Rescue your old photos with Restoration Station from Scrapaneers [giveaway closed]

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THE GIVEAWAY: One blog reader will win a complimentary enrollment into Restoration Station! If you have old photos, take the time to watch the video below. This class looks pretty dang cool.

ABOUT THE CLASS: Ready to rescue all of your yellowed, stained, and torn photos? In Restoration Station—a 5-day, once-a-year event, Tiffany Tillman-Emanuel will show you how to organize, rescue, color correct and edit vintage photos—even the kind that requires lots of TLC. Registration closes July 7.

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Cathy ZielskeRescue your old photos with Restoration Station from Scrapaneers [giveaway closed]

36 Comments on “Rescue your old photos with Restoration Station from Scrapaneers [giveaway closed]”

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    I have years worth of photos that need attention but the ones that are the worst are the 1960s & 70s slides and the ONE that I would most like to do is a picture of my dad and his friends taken in the Middle East during WW2. It’s got white scars where some of the top layer of the photo has cracked off.

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    Can I pull the ‘recently deceased’ Dad card???? Found a few childhood and adulthood war-time photos that I’d never seen before while clearing out their home. They need some help. My Mom would love to see them come to new life. Thanks for the chance.

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    would love to win this…I have some of my grandfather’s army pics from World War 2 that I would love to fix up

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    Would love to win this class! I just finished sorting through boxes and boxes of family photos and found several that need a little TLC.

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    Would love to win this. Been working on my heritage album again and have some photos that need some help.

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    Heather V

    I’d love to restore my grandparents’ wedding photo. I also have boxes of other heritage photos to restore. Thanks for the chance!

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    I would love to win this. I have tons of old photographs of my grandparents and of my dad as a child to restore. Thanks!

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    Janet K

    What a Fantastic class!! I have a bunch, but one in particular of my mom and my aunt, her twin sister, when they were about 3years old.

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    Thank you for this amazing opportunity. The pictures I’d most like to restore are not even that old, they are pictures that one of my pesky children tried to alter without the aid of photoshop. Lol. Crayons and pen worked fine for him, but not for me. Thank you once again.

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    I’ve got two precious photos of my Mum with my daughters when they were little, just doing everyday things. They’ve badly discoloured and I’d love to see them perfect again. So wish I’d taken more photos of my Mum and Dad with my children.

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    I have several photo albums from my Grandmother. She was a lovely woman with an interest in genealogy. She made sure that photos were correctly labeled with the names of the people in the photo. Only problem, she wrote on the front of the photo! Would love to restore those.

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    Amanda P.

    Yes! I was just given boxes of photos of my grand and great-grandparents that I never had the chance to meet. Also, some awesome pics of my parents as kids that could definitely use some help!

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    I would love to win this. I am half way through an All About Me album that I am doing mainly for my 2 children. One of my first school photos was water damaged in a move many years ago and there are so few pictures of me as a young child that I’d love to be able to restore it. In the 1960s and 70s it was a luxury to take photos. I did Kerri Bradford’s History Project class a year or two ago after I realized that a lot of my mom’s stories died with her and I so don’t want that to be the case for my children.

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    Mary M

    I have a number of photos from my childhood that have that 1960ish yellow haze. It would be great to be able to spruce them up.

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    My mom is really into genealogy, so I have a ton of old photos I could help her out with. But the one I’m most interested in restoring, is the one photo we have of my grandfather on my dad’s side. He died when my dad was six months old. My dad was an Iranian immigrant who came to America in 1963 and only had that one photo of his dad. My dad died in 1988, so there’s very little I have left of that side of the family.

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    My grandfather served in the Army in WWII and I am trying to organize and display many of his photos. I would love to learn how to properly restore those, especially his portrait in uniform

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    Jen Breeze

    I have wonderful photos of my grandparents during WWII that I would love to restore. They were so young and full of joy!

  18. #20

    Oh my – where to start on what to preserve/save? A number that were stored in attics or basements; some of precious heritage photos.

  19. #21
    Annet m

    my Opa (Dutch grandfather) has an amazing collection of photos he took during the war. I’d love to restore a few of those!

  20. #26
    Karen S

    i would love to restore an old photo of me and my brother sitting on my dad’s lap. It’s faded and yellow but it’s my favorite photo of us together.

  21. #28
    scrapper al

    I recently discovered some old photos of my dad. I had never seen them before. They have your typical age damage, unfortunately. Thanks for the chance to win a spot in this class.

  22. #29

    One of the only black and white photos my dad took and printed himself in his darkroom. The photo has been attacked by mould and left with white spots where the emulsion was been dissolved away. This is such a precious photo, I’d love to be able to restore it. Thank you for this opportunity.

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    Oh yes please!! How I would love to learn how to restore my mum’s old photos. She may not be able to tell me the stories but I sure would love to keep these photos for future generations.

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    I have an old JCPenny photo of my sister and I from the 70s that is completely faded. It’s an adorable ‘sisters’ photo that I would love to restore!

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    I have a photo of my uncle( age 5) and mother (age 3)with their parents taken about 1920. It’s the only one I have of my maternal grandparents in their youth. Naturally it’s cracked and chipped on the edges and I’d love to learn how to correct some of the issues. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

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    My mom passed away in April and as part of the cleaning out process I have discovered lots of old photos of her and her family going back to the 1920s and earlier. All are black and white, scratched and in some cases torn. Knowing how to properly restore these photos would be wonderful. Thank you!

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    Lynn M

    My husband’s father would have turned 100 years old later this month. I’d love to restore some of his photos from his Army days in Italy. They were unfortunately caught in a flood while being stored in a garage. Some of them were beyond repair, but others just have some damage. Thanks for the chance to win.

  28. #35
    Sally H.

    I have a photo of my grandma from 1898-ish. She is at her girl’s finishing school with lots of girls in long white dresses and witches hats! I also have a wonderful photo of my mom (1926-ish) sitting on the front steps with a giant bow in her hair.
    I’d love to give either one to my sister framed and looking awesome.

  29. #36
    Kimberly O.

    It’s hard to pick WHICH photo I’d like to restore! A few years ago, I scanned all of my parents’ childhood photos that had been the sticky old albums that were popular a long time ago.

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