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I’ve got a handful of new products on sale today and this particular batch I’m kind of happy about for a few reasons.

1. They capture how I’m feeling about memory keeping right now.

2. They got me out of a product designing slump.

3. They made me remember the type of things that make me happy as a product designer.

There are times when I’m in the zone and times when I couldn’t find the zone if you paid me handsomely. I’m happy to have more than one new thing. Here’s a look at this week’s new releases.
J-Card Completes No. 03 are a group of cheeky cards that are part of what’s making me happy right now. They come in printable PDFs in the black shown here (no Photoshop needed) or you can change the colors using the layered PSD files. The PSDs come with journal blocks all set up and good to go.
Super Simple No. 01 is sort of a companion brush and digital stamp set using the same fonts featured on the new J-Card Completes. Layer these onto photos or use them to create your own 3 x 4 pocket page cards. (color for display only, as the digital stamps are black)
Scrapvationals No. 01 are a set of four 8.5 x 11 prints designed to hang, where else, in your scrap room. Yes, they too are a little cheeky. Yes, the can be printed as is, or you can change the colors in Photoshop. Yes, they also come in 3 x 4 cards. Yes, I think they are funny but not offensively so. And yes, I plan to hang them in my office. Heck, you could even print them out and embellish in the white space. I mean, you know, we’re scrapbookers, right? Here’s a closer image of what the prints say:


J-Card Weekdays are a set of Monday through Sunday (plus This Week and This Month) cards to use in your Project Life albums. The PDFs come in black only, both with a solid day box and and outlined one. The journal blocks are included with the PSD files.
And last but not least, one set of summery J-Cards. Simply load cardstock, print and trim. Or, use the digital card files for your digital projects.

All new releases are on sale for 20% off this weekend, or you can wait until next week, when the Designer Digitals Quarterly sale begins on Thursday, May 14th beginning at 7 a.m. EST.


Cathy ZielskeNew product extravaganza!

25 Comments on “New product extravaganza!”

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      Cathy Zielske

      Jessica! You don’t have to be digital for some of these. The ones that include PDFs are printables. You just use Adobe Acrobat to print them out on any ink jet printer!

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    Yay! Just picked up J Card Weekdays. Not having useful journaling cards at hand slows down my process, so I plan to print up a bunch of these this weekend. These are great because they go with anything and/or can be customizes, too. Happy Friday!

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    These are all great, but I love the “cheeky” J-Card Completes #3 and Scrapvationals #1. First thing that comes to mind is throwback; circa 60’s, 70’s. Love how they are just black & white too. Any color on the page would come from the photos, if they’re not b&w. My mind is turning on how I would use them. I’ll have to get them! And what font is that you used for them. I like it!

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      Cathy Zielske

      Thanks, Shawn! Someone told me they reminded them of those Cards Against Humanity, which I can totally see. The font is a class: Azkidenz Grotesk. LOVE that font. Similar to Helvetica (the font used in Cards Against Humanity) but slightly different.

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        Thanks, Cathy! I can see the similarities, too. Just saw your first two sets in this series at Designer Digitals. I follow your blog almost daily, but somehow missed them before. They look great too, but I’m really diggin’ the font on these. Thanks again!

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    Love all of these – glad you are out of the slump to design because these are great. Thanks Cathy.

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    Hi Cathy,
    I love all these new designs, especially the J-Card Completes No. 03 and Scrapvationals No. 01. So bold, so clean and minimalistic and so refreshing!!!! You are the best!

    And what about ‘No, no more (of this)’, or ‘No…please….!’ instead of ‘Yes, this’. Maybe we all should just suggest some new (real life) phrases? Like ‘One of the few stories… .(that I manage to scrapbook, or that I have the energy or guts for to tell?).

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    I’m so glad you’re out of the”whatever you were in” slump. Now you’re showing us the Cathy Z we all know and love.

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    Michelle t

    Awesome! Those summer ones…love! Love the Scrapvationals, too. Do the 3×4 cards come in pdf too? Or is that just to make the 8 1/2×11? And I hope I’m not sounding stupid, but… what does BAE mean? Or am I misinterpreting it? Great stuff, Cathy. Michelle t

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    Love these. Love the black and white J-cards, and the colors for the summer ones are superb. Thank you!

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    Totally lovin’ all of these – definitely gonna get me some (if not ALL)! On another note, Canon is having an awesome rebate on their photo printers thru 5/31/15 (all wide format: Pixma Pro-1, Pro-10, and Pro-100) – $200 off the Pro 1 and 10; $100 off the Pro-100. The resolution is better than our HP Photosmart 8750’s – 4800 x 2400 vs. HP 4800 x 1200. I know you’re in the same photo-printer-hell that I’m in, so I thought I’d share!

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    I know I have already told you this but these are some of my favorite things you have ever created. BOOM.

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