The Present Participle List for May

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Loving this video from Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black. So. So much. I still have the cassette single of this song from back in the days of Yore. Loved me some Extreme. (Well, just the one song.)

Laughing my ass off at this video. I’m not very familiar with Adult Swim, but this kind of humor? Yes, please.

Continuing to work on a new CZ Classes website and the next class I’ll be releasing is an updated version of Ten Tips for Better Type. If you took this class with me when I ran it back in 2011, you can have free access when it launches, hopefully later this month or in June. The original class had one project and I decided to add three projects to the new version. I think it’s a better class than it was and it gives you some very practical, hands-on work to apply the tips.

Running with the help of the Couch to 5K app. I’m on Week 3 and up to 10 minutes of running out of about 30. So far, so good. Although I will say this: I ain’t as young as I used to be.

Preparing for the Ultimate tourney season. Cole has tourneys every weekend in May. I bought a new rolling cooler from Costco so I could vie for Mom of the Season when I bust out those mini turkey sandwiches.

Listening to Cloud Cult a lot right now, especially their Unplug album. They just released a companion film for the recording of the album. Cloud Cult is a very special band. It’s actually kind of hard to put into words just how much and why, but if they resonate with you, it’s never in a small way. I plan to buy the film on iTunes and watch it later this week.

Obsessing over Inside Amy Schumer. Dan and I plowed through a number of her Season 2 episodes last week and are now onto her current season. I think she’s sharp, raunchy and very, very funny. I’m pretty sure everyone and their brother has seen this, but it’s just so good and it’s definitely gotten some conversations going between me and my girlfriends.

That’s what’s happening with me. What’s up with you? What are you doing this month?


Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for May

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    Katie Jones

    *Trying* to get my head in the game. I am struggling with what’s happening, even though nothing much is really happening! I am bored and uninspired at work, and overwhelmed and feeling underappreciated at home! I wish I could hide from it all for about a month in the hope that it would help, but that’s not likely so I need to get my game face on.

    Hopefully I will be successful this week at getting some *proper* crafting done, though I did a little on iNSD, and maybe that will help. I really need to get heavy with the decluttering effort and get things moving on out, and get better again at the healthy eating to get the body clutter moving on out as well. I need to be consistent with prepping and planning to make that one work.

    I need a priority list this week, to help me figure out what is most important and what should just be let go.

    #1 priority? Ought to be me!
    I just need to remember this…

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    Michelle t

    Hi Cathy, awesome stuff. Go girl on the running. You’re so inspiring.

    I had a creative weekend and was thrilled with how my layout turned out. But I’m feeling a little blah now and dealing (or not, ha ha) with stuff. But I don’t let myself stew for long, that’ll be enough of that.

    Love reading about what you’re into. Michelle t

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    Feeling: bone-deep happy in the way that warmth and sunshine and Vitamin D after a very long winter can make you feel

    Listening: to a plethora of really good podcasts on my commute, which keep me inspired

    Looking forward to: celebrating our daughter’s 11th birthday with her this week

    On pins and needles about: whether I will get a chance to interview for a job that is better for my career in lots of ways, but I’m not certain whether it’s the right move or not

    Thankful for: my cute, cute husband

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    Kirsten J

    Watching my girl play softball.
    Taking her to physical therapy for her shoulder.
    Working way too much.
    Wishing I had more time to play in my craft room.

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    Janet O

    I’m actually thinking about driving from Chicago to MN for the free Cloud Cult show because they aren’t coming anywhere near here this summer and I NEED to see them. I totally get it and I totally agree it’s hard to put into words. *goes to listen to Unplug again*

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      Cathy Zielske

      We are planning on going. Though it is going to be a MADHOUSE and I think we’ll just take the bus or the train there!

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    Love those videos you shared! Hmm, wonder what it means that I can sing along and remember all the words of “More Than Words”. 😀 And if you haven’t seen this yet, this just proves how awesome Jimmy Fallon and Jack Black are:

    You go girl on taking those steps to being healthier! I am on that same journey.

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    Loved that Extreme video – I have the whole album, LOL I was really into it at one time.

    I too have found out I’m getting older, last night at boot camp I had such a hard time… please don’t let her make us do Marine style burpees again. Ugh.

    I’m getting back into scrapbooking, got a new iPhone and am figuring out Instagram before my first grandchild arrives in July! I have the PL app on the phone too – I’m sure I will be getting lots of photos texted to me. They already send me cat photos!

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