And the band of the summer is…

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I am 15 years old and sitting the the back seat of a cream-colored, ramshackle Volkswagen Beetle with my best friend, Molly, and a boy named Curt who was a) a licensed driver and b) attempting to take his bug off road, all to the delight of two screaming teen-aged girls who were very likely wearing far too much hairspray.

I am 16 years old, hanging out at Flashing Red Light with my usual high school suspects down near the water in Everett, Washington, doing things I likely ought not to have been doing.

I am 17 years old, well before Howard Jones and George Michael would become my little darlings, and I’m plugging in a well-worn cassette into the deck of my Datsun B-210, singing my teen-aged heart out. Oooh, are you feelin’ satisfied? Come on let us give your mind a ride.

All these scenarios shared a common soundtrack: the music of Boston.

I am 49 years old, and I still believe nothing says summer more than the songs by this classic rock band of my youth.

Yes. I am dating myself with this post but something has been on my mind lately and I’m just going to come out with it: Boston is overdue for a renaissance.

Think about it.

When The Sopranos played “Don’t Stop Believing” over the end credits of their season finale, Journey’s popularity soared. It happened again when Glee kicked of their series, showcasing an a capella version of the song—one that still gives me chills—to an entirely new generation.

But what about Boston? When is some clever director going to run Peace of Mind over the end credits of the next feel-good summer blockbuster starring Channing Tatum as a working class guy who rises up through the ranks of a major corporation and becomes a billionaire only to give away all his money to those in need?

True story: I was walking around the house over the weekend, belting out this song and Dan looked at me a little sideways and was like, “What did you just sing?”

So I sang it again for his pleasure.

I understand about indecision and I don’t care about get me high.

Um, yeah. Turns out the lyric is actually, “I understand about indecision but I don’t care if I get behind.”

Dan pointed out that if a song lyric appears to be an incomplete sentence (I don’t care about. Get me high.) that I might want to revisit what I’m singing, going forward.

But aside from the fact that part of my teenage years is now apparently a lie, the awesomeness of the song remains.

If that song doesn’t scream summer until the end of days, I’m hard pressed to guess what would.

I read an article online recently talking about how people are hesitant to seek out new music as they age. I don’t fall completely into that categorization, but there is a part of me that will always yearn for the music of my formative years, back when albums featured spaceships or galactic insects on their covers and the nondescript, heavily-mustached and mutton chopped band members who sang with a wall of high-pitched harmony.

Don’t even get me started on Blue Oyster Cult.

Here’s to your favorite summertime music. May it include Boston in abundance.

I mean after all, nothing’s gonna help you more than rock and roll.

Am I right?




Cathy ZielskeAnd the band of the summer is…

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    Why don’t you go see them in concert this summer? I know they touring because the billboard is posted along the Atlantic City Expressway in New Jersey.

    1. #1.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Sandy! True story: they are playing up in Brainerd, near the Zielske family cabin. Might be checking it out!

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    Becky Bachand

    You just made my day – thanks for sharing! I’m jammin’ out, sippin’ my morning coffee and feeling gratitude for good friends and great memories of years gone by – can’t think of a better way to start the day!

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    Kerri Bradford

    And my classics are my kids’ classics…and I love it! They listen to Boston, Styx, Def Leppard…Van Halen, Queen…all sorts of goodies. It’s just plain and simple…good music. 🙂

    1. #3.1
      Michelle t

      Same here! My kids were raised on the songs of the 70’s and 80’s. (As well as the Beatles, as I’m a huge fan, but technically before my time). Awesome. Michelle t

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    LOL, Cathy, I too adore Boston. I got the first album when I was a teenager & played it to death. I now have it on CD & often put it on when I’m cleaning house. There is nothing like those opening chords of “More Than a Feeling.” This, kids, is MUSIC, lol.

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    Loved this post! I recently became slightly obsessed with the show Supernatural and they play a lot of classic rock (especially the first couple of seasons) including Boston, ACDC, Bad Company, etc. Listening to these songs this morning was the best way to start the day!

    1. #5.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Aidan was just telling me about this show, playing Carry On My Wayward Son, or something? Sounds like my kinda show!

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    OK – the video rocks. Literally. But does anyone else watch it thinking these dudes are HILARIOUS looking?! I’m from your era, Cathy, but couldn’t stop crackin up about the velour suits, wooly mammoth vest on the drummer (not to mention his HAIR), and that bass guitarist at the end. His eyes are rollin backwards in his head.

    Ah….. the good ole days in the 70s and 80s.

    This is my theme song today in the office as I work on Annual Reports, Cathy. Thanks for helping me feel like a teenager for a while!

    1. #6.1
      Cathy Zielske

      They really are. But then again my first rock and roll crush (after David Cassidy) was Steve Perry. For YEARS. I must be drawn to this look. ha!

      1. #6.1.1

        Steve Perry will ALWAYS be the top for me. Journey’s “When the LIghts Go Down in the City” was ‘our song’ for my boyfriend and I all throughout high school. Think I saw him in concert 5 times before it was all over. For Steve, and for me and my boyfriend!

        Journey is my Boston. Always has been – always will be. Did you see that video of him singing last year, after he said he never would again? He’s older – and it’s not the greatest, but man, you hear that sound he has in his voice, and it just takes you back…

        Sheesh. I am SO OLD. and lovin’ it!!

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    They did a concert at my college in 1978 or 79 … a highlight of my college years! Surprised I can remember that far back!

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    Beth H.

    Yes. Boston “More than a feeling”. I’m a couple of years older than you — but very similar life experiences played out with Boston as the soundtrack and the other biggie, Steve Miller Band.

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    Thanks for the inspiration. Now trotting off to hook up my cassette player to my desktop so I can listen to Night Ranger’s Sister Christian. You ladies are too cool!

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    Cathy, there are a number of songs currently on my iPod playlist thanks to you, think Neil Finn and another collection from your running days but I have to draw the line here. Boston is an awesome city but the band Boston needs to stay back in 1978.

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    Boston, Journey, Rush, Kansas, Foreigner, Steve Miller, Eddie Money, Meatloaf, etc. It’s all good. Kansas was my first concert. I’ll never forget it. Thanks for the nostalgia.

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    More Than a Feeling! That’s the one I was trying to remember. The year is 1994, Jeff and I show up to our telemarketing job and the building is cleared out. We lost three weeks of pay. We decide to leave town, and with our last $15, we buy that Boston CD and listen to it the whole road trip. And then we beg our parents for money.

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    Kelly E

    Oh the memories! I go up north for “girls weekend” twice a year with five of my college friends and we rock out to the “oldies but goodies” the entire weekend. Boston, Journey, Steve Miller Band — all the faves. Love how it takes us right back to college (1983-1987) and all the care free times we had there. Thanks Cathy for always being so on point for what I’m going through.

  14. #15

    Couldn’t agree more, Cathy!

    I have been teased about my Boston love for years…

    More Than a Feelin’/Long Time OUT ROCKS ANYTHING EVER.

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    “Don’t Stop Believing” was also the theme song for the SF Giants in 2010 (thanks to a wonderful fan video w/changed lyrics). Steve Perry even lead the fans in singing “the real song” in OCT 2010.

    BTW, mishearing song lyrics is called “mondegreen.”

  16. #17

    i never saw them perform in their heyday but am hoping to do so soon! I’m at the stage of life where I’m catching up on all the artists I couldn’t afford to see when I was younger. Most recently, I saw the Doobie Brothers, John Mellencamp, and next up is Pat Benatar!

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    I seek out some new music, but the songs of my teen years really are my favorites. I’m 57, at my weekly boot camps when they play the “today’s popular” music (like that annoying all about the bass) it’s okay – but I really can work out better to classic rock!! Now my new favorite is Uptown Funk, didn’t even know it was Bruno Mars whom I’m not totally fond of singing. But I think it has a retro-60’s vibe to it! And NO disco, even though the 70’s were my time I hate disco. The song that brings back summer to me is Thin Lizzy “The Boys Are Back in Town”, takes me right back to summer and sailing the Hobie Cat. Rock On!

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    Have you ever listened to SiriusXM radio – The Spectrum is my go to station and they totally mix the timeless “classics” – Peter Gabriel, Boston, 90’s alt rock (because I’m a 40 something and I love the music from my teens/early 20’s) with new bands like Alabama Shakes, Fitz and the Tantrums and Mumford and Sons

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    Kim Hacking

    I saw the previews for the movie “Inside Out” this past weekend and they use the song “More Than A Feeling” in it, so maybe it will be making a come back!!!!

  20. #21

    You are SO right! When I was 18 and freshly graduated from high school – 1979, ahem – I went with a group of my friends to a Boston concert and it was awesome! We sang and danced in the aisles for a couple of hours and I still look back at that as one of the best times of my life. Thanks for reminiscing and for starting the “Bring Back Boston” bandwagon! I’m on board!

  21. #23

    Kids these days just don’t get it. I was watching Adventure Time with my 16 yr old son, and one of the characters had a t-shirt on that said AB CD (lightning bolt in the middle and everything) which I found to be very funny. The reference meant nothing to him. Sad….

  22. #24

    I have always felt this strange connection with you throughout the years.
    Kind of one-sided because you didn’t know it. lol
    Anyway, while reading today’s blogpost,
    first the Datsun B210, I had one too, mine was blue.
    But the line from the Boston song?
    I sang it word for word the way you did.
    And I think our line is better.

  23. #25

    More Than A Feelin’ – gotta love me some Boston. Just the album jacket brings back old memories.

  24. #26

    i do love some boston. yes i’m a classic rock girl. yes more than a feeling is my ultimate fave song. it’s just that guitar wailing like a cry, & those solos. boston isn’t my fave band though. that is the beatles. yeah they were way before i was born, but i don’t care. when i think of summer music i think of the band the cars. i was pretty small when they were popular, but again i don’t care. their most recent album is a few years old, by now, and it’s still good. if we’re going to get all nostalgic, let’s talk about how we used to study the cover art of an album & the lyrics, or try to rewind, fast forward to write the words down, or worse record the song from the radio. anyway yes, music is that powerful that it takes us back linked to memories, people, or those old feelings.

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    Cindy J

    My fiancé just went to see them in concert last week. We live in NC and I couldn’t go, so he took a lawn chair and went to relive his youth. He said they were great! I’ll have to tell him he has a fellow Boston fan!

  26. #28

    We must be in sync. More than a feeling came on the radio on my drive home last night and my drive in to work this morning. I love that you had been singing the lyrics wrong. Somehow it’s a let down when we get corrected and have to try to sing them correctly!!!!!!! Rock on Cathy Z.

  27. #29

    Off to find my CD. Got some running around to do. The windows will be down and the volume will be up!

  28. #30
    Laura BC

    Funny. They played some Boston at my daughters 5 th grade track and field meet today, specifically stating it was for the parents.

  29. #31

    Not only can I relate to this post, but it made me Laugh Out Loud!!!!! I’m fairly certain if we lived in the same town, we could be friends!!!!! {Although my taste in music is generally much heavier than Boston -not to imply that they aren’t a great band, they are!!!}
    Recently, while driving down the road, Journey came on the radio, my husband and I Facetimed our daughter and sang very loudly to her “Don’t stop believing!!!!” after we finished the chorus she said… “Mom, Dad, I’m in GNC…People are staring, and you two are soooooo weird!!”

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