Goals for summer

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cathyzielske.com | goals for the summer

cathyzielske.com | goals for the summer
1. Drink red wine and eat these crackers with goat cheese and honey, in moderation.

2. Keep my house cleaner.

3. Refinish our deck and buy a new table to encourage more outdoor communing.

4. Lose 4 pounds. (I feel like it’s important to keep certain goals realistic.)

5. Be a little more social. Just a titch.

6. Work less but still make the same amount of money.

7. Buy a few of these to string about the yard and encourage more outdoor communing.

8. Grill salmon.

9. Listen to more music.

10. Have more conversations.

11. Learn to sew my own table runners to put on the new table.

12. Lose one more pound, bringing the grand total to 5.

13. Remain a non-smoker.

14. Encourage more outdoor communing.

15. Stock up on the insect repellant because with all this damned outdoor communing we’re going to be doing, we’re going to need it.

16. Write a novella.*

17. Invent something that will make me wildly rich.

18. Go for a long walk.

19. Watch a yoga video but don’t necessarily do the moves along with it.

20. Practice my top three karaoke songs in preparation for the 2015 New Year’s Eve party.*

21. Take 49 selfies in honor of my last year as part of this decade.

22. Try not to have to get a new car.


*Actually I have no interest in writing a novella. I just like how it sounds on a list.

** My top three songs are this one, this one and this one. It’s never to early to start practicing.




Cathy ZielskeGoals for summer

31 Comments on “Goals for summer”

  1. #2

    Love your list, it made me smile 🙂
    your #5 is similar to my new year’s resolution.
    To get together with friends at least 1x per month. So far I have been pretty good… I need to keep this up through the summer.

    #6 – chose easy!!! 80 / 20 rule right!

    Good luck and have a brilliant summer

  2. #5

    Great list. I was onboard with the very first item 🙂 I love spending time outdoors, so I hope a couple of those come true. Are you going to make a mini book? We made a summer list and I bought a 4×4 mini album to put a photo of each item.

  3. #6

    Great list! Some of your goals match some of mine. I actually AM mildly interested in writing a novella, but Iam about 87% more likely to passively watch a yoga video while sipping red wine and nibbling crackers and cheese. Cheers to a fabulous summer!

  4. #7

    So happy to see that Boston didn’t make the karaoke list. Right there with you belting out “Crazy”! May your summer be humidity and mosquito free! Cheers!

  5. #12

    I really enjoyed the David Guetta video, I never see music videos any more. Oh girl, if I could lose 4 pounds I would be so happy! I’ve been lamely trying and this old age flab is stubborn.

  6. #13

    Even your summer goals are entertaining to read. I wish I could drop by to help with number 5. If having a conversation with you is anything like reading your blog, that would be a real treat. You are safe,, Oregon is to far away for happy hour. 49 selfies? Great idea.

  7. #14
    Sarah Hobbie

    What if you refinished your deck at the same time I refinished our fence, and we talked while we did it? We could knock off 3, 5, 10, and 14 in one fell swoop!

  8. #15

    your journey karaoke song is one of my fave journey songs. i once tried to play it on guitar, but can’t remember it now. digging your goals. i’m gonna try getting those off bug repellent clip on my waist type things. i don’t like the bug spray, but for some reason those bugs love me. living in texas the bugs are bigger too. i wanna go on a long walk with the dog & my guy, meditate sometimes, do something creative once a day, sing & dance to music, see a live band outside at least once, have fun.

  9. #16

    i love the idea of the number of selfies equal to your age. mine either have to be very small or i am taking about a multipage layout

  10. #18

    Oh, I love your photo! We’re about to hit a cold patch again here in Melbourne (Oz), and I can’t wait for some warmer weather to roll around again – though if it wasn’t cold and wet I guess I wouldn’t value the warmer months as much. Ha ha, your list made me laugh – quite a few of those are on my list…again, and again…In fact, so often that I threw my lists away this last year. Too much failure, ha! I just started another list tonight and came across yours. I’ll check in next week and see how many you can tell us you crossed off – alright???!! Go on – inspire us!!!

  11. #28
    Sue Treiber

    I have those lanterns and they are very happy making.
    And I would totally read your novella. Get cracking!

  12. #29

    Hi Cathy-
    Regarding #7. Go to Target and buy a string of outdoor lights and cool rug to go under whatever table you might have. Simple, cool and lends itself to lots of summer communing. Promise!

  13. #30

    Love seeing you get into succulents, Cath! I have some really cool tablecloths that I have been hoarding – I’ll show you a few and see if you like for the patio. xo

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