A little time away this week

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I’m taking a little time away from blogging this week. My heart is heavy for a few friends, one who many of you know, Heidi Swapp, who lost her son Cory last week (read how you can share a message of love with the Swapp family here), and the other friend, my life long best friend, you do not know, but who I will be seeing in Seattle a few days from now to honor the life of her recently departed brother-in-law who I have known since I was 13 years old.

Life is a wild and precious gift.


Cathy ZielskeA little time away this week

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    Katie Jones

    Sending hugs your way, too, Cathy. There is a plan behind all of it, though some days it is incredibly hard to see what that could be!
    I hope you get a lot from your quiet time.

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    My heart aches to hear this kind of news. After I lost my own son, I found a support group that saved my sanity; Compassionate Friends. It’s for parents, grandparents, adult siblings who’ve lost a child of any age under any circumstance. It’s world-wide, so please let the Swapp family know about it. I also suspect that your life-long friend was youngish and that makes the loss even harder. I’m so sorry for your loss and I’ve already sent up prayers for all.

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    Such a tragedy what happened to Heidi’s son! My heart aches for them. Sending hugs to you Cathy and wish you strenght for the days to come.

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    Sometimes our spirit just needs to be quiet and to reflect. Wishing you peace and a quiet space. We’ll be here when you return.

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    Sorry for your own loss of a long time friend. That, on top of the loss of Heidi’s boy, makes for a heavy heart. Enjoy being with those you love.

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    Suspected that your sensitive heart was heavy. Take time for yourself. We’ll be here when you decide you’re ready to return.

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    Some times are just sad. We can’t seem to escape. My 82 year old Dad passed this week after a prolonged, drawn-out bout with Parkinson’s disease. In some ways, his death came as a release. He’s out of his suffering. On the other hand, I can’t imagine what that poor Swapp family is going through, losing someone so young. There are no words for that kind of tragedy.

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