The Present Participle List for June

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Gearing up for all the grad parties this year. While we have a handful fewer than last year, there are still a good number of seniors we are so looking forward to celebrating.

Finishing up the summer issue of Scrapbook and Cards Today magazine. Have I told you lately how much I love doing magazine layout and design? No. Well let me tell you now: I do. You can see the issue online on June 19.

Loving that I found this new fitness apparel company, Thick to Thin (thanks, Kelsey!) and looking forward to ordering my first tank. Learn more about their body-positive message and goals here. I’m inspired to embrace getting fit, regardless of what size I am. Plus, their stuff is hella fun!
Looking forward to using my Get To Work Book, created by the amazing Elise Blaha Cripe. I ordered one for me and one for Aidan. I’ve been asked why did I pick this planner over all the others out there and it comes down to one thing: the design and concept speaks to me. I love the minimal design of this book. I love the graphics Elise had created for it. And I like the overall feel of it. I need to be more tactile in my work planning. I keep appointments on my computer, but I really like the idea of having a physical book that I will use for work.

Sorting through the 1,500+ photos we shot last weekend at the Minnesota State High School Ultimate Championships. I wrote about my lenvy earlier in the week.

Helping to plan a year-end picnic for all of our ultimate teams (there are two varsity and two JV because our school is just that cool), and the way I best contribute? Graphic design. I found some clip art and tweaked it to create this event logo. I love doing shit like this.
You get it, right? The grill is a Frisbee? The team name is the Charter Stars… ergo, the stars. Aw yeah… This original clip art looked like this and cost me a buck.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 1.10.46 PM

Using Adobe Illustrator, I swapped out the BBQ text for my own version; and dropped in a disc image I designed over the grill grates. Then created a hipster-esque gathering with the utensils, some stars and their logo. What can I say? I can work clip art like a boss.

Taking to heart this article about technique versus emotion in photography. While it is geared towards pro photographers, I feel like it reminds all of us that a great photo isn’t always about the best camera and the sharpest image.

Brainstorming more blog post ideas. Sometimes a list is a good thing to have. God knows ideas for content do not always flow from my fingertips with the ease I would wish for. That said, if you have ANY topics that would be of great interest to you, by all means, comment away.

Wrapping up work on my next class, Ten Tips for Better Type. It’s a rework of an old class with all new projects and a new structure. I just need about four more hours of quiet recording time. Wish me luck.

That’s my current list. What are you doing?


Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for June

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    Kris Beauregard

    It seems all the cool people are buying Elise’s planner! I am trying to resist, but each blog post and instangram picture is making it harder and harder!

    Would love to see a blog post of how you intend to use it!

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    Michelle t

    Hi Cathy, I’m working on my Day In The Life album, and some watercolors and stencils for a background for my next layout. I really like your blog the way it is, I like to read about what’s going on, and your sense of humor is right up my alley. But I’d like to know more about your magazine gig. Not a how to or anything like that, but what you do for the magazine, does it take long, and why you love it. Every time you mention it, I can feel how much you enjoy it, I think that’s cool. Good luck with wrapping up your class. Michelle t

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    A&M Momma

    I saw the frisbee right away and how it looks like it’s flying! I like your version of the BBQ clip art so much better! What about blogging about fonts again? I loved learning about your font expertise! Looking forward to any class you put together. No one explains photoshop better than you! Christine

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    Freaking SCORE! So glad you’re loving the T2T stuff!

    And really love that article about emotion v. technique in photography. Thanks for sharing 🙂

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    Hi Cathy:

    Love the website. Here’s a question that has been on my mind lately — what to do about a son who is not super sporty, wants to play sports, and the wacked out sports culture that hovers around crazy when it comes to kids and sports. I should mention that my son is in 5th grade. I should also mention that I have felt this way since first grade when I noticed something cra-zy going on around kids and sports. Namely — the parents. How did you deal with this when your kids were young. I’d love to hear your take.

    1. #7.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Hey Beth, you should get your son into ultimate. Oh my yes! Why? Because ultimate is all based on good sportsmanship and what they call the Spirit of the Game.

      I am not a sports mom. I grew up doing a very serious sport and I saw a lot of things that made me not like it very much. I knew that I would not be a sports mom, ever. In terms of being crazy, over the top and pushy.

      I always said: if my kids want to play, great. If they don’t, great. It’s their lives. Not mine.

      Both of my kids chose sports. Cole did baseball from age 4 to 14, then switched to ultimate. He played soccer and basketball, too. Aidan played baseball, softball, ultimate and soccer too, but softball and ultimate where the ones she liked the most. She is still playing ultimate at the college level now, and loves it.

      Hope that helps. Just my two cents!

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    After a 17 year hiatus (aka…raising the kids) from finishing my BA degree I am back in summer school…by choice too! Yikes! I am taking a grueling Spanish 101 class that has me attending nine hours of school per week as well as an English class that has me up to my eye balls in research. Clearing the cobwebs from my old brain makes this old gal (44 but who’s counting) feel great!! Even though most of the students could be my kids, I am having the time of my life!!

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    I just picked up a tank top (gasp) from T2T…. I love the flowy (mom friendly) design. Hoping it fits! Wanted to say THANKS for the recommendation I LOVE YOUR POSTS. Always have, always will!
    Kristi (from Cropper Hopper)

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    Hoping you will do a blog post on “how to keep your digital files organized and the binder you made so you know what templates etc you have”; I have a lot of stuff but it takes so long to scroll through and choose!

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      That is a fabulous suggestion for a blog post. I am doing more hybrid and digital scrapbooking and am really not good at keeping my digital templates and papers in any kind of easy to find order

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    Kris C.

    Hi Cathy,
    I am still listening to Cloud Cult and really enjoying them! Any other musical or podcast suggestions to help make my long commute more enjoyable would be great:) Thanks!

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    Lynn L.

    Trying to get motivated to work out this morning! The struggle is real!! I am also getting ready for a huge family get together at my house in a month. The to do list is long! I love your explanations of photo shop and type. Have a great weekend!

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    Thanks for accepting topic requests! I love everything you post, but if a genie gave me four wishes I would wish for:

    1. More columns on your favorite fonts. You did one a few months back—it was great.

    2. Some basic photography ideas. Do you shoot on auto or manual? What settings do you use most frequently and why. What makes a good shot? How to edit and crop a photo.

    3. I am always looking for ideas and inspiration for my digital PL books, i.e., the occasional full-page spread, how to keep the same theme running through a book so it will flow, how to add variety and interest while keeping the layout clean and simple, journaling ideas, how to use mainly color photographs without overwhelming a layout. Most of the photos I work with are people shots, so I’m always trying to resolve the ‘too many heads’ issue. Are there rules and approaches that would help?

    4. Basic rules of grammar and punctuation. I took advantage of a trial period for Grammar Check, and kept getting bleeped on squinting modifiers and dangling participles. Who knew? And does it matter?

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    Hi Cathy,
    I love your blog the way it is because I’ve followed you for so long, that it’s a favorite habit. Some time ago, you did a series where you took another scrapper’s layout and re-worked it to make it fresh and followed principles of design. I LOVED this! How about if one of your readers sent you a handful of images and some text and you made a Project Life page from it. I feel as if my spreads (I do monthly mostly) are starting to all feel a bit stale and would love someone else’s take. Just a thought. I know you’re just sitting around with nothing else to do 😉

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