The Present Participle List for August

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Working like crazy on two publications simultaneously: the fall issue of Scrapbook & Cards Today and our annual special issue on cards. I am so grateful to have a print-based job to work on. It is, as they say, in my wheelhouse.

Slacking off on my exercise over the past few weeks. At the beginning of June, I made a decision to move more and eat well. I was logging crazy steps on my Fitbit but I’ve slacked off in a big way. It’ll come back around. I got this.

Propagating succulents. What took me so long to get on the succulent bandwagon? Yes, I’ve had some in the house for a few years, but this summer seems to be the Summer of Succulent, especially with the discovery of hens and chicks. Who knew plants could be so much fun?

Planning some cedar box gardens for next summer. Along with my new succulent love, I really feel it’s time to build a few cedar planters in my back yard. We have a tiny city lot but at this point, what’s a few more lost square yards if it means fresh produce is right out your back door? Am I right? If you have any tips or links to share on how to make them successfully I would be ever so grateful.

Realizing that one month from today, my first-born will be off to school again, this time at a smaller, private college in southern Minnesota. It’s a little less emotional than it was last year but I’m still going to miss the energy she adds to this household. I’m not going so far as to say there will be no tears because I’m not a robot.

Gearing up for the final ultimate tournament of the year. It’s a huge one held up at the National Sports Complex in Blaine, Minn. And yes, I’m picking up my lens rental today at 3 p.m.

Marveling at the money rolling in since launching my new ad program with Google Ads. So far this month? My balance is just over $14. I need to start planning my retirement TODAY!

Hoping to see the first version of my new CZ Classes page this week. There’ve been a few hiccups along the way this summer, as will happen with this sort of thing. My goal was to have it switched over by July 1 and while that didn’t quite happen, I’m hopeful it will be ready by September 1. When it launches, I’ll have a newly polished version of 10 Tips for Better Type ready to roll, and coming in late September is a brand new class built around my 30 Days of Thankful project. I made a brand new album project and am just putting the final touches on it. It’s simple, small, highly customizable and does what I’d hoped it would do: remind me of all that I have to be grateful for in this life. More details are coming in September.

Discovering how much I apparently love salmon. Maybe it was my recent trip to the Pacific Northwest, but last week I picked up a big old salmon fillet from Costco, coated it with some delicious rub (and a bit of mayo, topped with onions and lemon rings) and it was ridiculously good. Do you have a favorite way to prepare salmon? If so, do tell.

Loving the response to my Target Red Card post. I think most of you know it was intended to be cheeky. It took forever to write and it made me appreciate truly funny bloggers who write funny stuff all the time. How they do it is beyond me.

Still not getting a red card. In case you’re wondering.

Cathy ZielskeThe Present Participle List for August

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    My favorite way to prepare salmon is from my mom. She rubs it with olive oil, mashes some minced garlic into the salmon then sprinkles montreal steak seasoning on top. Then grills or broils. It’s so good! She serves it with a basil-dill sauce super good too.

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    I’m into the succulents this year too! And I never liked them before. We have a place on the beach in Texas and we are only there for limited periods of time so I needed something to plant in my cute planters that didn’t need much care. I got some succulents and fell in love!! I made a container for home too. Love them!! Who knows why the change of heart? lol

    I finally gave up fighting the deer around here, but when I did have a garden I used the square foot method. Awesome way to do it especially if you have a small area.

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    Two thoughts on raised bed gardens. Track how the sun moves through your yard throughout the day before you plan where they will go. Remember those tiny tomatoe plants will become quite large. Don’t over estimate how many you can get in one box. Yes, these were my first year with boxes errors. I love mine. Enjoy!

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    I am interested in doing 30 Days of Thankful, and while I know I don’t have to do it at the same time as everyone else, our Canadian Thanksgiving is in October so that is when I am thinking “thankful”….

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    Sorry no tips for your garden but I am ridiculously excited to hear about the new 30 DOT album! I can’t wait. I need to get a life, no??

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    Denise S.

    I love, love, love succulents. So easy to care for and most of mine bloom with some really pretty flowers. I keep all of mine inside with plenty of light and cool winter temps.

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    Looking forward to a 30 Days of Thankful Class/Project. I don’t always finish the actual picture taking and documenting, but following along with you every November helps me stop each day and think a thankful thought :O) I’d love to have a class to join to help finish the documentation.

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    Shawna Zervos

    My girls who are 12 and 6 lust salmon as one of their favorite foods. Our way; generous (cover) salmon in lemon pepper, grill on foil skin side-down. Turn, scrape off skin. More lemon pepper. Serve with lemon (juice in the plastic lemon bottle; kids love the novelty!). Easy-easy. Which reminds me, the girls like peas with their salmon.
    Looking forward to 30 days of thankful!

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    Shawna Zervos

    My girls are 12 and 6 and list salmon as one of their favorite foods. Here’s my method: generously cover fresh fillet with lemon pepper. Girl on top of foil skin-side down. Flip, scrape off skin, cover side with lemon pepper. Serve with lemon juice (the girls love juice that comes in a plastic lemon bottle-novelty!). Easy-Peasy! Which reminds me they like peas as a side.
    Looking forward to 30 Days of Thankful!

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    I need some succulents in my life. Thank you for pointing that out to me. 🙂

    I loved the Target Red Card post! I don’t get to shop there much because it’s far from my house but every time they hit you with it. LOL

    Salmon: This probably is not healthy at all and very high in cholesterol but we love grilled salmon with some Dale’s sauce (not sure if they sell that up north but it’s like a marinade). It will melt in your mouth! But your way sounded good too!

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    Missus Wookie

    Two of my favourite things in one post!

    We buy salmon from Costco (or IKEA which is next door to Costco here) almost every time we go. Two favourite ways with Salmon…

    Lemon Garlic Salmon

    Salmon & Bacon chowder

    Wrapped in foil with veggies and bacon and put onto the grill – to be served with corn on the cob and potatoes is a third. Hmm I’m hungry and think I know what we’re doing this weekend for dinner.

    Square foot method is good for high intensive food production. Alys Fowler is fun to read/listen too and has food growing in odd areas all over her garden.

    She has a couple of gardening books (and her tv series is often available on youtube) and is good at growing food in not much time.

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    The day you posted The Target Red Card was an insane day for me. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciated those laughs! Keep us posted with the succulents as I’ve been thinking about trying to grow them too. I’ve been wanting to try my hand at The Present Participle list so I should go work on that. Enjoy these last weeks of summer!

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    Make the boxes deep. Yes you can make them with 6 inch boards, but make them 12 inches deep. They look nicer and hold so much more fill that it will be years before you have to add fill AND you can grow carrots, etc.!

    I fill mine with a third soil*, a third compost* to provide more nutrients the plants need, and a third peat moss. The Peat holds water, helps keep the soil from compacting (good for roots and drainage). *Buy the heat treated stuff in bags, seriously. It costs more than just getting free compost from someone, and I dislike the plastic bag waste but it drastically cuts down on weeds.

    Pick up the Square Foot Gardening books, (or look up on line) for directions on exactly how many carrots, tomatoes, broccoli you can plant per square foot and why. You can plant closer than in a ground tilled garden, as you know what the soil can handle.

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    Kirsten J

    In the best Indian accent of my dreaded Target checkout gal with her head cocked to the side, looking puzzled after I’ve told her firmly no thank you for the umpteenth time “oh but my deahhhh….whyyyyy not?!?!?” And lol, she would seriously say that even after your excellent vent.
    I’m so lame about salmon I love it just plain in the oven, maybe some butter on top. My family would probably like it more if I tried some salmon doctoring. Gotta check these recipes.

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    Oh hens and chicks, how I love you…. I should get some for the house for the winter.

    Salmon: my favorite is to take a pan, put a couple splashes of white wine (pinot grigio usually) in the bottom, then your salmon steak. Slather the top with pesto. Bake (or grill) until nearly done, then add some shredded cheese to the top and cook until hot, bubbly, and delicious. It is, in essence, a light pesci version of chicken parm. After that, I want it smoked and layered on a bagel with cream cheese, capers, tomato, and onion. 😀

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    Barbara Eads

    I think funny people just don’t realize that they are funny without trying to be! Because you, my friend (yes, I feel like I know you)—are funny!!! Do plan that retirement because $14.00 a month will actually save you some dough! If you get a Netflix account for more like 9 bucks a month—look at all the movie money you’ll save. I guess you’d have to start going to movies now for that to make sense and to see a savings!!

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