Make a Page Monday—Hybrid Layout

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STORY OF THE PAGE: It is rare that I begin a page with just a product or a technique in mind, but such is the case with today’s page. I designed a cut file (one that you can download for free from Scrapbook & Cards Today), and thought: I have to try and use this. I had no story in mind, just a honeycomb background. The result? It took me two weeks to finish this page. The first problem was choosing a photo and the second problem was figuring out how to add journaling. I ended up picking a simple 6 x 4 shot that I love of the two Aidans getting photobombed by Dan and a friend. I mean, they look adorable, right? So this will get tucked into Aidan’s album and I’ll call it a day.

I love scrapbooking and I love graphic design. It’s the techniques that throw me for a loop. That’s the truth, Ruth. But I’m hoping you’ll be inspired to download the cut file and get a bit more creative than I did. In the end, I do like the page but the fact that it took me so long to commit to a final design… well, it reminds me to keep doing what I do best: simple. | make a page monday
DESIGN STUFF: This is essentially a symmetrical page. One photos. An even background. A simple journal block. There’s a nice margin from side to side and top to bottom. A bit of the patterned paper repeats throughout. Other than that, it’s about as simple as it gets.

TECHNICAL SHIT: I resized the cut file to fit an 8.5 x 11 page and cut it out onto smooth, white laser cardstock. I knew I wanted to create a white on white looks with the cut and the background cardstock. Then I put a piece of patterned paper through to get the positive space of the cuts, so I’d have a handful to plug into the design. I tried to be random with it, but random does sort of freak me out. Either way, that’s how I got the patterned bits into the design. I created two little word strips to put over the photo and the photo itself was printed out with a border on my PictureMate Charm.
FREE CUT FILE! Download the free cut file here to use with your electronic cutter.

laser cardstock
Avenir font family
Epson matte photo paper

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Cathy ZielskeMake a Page Monday—Hybrid Layout

8 Comments on “Make a Page Monday—Hybrid Layout”

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    Absolutely love this cut file! Would anyone be willing to cut me a few and sent them to me? I will pay you for your trouble and be forever grateful!

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    Michelle t

    It is a great cut file. I don’t have one, either, but I may use it as a stencil. It does take a while to make it, though. Anyway, I love your work, Cathy. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

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