How to use digital stamps on your phone with no Photoshop required

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Learn how to use digital stamps (PNG files) on your smart phone using a few simple tricks.

You know that phrase, “You learn something new every day?” Well that was me a few days ago, and maybe today, it will be you.

I recently launched a new Instagram account and one of my followers tipped me off to an easy way to use digital stamps on your phone without needing to access Photoshop in any way, shape or form. Whaaat? What is this sorcery?

Enter the LetterGlow app*. This app lets you import PNG files to use as overlays on your images. All you need to do is set up a DropBox account (they’re free), upload your digital stamps (the PNG files) and you’re ready to roll!

I recorded a short little tutorial showing you how it works.

Of course, you can also size your stamps up or down once you place them. I just left mine as is for the tutorial.

There are so many great digital stamps out there. For example, if you’re a big fan of Ali Edwards, you can use her stamps with zero Photoshop.

Have fun playing with this approach. I know I will be using more of my digital stamps for Instagram sharing going forward.

If you use any of my digital stamps on Instagram, please tag me (@czdesigndigitals). I’d love to see what you’re creating.

Of course, you can also use this method to add stamps to photos you intend to print, as well. You can create an image using LetterGlow, open it in the Project Life app (or any other app that lets you order prints directly from your phone), then order a traditional photo print.

So many possibilities indeed!

Note: if you import any of my digital stamps using LetterGlow and they do not come in as white graphics, email me directly and I’ll replace your files. I found a tiny glitch in some of my stamp sets!

*Extra note: LetterGlow is designed to work with iPhones but there are other apps that will let you do this for Android. One of them is PicsArt, but I can’t figure out how to change the colors of the PNGs in that app. If you have one to share, please post it in the comments below. I’ve also been told you can use Phonto to do this as well.


Cathy ZielskeHow to use digital stamps on your phone with no Photoshop required

65 Comments on “How to use digital stamps on your phone with no Photoshop required”

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    I couldn’t get Photo to work, but I Just found Picsart and that worked following your directions! I am so excited! This opens up a whole new realm to having some fun with my photos on my Android phone. Thanks for this great tip!

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        Cathy Zielske

        Hey Tracy, I just downloaded the app to see if I could answer your question. Once you have your photo, then tap on Add Photo. You should see the Drop Box icon. Tap on that, and you can access your dropbox.

        The only thing I can’t figure out how to do is to change the color in Picsart!

        1. #

          Thanks so much Cathy – I spent ages on tutorials yesterday too and yes, that’s where I get stuck too. Really appreciate you trying this.

        2. #
          Abby P

          This might work for coloring the stamps prior to uploading them to Dropbox (Photoshop required unless CZ has another idea!):
          Create a sub-folder in a folder containing CZ’s stamps/brushes and copy her collection into the sub-folder. Open each stamp/brush, click color-fill, select color, click create clipping mask, click merge VISIBLE. Then load those files to your Dropbox. Haven’t tried it, but I’m thinking it should work.

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    Do either Letterglow or Phonto reduce the fidelity of the photo when they flatten and save the stamped photo? I’ve seen some similar tools reduce the dpi substantially.

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      Cathy Zielske

      I know of what you speak…. but when I open the photos I’ve saved using LetterGlow, the resolution and size is the same as all the photos I shoot with my iPhone 6. 🙂

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    Great tip Cathy. I use the Studio app a lot but being able to add a png from my library is just terrific. Thanks for sharing.

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    Ruth Gauss

    Woohoo! I need to check this out! I have about a zillion and three PNG files and what a great way to use them for my Instagram pics! Thanks soooo much to Cathy and to Amanda for the info about Android compatible apps!

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    Hi Cathy! This is awesome. Which set does this arrow stamp come from? I’ve never used digital stamps and love the simplicity of this one. Thanks again for your inspiration.

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    Michele Anderson

    I love using Letterglow! Thanks for the reminder.

    On a unrelated note, what app is on your main screen with the red fist with two open fingers? I’ve seen that on a couple phone shots from a couple different people, but I can’t figure out what it is!


    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      That is a web bookmark for my favorite local radio station, 89.3 The Current. I have no idea why that is the icon because The Current’s logo is, of course, the 89.3 numbers. 🙂

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    Ari K

    I couldn’t get the Ali Edwards png stamps to change colors – am I stuck with black stamps? I am going to have to get some CZ stamps!!

    1. #8.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ari, I had that happen to a few of mine, too. The problem is in the creation of the PNG. The designer (me, or Ali) has to make sure that the PNGs are filled with true black. It’s a glitchy weird Photoshop and Illustrator thing that you think you’re using true black, but you’re not.

      That’s why I mentioned to my customers if you get a set from me that doesn’t work, email me and I’ll update that set and resend.

      I now make sure part of my PNG production includes making sure their blacks are true blacks. If you have Photoshop, you can open Ali’s png, go to Edit > Fill Layer, and choose Black. Then save. And try it. It should work. 🙂

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    I would love to be able to create lovely photos using your designs, but alas, my dropbox is full and can’t add any more without paying for it. 🙁 I have so many design elements that I want to incorporate in my digi/phone scrapping. I need to find a different path that doesn’t involve dropbox.

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    Thank you so much for this! I started using the Project Life app on my phone this year and I missed using my digital stamps. Problem solved yay!

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    This is fantastic Cathy and so easy to use. You can use any png file too! I’ve added some of my scrapping elements.
    Thank you for sharing.

    1. #14.1

      Hi Jaque, have asked this question above as well but just in case – Picsart….help? How do I access my dropbox brushes? Can’t find a way. Thx.

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    CZ? You are a freaking genius! I had been trying to get this to work forever but couldn’t figure out the changing of the colour! The tip you gave about having the PNG’s as “pure black”? Totally works! WOW! You made my day. Now I gotta spend all my Sunday converting my png’s to pure black. 🙂

    1. #16.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Ha! Well, I will say it’s a reminder to me to add on more step to my PNG creation process. I would say many of my sets do have the fully black PNGs. But now I know to make sure it’s so!

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    Great tip you can also do this in Phonto which is a free app, just in case someone is looking for a free app to do this in.

    1. #17.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Beth, I’m going to have to try this again. I have Phonto and couldn’t figure out how to make it work. Any tips? 😉

      1. #17.1.1

        On android I couldn’t get the Phonto app to work either. Picsart worked, but alas no way to change the color of the png. Still this is a genius process, so glad I just found this tutorial. Thanks Cathy! (Now I will be on the lookout for an android app that will allow me to add a png and change it’s color.)

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    THANK YOU SO MUCH, CATHY!! I use Letterbox all the time (love it!) and adding in png elements (b/c I haven’t learned how to use Photoshop yet 🙁 ) is a game changer for me!! Being able to add more awesome script to my photos there and then print them off for Project Life … wow. I am thrilled! Thank you!

    1. #20.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Yes! As long as they are PNG files. And if you have any issue with changing the color, let me know. A few of my sets I didn’t make the blacks a full black. So if you were to drop one in and it didn’t work, email me and I’ll replace the set asap!

  14. #21
    jenn shurkus

    great tip! the app “over” is letting you import PNG’s now too only you can’t change the color (that i can figure out) so I love knowing about this other app!
    thank you!

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    Terri Porter

    I LOVE LetterGlow and use it all the time. The one thing I found is that some PNGs are not black, but a dark gray and if you use those in LetterGlow, you won’t be able to change the color in the app. I have had to open those in PS and change them to black before saving them. A lot of Ali’s are like this so if anyone is having problems changing the color of the stamp in LetterGlow, see if this might be the reason.

    1. #22.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Terri, thanks for sharing that tip! And if anyone has this issue with any of my stamp sets, let me know! 🙂 Sometimes I forgot to change to true black while designing. But most sets are going to be okay. If not, I will replace them for you!

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    Hey Cathy, this is such a great tutorial and and super doper awesome information. I’m super excited about this. I love Instagram so I will add watermarks to my card from now on!! Your the best!!

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    Raegan L

    Just wanted to say how much this tutorial has changed my pictures! Thank you Cathy! You are awesome! Always willing to share your nuggets of knowledge! You inspire so many! Thank you1

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    Sarah Martina

    This is a great post! Thanks for sharing the video. In my years of experience, the Photo Editor app in the Google Play store is amazing! You can add layers of text (with any font you have downloaded to your phone), images (.png included) and shapes! You can even do batch editing. It’s such an awesome editing tool to have right at my fingertips. I HIGHLY recommend it to Android users. 🙂

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    Great tip Cathy (and Ali)! I had this app and never have used it. Is there a way to upload a whole folder from Dropbox rather than .png by png? I’m kind of stymied with that.

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    What a great tutorial Cathy! Thank you very much.
    I installed the app and bought the “twenty six” digital files from Ali Edwards. Uploaded them to my dropbox and tried it on a photo in Letterbox. All that worked for me (yeah!) but I can’t change the color of my digital file. Nothing happens when I tap on the color wheel.
    Any idea what could be the problem?

    1. #28.2

      Oh I’m sorry….. I should have read all the replies first. I see someone else had this problem also and it has something o do with the true black color.
      Sorry for the bother……

      1. #28.2.1

        Hi! I’m experiencing this problem as well as I want to change the digital stamp to white but can’t, because the color wheel is greyed out. What’s the solution for this?

  21. #30

    When I try to choose Ali Edwards graphics for my photo it says ” please choose a *png or *jpg.
    I don’t know what to do…I am choosing a photo out of my phones library. I am using letter glow and Dropbox.

  22. #32

    This is SO awesome!! Thank you. I recently started using Becky Higgins Project Life app for some digital Scrapbooking but I was missing using my brushes. Now I can use them! This is a game changer.

  23. #34

    There seems to have been an update to Letterglow and it doesn’t work like this anymore! Help! I seem to have to save my png files onto my photo stream which doesn’t seem ideal. Is there a way around this please?

    1. #34.2
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey guys! I will look into this. I seem to recall it not working the way it used to, as well, when I tested a few things out last month. I’ll report back.

      I hate when an app updates and then doesn’t work the same way.

    2. #34.3
      Cathy Zielske

      Okay, just tested it out. It will still take your brush/png images from DropBox! Let me see if I can figure out how to add a video. Probably can’t get to it today, but I’ll shoot for Monday!

      1. #34.3.1

        Thanks Cathy! I think I may have worked it out, but if you can do a video would love to see it.

          1. #…

            Thank you! I’ve requested to join the group and look forward to watching it.

  24. #35

    I’m having trouble finding the video – looked under videos, files, and scrolled down the feed. Can someone point me to it please? Thank you!

    1. #35.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Judi, if you’re in the Facebook group look on the left and there is a category called videos and you will find it there.

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