The Present Participle List for April

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Designing a new CZ Classes site, slated to be the home of all future classes. And by ‘designing’ I really mean, staring at WordPress help guides and feeling small trails of drool run from the corners of my agape mouth.

Working on a new class called Digi Basics, a beginner course for digital scrapbooking. Details hopefully coming in the next few weeks. This class will be perfect for people who are scared of Photoshop. I’ll make it un-scary. I promise.

Loving this video clip from A Beautiful Mess.

Finding myself going for red wine and Goldfish at an alarming rate.

Obsessing over Cafe du Monde Beignet mix. We made this for Aidan’s birthday and holy bayou, these things are delish. Powdered sugar is my friend.

Deciding not to foster any more dogs at this time. I was very anxious having a dog in the house and realized that fostering is not something I can do. I have tremendous respect for those who do this work. I am not as selfless as I like to think I am.

What are you doing in April?

Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for April

32 Comments on “The Present Participle List for April”

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    Ohhhh, I’m sorry to hear you won’t be fostering any more doggies. It’s such a good thing to do, but I understand. Why were you anxious? Did you feel like the dog was going to go potty in the house or destroy something? Which is totally fine, I’m not judging. But.. if it was something like that, you could change your fostering parameters. You could say you could only do older dogs, who are more likely to just sleep all day, and do their business outside.

    When we fostered, we had one bad experience, and that made us change our parameters. While we were doing it for a Golden Retriever group, we learned that if we were getting a dog younger than our Golden, it had to either be a girl, or if it was a boy, it had to have already been neutered. Our golden boy was so docile that he just let other boy dogs do whatever they wanted. It wasn’t pretty.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Lisa, she was a very sweet girl, totally house trained, but just had a lot of puppy energy and I really overestimated my comfort level. The dogs we’ve cared for over the past 15 years have all been older. This is all on me, as I was given a choice to foster this dog. The rescue group is top notch, too.

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        I can see how puppies are a HUGE task. We had one, Jessie was her name, we NEVER called her that. Ahem. We once spent two actual hours in the pool throwing the ball for her to retrieve, then come back and dive into the pool, run out again, hoping to tire her out. All it did was basically cripple my arm and my husband’s. I’m pretty sure when we went inside that night she chewed through the cord of the computer monitor, something else, and THEN went at the treadmill cord. That’s where I drew the line. You don’t mess with my treadmill. From then on, she was leashed to a human whenever she was awake.

        Anyway… all I’m saying is that you shouldn’t feel like you disappointed the Foster group. You helped that doggy find her forever home. And you know, now, that you aren’t equipped for a puppy. You’re more of a senior care foster home. And you know what? You should tell them that, they’ll be happy to know. Some foster families want puppies, some want girls, some want boys. That’s what makes it all great.

        So, just don’t say NEVER, just say “not right now”. 🙂

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    sorry to hear about the fostering. Maybe take a break, and try again? You could request a dog who is past the puppy phase….we got our dog when she was 6 years and all she does is sleep most of the time. Whatever works for you, good for trying though, and if you decide to permanently add a dog in the future, hopefully it will be a rescue.

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    Yeah Cathy! Please make me unafraid of Photoshop. I so need to move into the digital zone with your help. I can’t wait to learn more.

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    Marcie L

    Anxiously awaiting this type of class, thank you! The only digital work I’ve done is from one of your hybrid templates with a very detailed tutorial that made it really easy for me to follow.
    I totally get how you are feeling about fostering…we are very specific with our group that we work with about what types of dogs we will take…we love to foster the seniors! They are super content just to be with us and feel loved, and don’t require the energy and time that a younger, more energetic dog does.

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    Marcie L

    Oh, what am I doing in April? Stressing over a nice bill from the IRS and car/home/rental home insurance renewals that all reared their ugly heads in the same day! Happy April 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Oh yeah, tax season. That, and the $2500 I just sunk into my car to keep me from having to buy a new car this year. And that, my friends, is where credit cards come in very handy.

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    Deborah P

    Ha! I may finally break down and do an online class. Digi Basics sounds like it is being written for me. Thanks! Btw, I don’t think it’s “not as selfless as I like to think I am” to admit that you committed to more than you could comfortably handle. I think that’s wisdom. You have obligations and responsibilities to your family and if adding the extra commitment, no matter how good the commitment was, kept you from your primary obligations, then your decision was the best one, I think. I’ve come to the conclusion that I cannot do it all; I have to do what I can and let others do what they can. And we all get to decide what that is for us. Kudos to you for making the hard decision!

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      Cathy Zielske

      I wish I had thought it through and realized a young dog might not be the best fit with my work schedule etc. While the dog is heading to her forever home, I let down the group in general. I can’t do it all, that’s for sure.

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        Deborah P

        Please, please, please! You fostered a dog who needed help at the time he needed it. How is that letting the group down? (asked kindly, but firmly) Yes, you made a decision not to go forward, but it was a wise decision. You kept Chip for a LONG time and you were working then. There was no reason to know ahead of time it wouldn’t work out now. I agree is is important to be self-aware, but it’s equally important not to beat ourselves up when something doesn’t work out. Can you tell I have done that to myself repeatedly?

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    Christine K

    I am your biggest fan for your online teaching. So glad that you are making it happen. Even though I have been using PSE for several years now, I am sure that there are some new things for me to learn.

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    Cathy, can you really make Photoshop unscary? I have tried so many times and just feel dumb and frustrated. Full disclosure: I am a senior citizen and sometimes feel like this technology stuff has passed me by. Let’s face it, # sign to me means number, I learned to type on a (non-electric) typewriter, and to contact friends, I had to telephone or write a letter. I am really working at keeping up with the times, but Photoshop is not my friend.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yes. I think that I can. I’m working on all of the class handouts this week. Once I have it all done, I need to make a new web home that works with more of the bells and whistles I want it to have. Stay tuned!

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      Kathryn Benfiet

      Like Judi, I am intimidated by PS (just the word “masking” sends me into a sweaty mess) so I’m quite excited, perhaps a bit desperate to take a class that will assist me in becoming unafraid. Waiting with my credit card at the ready to sign up…thanks.

      PS…I understand how you feel about dogs and I admire you so much for even being willing to foster a dog. Holy cow they are a lot of work!! My daughter’s 2 year old German Shepherd mix (Samantha) is so full of energy. Our daughter had knee reconstruction surgery in December and I lived with her for 10 weeks while she recuperated. She’ll be getting out of the Marines in May and until she can find a job and her own place, she and Samantha wil be living with us. I am not a dog person but have fallen in love with my GrandPuppy, but even so am a bit anxious having her live with us.

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    So excited to see the class portion of your site grow :O)
    I am a goldfish cracker girl myself. Pizza is my favorite flavor.

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    ThinkING my friend Cathy is often far too hard on herself! I can’t wait to participate in the digi basics class – there is always something to learn. Thank you for making it so easy. Have a lovely long – kind and gentle weekend. Cheers! (I’m enjoying my goldfish with some white wine tonight.) This April feels very fresh and new, I’m looking forward to what it has in store!

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    First of all, I have taken a few classes from Cathy and she does an amazing job of walking you through the steps of photoshop. I have actually made a few neat digital pages because of her.

    Second, Prescribed Nutrition. They have programs to get you back on the eating well track. I know you already know how to do but their next one starts April 12th. It is two weeks. It is called Get Balanced. They have wonderful recipes, wonderful support and it deals with some hormone issues too. Actually, you can ask them anything nutrition related. It is wonderful. ( I don’t know how to link things in comments but cut and paste this and check out this post. It is so good.
    I have no affiliation with them. I am just a past student and know how good the programs are. Plus, two of the nutritionists are from Minneapolis/St. Paul.

    Third, I get the dog thing. I bought my girls a puppy two summers ago. I was overwhelmed. I honestly wanted her to run away. I was offering her plus money to my relatives to get rid of her. She stayed and we love her but dogs are a lot of work and it just fine to realize they don’t fit in your life at this moment. 🙂

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    Anxious for your new class. I have some of your PL templates in my cart, but I never purchase them because I realize I have NO idea what to do in Photoshop. Have had the program for 2 years and haven’t touched it…too intimidating. Help me!

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    Melanie A.

    Just an FYI, if you ever think you might want to give it a try again…there are plenty of older dogs that need fosters until they find their forever home 🙂 You can make that request or search out the specific rescues that work with older dogs. There are some great ones out there like the Mr. Mo Project and Susie’s Senior Dogs. Oh and I’m dying to have goldfish right now but they are off limits so I will live through you. *sigh*

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    I have a question that could be included in the digi basics. When should I use the brushes instead of the png files?
    I use the png files because it’s an extra step to load the brushes (I have photoshop elements12).
    So can you explain what’s the benefit to using brushes vs png?
    I’m sure this is super basic for some but there’s never a dumb question…right 🙂
    Thanks Cathy.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Julie, that’s a great question and one I do cover in the first lesson. I’ll give you a short answer: I I never use the brush files for the same reason. All of my PNGs (mostly) are large images so you can use them big or small.

      I feel like brush use is a preference. I am not even sure I know how to load a brush, but to keep things simple, I realized that I don’t need to!

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    Kim Smith

    I totally get the dog thing…just don’t beat yourself up. Perhaps tell the foster group (when you are ready to try again) that you’ll foster only older dogs. Nothing wrong with having a preference nor being honest about your anxiety.

    Although I’ve been using Photoshop for 10 years now, I will be signing up for your class for 2 reasons: 1 – your videos always teach me something new, and 2 – it’s a CathyZ class!!

    Hugs all around the house!

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