Know someone who is graduating? I have just the card for that

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It’s that time of year again—the time when our high school seniors prepare to step into the next glorious phase of their lives and mothers, fathers and other caregivers from across the land curl up into fetal positions, wondering how they blinked and those seniors catapulted from Kindergarten to now.

For the record, I’m glad I’m not a mama going through this again. Last year was emotional enough and I figure by the time Cole is a senior (three more years), I’ll have more than recovered by then. I’ll totally be able to handle another graduation. I think of it like childbirth. What? What are you talking about? A graduating senior is so easy! And yes, I’ll do it totally drug-free this time!

That said, we have a handful of seniors this year for whom we’ll be attending grad parties and wishing well as they prepare to move onto the next chapter of life. That means only one thing: cash and cards are needed.

Last year, I made all of my grad cards using my Silhouette and this year, I had a new vision. I found a cute little cap at the Silhouette store, made one card and thought: “I could turn this into a free download if I created my own hat!” So that’s what I did, more or less. I bought a cute little cap graphic and turned it into a cut file. Then I created two options for the text and turned those into a printable PDF. Last but not least, I created a 5 x 5 card cut file using my Silhouette software.
I’m sharing the package with you today because I like sharing and I like this design.
Download here: CZ_GradCardFreebie
The package contains all kinds of files (including a PNG of the cap and two printable, 3 x 4 cards featuring the same design). Here’s how it works:

1. Print out your choice of sentiment onto 8.5 x 11 cardstock using the PDF file.

2. Load the printed sheet into your Silhouette and use the CZ_squarecard file to cut out your 5 x 5 card. (I’ve included a Studio 3 file, plus a version 2 file.) Fold card on score line. If you don’t have a Silhouette, just print the PDF and trim by hand to 5.5 x 10 inches.

3. Load a sheet of 8.5 x 11 black cardstock into your Silhouette and use the Studio cut file to cut out your hats. (Note: the Studio file hat sizes work with the design. If you are using one of the DXF or SVG files with another cutter, you’ll have to test out different sizes.)

4. Adhere the bottom of the hat to the front of the card and then follow with the top of the hat using a dimensional adhesive. (I am in LOVE with the Thin 3D Foam Squares from 3L!)

5. Add your note to the card and place in envelope. (I have these cool, clear envelopes I use for most of my hand-made cards, similar to these cards.)

6. Add a personal check or the always popular cold hard cash.

Here’s to the graduating class of 2015. There are some real keepers among you.

And to all of you who care for those seniors, I’m sending you some tenderness and love. Hang in there. You’ll be just fine.

And so will they.


Cathy ZielskeKnow someone who is graduating? I have just the card for that

57 Comments on “Know someone who is graduating? I have just the card for that”

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    Katie Jones

    Love it! Kind of wish I had a cutting machine to do them, even though I know no-one who is graduating this year. But I don’t. Can you do this as an image file to add to pocket pages for scrapping previous graduation events? Pretty please? 😉 I love the shadows and the clean graphic! xxx

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Your wish is my command! I just uploaded a new package containing two 3 x 4 cards. I didn’t put shadows on the cap, however. 🙂 Just kept it clean.

      Also, there is a PNG file of just the cap in the package, so you could do whatever you like with that file, too!

  2. #2

    YES! DD#2 graduates next month with a Degree in Commerce. I think she has to have one of those cards. Love it! Thanks Cathy!

  3. #5

    Thank for the grad card freebie.

    My daughter graduates today and I am feeling very emotional. I enjoyed your transition and events of Aidan that you did last year. I can’t believe it is my turn now. My, how time flys!

  4. #9
    Pam K

    Love it — it’s so you; clean & simple! My nephew is graduating & this will be perfect for him. Thank you!

  5. #11

    This is so great! I just wish I’d had it last week when my youngest and all her friends graduated from high school : ) I’ll be sure to use it next year though when her big sister and all her friends graduate from college…in April! You do such amazing work Cathy–thanks!

  6. #13

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this!! Thank you Cathy. I too am feeling a bit emotional and my daughter is graduating preK! preK and i’m a sappy mom, LOL. I think this will be great to use as an invite to her graduation that’s in a few weeks.

  7. #15
    Kim L

    Thank you – Thank you – Thank you!
    My “baby” is graduating high school and off to college in the fall. I’ll stop there before I run the risk of shorting out my keyboard!

  8. #17

    I”m so glad that i can read your blog and co-experience this with others. My youngest is graduating this year – thus new therapy sessions for me!!!

    Thank you Cathy – you rock!

  9. #18
    Karen Clinkinbeard

    My grandson graduates next week so this will be perfect. Thanks so much for your generosity.

  10. #21

    Thanks, Cathy! I actually have three graduation cards I need to send out this week. This is perfect for me. You’re the best!

  11. #23

    Love the childbirth analogy. Laughed out loud. Funny how time softens what seems so traumatic at the time. Maybe that’s the only way we can do it again!

  12. #25
    Michelle t

    I bookmarked that blog post you wrote about Aidan graduating last year, it was one of the best posts I’d ever read, about anything. My boys will graduate in 2 yrs, and I’ve been feeling very acutely the passage of time. Other reasons, too…Damon it’s gone, lost my train of thought. Anyway, I have it so when the time comes, I’ll go back to it, and know I wasn’t alone. It will hit me big time. Anyway thanks for the awesome download. I don’t have anyone this year, but will have it for when I do. Love your style. Michelle t

    1. #25.1
      Michelle t

      Whoops…that’s supposed to be damn it, not Damon. Idiot auto type. Or is that idiot user? Don’t answer that… 🙂 Thanks again. Michelle t

  13. #26

    Love them. As a teacher, I get invited to quite a few grad parties every year. Since the students know I scrapbook, they expect a handmade card. These add to the variety so not every student gets the same design. Thanks!!!!

  14. #27

    OMG – I love this card and how simple yet elegant it is. I’m going to make them for all the grads I have to give to this year. Thank you Cathy! I always love reading your posts and ideas.

  15. #28
    Libby Wiers

    So nice of you! I almost wish we had a graduate this year to give it to – saving money for two years from now when a grandson and all his friends graduate…

  16. #31
    Denise S.

    Thank you Cathy! You are so sweet and generous. I’m new to my Silhouette Portrait but will give it a try…my niece (Godchild) graduates this year.

  17. #33

    These are perfect to use for my son’s graduation pictures.
    How generous of you.

  18. #34
    Julie S

    “YOU BASICALLY ROCK” – How perfect is this for my son who graduates next week as a Geological Engineer! I’m beyond thrilled. Thank you Cathy!

  19. #35
    Julie S

    “YOU BASICALLY ROCK” How perfect is that for my son who graduates next week as a Geological engineer! Beyond thrilled that it is so appropriate for a young man who can’t go on a road trip without commenting on rock formations! Thank you Cathy!!!

  20. #37
    Colleen F

    Cathy, these are awesome!!! You rock! I was having so much trouble finding grad cards that I liked, that had a sense of humor, these are perfect. Thank you.

  21. #38
    Cammie Murphree

    Thanks for your generous spirit. I can’t tell you the number of times I thought, “Holy crap you did it!” during the thirty high school graduations of my teaching career.

  22. #40
    Christie A.

    Thank you so much…hopefully my son will be graduating from college in December so I can use this!

  23. #42

    Thank you, Cathy! 🙂 A young friend/former babysitter of ours is graduating high school next month (the school year goes until the end of June here), and our daughter is “graduating” from preschool, so these cards will come in handy. 🙂

  24. #43

    Thank you so much! We always have a graduate (or two) every year even though ours have graduated college – how did that happen?! You’re the best!

  25. #44

    holy crap – you seriously rock, Cathy! thank you so much for these! my daughter is graduating this coming school year, so this is perfect! thank you. thank you.

  26. #46

    Thanks for these awesome downloads. I’m so going to use them for my brother’s graduation from law school last week. He was 9th in his class and graduated Magna Cum Laude. The “holy crap” is the most awesome.

  27. #47

    Thanks for the awesome freebies…my grandsons would love these…fortunately it will be a few years before they reach this milestone. Have a great day!

  28. #48

    Am running behind on getting cards to graduating students. But pulled this up and made a perfect card – thanks Cathy!!

  29. #49

    You know just what we need and when we need it…’s almost like it’s your job! Thanks for being so great at it 🙂

  30. #50
    Jennifer Petersen

    Thank you for this great cut file! Just what I was looking for last year. . . but I will tuck it away for the next graduation!

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