More ways to waste time!

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The internet is a funny thing. While watching this clip of Maya Rudolph delivering the national anthem (one that makes fun of all those way over the top performances of it) at Tulane University’s commencement ceremony, I saw a sidebar link to a 2012 interview with Ellen featuring Maya doing some of her best impressions. During the clip, Maya showed photos of herself she created using an app called Old Booth.

I went to my phone, looked up the app and made the purchase. I buy so few apps, I figured, what the hell. A buck and some change for a few laughs? Totally worth it.

Then I proceeded to laugh until I cried.
This app is totally stupid and totally hilarious at the same time.
I think there is something innately funny about sticking your mug on someone else’s body. With someone else’s hair.

I mean, some of the hair in these options belongs in a Hair Hall of Fame.

The app features a basic set of shots you can use and then you can unlock all other decades for $1.99. (Not sure how the app works price wise for Android users, but it’s free to start!)
I was texting images back and forth with my girl Tara and we were dying laughing.

But when I showed some of the images to my 15-year-old son, he replied, “Why do old people think this is so funny?”
There’s your answer, kid. #boom

If you are so compelled to join in this silly fun, download the app, share your pics on Instagram and add the following hashtags so I can see what you share: #oldbooth #czsohotrightnow (Yes, that is a veiled reference to Zoolander. Thank you, May Flaum!)
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Cathy ZielskeMore ways to waste time!

10 Comments on “More ways to waste time!”

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    Hilarious. Just hilarious. Thanks for being so delightfully funny! I can’t remember who left the comment, but not too long ago one of your readers said we just don’t pay you enough for all the good entertainment. I think it was the day you shared a vid from your scientific research into egg peeling techniques. She was right.

    Thanks for, once again, starting my day off with a smile. A chuckle. A laugh-out-loud moment that will last all day.

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    Sadly…lol…this post has the kind of title that just sucks me right in. But then again, this IS part of what life is about, right???

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    Oh please, pretty please could you do a template for these? Seriously – I would buy it in a heartbeat. Same kind of quotes or the option to put your own in. Font done, insert photo, voila!

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    Michelle t

    That was hilarious. Loved the Starsky and Hutch too. Cool.

    Thanks for making Christmas journal cards in 4×4, and pdf. I picked up that set today. Perfect for my December Stories project.

    Michelle t

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    Thank you for this post! Just what I needed to start of the morning! At work, I create the company christmas card each year and I have to photograph every employee individually for on it. Oh the fun I am going to have with this app!! :o) Seeing your pictures has convinced me that this is the way to go for sure! Absolutely awesome!

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    Teresa Mucha

    Didn’t think anyone else in the world watched Labyrinth. I loved that movie. You nailed that look. Love these and thanks for sharing. We all need to laugh at ourselves now and then and you graciously allowed us to laugh along with you.

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