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THE GIVEAWAY: One reader will win a complimentary registration to Love Your Letters 2.0, an ongoing, PDF-based handwriting workshop by Gina Sekelsky of Lettergirl.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Whether you want to add handwritten notes to your kids’ scrapbooks, send more personal business correspondence, or write a legible grocery list, instructor Gina Sekelsky will walk you through the best ways to practice your handwriting.

ABOUT LETTERGIRL: Lettergirl is an art studio focused on all things handwritten: address stamps, custom stationery, word clouds, and textile projects. Owner Gina Sekelsky has been teaching the art of handwriting as a way to express our personalities and strengthen our relationships for over twenty years. She hopes each of her students will recognize the beauty in their own individual style.

SPECIAL PROMOTION FOR MY READERS: My readers are welcome to use coupon code CZDESIGN (so clever!) at lettergirl.etsy.com for $3 off any purchase over $20. That includes the workshops, handwritten address stamps, greeting cards, and Quote of the Month Club. Promotion expires June 8..

CONNECT WITH LETTERGIRL: Shop | Blog | Facebook Instagram

TO ENTER THIS GIVEAWAY: This giveaway is now closed. Check back to see if you’re a winner.

And just for fun, Gina, who is a Minnesota-based entrepreneur like myself, offered to design my tagline in her handwriting. Oh for cute!


So I decided to take it and make a few printables and JPEG cards just for you.


Enjoy the card! Thanks to Gina, and I’ll choose the winner of her class spot on Sunday night!

FOR MORE FREEBIE GOODNESS… Check out the Designer Digitals event forum on Saturday morning at 9 a.m. EST. I may or may not have another pretty fun, free printable card set for everyone who stops by. It may or may not look like this:

It’s all to celebrate our 2nd Quarter Sale, where you can save 40% on everything in the shop! You have to log in and visit the forum to snag the freebie. Plus, I’ll be hosting a challenge and giving away a $10 gift certificate to the store. See you there on Saturday morning. Just look for my thread here.

Cathy ZielskeSponsor Giveaway + a free card download from Letter Girl and CZ Design

92 Comments on “Sponsor Giveaway + a free card download from Letter Girl and CZ Design”

  1. #2

    I love that my handwriting is my own – it’s uniquely mine.. My kids recognize “mom’s” handwriting and they take notice when I’ve left a note in my own handwriting!

  2. #3
    Angela Hath...

    I have pretty goofy-looking handwriting, but it is definitely consistent-looking — it’s been pretty much the same for 20+ years. Thanks!

  3. #6
    Nicole Norman

    I like that my handwriting is legible, but I would like to make it more consistent and unique.

  4. #7
    Amy K

    I like the “loopiness” of my handwriting. I’ve always admired the creative and unique hand lettering that I see online. Since attending a retreat a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been practicing mine, and would love to check out Gina’s workshop. Thanks for the chance to win, and for the great freebie!

  5. #8

    I print everything in all caps so many people have asked me if I’m an architect. I’m not. But my handwriting would lead you to believe I am. Not sure if that’s good or bad (ha!). I’d love to take this class. Thanks for the freebies!

  6. #9

    I like my handwriting. It has changed over the years, but I like my half cursive/half print writing.

  7. #10

    The thing I like best about my handwriting? That’s it’s very similar to my mum’s handwriting. People used to ask me why I was writing to myself (back in the day …) .

  8. #11
    Priya Mohan

    As a child I used to awe at my dad’s stylish handwriting and practiced hard. I can now tell that my handwriting has turned out as good as my dad’s and I enjoy my cursive lettering!

  9. #12

    I like my handwriting because it is neat and readable. I actually got two jobs because of that!

  10. #13

    i like that it’s evolved over the years, but it’s always been something that people compliment me on. kind of a fun secret talent 😉

  11. #14
    Charlotte Brochu

    In recent years, I’ve almost abandoned my hand-writing in favour of printing. I do know that it’s changed over the years though from being very slanted to more vertical. I guess that’s the printing influence. Thanks for the chance at this class. I’ve recently become very interested in lettering and have been searching for a good class to take. This one sounds great!

  12. #17
    Mandy R

    I like that my handwriting is very distinct and often illegible to others. It’s like having a secret code.

  13. #18
    Cindy Gordon

    I love that my handwriting is loose & free – even though that means no one can read it but me. 😉 Thanks for the op to win the class!!!!

  14. #19

    I am not a fan if my handwriting at all. I’m messy. I can print neatly if I take my time. Thanks so much for the chance Cathy!

  15. #21
    Kimberly O.

    If I have the “right” pen, I really like my handwriting. It’s relatively easy to read but looks pretty cool too. Although I don’t care for how it looks when I am rushed (like in a meeting trying to write down what someone just said.. you know, that whole “remember, write, and listen” all at the same time kind of thing. Like I’d like to hold up my hand and say “Wait… can you give me a few more seconds before you go on?” (I have horrible… what was I going to say? Oh yeah… I have horrible short term memory.)

  16. #22

    I loooooove the sound of that handwriting course!! :))) Thanks for a great giveaway. What do I like about my own handwriting? That people find it easy to read.

  17. #23

    Oh this is tough, just because my handwriting deteriorates so fast since I use it so rarely on more than 3×4 cards! But I love when it gets loopy and halfway between print and cursive!

  18. #24

    I like that my handwriting is intentional. I spend time on writing because I believe it’s a reflection of us! I have a couple of Letter Girl’s stamps and just love them. Her handwriting is my favorite. 🙂

  19. #25

    I’m not sure since sometimes I find myself loving how I write a letter a certain way only for the next time that it wouldn’t happen that way. LOL but thank you for this opportunity 🙂

  20. #26
    Dawn McF

    I like how neat my handwriting can be. And it is a lot like my mom’s. I am trying to not be so ‘tense’ when I write and would love this class. Thanks.

  21. #27

    I like to mix capital and lowercase letters in my handwriting, using caps in the middle of words and I also mix cursive and print. I would love to take this class.

  22. #28
    Kathryn Benfiet

    It’s easy to read. I’ve always preferred printing to cursive. Would love to have Handwriting like Ali Edwards.

  23. #29
    Sarah Daviner

    Not really a fan of my own handwriting, but I often admire that of others. Perhaps I just need more practise?! Thanks for the chance to win 🙂

  24. #30
    Helen High

    For years I’ve been doing this very interesting and some time illegible print/cursive writing thingy (yes, thingy is a word–LOL).

    I am not a fan of my handwriting and for years have used awesome fonts to tell my stories, but would love to got back to my “pre-school” roots to learn to write again–this time with specific styles in mind!

  25. #31
    Audrey V

    I like to include my hand writing in my scrapbooks, but I need to improve it. I have some letters that look good, others looks like dog poo! Just saying’.

  26. #32

    I like that my handwriting doesn’t listen to me. I’m tidy and like things lined up and balanced and blah blah blah but my handwriting is loose-goosey and free.

  27. #33

    I like that my signature looks different depending on my mood when I sign my name. However, for scrapbooking, I’d love to learn to be more consistent!

  28. #34

    If i take the time to print nicely I think I have some good looking penmanship.
    The rest of the time it looks kind of messy, but it always totally legible!

  29. #35

    I like that my handwriting is unique. I’ve always loved different styles and would love this class to learn more. Thanks for the chance to win.

  30. #36

    I like how everyone’s handwriting is different. My mom did handwriting analysis….fascinating! My handwriting….I find it interesting to look back on my handwriting and compare it to today

    This class sounds fun! Thanks for the chance to win✏️

  31. #37

    I love how my handwriting hasn’t dramatically changed over the years. I like the swirly bits and the printing bits too and I love that my italic handwriting from junior school sometimes pops in
    Jo xxx

  32. #38
    Michelle t

    Oh, thanks so much for a chance to win. I’m not sure what my style is either, but I kind of like it that I incorporate printed letters in my cursive, like the r’s, b’s and d’s. And I sort of have a left handed slant even though I’m right handed. Anyway, also thanks for the cards, and I also love the one for tomorrow. Awesome. Thanks. Michelle t

  33. #39

    As much as I love technology, nothing will ever fully replace pen and paper. One of my happy places is an office supply store or stationery store. Thanks for the chance to win.

  34. #40
    Amy W

    I like that my handwriting, well actually printing, is small. But now that’s getting me into trouble because my vision seems to be changing and I have to squint to read it. Thanks for the chance to win so I can practice my larger lettering techniques (a.k.a. “slowing down”).

  35. #41

    I find it interesting that my handwriting can differ depending on what I’m writing with (which pen, pencil, etc.) I love that this workshop teaches us how to love our own handwriting, not how to write like she does—the reason I like this opportunity. thank you!

  36. #42

    I like my handwriting but just don’t know how to make it look good when I “scribble” notes. I now understand the importance of leaving some samples of our handwriting for our family to look back on since my mother can no longer write because of advance dementia! She had beautiful writing but alas I don’t have many samples of it.

  37. #43
    Tess R.

    My favorite part of my handwriting is that names always turn out well. I can address an envelope or a letter and be very pleased. For some reason it just doesn’t translate to everything else.

  38. #44
    Kathleen S.

    I actually do like my handwriting, both cursive and print. The style I use seems to be linked to my emotional state, something I noticed a while back. Curious. I do hesitate to journal though because of that bugaboo of expectation. Be nice to experience scribbling for the joy of it!

  39. #46
    Allison R

    I like that I write in all caps. Buuuut when I’m taking notes at work, legibility goes down the crapper and I sometimes wonder if people think I’m yelling. BUT I’M NOT. PROMISE.

  40. #47

    I like that my handwriting is so neat. It regularly gets attention at doctors’ offices, on school papers, during trivia nights at a local restaurant… Someone even gave me the nickname “Microsoft Word”. (Thanks, I guess?)

  41. #48

    i’m not sure if there’s ANYTHING i DO like about my handwriting! ugh!
    (p.s. – thanks for the giveaway!)

  42. #50

    I’m only recently liking my handwriting. I like that it’s a combo of printing and cursive.

  43. #51
    Valerie W

    I have learned to really like my handwriting, appreciate it, it is uniquely mine. Like everything else, we are our toughest critics!

  44. #53
    Jenny B.

    I like my own handwriting pretty well. It’s neat and legible, but gets really sloppy when my hand gets tired (which happens pretty quickly in this digital age!). Ha. 🙂

  45. #54
    Brenda Howell

    I hate my handwriting!! It always looks like an over caffeinated squirrell got a hold of a pen and went berserk!! Really would love to have handwriting that I could read!!

  46. #56

    My handwriting is a lot like my mother’s, so I like that. This class looks like it will be a lot of fun!

  47. #57

    I like my handwriting because it is mine. No one anywhere has it. Its all mine.

    Thank you for that cool freebie.

  48. #61
    scrapper al

    My handwriting has gone to heck since I do most writing on the computer now. Thanks for the giveaway to this awesome class.

  49. #62

    I like that my handwriting is personal and a reflection of me. Sometimes it beautiful and perfectly curated, sometimes its crazy messy and sometimes it’s functional – just like me in real life 🙂

  50. #65
    Laura BC

    I like that I can generally write in a straight line on unlined paper. That it looks neat even if it can be hard to read at times. That it influenced my sister – who isn’t left-handed but writes with a back slant.

  51. #66

    I like that my handwriting gets me random compliments every once in a while. It’s both a fun pick-me-up and a sweet throwback to more carefree school days when a professional woman in a meeting whispers, “I like your handwriting!”

  52. #67
    Tina Joergens

    Thanks for the free digital of Gina’s handwriting! I already have both of her classes and I can honestly say the winner is going to enjoy their prize!

  53. #68

    I love the way my handwritten can be different if I write slow or fast. I love to write with a tradicional pencil. I don´t like very much of the mechanical pencil . Nothing beats a good and sharp old pencil. Thank you for the freebies.

  54. #69
    deb pereira

    Thanks for the free downloads. I really need to consider this class as I have been working on my handwriting for over a year now. I love that it is now legible (which it wasn’t so legible before!)

  55. #72

    I like my handwriting for the most part – when I’m taking the time to write something! I just don’t use it enough on my scrapbook pages. 🙂 Thank you for the journaling card – love that saying!

  56. #73

    I like that my handwriting is uniquely (is that a word??) mine. I don’t get to write much by hand anymore and would love to expore my handwriting further.

  57. #74

    What I like about my handwriting is that there are certain letters that sometimes remind me so much of my grandmother’s handwriting. What a great connection!

  58. #75

    What a great giveaway! I like that my handwriting is fairly consistent, easy to read and that it’s unique (like everybody’s handwriting 🙂

  59. #76

    My handwriting is so bad that I never handwrite anything if I can help it…so I’d love to win a seat in this class. Maybe it would help!

  60. #77

    EeeeGads…my handwriting….changes with my mood and my intention to detail and my degree of creativeness at the moment…I love writing but not sure what my style is. If I try too hard it flops…:( I do know that it is sloppy crappy when I’m signing checks for bill!!!! :)tee hee…Thanks Cathy…love all your stuff!!!!!!!!!!1

  61. #78

    I like my handwriting–but then I spent hours as a kid & teen practicing. I love to handwrite, I just don’t do it much anymore. I’m too fast on a keyboard I guess! Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class–it sounds like fun!

  62. #79

    My handwriting changes with my mood. Some days sloppy, neat, hurried … Keeps things interesting. This class looks like fun.

  63. #80

    My signature is very unique compared to others…. I always tell people it was so my children couldn’t forge it on their notes from school! 🙂

  64. #82

    I love love love that my name starts with k. When I am writing for fun or doodling I always use a lower case k and add dots and hearts and stuff to it. It is the one part of my style that is a little bit foofy!

  65. #83

    I love that my handwriting has grown up with me but you can still see a tiny bit of the little girl in it that never went away. 🙂

  66. #84
    Christine K.

    I love my handwriting. Growing up in elementary school I would constantly practice my cursive.

  67. #85

    I love my handwriting most of the time. I worked hard years ago to make it very neat. I was going to be an elementary school teacher and wanted to be a good example for my students. I would love to be able to get it on my computer so that I can make it consistent.

  68. #86
    Karyn Allen

    I like how my handwriting has morphed over time. It is very different than in my 20’s. I like the combination of both cursive and print and German script…hopefully my kids will be able to read it when I’m gone 😉

  69. #87

    I can’t say I’m a fan of my handwriting however, when I look back at letters or on the back of photographs, I recognize my Great Grandmother’s, Grandmother’s and my Mom’s handwriting and it brings me back. I hope that mine will do the same for my daughters when they look back at the scrapbooks I’ve made for them.

  70. #90

    This is so great! I would love to win a spot in her class. I like how my handwriting looks pretty uniform, but i would love to learn some new lettering to add to it. Thanks for the chance!

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