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1. I just wrapped up doing my second ever Week in the Life project. Well, I finished the content creating part, and today I hope to plug all of that content into the digital templates and have it ready to share here either tomorrow or Wednesday. That said, I don’t think I could take another photo if I tried. Also, my house, while I love it very much, has some pretty shitty light most days.

2. I have a new dishwasher and after the first load was done, I stood there, speechless with my jaw slung open, both at the level of clean and the fresh smell that encircled my entire being. We shoulda replaced that thing YEARS ago, people. Also, no more towels are needed to stop the flooding of the kitchen. Yay!

3. I work for Scrapbook & Cards Today, as you may or may not know, doing art direction, but also writing a few columns. In fact, one of the columns I am writing now is called Sketch Savvy and for our winter issue, I am looking for your best cards! Please check out the card sketch here (along with our other issue calls) and consider being a part of our Winter issue.
4. I said my final farewell to my 2002 Hyundai Santa Fe. It was a lot more emotional that I thought it was going to be. I didn’t expect to start crying when they handed me the keys to go gather my remaining personal effects. I don’t know if I cried for all the life that has been lived in and around that car or the fact that we are now going to have a car payment for the next five years. I think it was a big of both. I still can’t believe a fender bender equals a totaled car, but insurance said no dice on having it fixed for us. Hoping to buy a new car this week if all goes according to plan and then no one will be allowed to eat in it for up to and possibly exceeding two years.

5. Getting closer to launching my new CZ Classes page. It won’t look much different, but all students will have a the ability to create a user account and log in. No more referring to those handouts I gave you for codes and links. I’m still probably a month out from safely launching so until then…
If you’ve ever wanted to take Me: The Abridged Version for Project Life, or Digi Basics, now you can save 20% off the class price through August 31. Each class is self-paced and you work through it at your leisure. We also have Facebook communities to get to know other students and I am available to help you troubleshoot nearly everything. All students will be notified of the new classrooms when they launch as well, so don’t worry about the changeover! I’ll be contacting each registered student with details on how to access their classes in the new space.

6. My daughter is moving out for her sophomore year in just a few weeks! I say this because while it’s not as emotional as last year, I’m really going to miss that girl.

7. I got my hair cut and used blue black hair dye. My hair looks blue in the sun. I’m not sure you can really see the true glory of it in this shot, but when I got out of the car, my daughter was all, “Mooooom! So blue!”
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    Can’t wait to see what you make of your WITL. Your December Daily last year was handsdown the prettiest DD I saw. 🙂

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      Cathy Zielske

      Aw, thanks Anne! I was just looking through it yesterday, and I really did love the look of it last year. The 6 x 8 December Daily albums are so great! I just used some of my own digital stuff to fill them up!

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    ps… I also am looking forward to your WITL post. Been sitting on the fence re-Ali’s template (8.5 x11). No obvious journaling blocks. Ahhhh… lightbulb moment! That’s where your fab templates fill in! Duh!!!

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    Joanna Johnson

    “Seasons change and so did I….”
    Love everything about this post, especially the hair dye.
    Gonna’ grab a $10 box of self esteem and get to it myself.
    Thanks for all you do!

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    I understand how you felt about giving up your car. I cried when I gave up the keys to Harrison, our 1997 Ford Explorer last December. A lot of memories were made in that car. From the love at first sight when we first met, thru years do chauffeuring family members that have since passed away, he was a great vehicle.

    And yes, much to my husband’s dismay, I have named all our cars. And all of them have been male. I am sure that Harrison Ford would be thrilled to have such a namesake. I am learning to love Taz, our Subaru Outback, but he can never be what Harrison was to me.

    Good luck on the new car hunt. I am also feeling your pain regarding the return of car payments. Sigh.

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    I hear ya on the car front. Darling daughter smashed the daylights out of our 2004 Pilot (“Mom, I don’t know how I could have hit that parking pole. And my friend said it was just a scratch. Honestly, I didn’t know it was that bad. It’s not THAT bad.”), so we’re in the same boat.

    Can I ask what you’re thinking of getting? I’m all over the place trying to decide.

    Thanks !

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    First of all, love the hair. I always love when you post that your hair is getting “long” because everyone else thinks I’m crazy when I say the same about mine.

    Second, I’m feeling you about the lighting in the house. Ali has the most beautiful, bright white light for her photos. Mine look more like they were shot in a bad basement with 70s wood veneer paneling and a flashcube. WTH.

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    Kris Beauregard

    We traded in our beloved van almost two years ago. My daughter got so emotional when we were cleaning it out. It was the sweetest thing!

    and I totally feel you about the house lighting – our walls are yellow, and boy does that turn in up in UGH

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    I rather like the blue-ish tint. Real black hair (as my Thai daughter used to have) has flashes of blue in it which I loved. Sadly chemo gave her brownish hair! But live hair of any color is good. 🙂

    When we got our Bosch dishwasher 10 years ago, my husband called the installer back saying “It’s not running!”’s that quiet we have to look at the little red light on the floor to verify if it’s on. Such joys we get, eh?

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    Muerinda Herrera

    Oh but look at that gem of a car next to it. We have a 2004 Pontiac GT Vibe, I will not tell you how much my husband dislikes the car because it will not die and has like 225K miles on it. My little Veronica keeps on going!

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    All this talk of moving forward, as in girlie off to college (i.e., Fall) and December Daily, has me thinking…can’t wait to see what you have in store with the Bee costume this year! Love the new hair color and the cajones it took to take that leap ;D — you go, girl!

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    Katie Jones

    Ditto to everyone else’s comments! Love the hair, sorry about your car, and definitely looking forward to your sharing your WITL pages. I really enjoyed documenting my week, and need to sit down and choose the photos and plan out my album now. I thought I’d find it tougher than I did (this was my first time) but actually I could have gone for longer!

    I’m so glad you got the new dishwasher, good for you! I’m a bit concerned we will need a new washing machine as it is making bad noises when it spins, but maybe I’ll call the repair guy first… And maybe he can fix the locking mechanism error code that has been cominp for months (maybe even as long as a year or so!)

    And finall,y thanks so much for sharing the link to the SCT call for submissions, that’s so cool. I think I am going to make the effort to actually partake of this and see if I can’t actually get something published!! Which would be mega exciting. I love that you share all parts of your world with us, Cathy. Thanks for being you xxx

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    Now you got me wondering what the scoop is with Aiden and school this year! I imagine you’ve posted it somewhere, sometime, but I’ve been in and out this summer and haven’t kept up with my blogs as well as I might (whoops). Hope she has a great year, wherever she may be.

    Re: new appliances: isn’t that the way of it?! I’m sitting here waiting for the refrigerator repair guy as I write this and hoping my lemon-of-a-fridge gets a kick in the butt that it never recovers from (by which I mean I hope it stops pooling water and freezing it in the bottom of the fridge, etc. etc.) My dad says I need a new car but that ain’t happening. I totally hear you on the finances. Ouch. :O

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    Can SO relate to the Santa Fe (mine is a 2008) and I absolutely LOVE it! Especially since it’s been paid off for about 2 – 3 years now (HATED those $600 payments for 5 years!!!!). Now that it’s paid off I don’t know where that $600 a month goes, but I NEVER seem to have it – funny, huh? (not funny ha-ha though) Hope everything works out and you get something even better.
    As for the blue-black hair – LOVE IT!! I can’t wait to retire in 3 (4 at the most) years. I’ll be coloring my hair vibrant red……….or any myriad of colors! Life’s too short not to enjoy it! 😀

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