to share your scrapbooking orientation with us. Hopefully, this will allow other people to be proudly triscrapual. 😉

    1. #4.2

      Yes, I too would like to come out. While I identify as digiscraptural, I admit that I experimented a bit with paper. It was my early twenties, and it wasn’t pretty, but I am not ashamed. I am proud. I am still attracted to patterned paper, stamps, and I read and watch paperscrap videos for “inspiration.” Though I am not currently in a relationship with a paper cutter or washi tape, I am open to all possibilities in the future. Thank you, Cathy, for breaking down that closet door so that all of us may walk through: monoscraptual, biscraptual, or triscraptual.

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    I’m open to being biscraptual, or even triscraptual, but I have commitment issues. I keep flirting with different identifies and it just hasn’t clicked yet. I’ve decided to take the Digi Basics class as a therapy of sorts. That may also address some of my product hoarding issues, so really, it’s working on all kinds of levels. 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Katie, I’m not sure they have multiple previews up yet at Becky’s site. I can try to put together a preview and share it here on the blog! I’ll try to get it up as soon as I am able.

  5. #8

    Oh! Cathy – as soon as you pointed out the vertical line and how it works . . . I could see it, and yes, it is beautiful. I almost feel like I ought not to comment (better for people to think you’re a fool than to open your mouth and prove it) but this may change my layouts forever. Thanks so much for sharing.

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    Love that the photos shine in this high energy page. The page draws you into look at the photos and then ready the story. A motivator to get exercising too!

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    I’ve just realised by watching your video, that your classes are ‘Cee Zee’ classes. Of course they are! In my head though, being a brit, I assumed it was Cee Zed classes XD!


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