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Of all the ways I waste time with my phone, perusing Instagram is probably at the top of the list, followed closely by these apps: Facebook, Words with Friends (don’t try to play me because I suck at it) and of course, because I am old, the Weather. Here are a few recent Instagram faves.

I’ll start with the shot above. That is me, in my bathroom. We moved into our house in 1993 and I remember giggling at the lighted stage mirror thinking, “Oh yeah… THAT has gotta go!” It’s 22 year later and it’s still there. You know what? Getting ready in the morning there is freaking AWESOME. You flip the lights on and you’re indeed ready for your close up, Mr. DeMille. And speaking of films, every time I flip those lights on, I picture myself as Roy Scheider in All That Jazz: It’s Showtime! | recent instagram faves
For Cole’s 16th birthday, I snuck out in the morning to get some giant-assed balloons for his room. Well, I didn’t have to exactly sneak out. He sleeps like a teen-aged rock. I could have brought in a  marching band and he might have rolled over at some point. What cracked me up, however, was one of my friends posted this in my Instagram comments:
I laughed out loud because he may have been onto something. That said, Cole did leave the balloons up in his room until just last week when together, we sucked out the remaining helium together. (You can see my results here.) | recent instagram faves
I shot this at the Minneapolis-St. Paul airport after dropping Dan off, getting half way home and realizing his cell phone was sitting on the driver’s seat. Quick thinking on my part (swear, turn around, head back to the airport and have him paged) made for a quick reunion with Dan and his technology. | recent instagram faves
I know that Cards Against Humanity is not everyone’s cup of tea. I have now played it two times in my adult life and both times I say to myself, “This is AWESOME!” The David Bowie flying in on a tiger made of lightning is both family friendly and quite possibly the trump card of the deck. (Either that, or the Being a motherf#@$ing sorcerer card.) | recent instagram faves
Self-explanatory. | recent instagram faves
I’m fairly certain I took this selfie after the wine and Goldfish. | recent instagram faves
And then there’s this cutie. Last year at this time my blog was filled with posts about her impending departure. So much life has been lived since that time and she’s getting ready to head out on a new college adventure, this time a little closer to home, but not close enough to live at home. This was a selfie we took before heading out to a mom’s lunch with us and Boy Aidan and his mom. (Boy Aidan who is also going to the same college.) In just under three weeks her new adventure begins. You got this, girl!

Just a few stories behind the Instagrams.

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Cathy ZielskeRecent Instagram Faves

14 Comments on “Recent Instagram Faves”

  1. #1

    Great pictures!!! And…I love Cards Against Humanity! What and awful, sick, insanely funny game! Hmmm, what does this say about me?

  2. #2
    Katie Jones

    I love that the Goldfish on the left with a face looks like he’s grinning with teeth! Reminds me of a shark! *lol*

    And I also love that Aidan and Aidan will be at college together. That’s sweet.

    What a lovely post 🙂

  3. #4

    “because I am old, the Weather.” I’ve got you beat by over 15+ years and if I want to know the forecast I either look outside and/or on my iPhone Weather. With an umbrella and a pair of crocs in my car, what else do I need to know!

    Good shots all Cathy!

  4. #5

    I have to respectfully disagree. David Bowie has…rarely…but twice…lost a round. However, “Two midgets sh**ing in a bucket” has been an uncontested winner around here 😉
    (PS if you remove some of the harder to explain cards, you can play with your 12, 14 and 16 year olds. It’s scary what they know, and it’s a good way to find out exactly what they do know).

  5. #7
    Denise S.

    Great photo’s. Love Instagram. It’s changed over the years and I must admit, I prefer the older versions. Not sure why but I do.

    The game sounds hysterical…I just ordered one!

  6. #8
    Michelle t

    Cool. I don’t belong, but I check your Instagram page often, I love seeing your photos. Thanks for sharing. Michelle t

  7. #9
    Andi Walsh

    Confession: We have played cards against humanity at both Thanksgiving and Christmas Eve. And when I say we, I mean my two teens, and I and ‘our ‘band of friends/neighbors. If that isn’t twisted, I don’t know what is!
    I love the goldfish/wine induced shot! GREAT angle.

  8. #11

    Absolutely love Cards Against Humanity. It does give the disclaimer that it is for horrible people – what does that say about me?! 🙂

  9. #12

    Are you wearing a Jjill tank in your Instagram? If so I’m wearing the same full length shirt right now.

  10. #13
    Debby D

    “Being a motherf#@$ing sorcerer” is pretty popular with our circle of friends, but “BATMAN!!” is right up there as well. The thing that is really awesome is when someone manages to find the perfect combination for a card that has never been all that funny (even bordering on uncomfortable) and make it hilarious.

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