Present Participle List for July

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Living in this pair of Lucy Vital shorts. (I actually bought two.) I needed something new that a) made me feel sassy, and b) was great for going on walks or other exercise-related endeavors. The bonus? They make me feel a bit like a sexy 1950s housewife. Something about the cut and the fabric. And quite possibly the near Casper-like pallor of my legs.

Recovering from the emotional impact of seeing Inside Out. Yet again, Pixar hits it out of the park. I could probably write an entire post on how this affected me, but that would mean spoilers and I don’t want to spoil the magic of this film for anyone. Suffice to say: bring tissues and prepare for the ugly cry.

Working on creating a new, more productive schedule for my work days and recording it all in my Get To Work Book (sadly, they are now sold out.) Summer means no teen-aged boy to get up for school so that means I need to be taking advantage of those extra hours in the morning. Getting a workout of some kind in first thing is on the schedule every day. I have more to write about that in another post coming later this week. I need to be hammering out more work in the hours at hand. Scheduling will help.

Walking like a banshee. (Again, more on that in a post later this week.)

Abstaining from all that red wine I was planning on drinking this summer. As I review the choices that affect my overall health, right now a glass or two of wine is fine on the weekends but I can’t have a happy hour every day and think I’m going to shed any weight. Right now, from a health standpoint, I do need to bring that BMI down. It’s just another dose of sugar I need to watch.

Getting closer to the launch of the new CZ Classes. It’s just going to be a more functional page for my students. It won’t look all that different. Hoping that it launches by month’s end.

Enjoying how green my yard is and admiring all the work Dan puts into it.

Eating tacos a lot lately. My recipe is simple. A few pounds of grass fed beef, Penzey’s Taco Seasoning, served on lightly toasted white corn tortillas with the usual suspects of fixins: fresh guacamole (just lime juice, avocado and pepper), a little cheese (whatever’s in the fridge), cilantro and Costco salsa. It’s a quick dinner, everyone enjoys it, and you get some good protein without a ridiculous amount of calories. I could eat this three times a week.

Wearing my Fit Flops religiously this summer. No, I do not believe they will make my ass more shapely but I do believe that as a woman with Plantar Fasciitis in both heels, when I put my Fit Flops on, the pain goes away. Something about the thick, sturdy sole distributes the pressure and relief is mine. My sandal choices are pretty limited with that foot surgery I had a few summers back. Note to anyone who has impending foot surgery: sometimes it doesn’t quite do what you’d hoped.

Realizing that summer is flying by. Two more months and Aidan is off to college and Cole is starting his sophomore year of high school. Time is a bullet train, people.

What are you doing this month?







Cathy ZielskePresent Participle List for July

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    Thanks for the PF footwear advise. I have suffered with this for years and find crocs work although not ideal footwear for work but fit flops (the slightly glittery kind) may just pass as suitable.
    Here’s to a happy July!

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    Totally love my FitFlops. I haven’t had any problems with plantar fasciaitis since I’ve been wearing them. Plus, they really support my feet.

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    As a CZ Class addict you know I’m looking forward to what you have coming up! Great job on the walking – you aren’t even showing up on my “friends” list as you are so far in #1 – I’m with the slow pokes cheering you from behind. Happy Canada Day 😀 xoL

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      Cathy Zielske

      Lee, I’m kind of killing it right now. Ergo, my heels hurt more than ever!!! Happy Canada Day to you! I need to go post on the Facebook to my Canadian people!

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    amber d

    This is the first I have heard offit flops, I have terrible fasciitis in both heels too! Any specific recommendations on which sandals or shoes to try? I ask because they are pricy!

    1. #4.1
      Cathy Zielske

      Amber, I just have the most basic thong style shoe. Well, I have two of them. One in leather and one in the original suede. And then I have one pair of thong style that have kind of a big suede flower on them.

      If you have a Nordstrom or other shoe place nearby, try to check them out. I think Macy’s carries them too! I have really bad PF. Both heels now. But these help me personally a lot.

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    The UGLY cry for sure! Such a great movie though to (hopefully) get people talking more openly about emotions and feelings with their family or anyone =)

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    I have been a BIG FitFlop fan for years. It’s the only sandal I can wear. I have 11 pair (collected over the years)!! I treat myself to at least one pair a year. This year I found 3 new ones. Check out Amazon for some bargain prices on FitFlops.

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    Not the ugly cry!!! I was hoping to get through a Pixar movie without the ugly cry. I sobbed when I thought the toys were really going to die in Toy Story 3. My kids won’t see cartoon movies with me anymore. I’m too embarrassing. Thanks for the heads up.

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      Ha! I am right there with you! My kids take bets on how long it will take me to cry at an animated film. I’m a huge source of entertainment for them. 🙂 They said they’d go to Inside Out with me when it makes it to the discount theater and not as many people will see me.

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    My DOCTOR recommended FitFlops for my PF!
    I happened to have had a pair before that I wore into the ground so when he said they were the ONLY flip flop style shoes he’d recommend I bought four pairs! Love them all, but I must say the pair that are slip-on style, with sparklies on the strap, they ran a bit large/wide.
    I highly recommend them!

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      Cathy Zielske

      They definitely are more challenging for narrow feet, of which, I am the proud owner of. But they do stay on my feet. Maybe I just have strong, clinging toes? 😉

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    I also love Vionic sandals – great heel support. They come in a variety of styles too so I can wear to work. I got them from Zappos. I call them my “old lady shoes” but they make a huge difference! And they are cute!

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    We went to see Inside Out as a family for Father’s Day. It was very difficult not having an ugly cry. Instead, tears just slid down my cheeks for so much of the movie, especially since I’m the mother of a 4 year old little girl who I want to keep as a sweet little girl forever.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Yeah, sitting there as the mother of a 15 year old son (who wasn’t with us at the movie because he didn’t want to go)… there were some moments that were pretty rough.

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    Another PF sufferer. Cathy, are you wearing the FitFlop sandals on your walks? I’d never heard of FitFlop shoes but I am definitely going to check them out.

    As far as Vionic shoes, I’d heard people say they worked to ease their PF; however, they were not good for me. After a week of wearing them, I’d never had my feet hurt so bad. Ended up donating them to Goodwill.

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      Cathy Zielske

      Brenda, NO, not on my long walks! I wear my Saucony running shoes. But I do where them on my shorter walks… sometimes I’ll take a break from work and walk a few blocks to clear my head. (About 1,000 to 1,500 steps) and I will wear them for that.

      So not for serious fitness. But for every day? Heck yeah!

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    I don’t know if other countries have it, but in New Zealand there are a number of people doing “Dry July”. I think you can even raise money for charity by being sponsered not to drink alcohol for the month. So Dry July it is for me.

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    Michelle t

    I love your monthly updates. Thanks for sharing them. Just much of the same old here, but everyone is going on vacation next week. Since I wasn’t able to make the trip, I plan to catch up on de-cluttering, layouts, and a little rest. Michelle t

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    Love your present participle blogs. Sounds like you’re killing it in the getting fit department. Woohoo. Those shorts look really comfortable, btw.

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    Now I’m wishing for tacos. 🙂

    I also found Inside Out to be an emotional movie to see. Very insightful.

    I’ve got a foot issue going on right now, too. Not sure if it’s PF or something else, since the pain is just under the ball of the foot near the big toe. I was walking around in really worn out sneakers and seem to have irritated something. Ugh. And just try to find any shoes with arch support in a regular shoe department!

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    I saw Inside Out with friends on a girls night out – I bawled, and thankfully I wasn’t the only one. I might be able to get through it with my family with just sniffles. Although… my oldest saw it with her boy (and the girl who never cries said she had a tear or two) so I might cheat and see a movie with her while the rest of the family sees it. Torn…

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